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  1. And gets closer still at 120. Just waiting for the kicker to rocket her due east.
  2. Lost the Univision live feed.
  3. Just following the TABS spirograph model? There sure seems to be quite the easterly component to his movement...
  4. Euro borrowed some of what the Ukie is usually on?
  5. Faster AmWx server meltdown... SuperStorm '93 redux or what the 216-228 Euro shows?
  6. And Jose or what's left of him still spinning northeast of Bermuda?
  7. Funky eye structure spinning around on GOES-16. Mesovortex?
  8. The GOES-16 loop is just mesmerizing...
  9. I wonder what the highest wind speed detected by the newer radars in a tornado?
  10. I was just looking at some photos of what Wilma did in the greater Miami area to all the glass skyscrapers. I can't think of what they would look like after today's 12z Euro's RFQ hit would do to them. Would they all end up looking like St. John's Medical Center in Joplin after the tornado? All that glass flying around too. Almost unimaginable...
  11. Rita and Stan in 2005 plus in 2004 you had Ivan and Jeanne, back to back years of back to back retirements.
  12. One would think on a NW breeze, Boston and the rest of inside of 495 would have cleared out by now. 15 degree bust from forecasted by the NWS unless we get a late day clearing out and a spike in the temperatures.
  13. Steady snow in Waltham too, but hard to see if it's sticking to anything other than car windshields. Maybe a little bit in a wooded area I can see from my work desk.
  14. A little light snow/rain mix in Waltham. Edit: And just like that, it's gone. Not surprising with how the radar looks.
  15. Just had a decent branch come down off a tree in our yard. Lots of bendy pine trees too. Very sticky snow out there.