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  1. Tiebreaker must be SBY or LYH. OKV does not measure snowfall.
  2. A reminder to everyone that this contest WILL include the 0.9" that has fallen at RIC today and the 0.5" that has fallen at SBY today (if you chose SBY as a tiebreaker).
  3. From 70’s yesterday to snowing today. First official T for IMBY
  4. 27 players so far- let’s get 100+ people playing! Lurkers, new people, etc. -don’t be afraid to join in!
  5. You're back- we missed you last year! I always love your Calls With Balls™ (although RIC is getting kinda shafted).
  6. What’s always been funny over the years is watching the revisions back and forth throughout the month. In mid-November the hype builds and the weenie revisions start. Then later in the month the pattern inevitably goes to hell and you start seeing all the cliff-jumping revisions back.
  7. We're gonna be seeing GFS modeled snow from Veteran's Day to Memorial Day
  8. Our summer contest winner is hoping to extend his hot streak (pardon the pun).
  9. Only a low of 35 here, so I have still not had my first freeze yet for the season.
  10. Tied for 11th hottest October at BWI.
  11. Any guess on when spring will begin? My guess is March 19.
  12. I won't be around over the weekend so I figured I'd get this up a few days before I normally start. I'll open with this forecast- baby's first winter at my house is always a dumpster fire: BWI: 8.6" DCA: 5.3" IAD: 9.9” RIC: 5.6" Tiebreaker SBY: 4.4"