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  1. Everyone wanting snow just figured I’d post a pic from my aunt who lives in NW CT about 40-45 min from Mass border. Big time snows for Worcester and points north and east today. Only reason I miss living up there.
  2. Idk what if any updates have been done to the NAM but for me in years past if it wasn’t super over amped then that would normally spell trouble. 6z doesn’t even have a flake for anyone. Looks like the consensus minus the Euro have zilch for this. Is it just more or less the Euro is keying in on the NS vort differently?
  3. Oof yea GFS is DOA for 12z. I would love to use the excuse of convective feedback but that is probably pulling at straws at this point.
  4. I’ll honestly believe it when I see it even down in ROA for my backyard.
  5. Do it!! I’m not sure I ended the season above 2” total so let’s bring some good juju early on.
  6. 12/9/2018 last time I had something decent early around here
  7. How much would it take for everyone to have a meh rest of the year if Monday came to fruition and over performed? Be honest
  8. Man that’s a nasty looking band over FLL and Boca up into West Palm
  9. This has my attention this go around, as my parents literally just relocated from Charleston SC to Naples within the past 3 weeks. Curious to get everyone’s thoughts as to what, if any disruption Cuba does to this thing before it re-emerges back into the Atlantic/Gulf. Me thinks we’re in for a surprise (just gut feeling) nothing scientific or meteorologically speaking.
  10. 10+ years of living in Roanoke can’t say I ever recall seeing Tropical Storm warnings and local hurricane statement products issued. Pretty wild. Gusts to 47 tomorrow for my area.
  11. @CAPE @nj2va @yoda if you guys could choose would you prefer a front loaded or back loaded winter if given the opportunity to pick?
  12. Tropical Cyclone Researcher. Have no idea how much validity he holds but interesting to say the least.
  13. Storm down approximately 5.2mb last 2.75 hrs so roughly 2mb/hr. Pretty impressive.