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  1. It is dumping in Salem, VA just west of ROA. Squall has been impressive coming out of WV and it seems to be trying to back build. Temps continue to steadily drop. Blacksburg put out a special weather statement due to it. Bonus round for me today!
  2. Does anyone know the verification scores from the Euro regarding handling of clipper events? I feel like it has been performing sub par recently.
  3. Boy you guys aren't kidding. Just took a look at the 12z GFS from hr 96-105 looks excellent in these parts and up your guys way as well. Would be nice if it stuck to this or if the southern stream could dig more.
  4. To me the evolution on the 12z GFS is very close to something better for Fri/the weekend. Gets some decent light snow up my way anyhow. Vort is trying to dig on the 96-108 frames. Although the light snow is not from the southern stream but rather the northern stream. Anyhow definitely bears watching.
  5. Back to moderate snow here now. 2” on grass and elevated surfaces. Roadway and pavement are wet
  6. Guys I feel some of your pain. It was painful all day yesterday and early last evening. Heavy Virga it seemed like forever, while places just an hour or two south of me got raked. I will say the radar is blossoming nice so at the worst it’ll pivot up toward you all. At 1.5” thus far down in ROA with light to mod snow continuing. Hang in there!
  7. Moderate snow 1.5” radar looks good right now keeps blossoming. Picked up 1/2 last hour nothing crazy but I’ll take it.
  8. Picked up our first inch here officially. Band that set up has overperformed thus far and it’s still snowing. Roads and driveway is still wet however.
  9. What a day for this guy. I literally had about 20 flakes. I’ve never seen such a sharp cutoff to the precip. It literally evaporated every time something tried to get going here. Only hope is that the moisture over AL overperforms for me. Happy for you guys at least, but man what a disappointment.
  10. Good thing is I am closer to that way. Im off exit 137 on 81 if you are familiar.
  11. We are effed up this way. Dry air for the win! Ugh Edit: And then the gods heard me and the first flakes started to fly!
  12. Hey good to see another poster in and around the ROA area!
  13. Man love the reports coming from the southwest of me. I am being lit up with heavy virga right now. Only a matter of time congrats to everybody.
  14. Precip filling in nicely over Eastern TN. Definitely good for everyone on the forum. Atmosphere juiced up!
  15. Thing is though is for my area, the bulk is going to snow overnight, thus no sun and warm pavement, soil temps, whatever anyone wants to use to say it cannot happen. We are in a favorable spot as well in regards to "cooler" air. Idk just doesnt make sense to me. People in NW SC/SW NC are already over performing with snowfall sticking to roadways, so for me it it is an invalid point. Its been below freezing plenty of times up here already, so I guess we will see. Even a good middle of the road approach would trigger WWA for this region. Very poor. Rant done now, lets get excited for this storm! Good to see everyone reporting in and all the models giving us a wonderful treat regardless!