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  1. It's going to be an interesting thing to watch develop on radar tonight. Can't wait and I'm hoping for a little fluke to finally bust in our favor.
  2. Hate to say it but sleet is my favorite precip type since it stays around forever after a storm. If we get a sleet thunderstorm tonight it'll make this storm one to remember
  3. Anyone have a good link to US real-time surface pressure?
  4. think it'll be snow by the time it makes it to DC?
  5. Precip blossoming in eastern NC looks good so far.
  6. Pretty amazing that it's supposed to start snowing in 11 hours and precip is all the way in Florida/Illinois. I couldn't even drive there in that time!
  7. DCA: 8.5 IAD: 14.2 BWI: 11.1 TB: 1.9 Go big or go home!!!!
  8. Payback for that -10 Feb we had a couple years ago.
  9. Noticeable shift west in 0z gfs. Just look at noon Wednesday... Precip now makes it into DCA
  10. What I would give to be in Moncton right now: http://www.moncton.ca/Visiteurs/Cam_ras_web/Rue_Main_Ouest.htm
  11. Richmond is sitting at 80F right now! Quite the backdoor coldfront.
  12. Hope the blizzard tomorrow in new England strengthens enough to slow the following northern stream wave andhelp a partial phase to happen. 18z gfs looked a bit closer to my untrained eye.
  13. Snowshowers Sunday night?
  14. Looks warm to me on op. This thing will end up in Ohio valley before we know it.
  15. Was away fly-fishing in Patagonia then... But you're right my cutoff is low 20s for my thick fleece hoodie. Was that even winter or still technically fall?