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  1. 64/39 in Lynchburg with full sun <Wishcasting mode> Feels exactly like Jan. 2, 2022!!
  2. I don't like this personally... but most of this forum should.
  3. The 12z Euro MIGHT be a slight improvement, but it's so weak and light that I would be surprised to see even a dusting from this if it occurred as modeled.
  4. 2009, 2013, 2017 and 2018 all had March events, and they were Nina or Nina-like patterns. Of course, I don't recall anything of note in 2012 (lol), 2011, or 2021, but my impression is that March in a Nina can sometimes be interesting.
  5. Had a couple hours of of "Snow TV" in Lynchburg. No accumulation.
  6. My top events that I remember: 1. December 18-19, 2009 (20" of snow) 2. January 22-23 2016 (I think about 15-18" range) 3. January 3, 2022 (14-15" of snow and crazy rates and happened the day after 70 degree temperatures and I was right in the middle of the jackpot) 4. February 5-6, 2010 (I believe this one actually underperformed, still got about 12". Don't have a clear memory. Of course it didn't matter as that stretch was absolutely crazy everywhere)
  7. Idk... would take a significant south trend on the GFS and a total bust on all the other models to get any winter precipitation into Central VA.
  8. Looks like the Monday system is going to be weaker on the new GFS.
  9. Rain/snow mix in Lynchburg. Of course, no accumulations anywhere.
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