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  1. At this juncture I will literally take any type of crippling winter storm. I don’t give a shit if it’s 4” of sleet or 2” of ice. This year has been unreal.
  2. For this winters standards, that’s a nuking of central NC by the 18z GFS. Unfortunately the way this year has gone, I would say we have a better shot of trying to gamble on a fart with the stomach bug than actually gambling on this evolution coming to fruition. I hope I’m wrong but it’s either going to suppress significantly or cut like hell.. no in-between it seems like. Suppression may make some happy in here in all honesty so we’ll see what happens.
  3. Damn.. lolll happy hour Central NC nuking for this winters standards at 168. Fringed even down this way.
  4. What a day that would be haha! The GFS is the equivalent of a late 80s 4Runner that’s on its last leg. There’s no fixing it so they just keep performing oil changes in hopes it’ll last.
  5. GFS taking it’s sweet time tonight… not like it can be trusted in any capacity so there’s that..
  6. IF and it’s a big if this year, the models continue to advertise a 1042 HP parked in that area as we draw closer, can we think that it may be under-doing the strength of cad etc..? Or do the mid levels cook because of the primary if taken at face value?
  7. Nuked by GFS 81 west. No way I’m getting pulled into this until Monday at least.
  8. 7 degrees outside. Wind chill of -4 with winds 30-40. Perfect time to go out, cook a tomahawk, and slam a beer!
  9. Key to watch is the convective type nature of showers in central AL as to how they progress when the swing takes place. Those hold together that’s where I’ll be very interested.
  10. I agree man. Was just looking at the 01z HRRR and it brings a pretty healthy band, at least down this way. Would be nice to wake up surprised. Regardless temps are gonna be wild to see bottom out.
  11. Yea now that I look I was a little surprised myself. 01z shows a decently healthy band coming through.
  12. Now I’m wondering if I’m starting to have radar hallucinations. Did runs have that much moisture to our south and west? @Met1985got me hahahaha
  13. @strongwxncthat Buffalo forecast is unreal! I grew up in CT and my best friend, his father has had season tickets to the Bills game, as he grew up just outside Orchard Park. That is life threatening the conditions that are about to transpire up that way. Incredible forecast with 1-3 ft and winds to 70. WOW!
  14. Disappointing seeing some of the obs in here. Thought some of us might be ripping for a little. ALL rain and 32.9/32 here.
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