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  1. On a side note: has their ever been a winter where DCA exceeded both BWI and IAD?
  2. Our defending champion @NorthArlington101 takes the lead, with @LittleVillageWx very close behind.
  3. Measured 1.0" exactly. Nice little storm- the kids got to try out their new sled inb4 the rain.
  4. 26 degrees, heavy snow, everything’s covered, looks like about 0.5” so far. I’m liking the looks of this one.
  5. I’m gonna guess IAD gets on the board with the weekend storm while the rest of the airports rain, thus even further solidifying Olaf’s lead.
  6. Back-to-back ice storms of 2/13 and 2/19.
  7. Would you believe this actually turned up, buried in the last snow pile left on my property. Idk how it wound up there, but whatever, I got it back!
  8. It's strange, both events actually have different amounts vs. the CF6. I'm using the CF6 for now. Anybody here know anyone at LWX?
  9. I sure hope the long range thread is for real and not another pump-and-dump scam like some previous winters. You all are as bad as StockTwits sometimes
  10. I don't ever remember LWX having this many revisions in previous years.
  11. Weenieism is absolutely genetic. My mother is the biggest tropical weenie you will ever meet, and my sons are all snow weenies (one of them has been obsessed with tornadoes since he was three). My wife doesn’t get it (which is another common thing I’ve noticed on this forum- the spouses never understand)
  12. Someone should actually calculate the totals that would allow @George BM to clinch. It would be awesome if a contest was won by February. But Olaf’s in the lead so that probably means winter’s over.
  13. Prince Frederick 8.5” and Huntingtown 13.5”. Similar to the spotter reports. This storm had some crazy cutoffs.
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