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  1. Behaving as expected. Modeling has backed off somewhat the last couple of days and showing more of a stretched out system with no dominant center between the lower and mid Texas coast. At least there is a 'tropical' feel between the wave action and winds/cloud cover that is bringing some relief from the heat and eventual rain across parts of the area.
  2. Models have been flirting with the potential of a quick spin up off the Texas coast early next week. Seems a toss up right now of an organized tropical system, but should at least bring some well needed rain across parts of Texas.
  3. Meh so far. Maybe 35 sustained and 50 gusts at the casa. Took a dip down near the coast about an hour ago and it was about 40-45 sustained and 60 gusts. Probably getting a little rougher down there these last 30 minutes.
  4. Leading up to landfall in these last few hours and if it isn't some heavy hitting analysis or solid contributions and you see your posts removed... That's a good hint to take it to the banter thread.
  5. This special advisory is issued to raise the 12-hour forecast intensity to 135 kt, but it is possible that Ida could peak slightly above that before landfall occurs.
  6. AF305 will be making a pass in about 15 min. Currently approaching the eye.
  7. It had no business in the main thread. 'Opinion' away in this thread.
  8. Josh is moving up the coast. Should be a fun drive....
  9. That's what it's going to look like too after landfall once it hits those mountains. The disintegration of Karl was pretty amazing.
  10. That's 0z guidance based on 18z models...
  11. Not sure if there ever has been an upgrade on an intermediate advisory and then subsequent downgrade on the next full advisory. This certainly is a candidate.
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