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  1. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    I'm not very good at estimating winds, but it's been blowing pretty good here in Newtonville. Visibility is well under 1/4 mile and close to 100 yards at times.
  2. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Thought I heard something a moment ago. thought it was a plow?
  3. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Visibility here in Newtonville around 200 yards in S+. Winds have not been much of an issue yet.
  4. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Amazing how sharply the CF is showing up on KBOX.
  5. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Flakes in Newtonville. 26*
  6. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    If I remember, security and the hall monitors would also herd us into one of the other dorm's common lounges.
  7. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    January 2015 part 2? I forget, were there any long range indications of back-to-back (to-back-to-back) storms?
  8. I'm Dreaming of a White Xmas

    Just drove from Newton to Walpole for Christmas with the family... Wow was 128 and route 1 a mess. I don't think route 1 was even plowed... At least three TSSN... and as I am writing this, the sun is coming out...
  9. I'm Dreaming of a White Xmas

    Merry Christmas to all! My iffy Taylor home thermometer says 29.8 here in Newtonville. Not quite sure what is falling though. Might be a sleet/freezing rain mix?
  10. Nice, solid snowfall to start the season off with. Best part is it happens during the day on a weekend. Will be very nice to look at and give everyone a good reminder of how to drive in it.
  11. Hurricane Maria

    And gets closer still at 120. Just waiting for the kicker to rocket her due east.
  12. Hurricane Maria

    Lost the Univision live feed.
  13. Tropical Season 2017

    Just following the TABS spirograph model? There sure seems to be quite the easterly component to his movement...
  14. Tropical Season 2017

    Euro borrowed some of what the Ukie is usually on?
  15. Tropical Season 2017

    Faster AmWx server meltdown... SuperStorm '93 redux or what the 216-228 Euro shows?