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  1. Yes it’s working now. My power has been flickering here too.
  2. Thanks for running the contest Rodney. Hopefully next year it’s busier. (Btw LittleVillageWx trophy image isn’t loading for me, but I’m on my phone so maybe it’s just me)
  3. I’m not giving up, I’m going down with the ship. Wave 3 or bust. If we can’t snow in this setup, I may switch sides though.
  4. Maybe but tbh this place is too toxic. I've been here 12 years and it just gets worse every time. I probably should've left for good when my oldest son's mental health issues were made fun of by several posters in OT, but even the Wx side subforums are trash now mostly.
  5. I love the rich snob flex on here. It used to be more subtle, like "I'll post a deck pic of my 10,000 sq ft McMansion covered in snow" ...now it's progressed to "here's a pic of my $2k a night resort, btw you all getting snow?"
  6. Not trolling, I'm pushing all my chips into this storm already... five year anniversary of the 2018 storm, fits my second half of March timeframe, and we seem to be re-running 2018.
  7. There it is... Reminder that I have thread rights during this time frame, called it months ago
  8. Momentum is building, last chance for you all to get in cheap.
  9. Let's hope this month isn't as boring as The Mandalorian was last night.
  10. Yeah it woke us all up at 4am, I wasn’t expecting that either.
  11. Beautiful clear view of the Venus Jupiter conjunction right now. So glad the mostly cloudy forecast busted.
  12. I looked this up- December 1904 was the GOAT. I’d take that even over December 2009 despite less snow overall.
  13. Late 1940's / early 1950's seemed to be an incredibly warm and bad stretch too: The 1948-49 winter was 3rd warmest, and 1949-50 was tied for 4th warmest. 1949-50 was also the least snowiest year on record for BWI. Somehow 1948-49 managed to score 19.9" despite being so warm though. 1950 did feature a colder than average March after the DJF torch though.
  14. I'm calculating the unweighted DJF average for BWI to be 42.0, which is tied for 4th warmest with 1880 and 1950.
  15. I got 7.3" on 3/21/2018 and 6" on 3/17/2014. It's not too rare down here. I still like my March 16-31 time period for us to get hit this year.
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