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  1. Eventually someone will get that but I don't think it will be that far SW.
  2. I locked in 3-5" online with as minimal confidence as possible. Watch or not I have no confidence of these 6"+ amounts.
  3. I'll be surprised if we see more than 4" and that is coming from the inside of all the current bullseyes.
  4. It is, but his post came with some spinner bait attached. SEMI is the king of 6-10" and that is what I would be saying would happen, if I had any confidence in the forecast. I don't though because there is nothing to latch onto, that says this won't keep evaporating.
  5. It is 2020, we shouldn't be having massive shifts like this in modeling and it isn't just the US models either. Ukie has been consistent with where it is putting the snow, but surely not how it is was evolving the system itself. The other foreign models have been diving SE too, though the US models have been the most erratic.
  6. 3k would still be snowing well beyond that. That would be a big time hit for Chicago to Detroit
  7. Regional GEM is pretty in line with the NAMs especially the 3km. Maybe a bit stronger with the initial low at 48 hours.
  8. Slower is better, allows for wave 2 to phase with wave 3 in MN.
  9. Probably been riding GFS the whole time. They are too in the bed with the bad model to acknowledge it is a bad model.
  10. Well that explains the watches but man WPC wants to go down with their own ship. Even the NAM is trending south, the only thing left is GFS.
  11. Justified for maybe Racine and Kenosha. Maybe south end of MKE but that's about it. Trends on everything but the GFS have been south for over 24 hours now.
  12. Yeah just blindly believe a watch that has no chance of verifying...