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  1. Revised to 8.3, Buoys from Alaska to Japan just went into event mode, this might be a nasty one but I pray not
  2. Time to consider if this going further west than expected could enhance the severe threat later today further east and maybe have it stretch further
  3. HRRR is now showing additional supercells popping in Lower Michigan as the better forcing moves down
  4. Weird how even the latest HRRR run and the spc still expects it to take a sudden right turn
  5. It's kinda hard to tell with this storm motion if it's gonna hit Michigan as forecasted or go down into Illinois
  6. Already looking nasty and the LLJ hasn't even kicked in yet
  7. Western portions of the line are developing rotation
  8. Right on cue, four new warnings for the cells ahead of the line
  9. They forgot to add the PDS text at issuance lol
  10. A well known anti vaxxer in my city died from it yesterday. Sad but easily preventable.
  11. Only two months late! We could finally see a warmer and more active pattern next week, especially in Iowa, but it looks like it won't last very long.
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