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  1. I see 3 days that will be below average in Tues-Thurs, maybe 4 if Friday starts out cold. Even then Thursday and especially Friday will be in the 70s for most.
  2. Remember when it was going to be below normal the rest of the month... and by Thursday and especially into Friday temps climb back above normal.
  3. I had one in the shower with me and I didn't see it until I was already in the shower. Needless to say I had to burn the house down.
  4. Yeah saw pictures of it on Twitter, pretty heavy damage. Nice batch of non severe storms moving this way Good sleeping night forthcoming.
  5. 06z GFS did too, it is really down to about 3 days of cool weather at most. Like I suspected would happen, you don't get an upper low to lock in for 10 days in a progressive pattern. That is a pipe dream for those who want miserable cold weather.
  6. Need the hot weather to stick around for a week, else the ticks are going to be an issue for a while.
  7. Yeah great point, the amount of moisture slamming into the WF, with all those cells being HP. No way that is real.
  8. Weather twitter seems to think fake, to be honest I would agree. We would have seen a strongly worded warning if that were a valid.
  9. That storm near Archer City cycled, looks like it might produce again here, right at the wrong time.
  10. That cell is all alone in a good environment too.
  11. Couplet on the Texas storm is getting very strong. Might be about to produce a big one.
  12. Getting crushed with hail?
  13. Yeah I completely understand that, most people do. My discussion is more of a reason of validation for them since I know there will be people out there looking to crush SPC, saying OMGWTFBUST.
  14. Yeah I hear you on that. In this case too it was many storms that did produce. Not just one supercell going hard producing 20 reports along. That is where you will skew things from a probability standpoint.
  15. There was a circulation that passed over the area at the time, I backtracked my radar, so I believe it.