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  1. A lot of hidden posts overnight, the one you mentioned isn’t surprising given who posted it
  2. lol wut?
  3. Now you've gone and done it. No snow this winter.
  4. just think if the trough were to slow down...
  5. Ha, looks like the WAR strengthens a bit allowing Maria to move more west before the trough kicks it back OTS
  6. I'm leaning broken, but either way it sucks. I doubt he makes it a full day today.
  7. ha, tell that to my husband. his building has had the heat running. he had to leave early yesterday because it was 86 in his office. guess the a/c is broken, or was shut off for the year.
  8. With two Hs in place, and a weak ULL that won't amount to much, a direct east coast hit from Maria just isn't in the cards.
  9. Andy may be past his prime too. The burn man, the burn.
  10. Cracking up
  11. the actual response is much funnier, IMO
  12. I didn't ditch you?
  13. you may be my new favorite. just because you made up lyrics, that sound like nickelback, to burn waterboy.
  14. Also, I am so glad to be in the MA forum. We have a good group of people.