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  1. Drive fast and pass on the right, also dont signal when changing lanes, just use your brakes and make sure you cross as many lanes as possible.
  2. They were given 4 chances to be right and only went 15% on the 5th when the hail was pretty much done. It was very easy to see this had a good hail potential, ML lapse rates forecast to be around 8 and verified 8.3 on DVN's sounding this morning, with good shear, and cape density mostly rooted above the freezing level. It was a bad forecast from several forecasters.
  3. High risk days just clog the roads of people who shouldn't be out there. Also high risk high bust potential.
  4. True, he probably doesn't want it, but he would be a good candidate if he did.
  5. Of course if he wants it but he would be a great candidate along with myself. The main thing is adding a couple to cover everything. Not to mention it isn't bad to have extra around just in case.
  6. Thank you sir, to be honest I think it would be good to have a couple here. Maybe one Chicago like Alek and one non-Chicago like myself. Personally I am just letting this play out and see.
  7. Tuesday could be quite good. That is a strong front coming down.
  8. With the rain we had recently, we are now above normal for the year, which is crazy considering how much below normal we were by June 1st.
  9. Things that didn't age well for $1000.
  10. Solid MCS here for the Detroit area, Detroit Metro 62, Selfridge 75, Ann Arbor 58, Pontiac 54, Willow Run 60.
  11. Sorry for your loss of your son.
  12. 18z Euro/21z RAP both shifted east too big.
  13. Armada got hit badly, I will be checking it out tomorrow along with the area south of White Lake.
  14. You act like his post was in a vacuum. I know its impossible, but try to not play dumb for once.
  15. You are the most insecure man alive, even after getting into better shape you remain insecure as ****. Oh and before you go of spouting about me, I am working towards better health myself (lost 40lb since March of last year) but unlike you I don't go flaunting it around looking for pats on the head or any other gratitude.
  16. Congrats to H2O on his retirement and yes A through E have happened for years so I appreciate this post even more.
  17. 91 today too before the storms hit.
  18. Where was it from, that can narrow it down.
  19. Oh I have a guess who it was, and the name is a 3 letter palindrome
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