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  1. No rain here in my part of Stafford County for 14 days, been tough watching things go North, East and South of here with nothing going on here
  2. Happy for all those that got good rain and storms yesterday and overnight. We are now at 14 days since last measurable rainfall here in my part Stafford county. Hopefully something pops sometime soon. Everything was just NE of here over the Potomac in Maryland or just North toward Fairfax, one of the days it’ll work out.
  3. Same here around Fredericksburg, haven’t had a drop in 14 days....and it seems as everything blossoms just North, South or East of where I’m located just NW of FXBG
  4. 60 mph wind gust at DCA per NWS https://twitter.com/iembot_lwx/status/1280268808712667137?s=20
  5. Good pic of the storm moving into Stafford
  6. Tons of close lightning and so far 0.41” of rain in 15 minutes In a storm that just popped NW of Fredericksburg. Wind gusted to 45mph too. ETA: Finished with 0.58" in about 20 minutes or so, pretty good storm, but nothing severe.
  7. Brother in Reading, PA had 81 mph on his station, power out and trees down in a lot of place
  8. 31 for the low down here near FXBG
  9. Dang, yeah very different here. Working in yard with the sun, it actually is pretty warm.
  10. Talking about today.....actually not to bad here around FXBG, sun peeking out occasionally and temp around 60-61. Feels nice outside
  11. 1.24” with the overnight event, lots of lightning around FXBG, but highest wind gust was 41mph.
  12. Currently 82/67 just NW of Fredericksburg. Hope to see a light show tonight with the lightning, although, the rain amounts could be pretty heavy (1”+) over a few areas.
  13. 1.28” so far down here around FXBG, brings the monthly total to an even 7.00”
  14. Don't know if it matters down toward FXBG, but sun came out and we are at 67/48.