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  1. .51" of rain last night around 2:30 AM from a noisy little thunderstorm.
  2. Sun is popping out down here around Fredericksburg......
  3. All sleet now, 26 It’s loud outside
  4. 26/16 here and still mostly clear, colder than I expected. Walked around the yard, mud frozen and most things frozen. Could be ugly if we get freezing rain..... eta: rooting for a sleet sandblasting
  5. Is Wetbulbs Ji’s burner account?
  6. 29/12 here NW of Fredericksburg Clear Skies
  7. That's a straight Sleet blitz in Fredericksburg on that panel.....good stuff!
  8. @NorthArlington101 Not sure why, but I am oddly optimistic about this one for CHO over to EZF area...... 2-4 of snow to 1 inch of sleet to 0.10"-0.25" seems like a good possibility with things turning to concrete as the high on Saturday is only high 20's/low 30's. Looking very wintry at least, always hope for more snow and less ice too.
  9. Euro verbatim is nasty down here around EZF. About 3” of snow then some sleet and like a half inch of Ice.....
  10. @Jebman enjoy this, lived in San Antonio for 5 year from 2004-2009, never imaged I see anything like this down in South Central Texas!
  11. Emailed CVS receipts will be the greatest thing until King NAM runs to 240 hours. 27/26