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  1. Provides the weenies something to hold on to when they are grasping at straws for accumulating snow. edit to add: not that losetoa6 was doing that, of course.
  2. You’ve been cracking me up for days, please keep it up
  3. The best part is I had just got done joking about how funny it would be to turn off the internet and cut the game cause she was so on edge, when it went out on it’s own. We had a good laugh, and they won so mom was happy. Yassssssss
  4. Hahaha we were watching the game on streaming and the service cut out before the second free throw at the end. Thought my mom was going to explode lol
  5. I know, I need to come visit for a full day instead of just dinner.
  6. Waving to @C.A.P.E. While visiting my sister in GBoro
  7. The stories we could share, as I understand completely everything you’re going through. One day at a time, friend. All we can do. Xoxo
  8. Sorry to hear Bob. I had to do similar yesterday. Thinking of you all.
  9. Out of curiosity, I checked the euro snow depth maps congrats @psuhoffman @losetoa6 @HighStakes @Sparky
  10. I’ll take it. Snow is snow
  11. Storm after the storm. Yes, that’s what I want.
  12. Sorry, rough day for me today and a bit sensitive.