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  1. 30-32 is my climo, i always wish for that. anything else is a bonus.
  2. I'd like at least 30-32 of snow this year.
  3. I figured Cousins would do well once he left Washington. Good for him.
  4. 34 for a low saturday AM, .49" yesterday
  5. works for me, its been hella boring lately (at least in terms of discussion). Droughts don't do it for me lol
  6. sounds like winter discussion up in here.
  7. 43, 39 for lows this weekend. foggy this morning, 47.
  8. pffft, please you just using the Panic Room as an excuse to come visit us. I will not be reaped this year.
  9. ugh, gross. sorry guys.
  10. .59" so far for October. Not much, but better than some others here.