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  1. We had a lull this morning but the heavy rain has resumed. Storm total is 1.73” so far.
  2. You need to reel this one in, but slowly; get me to a cat 1 inb4 landfall.
  3. Based on my prior experience with Isaias, I have a feeling this is going to overperform IMBY.
  4. Final total for today was 2.74".
  5. BWI's first half of the year was second-hottest behind 2012, and that was with a below-average May and June. July and August were above-average, and we may have a serious shot at hottest September ever, so I'm issuing a Hottest Year on Record Watch for BWI.
  6. 100 at BWI per daily climate report!
  7. You know we’re in trouble when even I’ve had to start watering my lawn now. I just assumed IMBY was going to get approximately 40 feet of rain like I do every year lol
  8. Don’t tell me we’re all suffering through this for a bunch of 98’s and 99’s. I want that triple-digit prize!
  9. Serious question, not trolling, because I don’t understand this… Can someone explain to me why we’re having a La Nina pattern (hot and dry, plus active hurricane season) while we’re in an El Nino? Does ENSO actually matter anymore?
  10. I’ve been ranting about this for years, but IMHO the best evidence in this region of climate change is what’s happened to September. It’s basically become the new August. This upcoming one looks to be no different.
  11. The 180 degree turn is what I found so crazy, not the hitting Nova Scotia part.
  12. No one commented on the hilarious 6z GFS track? Does a 180 out at sea, looks like its about to come crashing back into Delaware, then says "nah, I'll just hit Nova Scotia"
  13. I took the kids down to Richmond today and it was a nonstop 2-hour wall of water driving back on 301. (Fortunately we did indoor stuff )
  14. Letter I storm? Check. My upcoming trip to the Outer Banks? Check. We're good to go.
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