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  1. The kids still are getting an education just not in school, and compared to long term medical issues kids having a year off of school is far from the worst thing. I am not for a generation of heart attack and stroke victims.
  2. He is fixated on death only, when we don't know any of the long term complications from even people who were asymptomatic let alone those who ended up with pneumonia.
  3. This study only works if you catch it extremely early, I have no idea why Henry Ford hospitals released this data when it is highly unproven.
  4. I would go warmer than normal for fall with the La Nina that should be in place
  5. Problem with his terrible post is that yes NYC is like that, but how many died and how many got COVID with unknown long term ramifications. They were completely overwhelmed there.
  6. There is a common theme with those states...
  7. They temporarily closed down testing for a storm that missed them in Florida, combine that with both of those state governments not believing this is a real disaster and here we are. It is just an extension from above of "if we don't test we won't have any cases"
  8. Btw, I don't mind if people hope and wish this goes away, I do everyday but I also have situational awareness and until we make further changes I don't see things getting much better anytime soon especially as we approach winter.
  9. There was a lot of hoping and wishing against actuality and reality in that thread. At least this thread has remained pretty based. I honestly don't know the answer because we are doing little to prevent the rise especially in the south and school is potentially going to start in more areas soon beyond the south.
  10. Of course, the original system was working but they had to ruin it because "reasons"
  11. If the cardiovascular issues showing up are long-term we are setting up a generation of heart attack and stroke victims.
  12. I don't know about Squitieri, I think he might be an intern or new, but Darrow is the king of the "I don't know/uncertainty" forecast. Never ever goes out on a limb on anything.
  13. Aged like cottage cheese out in the sun.
  14. Absolutely terrible job especially in light of an ongoing MCS at the time and mesoscale models showing the potential for a derecho well north of the slight. But then again look at who did the outlook for why it was so terrible.
  15. No, its just the reverse Spartman effect.