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  1. Next time use the ensemble mean, it actually has some value over the op GFS which has none.
  2. My point still matters, we don't need op model 348hr images posted ever.
  3. You shouldn't be posting a 348 hour map from an operational model. There is nothing to discuss there because it could easily change. If you want to post an ensemble mean that's fine but even then it is a day 12 map.
  4. The instrumentation at DTW is none of this, I don't know what your motive here is but you might want to stop it. The instruments on the field have been in the same spot for almost 40 years and my office where we would take back up readings if needed isn't some north facing sub-standard office. We are in a ramp control tower with 360 degree view of the entire airfield.
  5. Legend Here is his last sign off I have watched him from back when I was a kid and we had cable. He was just so informative whenever it came down to blizzards or severe weather but presented the information so anyone could understand.
  6. When does the Spring medium/long range thread open?
  7. It is 53 here, with a north wind behind a cold front, in February. Totally normal.
  8. No one cares and you whine way too much about it. Furthermore I explained why it doesn't happen here and why it does for Chicago. You either don't care to read for comprehension or you are just being a troll who needs attention.
  9. April 2012 was colder than March 2012 here at DTW. That's how insane it was above normal
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