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  1. I told her it was chilly out, not a care in the world. "I have gym today, I'm going to get hot" Sounds good kid, sounds good.
  2. I dropped even further to 45 at 7am. Kiddo left the house in a tank top and shorts? LOL
  3. Welcome home! Hope you had a great trip
  4. nah, the boys are the ones who enjoy the mud and dirt. our old gal doesnt have time to be dirty lol interrupts her hours long naps.
  5. seeing blue skies to my west. dogs are outside and filthy dirty. they sure do love playing in the mud after it rains. bastards.
  6. Rain pretty much through now, total on the day 2.65", storm total: 3.20"
  7. Up to 2.40 now since midnight
  8. Carroll County closed Under a severe thunderstorm warning currently, absolutely pouring.
  9. 1.02 since midnight .50 yesterday
  10. I didn't take it that way, you're good!
  11. 3:21pm is when it officially happens for us. So, if I understand how equinox works correctly, that is when the suns rays are exactly perpendicular to the equator, where it is 12hrs day 12hrs night split evenly on the earth. Then the shift slowly happens between now and the winter solstice to be in the southern hemisphere.
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