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  1. I like money. Can I just have the money? GO BILLS
  2. you know its boring when i hadnt looked at this thread in over a week and only had one page of posts to read. lol
  3. I was further south in 92/93, so no idea what it did up here. I was also 8/9 and didn't pay attention enough to remember snow back then lol
  4. i guess they avatar change didn't do much.
  5. when is it going to snow?
  6. This. The fact that we lost to Brady by one possession is good. Hiencike did well, hope his shoulder is okay. I was more bummed for him than anything
  7. Yeah the system sucks on moving posts.
  8. I’m not one to wish for no snow, but...
  9. so in a week or so? got it.
  10. someone give me heads up before it happens so i can not be here for it.
  11. It’s even smiling for us.