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  1. 18z GFS at 120 looking good with a monster 1050 High overtop the Canadian Pairies
  2. BWI: 25.2 DCA: 18.7 IAD: 32.8 RIC: 12.6 Tiebreaker SBY 12.4
  3. House sounds like it's going through a car wash right now in NW DC
  4. Well the 12z GFS sure didn't disappoint! DCA would be at or above climo for the whole winter by mid November lol
  5. I'm going to record this loop and play it again on January 10th.
  6. Well the NAM schooled the GFS and Euro from a couple days out. Lesson learned for the winter!
  7. Just got 18z NAM'd like the good ole days. I can just picture us in 8 weeks hanging on to this small thread of hope.
  8. Just practice! Like preseason NFL games
  9. Will be interesting to watch the trends in this one as practice for this winter... Will we get dry slotted as some models suggest or will the coastal transfer occur far enough South for us to get into the action. I'm going with dry slot...
  10. Might be radar hallucinations but the precip shield coming our way looks pretty solid.
  11. Nice to know they'll have more snow in September then most of us will have all winter lol
  12. I don't know if up welling will be much of an issue with the warm gulf stream current bringing in a steady stream of warm water.
  13. 12 GFS is good news for South East Florida but looking worse for Central
  14. In the short term I'm looking closely at where the eye will pass relative to 25/70. Earlier guidance suggested it would be south west of that point but trajectory through the day has been more NE.
  15. Looks breezy in St Croix: