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  1. My sister is in Summerville and is saying there are sirens everywhere. Luckily they are ok
  2. Debris field on the super res velocity on radar scope is unreal. Can’t get a hold of my sister either as it’s 15 miles from them now ugh..
  3. Man starting to get worried for my sister who lives in Summerville. No more than 30 miles from Walterboro to her house and that’s not on a direct line. This thing is incredible on the super res velocity.
  4. Would someone be kind enough to post the NAM and GFS or any type of model output that shows for VA DC etc as to what squall line will look like when it blows through tomorrow morning? Or is there a site I can access that would show this in a better manner than instant weather maps. *I have Pivotal weather as well. That seems to be a bit better wrt svr parameters they offer.
  5. The verbiage on the Day 2 synopsis is concerning considering they go with possible strong tornadoes and an outbreak and mention southern va and areas around. Not sure I’ve ever seen that in the 10 years I’ve lived here myself except maybe one time but the ingredients never came together.
  6. More I look now more the parameters are the highest I’ve seen in some time for 0-1 helicity being 450-500 on the NAM and winds ripping right above the surface over 60 knots based on the GFS. Temps get close to 70. Question for the pros would be are we looking more at high shear low instability environment or do we have a chance to build up anything before everything comes together.
  7. Kind of just starting to acclimate myself to this threat, as Blacksburg has somewhat kept it tepid. Do the ingredients get as far north as VA or is it more NC,SC and the Deep South on this one?
  8. Lol honestly if you got 10 and I got 4 I def wouldn't complain one bit the way this winter has gone. Let's see what Icon has to say here.
  9. Question is though is it typical NAM bias to over amp these things?
  10. Kinda playing catchup here but really only thing I40 north in my opinion can hope for is either some over amplification or some southeast aided flow. Dry air is going to be a contender with a 1043 parked to the west of us.
  11. Anybody have the 18z Canadian? There is one correct?
  12. I'm in JI camp. Give me the heavier rates and marginal cold and I'll take my chances at least out this way for some heavy meatballs.
  13. Good pickup JI. 540 line looks to stay se of 81 corridor at minimum. Problem is GGEM has low much further east of MYR than GFS at around the same juncture. Something to keep an eye on.
  14. Cant get a better track than that in late Jan from MYR to east of RIC. Depressing with temps
  15. Lmao 4.6" here I'll believe it when hell freezes over.