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  1. Potentially something around December 8th, we'll need the cold air to actually get into our area though
  2. 18Z GFS is actually showing a nice heavy burst of snow across Southern Michigan now
  3. Delayed reports into the NWS makes me think we might've had a brief touchdown here last night, multiple houses with roofs torn off
  4. Observed a very brief funnel cloud with it at its strongest, it tried
  5. Chicago proper looks like it's gonna get missed unless that gap fills in
  6. "isolated elevated storms" meanwhile 15 warnings in effect
  7. New Day 1 is pretty much unchanged from Day 2 except to trim the tornado probs and expand 15% wind back to Chicago and extreme NW Indiana
  8. SPC didn't even introduce a marginal lol
  9. https://twitter.com/k8roulette2/status/1432172862903832577?s=21
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