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  1. You don't want snow on Halloween because you think it will ruin the season I don't want snow on Halloween because I can't dress as Michael Myers to give kids candy and be warm We are not the same
  2. GFS would give widespread severe weather across Michigan on the evening of the 27th
  3. He's going to bask in the schadenfreude when 5 days of blizzard runs fall apart into a mediocre clipper two days out and we're all pissed, guaranteed.
  4. If we gotta deal with warm temps for longer, at least give us some fall naders!
  5. If medicanes keep becoming a bigger threat over the next decade, I imagine the EU would start a forecasting agency for them. Rest in peace to all those who died, Libya was a terrible place for this to hit
  6. If you think this is bad, just imagine if the OP GFS would be right and we'd get that Cat 3 into NYC at 360 hours lmao
  7. Wednesday could be our first chance at some severe in a bit
  8. Impressive to watch the new eyewall filling in over land rn
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