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  1. It would be the second year in a row that the lowest guessing contestant led the entire way through.
  2. It doesn’t get very cold at night anymore. I haven’t gotten below the 20’s in two years IMBY
  3. The new buzzword is “signal”. There’s signals- signals everywhere. You just have to look for the signal!
  4. I’m sticking to this date. By 1/25 we’ve had nearly two months of this supposed “good” pattern to produce- if it doesn’t happen by then, it’s not happening. By Feb. we’re already fighting Nina climo.
  5. That was a great storm- exactly 8" here, my biggest storm since the 2016 HECS. It snowed for 40 hours straight. The ending part had some heavy rates. Every storm since then has been about 1" or less.
  6. BWI and DCA were both above average with December temps and are currently running 4-5 degrees above for January so far (which will likely go higher by the end of the week). There hasn't been a below-average day since December 27. Yes, it could turn around, but so far it feels awfully similar to last year in the end result.
  7. I thought your name was some kind of reference to chess. Like you make some killer move to a6 that makes people lose every time.
  8. Everyone always weenies out over the AO/NAO but IMHO the last ten years have shown it to be not as important anymore.
  9. IMBY and all points south/east looked like a little snow on the 18th? (I think)
  10. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but according to my numbers, the lowest 5-year combined seasonal snow totals at BWI would be 52.7", from the 1948-49 winter through the 1952-53 winter. If you take our last five winter seasons at BWI (Including the current season), the total is only 40.1". In other words, as long as BWI gets 12.5" or less of additional snow this season, they will break their 5-year futility record. @RodneyS I'd be interested in DCA if you have it.
  11. Best wishes- the outbreak in Calvert seems pretty bad now. The county’s percent positive has skyrocketed the last two weeks and is over 11%.
  12. Same here. Long range thread is all talk with no results.
  13. Idk why this happens but the snow hole is a real thing in every La Nina now- it wouldn’t surprise me at all (though PHL isn’t usually a part of it though).
  14. @WxWatcher007 go ahead and put me on the watch list. I’m not jumping yet, but Damien’s nanny is standing on the rooftop ready to go soon.
  15. No he’s correct- April 9, 2016 had snow showers that went through central Calvert. I got 1.4” here. Quite an amazing event!