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  1. I had to wear a jacket while mowing, what an amazing June morning. Now if we could just carry this over into a July 2009/2014 repeat…
  2. June can often deliver some of the best weather around here.
  3. I’m at Breezy Point, there’s a lot of cicada wings washed on shore.
  4. Drove up to Glen Burnie today to see them- southern edge starts around Lothian, first deathband was in Harwood- about a dozen splattered on the windshield. One hitched a ride for several miles and flew off unharmed. Glen Burnie was really loud around the woods, lots of flyers but not as many as 2004 IMHO We all enjoyed seeing them one last time though.
  5. Pretty good storm here- the Southern MD rain magnet that was installed in 2018 is still operational.
  6. Calvert doesn't get II anymore either My dad lives in Delta, PA, and doesn't have any either- he's right within the border of this map. I think the coverage is shrinking.
  7. Heading back up with the family to see them one last time this Saturday, hopefully I don't miss the peak.
  8. You’d lose your mind with my kids then.
  9. The first 13 seconds of this keeps looping in my head over and over while I watch the meme stock tickers
  10. If only I had held AMC…
  11. We're expecting another baby boy in early October, and just found out the name we had picked is actually on the hurricane names list this year. It's pretty far down the list so it's possible to be a hit here right around that time.
  12. Slightly off-topic, but NHC should just officially move the Atlantic season start from June 1 to May 15 to match the Pacific. Seems like every year has a May system now. I don't know if there's a reason for this- climate change or just some multi-decade oscillation?