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  1. Just picked up 1.04” of rain in about 20 minutes down here around FXBG
  2. Not all the region, full sun down here around Fredericksburg.... ETA: 91/72
  3. Just one of those years I guess….still feels like we are behind in total rainfall.
  4. Nasty storm rolling thru, power is out wind easily gusted 50-60 mph. 1 tree I can see is down, lots of leaves and branches too….and it’s absolutely pouring now. ETA: just NW of FXBG
  5. Just had a decent storm roll through just North of FXBG. Over 1.5” inches of rain wind gust to 42mph, it’s now warned East of here.
  6. Sun now fully back out around Fredericksburg, temp has jumped back up
  7. Have numerous trees down in Spotsylvania and Stafford counties too. Storm was no joke.....
  8. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the Fredericksburg vicinity......
  9. Just South of where I am, buddy down that way said quarter size hail at least.
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