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  1. Same to you, sounds like the good olde days. Wish we could duplicate some of those event in the DMV
  2. He is, I lived through the frustration last year, things will change this Winter though
  3. Horse Soldier bourbon, special forces brew barrel strength
  4. Hello my friends, Happy Thanksgiving from K.C. I miss you guys but still am following. There is next to no activity in my forum...too far West for Ohio valley region and too Far East for mountain west. Will hang with you guys if ok
  5. Snow breaks out from SW to NE in central Texas on 18z Gfs at hr 186 on this run....very interesting
  6. Will be interested in the GFS 0z run, and if there is anymore movement West.
  7. Very impressive, get that to hold for the next few days and we may be in business
  8. GFS continues to be bullish for Kansas and Missouri