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  1. 18z Euro/21z RAP both shifted east too big.
  2. Armada got hit badly, I will be checking it out tomorrow along with the area south of White Lake.
  3. You act like his post was in a vacuum. I know its impossible, but try to not play dumb for once.
  4. You are the most insecure man alive, even after getting into better shape you remain insecure as ****. Oh and before you go of spouting about me, I am working towards better health myself (lost 40lb since March of last year) but unlike you I don't go flaunting it around looking for pats on the head or any other gratitude.
  5. Congrats to H2O on his retirement and yes A through E have happened for years so I appreciate this post even more.
  6. 91 today too before the storms hit.
  7. Where was it from, that can narrow it down.
  8. Oh I have a guess who it was, and the name is a 3 letter palindrome
  9. this is only going to get worse too through today.
  10. It's just such a great song.
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