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  1. Yeah probably not the most accurate product but I would have to imagine as that upper low backs in there will be more smoke.
  2. HRRR actually has tomorrow morning even worse, this is just not good. Hopefully we don't get as bad as out east where it looks like Hell right now.
  3. Worrying? Bro a passing post laughing and mocking isn't worrying. I am glad to know that it triggered a bunch of you though.
  4. For now, it wasn't that long ago that we were at record lows in the lakes and had water restrictions and wells drying up.
  5. I think I said why, its just a lawn, and lawn people are the worst.
  6. Yeah the lawn is cringe af.
  7. I hope you are hit with water restrictions. Talk about an arrogant yard.
  8. Overdone, Euro has had an issue with being too dry on dew points since the last upgrade, my guess the dews end up in the 30s or 40s
  9. Day 13 of no precip and if we don't get any tomorrow on the weak back door front, I don't see us getting any for at least 10 more days. It is going to get bad fast here. We only had .92 last month to begin with, so it wasn't like the other 20 days last month were wet either.
  10. Yeah I love my models that pitch a shut out
  11. Exactly I had a great time the 3 days I chased and hung out with many friends.
  12. I saw plenty of stuff and had a good time, picturesque storms every day I chased. Contrary to the asshole above your post, it wasn't a bust.
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