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  1. I think "BW Fry" airport's record for most 100 degree days in a month is July 2010 with five. We have four so far this month. I think we'll beat July 2020 for hottest month ever although late month might wreck things.
  2. I topped out at 100 even IMBY. Now down to 99.
  3. We'll continue to keep setting monthly/seasonal heat records (but not necessarily daily ones) because it can no longer cool off at night. A low around 80 is the new normal here in July.
  4. We spend about eight months of the year with 60 and mist, and the other four months at 90 degrees with dewpoints of 5,000. Get me out of this subtropical shithole lol
  5. 5th hottest June at BWI (77.6 degrees). Also tied for 2nd-hottest first half of the year with (wait for it...) 2023 at 55.0 degrees. 2012 was the hottest first half ever at 55.3 degrees.
  6. Only 0.02” here… guess I just missed it to the north.
  7. Cool and nice out… this really is a bizarre stretch of weather here, it feels like I’m on the west coast.
  8. My gauge says 0.01" from overnight but maybe a squirrel dying of thirst hit it. This feels like a CA summer day with these high temps, low dews and winds. First legit drought I've had in the 11 years I've lived here. Yard is burned up. Some trees are starting to wilt. Watering isn't helping anything.
  9. I’m going to assume we’re in summer 1995 and push the last of my chips in for this winter. This is our last chance ever.
  10. Yep the same thing happened in my development. Builder stole everyone’s topsoil, rolled out sod over subsoil, removed all the trees…then everyone wonders why the grass dies after a year.
  11. Strawberry moon from my backyard tonight.
  12. Tiny shower over us- it finds every possible way to rain here.
  13. A trend I’ve noticed in the last 10-15 years now is that (for whatever reason) late May / early June often features our best weather of the year; sunny and cooler than average.
  14. The previous photo I posted, but adjusted even darker. This more closely approximates what it looked like in person. (I'm still learning photo editing)
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