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  1. Yep this is a new trend I’ve been noticing as well. Watch it warm up around the solstice too.
  2. Took this walking on Prince Frederick Blvd last Friday- MDOT's radio tower appears to be shooting rainbow laser beams at my house in the distance
  3. Ah ok, makes sense now. Yeah I don't know much LOTR- I've only seen the original trilogy when it came out, and I can't even remember much of it now.
  4. Idk what this even means, I had to look it up and it apparently is Internet snark for "ain't"? Yes it is the woods behind my house taken IMBY, you can see my fence in the bottom left.
  5. BWI: 5.9" DCA: 4.1" IAD: 9.3" RIC: 3.2" Tiebreaker (SBY): 2.8"
  6. Our pumpkins this year- the owl is mine, the others were done by my wife and kids.
  7. This is hilarious every day LWX says it’s going to be sunny and then it’s not. I think someone hacked the simulation and deleted the sun.
  8. Wasn’t it supposed to be sunny all week lol
  9. Schools were off in Calvert today so we took the kids to Breezy Point. The weather was perfect and there was literally no one else there but us. We found a ton of shark teeth too.
  10. There was a poll years ago on here about everyone's favorite month for weather in this region, and I remember October won by a large margin. I understand why now.
  11. With Jupiter right next to it Can’t believe it’s already down to 40 here. I probably should’ve covered the pumpkin plants over…
  12. Sorry to hear about the stomach bug. But there is one period this reminds me of... October 2009.
  13. I have some great news- our youngest son is back home today and recovering well. Thanks for the well wishes everyone, it means a lot to us. It’s insane how bad RSV can get for babies- ours was a completely healthy 11-month-old with no underlying health issues beforehand. Though the Doctors and nurses all told me this has been a very bad strain they’ve seen circulating recently. And him getting flu A just two weeks before didn't help either. He’s out in time for his first birthday at least!
  14. Unfortunately just two weeks after recovering from the flu, our 5-year-old brought home another virus from Kindergarten, what we now know was RSV. Our youngest has now been in the hospital since Friday and is on oxygen. He will most likely be spending his first birthday there. If any of you have young children, stay safe. It’s really bad this year for some reason. I can’t believe everything that’s happened in just the last few weeks.
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