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  1. My wife’s name is on the list of hurricane names this year- that’s the one that will be the cat 5 up the Bay later this year (now you all have to figure out which name it is so you can prepare!)
  2. Aster always does well too in my yard (sorry, had to split this into two posts, the site wouldn't let me put two pictures in one post- said the files were too big).
  3. Attached a picture of the Lord Baltimore Hibiscus blooming in my yard. I highly recommend the Lord and Lady Baltimore Hibiscus to anyone in this region that wants to grow flowers- they are the most weather, pest and disease resistant plants I've ever seen (and believe me, not many plants survive in my yard lol).
  4. For anyone who wanted a follow-up to my post yesterday, I have good news- my son is doing a lot better. No one knows what was wrong (including his pediatrician) but he suddenly had a 104 fever, chills, weakness, no appetite and abdominal pain. This lasted about 2 days. His exam and tests were all normal (except for some swollen glands). None of us got sick either, so... fingers crossed. Hoping we don’t get any tropical impacts here- after the deluge Monday night, I’ve got a ton of erosion problems that need to be fixed (even worse than summer 2018).
  5. Final system total was 5.56” from 10pm-5am. Only the July 2018 coastal had more daily IMBY, but that was over a much longer duration. Power’s back and sump pump is working again- I managed to prevent getting a basement flood. It’s a good thing the power went out at the end, rather than at the beginning. My son’s being seen this afternoon. His Dr. thinks it’s unlikely to be Covid as no one else is sick and we haven’t really been anywhere (and when we do, we’re very strict on masks & social distancing). Ticks are really bad in my yard this year (I’ve pulled them off the kids and myself several times) so Lyme is a concern. I’ll let you all know the outcome. Please, no more rain! My 7-day looks awful lol
  6. In just the last six hours: -I got 5.52” of rain -Power went out (and is still out) -Sump pump failed -3-year-old son developed Covid-19 symptoms
  7. He got a mass E-mail sent out- unfortunately as MD switched to the new system, it inactivated thousands of claims by mistake last week. They're working to get this fixed ASAP and get the money out. What a mess.
  8. People don’t trust institutions because they’ve been wrong on everything and keep changing their minds week to week.
  9. Hogan should spend less time puffing his chest about MARYLAND STRONG and more time fixing the broken unemployment system. My brother waited online for 6 hours to refile, then got an automated form in the mail saying he had to call- and the line has been busy for days, you can never get through. Meanwhile he didn't get paid, his career has been destroyed, and he's running out of money... The snarky comments on here about "awww Karen can't get her nails done!" -no, it's a lot worse than that.
  10. MD will be the last state in the country to being reopening- and when we do, it will likely involve mandatory rectal temperature-taking before entering any store.
  11. It’ll be for the modeled cat 5 up the bay this summer that whiffs us and hits Newfoundland. Remember this post.
  12. The IHME has been about as accurate as the GFS was for Joaquin IMBY
  13. Won’t get into politics but this is an important turn obviously:
  14. There’s a LOT of ICU docs talking about this, but this NY Times video is a good start: Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell’s videos are all worth watching as he’s an ICU Doc in NYC. I didn’t care for the video of the two CA Docs that went viral FYI
  15. I wasn’t even referring to the viral video of the two Doctors in CA...