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  1. Went out just after 5:00 in Newtonville, weirdly not windy at all at that time. Only leaves and small twigs on the ground. Breeze is picking back up a little bit at the moment though.
  2. Really bad time for KBOX to be down... Maybe they can borrow the NBC-10 radar truck and park it near the canal?
  3. That's one way for Lyndon State (or whatever they are calling it these days) to get significant snow out of one system.
  4. Well...
  5. Yeah, that would be quite the solution at 216. 2 hurricanes off the Atlantic seaboard would be quite the all-time satellite photo and would most likely melt down the forum...
  6. Blizzard of '78 - I was 4, but I have vivid memories of snowbanks taller than me and sliding down all the snow that had blown between our cars and my dad being home from work all week because nothing was moving. 6/1/2011 - Working in Marlborough, MA at the time watching the cell develop and seeing the board light up when the first reports started coming about the tornado in just as I was leaving for the day. Darkest western sky I can remember seeing from any daytime storm so far away. Hurricane Gloria - I think I watched Dick Albert and The Weather Channel non-stop as a young 11 year-old the days leading up to the storm. We had a huge yard with no overhanging trees, so I spent a lot of the storm outside in the wind once we lost power as we were on the dry side of the storm. Jan-Feb 2015 - I am putting this stretch of weather in as I was living in the Cleveland Circle area at this time with our 7 month-old daughter. Watching the snowbanks get higher, and higher, and higher was amazing. Just nowhere to put the snow by the end. That combined with trying to push a BoB jogging stroller around after parking who knows how far from our apartment because of all the semi-abandoned cars buried by the snowbanks. Ice storm 2008 - Living in Maynard right on the Assabet River at the time just on the edge of the accretion. The hillside above where we lived was covered in ice and bending trees, but down where we were, it was OK. Drove to the office in Marlborough to find branches down everywhere and no power. Had no idea until I got home later how close we were to not having power for a week. Honorable mentions: 8/5/2015 hail storm and a fun drive down Beacon St in Brookline coming back from daycare with daughter in the car. 12/14/2007 snow gridlock. I was in school at LSC during the Perfect Storm and April Fools, so I didn't experience them directly, only from afar. Bob doesn't really make my list as for where we lived, it was a rainy, (really) windy day and we didn't even loose power.
  7. Yeah, I see it now. Looks like just as it was about to cross over Hatteras, NC, it seems to turn away.
  8. And just before they got into the eye, the feed dies!
  9. The Frying Pan Shoals tower cam is a sight to behold. The flag is sure hanging in there.
  10. Eye seems to be finding ways to avoid making landfall in SC.
  11. What? Nobody awake to post a TS Watch has been posted for the Cape and the Islands?
  12. So close.... Still would be pretty breezy Friday night into Saturday for anyone east of ORH and especially the Cape and the Islands.
  13. Was going to post this in the main thread, but figured it's better posted here. NHC waiting to lead the 11:00pm news with the upgrade back to a Cat 3 after leaving it at 110mph for now?