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  1. Temps really rocketing up. 28.8 to 30.1 in the last 40 minutes or so.
  2. Parents sent me these from their house in Walpole.
  3. Obligatory back deck photo. Guessing 6-7 in Newtonville. Just north of the best echoes, but still 1/2S for the most part.
  4. Wife's family has been getting their Christmas Night feast from Golden Temple for *years*. The kids watched Encanto after, so it was a good night for all.
  5. Yeah, it's 30.1 on my cheap thermometer in Newtonville. Looks icy out there already.
  6. Was outside much of the afternoon with daughter and her cousins running around a playground. Weenie flakes just about the entire time and cold. The kids didn't seem to mind while they were playing. Very happy about having hot chocolate when we got inside though.
  7. There were a few flakes in Newtonville about 30-ish minutes ago, but there seems to be nothing now.
  8. Two dose Pfizer to Moderna booster. Only issue was a very sore arm after all three shots. Guess I'm lucky?
  9. Had some sleet in Watertown around 11:30. Now there is snow mixing in at 40.1* in Newtonville.
  10. There are at least 3 fat squirrels running around our backyard. Never seen them so big here.
  11. 64.8 currently. Can really hear it roaring overhead. Should be fun when it mixes down.
  12. 31.3* showing on my cheap Taylor thermometer. Light snow starting to stick just about everywhere.
  13. Seems like flakes are trying to mix in here in Newtonville.
  14. Channel 4 really focusing on the tor warning over MV and onto the Cape. Winds were pretty gusty when the line came through here. Didn't seem severe. (Distracted by guests in the house. )
  15. Serious rumblings in Newtonville. Just a shower at the moment.
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