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  1. take the global warming talk, humor, whatever, to its proper location (not here). full stop.
  2. he has nothing damming on me that won't also drown himself in the process.
  3. I don't think that is a road you want to take, my friend.
  4. Also, I will never succumb to the panic that is lack of snow. I will never be buried.
  5. WTF is happening here?
  6. My sister graduated high school that day. I was working in downtown Baltimore, living in AA county, watching the first line coming in, then keeping an eye on the weather the rest of the day. It was to be outside... thankfully the school moved everything inside, but even when we left later in the evening there were still some nasty storms around.
  7. I've missed this place.
  8. I think you should just use the power that you have and merge the two threads together, then people can chat about a storm that probably won't happen, instead of cluttering up our region with multiple threads.
  9. Why... why are there two threads about a coastal that more than likely won't impact us?
  10. that def wasn't the derecho of 2012. i think the june 2008 event too
  11. better than last year, so I will take it!
  12. I'm not annoyed, I just want to know whether I should prepare for snow and cold this winter, or open the pool early?
  13. anything related to winter
  14. I realize I only check the board like once a day, but PSU and NEBaltiZen weren't kidding about the Chuck whiplash. JFC.
  15. wtf is happening?