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  1. It’s obvious to anyone who’s lived in the region a long time that it’s getting hotter in September, keep on snarking I guess. That’s what this board does best.
  2. You're right, I made a spreadsheet of the changes- September is still one of the worst though. Met fall also extends until Dec. 31 now.
  3. I just accept that met summer is now Jun 1 - Sept 30. I think BWI’s new 1991-2020 normal is almost two degrees warmer than 1981-2010 for September.
  4. I didn't realize August was 6th hottest at BWI.
  5. 1.15” for the day so far. Not sure if that next batch around Piney Point is going to hit me or not.
  6. You know it’s gonna be a bad winter when the first freeze contest isn’t even up yet.
  7. Integrated Kinetic Energy (I think)? Which was ironic because I think Hurricane Ike was considered very high on this scale.
  8. Shouldn’t we expect to see the same proportion of warned vs verified throughout the nation though? Unless the criteria for warning are different amongst NWS offices (they may be, idk).
  9. Single digits killed one of mine in 2017-2018, but mine are much smaller. I imagine February 2015 would’ve wiped them all out. But yeah, I’ll take just an actual ground freeze at this point. Baby steps.
  10. If you and I can ever get below 20 degrees and/or get more than 2” of snow in an event, that would put us ahead of the last two winters. I’m turning into Jebman- I just want deep cold at this point. If it’s not permanently killing my Camellia shrubs it’s not cold enough.
  11. I got stung by a yellow jacket twice today. F*ck fall, I want a deep, hard freeze. Single digits. Kill every. single. bug.
  12. I assume every system can deliver at least 4" of rain per hour in the new climate- myself and my neighbors always prepare accordingly. I've had nine of these events IMBY in the last six years. Now that its unfortunately happening in other areas maybe we'll see people recognize that none of this is normal.
  13. Final total was only 0.81”. Did @EastCoast NPZ finally beat me this time?
  14. LOL @ radar for SoMD. Winter is Coming.
  15. Take it from someone who lives here: I’d rather take my chances with the gator.
  16. Let’s fire it up this evening- just need another 0.12” to get double-digits for the month.
  17. Don’t worry it’ll keep trending south- I am the Psuhoffman of non-winter storms
  18. Ground attacks don’t work on Flying. (I had to respond; I’ve had Raboot in my avatar for over a year)
  19. @IronTy 8/14 repeat incoming. 1.06” so far, 9.61” for the month. It’s still pouring. About to get back-to-back double-digit monthly totals for August. This isn’t normal, I don’t care what anyone says.
  20. Storm total: 1.25” Monthly total: 8.45”
  21. 7.2” for the month, I’m thinking double-digit monthly total is looking good now.
  22. Yeah, I may as well go for yet another double-digit month- only need another 3.3”. We can do it.
  23. Storm total: 4.15” Monthly total: 6.70” I had hoped things were going back to normal IMBY the last few months- nope, we’re back to the extreme pattern of 2018-2020.
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