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  1. dangerous game betting on the GFS these days.
  2. No Longer answer: Hell ****ing no.
  3. You live in one of a few counties in the country to have a F5 tornado, just because it hasn't happened in a long time doesn't mean it can't again. Complacency in this state is going to get people killed when we do actually get a real tornado outbreak again.
  4. I had my 2nd shot on Thursday, and minimal impacts, just a sore arm.
  5. Euro is the only one doing that and is completely overaggressive at that.
  6. 83 here for a max, one off record.
  7. 84 is our record here tomorrow, we are forecasted for 83.
  8. Shocker, Michigan has had one more recently, in Mar 2019.
  9. I think the system next week and early May stuff, then we get a break before the last 10 days of May are fire.
  10. There is a complaint thread, go there and keep it out of here.
  11. Some just looking for something to complain about. There is a very large change coming and May should be very active.
  12. It is sticking here to the rooftop and the grass, started to stick once we got below 3/4SM about an hour ago. Had this been coming at dark like originally expected we'd already probably have a couple inches.