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  1. Nice map- the summer creep into September is for real here.
  2. Perfect telescope weather- my oldest son and I have been out this evening looking at Jupiter and Saturn.
  3. What happens when we run out of Greek letters? (Serious question)
  4. Remember the goofballs in the tropical subforum that said this season was a bust? It’s why I mostly ignore that place now.
  5. At the rate this is going, I’m expecting a category 5 Hurricane Omega on Thanksgiving.
  6. Forecast was for sunny but instead it’s been cloudy all day and now I’m getting an isolated shower that’s not even on radar. This year...
  7. 2.4” since yesterday- here we go again.
  8. We’ll never have a negative temp departure for September again in my lifetime (well... I guess eventually this will just be the average).
  9. Can you believe I got completely shut out today? That only means one thing... winter is coming.
  10. Only 0.11” today- not enough to get me over the 20” mark, so the final monthly total will be 19.79”
  11. 1.14” today 19.68” for the month 30.10” since July 1 ^Those aren’t typos
  12. I’m at 18.36” for the month
  13. 2.09” of rain, most of this within the last hour. These totals were not forecast and caught me by surprise. @BlizzardNole This is most likely going to be another neighborhood flood...
  14. Trust me, this will verify. 0.41% my ass- it’s 2020
  15. She's coming soon... (as long as NHC doesn't screw up and name the wrong one )