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  1. Yeah, we are up to 78 with showers in the area in Spotsylvania County.....radar looks interesting west of Richmond, we will see how they develop over the next hour or two
  2. Popped up to 77 when the sun came out, almost full sun now in Spotsylvania.....time will tell
  3. Up to 2.12" so far and still pouring, at least for a bit more.....
  4. 1.37" as of 7:30 this morning in Spotsy....absolutely pouring at the moment.
  5. 83/68 in Spotsylvania, we will see what happens
  6. At exit 143 on 95, heavy hail and rain at the moment
  7. Storms rolled through Spotsylvania all morning, lots of T&L. Up to 1.24" of rain so far. Sun is peeking out now and the temp is up to 66
  8. Very good rain for the areas where rain has been in short supply recently. http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/Home/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?VA http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/Home/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?MD
  9. They are heavy, had a thunderstorm move through Spotsy around 4:15 AM today and then a second round of T & L around 8 AM. Good Stuff!
  10. 83 here in Spotsylvania, absolutely fantastic day! First day running the battlefield in a while, and I can tell haha.
  11. Thats amazing, I would think y'all are going to make a run at 30"
  12. Anyone know what the all time snow record for AVP is and what year? Originally from Pittston, just amazing by the snow totals in NEPA today.
  13. It is straight Heavy Sleet in Spotsylvania and now down to 31 here, just Pinging everywhere
  14. And now back to heavy sleet with a few occasional snowflakes, it is a sleet fest and 32
  15. Heavy echos moved in and now it is 70/30 Snow/Sleer temp at 32 and a coating on grass and cars