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  1. This, to hell with drought, working in weather I want weather.
  2. We could use some rain locally.
  3. It seems I hit pay dirt with my question.
  4. I investigated, 99 https://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base_dyn.cgi?product=&past=1&stn=Kord&unit=0&time=LOCAL&day1=22&month1=06&year1=2022&hour1=1
  5. Interesting since that was a couple days before the Flint Beecher tornado. Guess it shows how dynamic that system was.
  6. Sure, and I thought there was a potential up there for tornadoes too, but that doesn't make it chaseable, which is what matters here.
  7. Id gamble on something coming in sooner than expected vs trying the forest north of US-10
  8. It's very unchasable. I'd say if you want to chase in the state just chase the thumb and hope something hits there.
  9. I like the week after Labor Day, less people around and if I get lucky it can still be in the 80s.
  10. Deep winter up there still, I have been to the UP on vacation in the first 2 weeks of May. If I came up there to this, I would turn around.
  11. back side frontal snow like today doesn't interest me.
  12. You killed it by making the thread.
  13. 30-35 was always going to be the bare minimum, if they get more so be it.
  14. Nice 14.43453245252662654443243" of snow
  15. I got 0.0000000002" of snow using the @McHenrySnowmethod Oh and since you will see this post, unlike the others I won't be as nice. Everyone knows how to measure snow and you posting what you are posting is a bunch of crap. I question your red tag every time you post because no met would say and do these things. I don't care who gets upset at me saying that but you are making those of us who are actual mets look bad with your posting.
  16. Yeah I am liking a 3-5" snowfall for here. Not a ton but enough to make things interesting.
  17. And how has the GFS performed lately? This is going to change 50 times and that is just with the gfs.
  18. 6" here, had some big time drifts too, 2-3' half way up the fence of the neighbors.
  19. It won't last long and is filling in quickly. It might not even slow down much.
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