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  1. no noticeable hum this morning
  2. As long as Sunday is storm free -- lined up an outing on a boat with some friends for Fathers Day, need nice weather!
  3. A much lower background hum today, but still around. I think the peak here has come and gone.
  4. turned off the AC (which is working fully again) and opened up the house.
  5. Gorgeous morning -- going to be a great evening for softball
  6. I mean, its a good point. 50 isn't a normal age to retire at. But regardless, I am thrilled for you!
  7. I do, but was seriously raising eyebrows at you for a moment
  8. eh, it happens. the gust front when it come through was nice on the softball field at least
  9. im glad you posted the second reply, cause i was taking you seriously in your first
  10. at least you got rain. i was split north and south. just lightning in the distance for me.