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  1. And just like that, the NAM sucked me back in... hope is alive!
  2. Well the 12z/0z is barely reliable past 72h so maybe they should focus on that issue first.
  3. Looks better in the four corners but ridge out front is flatter....
  4. Can't really see specifics on TT but it looks like JMA gets some precip into DC
  5. Well remember the best model runs for this storm also involved the least amount of snow for Thursday... Let's see what happens now!
  6. GFS says everyone just chill out (unless you're expecting>3 inches)
  7. Kinda surprised I'm at 45F in NW DC... Only 9 degrees to go until snow starts mixing in :)
  8. Euro looking pretty good at 500 from TT 96h map
  9. Another 30 min give or take until DC mixes... But it will be a glorious time under bright yellows
  10. Are those yellow coming to DC pure snow or is it picking up some sleet?
  11. Already got my windmill palms (Hardy to 7b) and Arbequina Olive trees (8a) doing well
  12. Positive Changes were obvious early on around 120 so this isn't totally in fantasy land
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