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  1. Clouds are still ripping overhead. Not much mixing going on though. Occasional 30mph gust, but nothing too outrageous.
  2. Gusty when the rain came through. Must have missed the big gusts here in Newton.
  3. Lower level clouds were screaming left to right and the higher level ones were moving from lower left to upper right not as quick. So pretty good shear?
  4. Sun is peeking out here too.
  5. Really firing in western MA. Wonder what the gusts are under those little training cells.
  6. That 10-ish story building in the one of the videos was just vaporized...
  7. Yeah, not quite full sun in Newton, MA, but getting shadows off the trees.
  8. Watches upgraded to Warnings for interior SNE. *edit to include more text*
  9. That storm on 128 is just missing me to my west...
  10. So, unbeknownst to me, where I parked my car yesterday along a curb can have flooding issues. The interior floor of the passenger side is soaked and there was a puddle under the seat. The windows and doors were closed. Water must have gotten above the frame rails and seeped in through the door seams.
  11. Thunder all afternoon from those training storms south of me.
  12. Yeah, rumbling pretty good here in Newtonville. Just rain and thunder really. No hail and only a little breezy.