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  1. Less than .20” yesterday. Plenty of thunder and lightning around tho. gross out there right now, perfect to float in the pool and nurse my hangover lol
  2. Little rain coming through now, hope it stops in time for Big Truck to set off fireworks
  3. Everything had missed or died out and I couldn’t be happier.
  4. Had some pea sized hail with a storm that came through around 3
  5. I'm hugging the nam for tomorrow. scattered storms at best up my way.
  6. I’ve looked at them too. Gfs seemed more robust while euro was hit and miss.
  7. Is Saturday a pop up storm kind of day? Having people over and wondering how it could be
  8. Was 4 months pregnant when it came through, didn’t lose power. Fine by me. Wrecked a lot of areas tho.
  9. Good choice, we’ve been many times
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