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  1. 9 inches reported in Moscow in Northern Hillsdale County So yeah, a WSW would've verified lol
  2. Considering IWX raised the point forecast here to 3 to 7 at noon, surprised they didn't as well
  3. Absolutely ripping right now, think those higher totals might verify
  4. At this rate of model uptick still, we'll all hit a foot by 12Z while it's falling
  5. lol at the GFS continuing to up the totals every run
  6. IWX is opting for no advisory at all right now
  7. 12Z GFS continues to tick up the QPF and accums
  8. IWX's is a little bit more open to higher total then both of there's, saying they'll have to make more changes if trends hold
  9. 0Z GEM holds steady though and clobbers SE Michigan