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  1. Bit of an unusual wind direction for winds that strong, trees usually don't like that. I would probably be concerned about some trees coming down especially if the maximum winds are realized.
  2. Move to Hawaii
  3. You are mistaking discussing for rooting, most discussing aren't rooting for it but you have to acknowledge what the models are showing.
  4. Given the pattern shown, I could buy that for sure.
  5. Everything below 0 is overdone.
  6. Yeah it isn't too surprising if MN or northern WI got some snow in that period.
  7. I can buy into this outlook, though I would probably fill in a bit of KS/NE with some above average precip, and probably eliminate some in the E ND/MN area. As for the temps I would probably lower the SW a bit and increase chances along the Carolina coast/FL
  8. Don't you know if the first 10 days of the most changeable months of the year is warm, it will remain warm the rest of the way.
  9. Yeah, you can't have evidence that contradicts the warm bias
  10. You can't even keep your message straight, first it is all month then half a month of warmth. You are trying so hard to push your agenda around here without any merit or evidence
  11. You are using 1 image of 1 model run saying that will correlate to a warm month... I mean come on now, you aren't even trying anymore, your trolling is hilariously bad. It will be nice when the plug is pulled.
  12. Yeah the Euro is actually much colder than the GFS and not as transient as a 2nd shot comes down a week from today per the 00z run.
  13. You must have access to models that don't exist because the GFS ends at 11/04 and the CFS doesn't even go to the end of Nov either. How about you stop lying about things here, your nonstop warm bias is one thing but if you are going to outright falsify things, that isn't going to fly around here.
  14. Not this region but one of only a handful of times this has ever happened in the country
  15. It is more of a longevity thing than a magnitude thing. It will be significant but quick hitting.