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  1. Video of the tornado, actually a decent tornado to be honest
  2. 5% tor risk for SEMI on the new day 1, actually seeing a decent consensus of some supercells forming across MI later today as long as stuff can move out early enough in the morning. That said right now models are overdoing what is supposed to be out there right now as well.
  3. I would give anything for a repeat of 07-08's winter.
  4. Yeah it is just horrible timing every event though, because even the UP has done very well. It is why I do think there is still a chance our number comes up this year. 2007 was mostly quiet until late August then we had a small tornado event followed up by the mid October outbreak.
  5. It is a summer just like the past winter. A bunch of drab with one good storm.
  6. Every direction including Canada has had much more severe weather. Bill Deedler posted this map last week on facebook, it really represents the deficit locally compared to around the area:
  7. Tired of watching stuff pass all around me, not much to talk about. This has to be one of the worst years for active weather for this state in history.
  8. Good call, and even if JB broken clocks his way into being right it doesn't mean anything. It's like calling for cold and snowy along the coast, eventually he is right but not every year.
  9. Yep, definitely hazy milky look to the sky.
  10. 2007 repeat, I can be down for that, not only because of a good fall severe season but 07-08 winter was crazy and non stop action.
  11. I don't know why it wasn't, caused over a billion dollars in damage and was a cat 5 at one point in 2005.
  12. It's too cold outside. Looks like winter too.
  13. At least with our pattern of stuff coming at night this cold lousy weather won't be here until tonight. Right now it is 75 and partly sunny here
  14. Danced around here at work, home got hit again though. Grass going to green right back up.
  15. Yeah there was very thick smoke in Seattle yesterday, so much so, it was creating a cloud layer and dropping vis down to 4-5 miles. Like now actually.