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  1. The Mister and I went years and years ago during tulip season and omg they were amazing. We’ve also gone at Christmas time a couple times. Absolutely love that place and we need to get up there soon with the kiddo.
  2. @Always in Zugzwang beautiful pictures, as always, my friend!
  3. Ah yeah the second dose will be when you really feel it
  4. Good luck! Try to drink water, I hear it helps with the side effects
  5. Awesome! @Mrs.J told me about it, and was able to find appointments for me and Mr. Map too once I started checking it. Glad you found one!
  6. Thanks friend! I now know how parents with multiple young kids feel. Never got to experience that since we only have the one kid. SO LOUD.
  7. That's going to be me next week. The drive home will be LOUD AND HAPPY
  8. Been almost 2 weeks since we got our second foster, and we have decided we will adopt him. Meet Ziggy! With his older brother (and foster, turn adopted pup) Ollie.
  9. you need help reading sarcasm.
  10. we are a weather starved close knit group. gotta chat about something when the weather is boring AF
  11. ive been out of chances. you're a better person than me.
  12. where's ravensrule when we need him