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  1. could be! it doesn't hurt to have your well tested. there is a lab in Sparks we used when we had to go through the process to sue MD/SHA.
  2. Also! They do not require wells to be tested for sodium chloride when purchasing. I would highly recommend taking a water sample yourself and having a lab test it prior to purchasing a home with a well tank, especially if you live along a snow emergency route like I do, where they are constantly salting during the winter.
  3. replying in banter as to not derail the long range thread. its pretty bad, I think you would notice if it was impacting your well. We've been in our house for almost 11 years now. We have replaced our well pump/tank, water heater, faucets, etc. many times in those 11 years. the sodium chloride they use in road salt is corrosive, eats away at pipes and tanks like crazy. we actually sued the state and won and walked away with a small settlement that would pay for an RO system in the house. But then covid happened, and we kept the money in savings in case shit hit the fan. Our water still sucks and I hope one day we can put the RO system in the house. But its going to a pain, a new well field will need to be dug, a big trench off the house out to the new well field, etc. So much work to do to have good water. So we have water delivered to the house to eat/cook with, and we have a great plumber on call when our well pump/tank and water heater fail. Yippee.
  4. and people's wells! I can attest that the salt on the roads have contaminated my well at my house.
  5. Sounds about right. I think there was a 6-8 week stretch from Jan-March where we had snow on the ground.
  6. i honestly don't care lol. it will snow, or it won't.
  7. I have no idea what you're talking about. MJO, enso, etc... none of that makes any sense to me.
  8. It was fantastic! I could def live with getting 70" every winter hahaha
  9. but but but, him getting snow is the sign we all need that the rest of us will.
  10. you def get colder than me despite my added elevation. 24 for a low at my place.
  11. That 6.8 was measured by a highway worker, probably in a snow pile. no where close to 6.8 in the monkton area.
  12. A fun weekend ahead in Baltimore. Football, Taylor Swift, weather weenies running amok downtown while attending the AMS conference.
  13. Lions, Bills. Super Bowl guess: 2012 season repeat, Ravens/49ers, with a Ravens win
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