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  1. yes, some places did. others did not. I never flipped.
  2. 2013-2014 winter was fantastic up here, 70 inches for me
  3. Feb 13/14 we had a decent storm come through. Baltimore ended with 15 inches, 20+ up here near me.
  4. I'm glad for the kids! Hope your kids are handling virtual learning alright.
  5. Same. At least in the afternoon, our house warms up real quick from 3pm or so as the sun just beats into the backside of the house.
  6. 36 currently, with patchy frost
  7. yeah not good timing for me to have to sit McCaffrey when I'm up against you in Week 3
  8. BWI: 10/20 IAD: 10/18 DCA: 10/28 RIC 11/2 TB: 77F
  9. 36 yesterday, 37 this morning.
  10. Thank you! Have a great weekend too! I pulled the feeder down a week ago because I assumed they had all migrated south... lo and behold today they are out in force in the garden hitting up the mexican sunflowers I have growing. Glad I had something for them!
  11. beautiful up here! suns out, nice breeze and no hazy smokey sky!
  12. cracking at up at wxtwitter -- started the day thinking the gulf swirl was going to be Wilfred, then NHC surprises us all by naming Alpha in the far east ATL. has 3 systems ever been named in one day? I imagine Beta (the gulf swirl) will get named today.