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  1. Yeah man South Carolina is paradise according to one person.
  2. I am going to continue to talk about what happened post Ebola because the Obama administration put forth a great effort to be prepared after Ebola. You are too blind to that fact.
  3. Yeah there is nothing in there about Obama neglecting it, and we know that the Obama administration strengthened infectious disease commissions after Ebola, so take your political blinders off.
  4. That wasn't a direct comparison virus to virus, that was the fact that there was an infectious disease plan in place and as soon as the current administration came in they gutted it.
  5. Yeah major lols on having a plan. Oh right they had an infectious disease plan after Ebola and it got gutted, and here we are.
  6. Yeah that's what we need now in the middle of a pandemic, to worry about how there are so many crazed gun owners.
  7. I mean we don't hear much about new medicine being developed, just a vaccine.
  8. There is not enough effort put forth on this for therapeutics. We don't have a cold vaccine but we have cold medicine, there needs to be more to develop COVID medicine.
  9. They should have, they had about .05" liquid equivalent.
  10. You start rationing health care and the mortality rate skyrockets, this is going to get very bad very fast.
  11. With the prices so cheap you are seeing a lot more younger people flying these days and those are the ones who are more careless in my opinion.
  12. I work at an airport and I see who is flying, with these lower rates it is people who wouldn't normally fly to begin with. It is the airlines taking advantage of the situation to insure they have nearly full flights to keep their routes. Doesn't matter if people get sick as long as planes are flying.
  13. Yeah gotta keep the bullshit story going. All you need to do is visit any comment section of Facebook or Twitter. There are literally tons of people who think this will go away after the election.
  14. Someone post where not wearing a mask helps stop the spread. Otherwise shut up about antimasking being alright or acceptable in any capacity.