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  1. It’s amazing to me how very basic driving skills, like turning to look over your shoulder when going to change lanes, is lost on people. A quick glance could have saved lives.
  2. I just saw the list of names of those killed. Looks like two sets of relatives. One set is potentially a father/son and the other could be brothers/cousins. Youngest was 31. so sad and totally avoidable
  3. Probably figured the jersey walls were enough, poorly placed State vehicle as well. Idiot drivers, bad combo all around.
  4. Good point. Seems the gray car spun and the white car ended up flipping it up and over the jersey wall. driver of the white car is only 20 years old. that's gotta suck. shame on that gray driver, older, experienced and yet acting like a total ass trying to cut off the white car so they didnt get stuck behind a slower driver in the second lane. f-her.
  5. Oh damn that video shows it clearly. gray car is all sorts of wrong. good find, thanks for sharing. Now we can all say to throw the book at her
  6. no worries at all. and yes, they were arrested, charged and i believe found guilty. cannot recall what they were charged with. it happened in 2020.
  7. thanks for educating me. makes sense. shame the DMV area cannot get on one page with that and help each other out.
  8. pretty sure the driver didn't have a valid license when they caused the accident. didn't stop them of course.
  9. it wasn't just 'some' tickets, it was 12 thousand dollars worth of tickets. how were they even still allowed to be on the road? mind boggling.
  10. i agree completely. i just hate rushing to judgement without knowing anything, ya know? did you see that story in DC about that guy with like 12k in tickets who was speeding and killed 3? thats an awful story.
  11. more so in this case. you're ready to throw the law book at her without knowing anything. maybe she had a clear opening to merge and someone else caused the accident to actually happen. maybe she didn't. bad drivers are everywhere. i lost a coworker to a box truck driver running a red light and smashing my coworkers car to pieces. it happens. investigations will figure it out, rule of law will do its thing. better not to rush to judgement without knowing all the facts is all i'm saying.
  12. my kid points them out whenever we are in the car. "theres someone on their phone" "oh she's on her phone too" then as we go past she just stares at them lol
  13. it sounds like an accident that ended horribly. bad place, bad time, on 695 in a construction zone. i had to laugh at people thinking someone was racing and thats what caused it. so many assumptions based on nothing.
  14. yeah your bias is showing horribly.
  15. the 52 year old driver wasn't racing. she tried to change lanes and clipped another car, lost control and spun out through an opening in a jersey wall, flipped the car, and killed 6 constructor workers. sounds like a typical accident that just happened to end tragically. edit to add: news said she more than likely would be charged, probably vehicular manslaughter. i feel for all those involved. how horrible that driver must feel.
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