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  1. Dude, just post the regional view for the entire area instead of the south, no one cares. I mean if you are going to constantly post models at least do it for the entire area.
  2. I don't get too hung up on the storm itself, but this is a good example of the potential of the pattern with a bowling ball system spreading the wealth.
  3. I wouldn't go down to 200 per day, but could we get down to 1000 by say May? I think so. Maybe even 500 or less during the summer. If the vaccine can be distributed much quicker then less.
  4. My only worry is there isn't much cold to work with on this side of the world, I mean there are places north of here with no snow on the ground. Not to say we can't get a storm out of it, hell Texas just had one of the biggest storms on record for them, but it does make things harder.
  5. Most of the people saying stupid shit have no ambition of ever learning. They want to spread misinformation because they are incapable of anything else.
  6. It snowed here most of the day, with no accumulation, in January. Some times just gotta call a shit winter for what it is, shit.
  7. I think it is common sense to have multiple masks, most people wear different ones daily. This is no different than wearing the same clothes every day which people don't do.
  8. Yeah explain doctors who wear masks all day long, oh wise one.
  9. ^what is with crazy people and their posts looking like ransom notes.
  10. Like missing a giant hole in your head.
  11. How many shit April/May have there been in that period too. Last few Mays have gone from ice cold to sweltering in the matter of a couple weeks too. Its very screwed up.
  12. Compensating for shortcomings elsewhere