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  1. More thunder, I think...
  2. I thought it was a plow... guess it was TSSN...
  3. All snow now. Actually sticking to the grass. If only this was March 1st...
  4. Yep, rain/snow mix in West Newton too.
  5. 1/2 S in a squall over Newtonville.
  6. 44* and a pretty good snow squall in Newtonville.
  7. The gusts have made it here. Pretty impressive in the last hour or so.
  8. Have had mood flakes almost all day in Newtonville.
  9. Solid 1/2 S in Newtonville currently. Bummer it won't last long.
  10. Yeah, it was 34* or so per my cheap thermometer earlier today in Newtonville, but it's down to 30* now and it looks pretty slick outside right now.
  11. Ugh... our school district just announced early release/cancelation of all after school programs for this thing tomorrow... I get two days a week of "normal" work hours and the last two weeks have been blown up for what will turn out to be a grand total of 5 inches of snow...
  12. Kind of like last Monday here in Newtonville. Easily 1/2 S, but at 33*, so it isn't accumulating much.