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  1. Warmest night of the year?
  2. Significant flooding over in Colonial Beach Virginia this evening from the training band of downpours
  3. Snowing on the summit cams at Snowshoe... Rain still at DCL
  4. Just out of curiosity, what would snow levels be with tonight's storm if we had higher mountains around?
  5. Wisp webcam is rippin' hard.
  6. Moderate snow in Colonial Beach. Just a dusting otg but hoping to get a bit more with the wrap around
  7. Sleet mixing with a few mangled flakes in Colonial Beach. We’re not even under a wwa here...
  8. Thunder and Lightning with pouring rain in Colonial Beach (northern neck)
  9. Can't wait to see the temps drop 30 deg in 12hours... color me skeptical
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