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  1. Significant changes at H5 continue to happen on the GFS with that piece of energy up north this weekend. In the past 4 runs it went from northern Maine to Labrador. Surface doesn't look much better but things haven't finished trending in the right direction.
  2. Less H5 suppression on 18z GFS for this Friday/Sat. Still a bit of time!
  3. Getting off topic but we are at the same latitude as southern Spain and Sicily after all. Citrus groves and palm abound is those areas. Not too far fetched to imagine that around here in the next 100 years
  4. Might be setting the stage for some CAD to develop with that high pressure to the north on New Year's. Interesting evolution
  5. House cam in Colonial Beach Virginia shows nice stickage!
  6. Might be the biggest snow event of 2020 for DC!
  7. Want to start a Xmas Front thread?
  8. Wisp webcam looks amazing.
  9. Mood flakes tomorrow morning? Any snow is good!
  10. If DC flips back to some frozen looks like 10pm might be the time. Here's hoping for a nice back-end... for once we don't have a low racing up to the north-east so it does have some potential once it passes our latitude.
  11. 12z HRRR not bad... snow -> mix -> dry slot for DC then back to a bit of snow.
  12. PBP Icon confluence a bit better @ 21h
  13. Soundings even for southern MoCo don't look too bad for a period of moderate wet snow starting at noon. May surprise some and make the afternoon rush tricky.