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  1. Hope you guys are staying safe in the DMV, miss you.We have 55 and sunny here in the K.C. area and expecting snow on Easter late in the day. Stay safe and we are going to beat this.
  2. Enjoy the snow shower flakes. End of winter
  3. Penguins are probably worse than Caps right now
  4. Understand that, but CAPS are bad right now.....forgot how to backcheck and cut off angles
  5. Not buying, this is not happening weather model trolls active.
  6. Sun angle this year will get us to 75
  7. I think we may get one...can feel it
  8. Will always check in with the crew. Thanks brother
  9. It's been real guys, I am moving to Kansas City, but the DMV will always be in my heart. Will continue to track with you, the big one is coming next winter.
  10. Put it down now, you will have great results
  11. Open year round but half off during winter