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  1. Kinda cool how you can see the airmass encircle the downtown heat island in the last few frames.
  2. I didn't mean to jinx you guys... sorry....
  3. 96* on my little Taylor thermometer. Pretty impressive for noon and does line up with the Wunder stations near me.
  4. Sitting in a field in Newton watching daughter's soccer game... Gosh it's hot...
  5. Wow.... Amazing that it goes from barely anything to lifting roofs off houses in a matter of seconds. More reason I'd never want to live somewhere tornado prone.
  6. Yeah, it was pretty warm in the sun at our daughter's soccer game early this afternoon.
  7. Feel as though the theme song of today for anyone inside 495 is "So Close, Yet so far Away".
  8. We were in Wegmans when the cell went through, but this is what we found when we got home to Newtonville.
  9. I was standing in line outside the Chestnut Hill Wegmans that morning and saying as if everything couldn't get any worse, it's now trying to snow in May...
  10. Finally a coating on untreated surfaces. Guessing 1/2 S.
  11. What caused that batch west of Worcester come out of nowhere? And are those gravity waves on the southern end of it? Genuinely curious.
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