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  1. Wisp webcam shows it's snowing up there. That place is amazing.
  2. Snowing nicely in Harrisonburg per webcams
  3. sleet and fzra mix in NW. Temp 31F. Things might actually get a bit icy because of the piles of sleet/ice and cold pavement.
  4. the Nams are out to lunch even as the event starts... they have the precip way back west. Maybe the RGEM scores a nice coup!
  5. They should prolly extend the WWA down into DC... snowing nicely and it should continue another couple hours. RGEM ftw!!!!
  6. watch this become our biggest snowfall of the season in DC.
  7. Looks like another batch of precip on the VA NC border is going to come at us
  8. Hopefully more bands will develop to the Southwest....
  9. That stuff "blossoming" in northern GA is what's coming our way. That looks pretty good so far.
  10. Lets hope part two overperforms later today/tonight! Still quite a bit of moisture flowing north from the deep south.
  11. Are they going to switch to an ice storm warning? If we get an inch of fzrn things are going to get bad.
  12. Can you please continue hating on this storm... Seems like it was working
  13. Light steady freezing rain In Colonial Beach(Northern Neck), temp 30F. Roads look good but sidewalks caved. Hope we keep power
  14. 38F with light wet snow in Colonial Beach... Good sign for those up north Radar doesn't look half bad for an early start in DC