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  1. And if you posted here more often, you would know that EJ is our resident End of the World or bust guy. But..... alas, you don't.
  2. You're the best.
  3. hrrr looks fun later
  4. f this weather
  5. God dammit now that song is stuck in my head Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Finally got the pool opened after so many rainy weekends. It's cold, but at least it's opened. Once this damp cooler than normal period ends, let the heat begin. Pool will warm up nicely. Beets are doing really well in this weather, some that I planted are better than others, but should be a good first harvest. Then will get new seeds back in the ground late summer. Transplanted the cucumbers this weekend. First night the rabbits got to them. Didn't have anything but burlap on hand to cover, so used that in a pinch for two nights, taking the burlap off during the day. Picked up some of that green garden netting, put that in yesterday, draping it enough over the trellis that I have so the plants can grow some more, while staking it down all around. So far so good. Have a few flowers on the plants, so really hoping we can get out of this wet period sooner rather than later and the bees come back. REALLY want cucumbers this year. My kiddo gave me a bean plant, and my mom a tomato plant, for mothers day. They are in pots. Doing well. We've got milkweed popping up all over, mainly under the spruces and some corners of the yard. I keep telling Mr. Map to leave them be, that they will bring the butterflies, but he hates them. Soon enough our bee balm will be taking over our back garden area (right next to where I plant the veggies), so that will help for sure. Love that plant. Day lilies are coming up nicely in the front, they don't get full sun, like the neighbors who already have flowers, but another month and they should be flowered and beautiful.
  7. you love it.
  8. OK -- the pool is open. Lets have one more week of crappy temps and gray skies and rain, then bring on the heat.
  9. sweet pic!!! love me some shelf clouds. love that color too.
  10. Happy Birthday to waterboy!
  11. Temp dropped to 67 after a storm. Back up to 74 now with a dp of 71. Steammmmyyyyyy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. been watching on radar, down to 69 at home with .60 so far. worst def going over my backyard. this is the time where i wish i had backyard webcam going. not necessarily. usually supercell in nature. its gotten a little messy since then. should be a fun drive north though!
  13. Westminster cell has that flying eagle look.
  14. some T&L on those cells in Carroll
  15. hrrr has quite a bit of activity for later, but its already wrong. 16z run has a storm over my area by 2pm and nada.