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  1. Are we still calling this a decent winter like some were eluding to last week? We have actually had some snow here in SE MI and it still has been a shit winter.
  2. Hell at the rate this is shifting west the Eastern parts of the subforum might get into the game. I know the 12z shifted hard across the board.
  3. I have been on a couple surveys myself and know that these offices are not staffed enough right now to thoroughly do these surveys. It's just a fact that they don't have the time available. So it is entirely possible that corners were cut, not on purpose obviously. I respect other NWS mets but they are human at the end of the day as well.
  4. Yes but we aren't there so thats apples to oranges. Also most places west of the lakes still have a 6" storm a year. Except for cedar rapids, they are the San Diego of the midwest.
  5. Barely an inch on the ground... and our largest storm is like 4". It isn't a great year. Yes we have had more than others but it's still not great.
  6. I am near average to this point and I can admit this winter has been ass so far. Even if you shine up this last week it really didn't amount to much.
  7. Tbf though, what is good for Ohio isn't for most of this forum except for southern Indiana. Plus there has been a lot of butthurt over the years because we 'steal' their snow. Having them in their own thread is much better for the sanity of the rest of us.
  8. 3.2" for me, we did decent overnight Saturday night.
  9. I am with Joe on this, plus the convection isn't guaranteed to be widespread. If anything there is a window of this being more than forecast.
  10. There are some solutions on the low side that literally have no chance of verifying.
  11. The NAMs are easy tosses, they are too amplified. Everything else except the ukie is south, and the ukie is worthless as well. Locally my concern is we hang onto a bit of low level warmth but I do think the models are underdoing the CAA a bit especially with the strong high pressing in from the north.
  12. I will collect my money at the pay window on Sunday.
  13. With the ridge to the south there is a limit to how far south it can shift, I honestly think the GFS is that limit.
  14. Looks to be the furthest north solution at this point, has a pretty weird hump to the snowfall in Missouri as well which i don't expect based upon low ejection.
  15. I mean we are in a position to say there will be a storm, it is just a question of who is getting what.
  16. Yeah that would be a nice long duration event
  17. There are several things that are dictating this, the location of the lead wave, when/if it will phase, where the block across canada sets up, and how strong the front is with that system that travels across Canada.
  18. Yep, tbh looking at the 12z eps and the 18z GEFS there was a massive shift in the spaghetti plots of amplifying that trough out west. When everyone jumps all at once so fast run to run like that, it gives me pause. This run of the Euro trended back to less amplified out west.
  19. Much like the EPS and its ensembles, the 18z gefs is pretty much all over the place some don't even have much of a storm at all.
  20. I have had one in 17 years of driving. 80 in a 65 in Meade County. Meade County will not get a single cent of mine henceforth.
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