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  1. Tornado warning in Baltimore
  2. Down in the northern neck it definitely has the feeling of a developing tropical low. Gusty winds, dark skies and rain bands
  3. Feels like our climate is now summer x6 months then November x6 months
  4. Don’t worry, it’ll be back in March
  5. A bit of training over the central part of the district right now
  6. Radar looks like DC is about to get hit by Niagara falls
  7. Don’t feel like it’s going to happen today... Clouds hanging in there and storms coming in from the southwest
  8. Is it just me or does it seem like evenings and nights are much more pleasant than other summers?
  9. What’s the eta for frontal passage in DC?
  10. Getting some steady light rain in the northern neck from the outter bands this afternoon. Pretty cool to get tropical this early.
  11. Changing to snow at deep creek lake right now
  12. 18z gfs FTW! No seriously, perfect timing and good rates even in close suburbs.
  13. Garrett county and the West Virginia mountains may get into some really good snows Friday/Saturday
  14. Well then the odds of the next two Winters sucking is low
  15. Marble sized hail in Baltimore