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  1. Above normal for all the major cities in the east, color me shocked. He should just issue this forecast every year September 1st.
  2. It has been wet and seasonably mild that's about it. Though that is down here, up north it has been the opposite.
  3. 0-4 above normal is barely noteworthy.
  4. Now do 10/31 to 11/21 added in since you cherry picked the only warm period since snow started falling.
  5. Wasn't quite that cool but that really is the only other instance I can remember under 50 degrees.
  6. They better be banking on a wet end of the month because it looks like a fat sack of ZzZzZs for the first half of the month
  7. 49kt max at DTW earlier with the showers that passed through.
  8. Locally it is true since the late 70s. snowy November has equaled a less snowy December since the late 70s locally. Before than it is more mixed.
  9. Of course we get this now and not in the spring when we would have some instability.
  10. The concern I have with that mean is that it might be too far east for most here with the trough axis. I guess we will see but I don't want to jump into a nor'Easter bonanza while we shut down.
  11. All the interesting shit evaporated, so did everyone.
  12. This would help us destroy our November snowfall record. Lock it in.