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  1. I believe the long range storm because all of our worst winters have the big "f*ck you" coastal rainstorm to close it out: February 1998, March 2001, January 2017, etc. They're always just a few degrees too warm and give you some non-accumulating pity flakes at the end.
  3. @jwilson The summer creep into September is indeed a real change occurring. As I posted in the Extreme Run thread last fall, every September in the 2010's at BWI finished with above average temperatures except 2013, which was only -0.1 below. The new 1990-2020 norms, when released, will definitely increase the September temperature. March has varied wildly over the last decade and it's difficult to draw any conclusions. For BWI, March should return to being snowier on average than December under the 1990-2020 norms, but this is just a return to how it's always been historically.
  4. 14/15 seems way more anomalous to me now then 09/10 and 15/16. Especially February 2015- how did we ever manage to have that much cold?
  5. The long range thread today: (warning: viewer discretion advised)
  6. This is anecdotal, but I feel like we've lost all the minor 2-4" events I grew up with as a kid in the 80's and 90's. It's either WSW events or nothing. But I'm like you, hunting for the big storms.
  7. I used this: And the monthly reports here: And they both totaled 3.0; however, LWX has never updated their top five least snowiest winters chart and I don’t know why.
  8. BWI only had 3.0” in 2016/17, which would place it #4 on that list.
  9. If someone had called for a complete shutout, they would actually still be in second place, just 2.2 behind Prestige Worldwide.
  10. The Ravens probably would’ve lost to the Chiefs anyway.
  11. Update: BWI: 1.8" DCA: 0.6" IAD: 2.9" RIC: 1.0" @Prestige Worldwide still way out in front.
  12. I wasn’t expecting to see accumulating snow here so this is a bonus.
  13. I work in PG county and it was at least a half-inch of snow cover there the next day- and this is south and east of DCA. I’d be curious about this too- are there any studies linking climate change to a lack of -NAO in winter?
  14. Holiday weekend weather is going to suck- cold, winds, cold winds, cold rain... Last weekend was so nice- I think I should move to the west coast and just fly back here for the HECS every few years. (Some smartass is gonna reply “well that sounds good, if it gets you out of this subforum permanently”)