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  1. At 445 PM CDT, a confirmed tornado was located near Argyle, or 11 miles east of Darlington, moving northeast at 20 mph.
  2. 0Z GFS is a smidge northeast
  3. KILX radar looks like it got took out by hail
  4. Might be getting some new initiation around Grand Rapids
  5. First death in my county happened today
  6. Lots of warnings in Iowa, and never know what the LLJ is gonna do
  7. I have the sore throat, cough, chest tightness and pain and low grade fever. Went to the ER and they only did a influenza swab and sent me home with a "upper respiratory infection" diagnosis. Unless you're a severe case, they won't test you due to lack of tests.
  8. Approaching 6.5 here, guessing I was one of the lucky few here for this storm