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  1. Radar showing a tiny little line screaming North West around the Bay bridge looks weird
  2. North trend on precip shield... would be heartbreak in the winter.
  3. Why doesn't a random heavy precip develop over DC and just hang around like this in January?
  4. With rain to the west of Charlottesville, it's hard to see how this can miss DC
  5. Nice to see 540s show up in Central Quebec on the long range GFS... That's the first sign of things to come
  6. All in all this summer hasn't been too hot... Is the smoke from out west limiting our daytime heating?
  7. might be a cicada bust in the works... need to wet bulb quickly and have the back edge over-perform along with a good ULL pass. Otherwise it'll be another DMV fail.
  8. Wisp webcam shows it's snowing up there. That place is amazing.
  9. Snowing nicely in Harrisonburg per webcams https://www.whsv.com/weather/cams/
  10. sleet and fzra mix in NW. Temp 31F. Things might actually get a bit icy because of the piles of sleet/ice and cold pavement.
  11. the Nams are out to lunch even as the event starts... they have the precip way back west. Maybe the RGEM scores a nice coup!
  12. They should prolly extend the WWA down into DC... snowing nicely and it should continue another couple hours. RGEM ftw!!!!
  13. watch this become our biggest snowfall of the season in DC.
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