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  1. Not sure if there ever has been an upgrade on an intermediate advisory and then subsequent downgrade on the next full advisory. This certainly is a candidate.
  2. He has a place further e. Not much but could make a difference. I had him scout mexico beach overnight as i was leaning that way but this morning we both thought pc was solid with that out to the e if he needed to move.
  3. Josh is fine. I spoke with him a little while ago to confirm that the eyewall was looking like a miss. Forgot to pass along the news that it was a career defining miss - But I think he will recover....
  4. Josh was down to 979, but I told him that unless there was a last minute wobble he may just miss the eyewall.
  5. No idea about the guests. We just talk briefly about heading and presentation. And he may have lapses if TWC is asking him to do a report.
  6. Grrr.... And it's been debunked. Especially inside of 72hrs. Search for poster 'dtk' and has detailed explanations.
  7. For now I'd post them in the respective subforums.
  8. Josh never left the airport once he landed in Exuma. The idea was to be flexible if a relocation was needed.
  9. They really thought that was from Haiti?
  10. I know most follow him on twitter/facebook, so I'll just do some random updates in here if he's out of pocket.
  11. Yeah the orientation of the island was at least a slight positive. I'm a little concerned about it missing him just to the west, but for now there is still a flight back to Nassau scheduled this afternoon.
  12. Josh is on Exuma. Decided against Cuba because of track.
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