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  1. Solid cover on grass, trees and cars in Stafford. That’s a win, maybe 0.3” total.
  2. On a positive note, at least Thanksgiving is as late as it can possibly be this year. Those panels from the 24th -27th do look great......hopefully it translates going forward.
  3. 11/24-25/1971 there was a pretty big snowstorm in the Northeast, dropped about 2 feet on my hometown of Scranton, PA ETA: CWG had a write up on it a few years ago, and a few other late November/Thanksgiving snow storms https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/11/23/five-early-snow-storms-that-turned-thanksgiving-into-travel-nightmares/
  4. Light Snow at work in Spotsylvania County, 35.4 Light Snow at home in Stafford County, 34.9
  5. Sleet falling in Stafford County NW of FXBG, temp down to 37.8
  6. Sun out around Fredericksburg and we’ve jumped up to 80 degrees
  7. 2.15” according to my PWS here just Northwest of Fredericksburg, definitely more than expected
  8. At 0.95” for the event so far and it is pouring down here around Fredericksburg
  9. Up to 1.51” here, judging by radar may add a few hundredths more. Good day of rain....
  10. Up to 1.21" here just NW of EZF, healthy rain storm, probably finish up near 1.4"-1.5" of much needed rain.
  11. Have picked up 0.52" so far just NW of Fredericksburg and it's raining nicely, been a great day so far, hopefully can go over 1.00" for the day.
  12. Got .31" here around Fredericksburg.....the grass might not catch on fire now
  13. Got under one of the really intense showers early tonight. Picked up more rain today in Stafford (0.76”) than I did yesterday (0.21”) go figure
  14. Outflow boundary came through Souther Stafford and knocked temp down by ten degrees. Was around 100, now sitting at 89.6 with a small thunderstorm with a lot of thunder and lightning nearby. ETA: much more comfortable outside