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  1. Hugo I believe also produced high winds in the region especially eastern lakes. None of the examples fit this time of year. Only thing that remotely comes to mind is Arlene in 2005. That did bring quite a bit of rain to the region but not winds.
  2. The Michigan treatment, rare for Chicago.
  3. Yeah, it won't be a dry month unless the entire back half of the month pitches a shut out.
  4. But very much disproportionately distributed here.
  5. This post is so on point.
  6. It isn't a diabetic or elderly only virus. Sure they get it the worst but it has impacted millions and killed over 100k just in this country alone. Stats back this up no matter what you think.
  7. Yes I well aware of the problems of a stay at home order. It just shows how ****ed up society truly is.
  8. Exactly. I don't expect people to wear a mask any time they walk out their house. That is illogical, but there are places where it is required in high traffic areas. It is not that hard to do.
  9. Yes I am pro-lockdown because I trust the doctors making the call and because I work in an airport terminal and don't want thousands of sick people here. I will cast whatever judgement I want though if people are going to be purposely obtuse.
  10. Yeah I am the narrow minded one for caring about everyone else when you admit to being selfish. Also last I checked the UP opened back up so go enjoy yourself and have a beer at a bar or dinner at a restaurant, something I can't do.
  11. That wasn't directed at you man, and furthermore you know the UP is completely different than say Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland. Hell you can go 50 miles and pass 10 cars up there. Also no one said not to enjoy life or your freedoms either. Hell I only wear my mask in required places as well, otherwise I practice smart and safe social distancing in public as everyone should at this point.
  12. It is the people who don't want to wear a mask and don't want to take a test causing the delays in opening. They are careless egotistical assholes.
  13. I can't believe The Soo made it to 90, that is incredible for them.