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  1. One would think on a NW breeze, Boston and the rest of inside of 495 would have cleared out by now. 15 degree bust from forecasted by the NWS unless we get a late day clearing out and a spike in the temperatures.
  2. Steady snow in Waltham too, but hard to see if it's sticking to anything other than car windshields. Maybe a little bit in a wooded area I can see from my work desk.
  3. A little light snow/rain mix in Waltham. Edit: And just like that, it's gone. Not surprising with how the radar looks.
  4. Just had a decent branch come down off a tree in our yard. Lots of bendy pine trees too. Very sticky snow out there.
  5. Gotcha. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks.
  6. Is the board still acting weird for people? (Can't click the notification box and no user name in quote box?)
  7. 35* on my iffy Taylor thermometer, but some of the hardest snow of the day.
  8. S+ and maybe 750 ft visby.
  9. There's my TSSN!
  10. I can't remember such a widespread TSSN event like this...
  11. Brother in Attleboro just reported TSSN to me.
  12. Wind seeming to pick up a bit.
  13. Flakes in Newtonville.