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  1. oh yeah. ours too is pretty high. always is with the pool too this time of year, so double yay! but on the flip side, i've only had to fill my car twice in 3+ months, no monthly childcare payments and somehow still managing to keep weekly grocery trip to under $200
  2. yasss bring it. plus side to working from home, the pool is just a quick walk outside
  3. i have aphids attacking one flowered plant in the garden, nada on any of the others.
  4. i drank plenty, don't worry!
  5. Thank you! Still younger than you so I got that going for me you da best
  6. Picking the crabs up at 1, come on up thank you!
  7. that sounds delicious! my husband makes some fantastic crab cakes with the leftovers. cannot wait.
  8. Tomorrow looks fantastic!!! hoping the storms decide to hold off until later in the evening so i can indulge on crabs and beer and forget that I'm closer to 40 than 30
  9. Yeah, my sister told me how they have done so much to make it safer for people to go. Her and her husband are down south, technically in Fruitland, but both work up north in Salisbury.
  10. love Evo. we hit it up every time we are in town
  11. Ava had their futurecast on this morning, storms popping 3-5pm in central maryland. obviously take it with a grain of salt, but i could go for another afternoon of thunderstorms
  12. weekend still looking hot
  13. been cloudier today up my way, 83/74 currently. about the same as yesterday. saw the flash flood watch to my west.