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  1. Even though it's like watching an 8-bit game on a b/w tv after dropping some acid the cam footage from Cameron looks like things are going downhill.
  2. Locked in on the final spot. Josh is headed that way now....
  3. We've zeroed in on two spots. He has to get his equipment and set up.
  4. Yup. He's been to the e for the last few hours. We're on backup backup targets now. Will make a decision soon.
  5. lol This one's dicey. Scrapped all the initial spots and finding a good backup is challenging.
  6. That's roughly San Luis Pass on the Euro.
  7. Hmm. On TT it appeared to initialize with the latest advisory.
  8. So Josh has been placed on a sort of missing/unaccounted for type of list. Somebody imo has jumped the gun and it makes it look more dire than it could be. After the unsubstantiated claim earlier by what appears to be some Twitter troll I'm guessing out of an abundance of caution somebody added him to the list. Again his mo has generally been to be quiet for a few days before checking in. With a longer than normal duration event it shouldn't be surprising that it might take a little longer to reconnect. I was texting with him about 30 min or so after his last tweet and giving him the latest recon data. Nothing to that point indicated any problems other than what he already posted and he seemed confident in the structure. He knew what was coming at him. There is just quite a bit of unsubstantiated claims popping up. I'm guessing as the conditions alleviate as Dorian finally moves away that he will hopefully check in soon. Mods feel free to move to the banter thread if needed.
  9. I'm skeptical. He usually gives me a thumbs up right before or soon after getting back on Twitter/Facebook in these bigger events. It's normal for him to decompress for a few days before communicating again. Granted Dorian was a different animal.
  10. As crazy as it sounds I am still in communication with Josh. Let's just say it's getting gnarly there...