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  1. sure: a few A small number of persons or things. This phrase can differ slightly from few used alone, which means “not many.” For example, The party was to end at eight, but a few stayed on indicates that a small number of guests remained, whereas The party began at eight, and few attended means that hardly any guests came. [Late 1200s] Also see quite a bit (few).
  2. I tried deleting the post a second after I hit submit but yugo kept replying to it i took care of it for you
  3. I looked at 00z smh you should do better at looking at the correct runs
  4. the met tag shouldn't be there. but thank you! the board software doesn't seem to like that I was given a green tag, as things aren't working very well behind the scenes lol
  5. i know, how dare she have a positive outlook on lack of snow.
  6. fair point. i just have to laugh that every time i go into the thread, its a different date being discussed and ogled over.
  7. I’m guessing the feb 1/2 storm is a bust since long range talk has shifted to feb 8 lolololol
  8. Good point. I did not reply. Letting it go. Thanks for your thoughts
  9. ha, nah. i said in the invite gifts weren't necessary. wasn't a big thing, couple friends who spent the afternoon with my kid for her birthday. we took some of her (other friends who moms actually replied) bowling!
  10. lol yeah i'm not going too i want to so badly, but its the mom to my kid's "best friend" from class. gotta keep it civil, enough.... but come on, a month half later your reply to a party that happened a month ago? why even bother replying at that point? i should just pull a @leesburg 04 and tell the mom that the get together was cancelled because none of her friends parents felt the need to reply timely.