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  1. J&J is definitely the one I would choose if I were to get the vaccine, for the exact reason you listed.
  2. Just a few other interesting things I noticed: @nw baltimore wx @Newman and @MillvilleWx all got RIC exactly right. @NorthArlington101 got IAD exactly right, and just missed BWI by 0.1" @olafminesaw still managed to make it to 4th. @North Balti Zen would have been the winner easily... if there was no IAD in the contest. No one got BWI exactly right.
  3. Imagine 97-02 without that one week in January 2000...
  4. Alright, I'm calling it. Congratulations @NorthArlington101 -here is your snow trophy! Next season's contest will be posted on November 1- have a good summer everyone!
  5. I’m probably going to close this out early next week. This evening and overnight looking like our last theoretical chance of anything.
  6. Here comes another 2"+ event IMBY... what else is new.
  7. 1.72” and still pouring. This is a good example of what I keep talking about with the “new normal” for rain events IMBY. Once again, what should’ve been a typical 0.3-0.5” shower becomes a 2+” deluge for no real reason.
  8. Bring the suitcase to the drop off point tonight and I'll see what I can do. $20 million in 50's, $20 million in 20's, and $10 million in 10's. If you get lost, ask Showmethesnow for directions- he's certainly familiar with the route from previous years.
  9. Just FYI- I always keep this contest open until mid-April, so no breaking out the champagne yet. Obviously it's looking very good for @NorthArlington101 though.
  10. I can assure you that contest integrity is our highest priority- I am sending @RodneyS to hand recount every flake that has fallen at DCA.
  11. At some point LWX adjusted BWI up by 0.3" and IAD up by 0.2" Doesn't change the leader, but here's the updated results. This contest looked like it was going to be an exciting finish, but the finale has really fizzled out. A lot of you just don't know how to close the deal when in the red zone. Let's get our act together for some early April snow!
  12. 50/17 mostly clear- what a beautiful morning!
  13. I probably should’ve measured it- most likely it was the biggest event of the season on there.
  14. I went out back today and saw that some bird took a huge dump on my snowboard. Perfect end to this winter.