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  1. Looking at the black and white CMC doodles, it appears it will be South of the 12z run
  2. DCA Snow at 126, not so much down this way around EZF ETA: by 132 it's rain/mix in DC
  3. Rain/Snow mix here just NW of Fredericksburg and it’s 38 degrees
  4. I don't get why the OP GFS has been doing that, it's been consistent on it too. I must be missing something.
  5. Looks like Christmas Eve looked, but thankfully 220+ hours
  6. Canadian bring snow to about EZF late this week.
  7. Thought y'all would want to see the GFS Ens for this Friday/Saturday thing, here it is FWIW
  8. Yeah, I won’t write it off, just not that enthusiastic either. We will see where this is by Wednesday.
  9. Just measured outside, 1.2" has fallen and it's still Snowing! A great Christmas surprise!
  10. Heaviest Snow of the day so far, it is legit Heavy Snow and 28 degrees, may actually get close to 1" inch
  11. 31 with Heavy Snow at the moment down just NW of Fredericksburg Edit: Ground is white