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  1. Yea Disc and I are same area basically when you see him post. We’re definitely southwestern most portion of the forum.
  2. Solid trends in the overnight runs. Great to see waking up topped with a potential monster of a storm for the standards we’ve had to creep down to last couple of years come sun-mon
  3. I will try to post pics of tomorrow’s event down here. Just had WWA issued for 2-4”. With this particular system it’s worth noting the models ended up trending toward the GFS solution. Something to keep in mind. Nam was bone dry and now has a decent slug of moisture coming through. GFS the snowiest.
  4. 120 hr 24 hr snowfall map still looks solid for 0z Ukie. Solid 5-10” deal to the naked eye
  5. Wow!! @BIG FROSTY been awhile man. Glad to see you on here! Getting revved up for the “epic ness” that’s about to occur next several days.
  6. Lmfao there’s a meaningful trend in the GFS tonight and we got JI saying 0-3 LOL
  7. Agreed it’s not the same model from before.
  8. Yea the evolution of the entire system for the weekend is wonky on the GFS. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. Does it have tendencies and known biases? Absolutely. It’s the warmest of the models right now. Between Canadian and GFS, GFS is off by a good 5mb with the high pressure. So we’re talking a 1032 vs 1037 mb hp. Big time difference. Other factor to weigh is the GFS has a very strong vort like Euro middle of the country. Problem is GFS opens up and sends a strung out weak discombobulated mess eastward while the Euro continues to keep its strength. That would have big impacts downstream.
  9. 12z at 132 had 1006 slp over southern IN for reference. HP at 1038.
  10. The GFS was hot garbage. Para looked ok for decent thump to dry slot. It’s pretty much most guidance against gfs so there’s that but then a lot of us are actually rooting for the gfs for Thursday’s system so who knows.
  11. Para looks a bit colder. Heavy snow breaking out at 108 sw va and moving toward the dc crew.
  12. Lol I honestly don’t either at this point. My wife’s asking and I’m just telling her at this point I really can’t tell you. Maybe an inch maybe 7.
  13. That’s biggest takeaway for me thus far. GFS by far the warmest model out of all the guidance.
  14. ok here we go this is what I was trying to post. Solid wall of moderate to heavy snow impacting a decent portion of the forum here
  15. Lmao GFS just delivered the goods! For whatever reason on my phone it doesn’t allow me to post or add photos on here. It says it’s too large if I try to copy a pic or add the url web address bar.