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  1. mappy

    COVID-19 Talk

    yeah, someone on twitter commented that the eastern shore wasn't reflected correctly in the map/data. there are more confirmed cases in the county, plus the death. im going to reach out to someone and see if i can get an answer.
  2. mappy

    COVID-19 Talk

    MD updates of 10am seeing chatter online about cases being lower than the previous day. don't let this lure you into a false sense of security. confirmed tests are lagged due to the time it takes a test to come back with a result. numbers we see today are from those who were tested last week, if not longer.
  3. my favorite! you remembered!
  4. mappy

    COVID-19 Talk

    but but in 10 years when we look back we will wonder why we crashed the economy? only 100,000 people died!
  5. At least we didn’t kill it when we moved it, hydrangea has new green growth on it. Phew.
  6. Well, I may have accidentally banned him when I gave him a warning. Seems he had a couple already and after so many it’s instabanned. Randy said he fixed it..but maybe not. Either way, it’s being handled whenever randy gets to it.
  7. Thanks, took care if that. @PDIII do it again and I’ll ban your account too
  8. mappy

    COVID-19 Talk

    Wanna drop a note for MD residents, lots of EOs by Hogan this week here is the latest I highly recommend following these two on twitter, they are part of Hogan’s communication team and have been great responding to questions in Twitter (I have asked quite a few!)
  9. mappy

    COVID-19 Talk

    oh no, friend. i'm so sorry to hear. thinking of you and your family.
  10. mappy

    COVID-19 Talk

    i did. sorry if it got caught up with the clean up. wasnt personal.