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  1. Chilly this morning but my coat-less winter streak continues!
  2. 18z gfs almost gets it done on day 6.
  3. Euro with low off cape Hatteras at 144h but only have access to tropical tidbits maps
  4. Snow showers overspreading northern Frederick county
  5. We always talk about things popping up in the medium range... Well hopefully this will be a good example
  6. Pretty amazing temperature gradient from Garrett county to the coastal plain. We're sitting in the mid 50s and they're in the mid 20s. Precip in Midwest is way ahead of schedule compared to 12z runs with returns showing up in Indiana currently
  7. I think those echoes down by Roanoke will be the band that switches us to snow in DC. Hope I get to do a jebwalk in the snow tomorrow am. 42F right now in Petworth
  8. Radar shows lots of gulf moisture flowing into Texas but boy is it ever hitting a wall
  9. Nam 18z so far through 33h is holding a bit more energy back and bringing in the cold faster
  10. Interesting that temps are slowly climbing... Probably won't see my first flakes in DC tonight
  11. GFS vortex pass is trending further south and I think the precip shield is under done. Potential for some wet snow even into the cities.
  12. Do you think the radar echoes might be enhanced by sleet mixing in?
  13. 18z GFS throws some precip back at us Monday but it's cold rain
  14. 18z GFS at 120 looking good with a monster 1050 High overtop the Canadian Pairies