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  1. Rumble of thunder in Newtonville.
  2. New job in the Newmarket area near South Bay has terrible windows, but sure can tell there are pingers out there.
  3. More like wildly inconsistent. He'll 1 hit the Nats on 90 pitches one night, then give up 5 earned over 2.2 to the Pirates the very next game.
  4. This was also about the time of the year you started to hear Manheim Steamroller. I know I have a few of their CD's floating around somewhere...
  5. Yeah, good rates under that last band. Nice last little burst to what turned into a nice early season storm.
  6. Solid 1/2 S in Newtonville. I'd guess 3-4" or so.
  7. Yeah, this entire day would have been at least a couple inches for everyone if it had been February.
  8. Back to steady, if light, snow in Newtonville. Not sticking though.
  9. Bounces back and forth between -S and -RASN here in Newtonville too. 36.2*
  10. Maybe under the CF in Newtonville? 1/2 S and everything is coated again.
  11. Out getting coffee in Newtonville and it's a wintery mix out there.
  12. Plow just went by. Wasn't paying attention the entire time, but I don't think there was ever a great period of sleet or rain in Newtonville. Seemed to be snow whenever I looked out the window. Around 4-5 inches or so. Overperfroming here for sure. (Unlike the Pats offense...)
  13. Must be right on the coastal front in Newtonville. Fat flakes, my iffy thermometer reads 34.1*, and MyRadar thinks it should be raining.