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  1. WV is kind of in between IMO but there are definitely some south mixed in. Maybe S IN/OH KY/WV is the mixing zone. The 'sleet' area
  2. Very sad to read this earlier today especially this time of year.
  3. Cinci for sure, although there are parts of southern IN/OH which might as well be Kentucky, which I feel is definitely the south.
  4. GFS has finally done it, it shows us getting a Trace of snow between now and day 16, and that is widespread across most of the region.
  5. You are looking at a 1 year vacuum and complaining... Drive this out to 5 years and I would bet that 8" snowfall in GA is their only one while you have at least a couple higher here.
  6. Stebo

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    That is an entirely possible solution especially in a gradient pattern like that shows.
  7. Stebo

    December 2018 General Discussion

    Amazing how clouds really make that much of a difference. Truly a blanket of clouds.
  8. Stebo

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    The GFS nearly pitches a shut out here all the way to Christmas. That would be something.
  9. Yep exactly how I feel. I like the smaller group feel because we all feed off each other when posting and it is a really smart group, both amateurs and meteorologists.
  10. That actually is true though, Eastern was east coast focused, so much so that when the forum expanded they had to make subforums. This region would have a thread but it would get buried by threads for every 50 feet up the east coast for areas that ended up getting rain.
  11. I am glad we don't post as much as NE or SE. Both have useless characters posting all day long trivial stuff that they feel they need to repeat and it drowns out the actual important posts. We do a great job here when there is something important to track, case in point the last 2 weekend storms. Quality over quantity is always a great motto we have had here. All the more reason why we don't have problems with endless weenies asking foolish questions because 99% of the time the information is already said before it is asked.
  12. I didn't I like all of the UP pretty much. That is why I have gone up there 3 years in a row now for vacation.
  13. Ehhhh that is just Wisconsin light, they are all Packers fans over there anyways.
  14. You know your state is boring, lets be real