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  1. Have been vacationing in Naples at my parents house since Friday. Some nasty storms traversing the area currently. Ton of lightning with these things. Only the beginning for the area. Have a flight out of Ft Lauderdale at noon tomorrow. Not feeling too good about the prospects of that flight.
  2. The CDO has been mighty impressive last couple hours watching it. Now some very cold cloud tops eastern side of the LLC. Interesting to see what transpires overnight.
  3. That’s the one I’m looking at. Nasty hook about to hit pleasant garden (south/southeast of greensboro).
  4. Still 31.5 here. Pretty decent accrual of ice up this way but what everyone has been alluding to throughout the morning here about half of what I expected. In all honesty probably pretty lucky because double this I don’t think we’d have power. Easily 1/3” of ice eyeballing it.
  5. Yea we cashed in on about 3 hours worth of precipitation as it cruised into WV all night. Good glaze and 1/2” of sleet or so. Disappointing to say the least. Congrats to those that got dumped on.
  6. 28.8 and absolutely pouring down sleet outside. Roads covered and everything is a sheet of ice.
  7. Yea the models are horrid. There’s no sugarcoating that one. Woke up at 4am and the entire area was dry slotted. All the moisture was to our west. Now that band will pivot through and will essentially be the back end. We went from a solid 12-18 hour storm to a 6-8 hour event IMO.
  8. Man it looks like an ice skating rink. That’s impressive. That band hasn’t officially stretched this Far East northeast just yet but man it looks ferocious on my radar app I have. I can hear the sleet starting to pick up now tho as I type this.
  9. Exactly!! We’re wasting time down here because it’s actually snowing with no pingers currently. Disappointed in the splotchy ness so far.
  10. Just for reference someone here yesterday and I can’t recall who was asking about sleet to liquid ratio. Based on NWS parameters 2:1/3:1 is the norm depending on the system. Been a while since I’ve seen that type of sleet accumulation. Tonight is kind of odd for up this far north. Not sure if I wake up to a sleet bomb or ice bomb. Really believe sleet may be the predominant type, at least for my immediate vicinity.
  11. Would be nice to have some precip form on the ATL/Greenville radars some. Trajectory is to our northwest for the forum as of right now but as southeast aid/lift/enhancement takes over should overcome. Precip over western GA very convective looking.
  12. Forecasted low here is 27. Would make sense for my specific area.
  13. 30.7/22.5 dropping quick now. Clear skies predominantly out there still. Could end up dropping under the forecasted temps.
  14. 33.3/22.8 starting to moisten up some. Clear skies at the moment as well down this way.
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