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  1. Wisp is getting hammered per webcam
  2. Deep Creek already sitting at 32F. Should be a fun day out there.
  3. First frost of the year in Columbia Heights!
  4. Frederiksted on the west end of the island may be ground zero
  5. Time to follow each wobble for st Croix. Spent several years on that island (2010-13) and there was still damage left over from Hugo '89 even in Christiansted.
  6. 0z gfs had three tropical system landfalls (Jose x2, Lee x1) within a week of each other in NYC-Bos corridor. That would be something.
  7. IR definitely looks like it's responding to the bathwater it's over for the next few hours. Those people that remained on Marco are in for the fight off their lives.
  8. Key West radar is down so that gives an appearance of a big hole in South West quadrant
  9. Anyone have info on the ukie?
  10. Looking at radar loop this looks to at least get part of the eye onto Cuba. Should help disrupt it a bit although it sucks for that island.
  11. Latest euro looks like Naples is under the gun. There may have to be some last minute scrambling on the west coast of Florida Friday.
  12. If the trend is right, the circulation may end up compromised for a while by the 10K ft high mountains of Hispaniola.
  13. Chilly 42F at deep Creek this Labor day weekend.
  14. talk about atmospheric memory.
  15. All wrong except for the NAM haha