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  1. The whole shebang with minor pneumonia in my left lung. Sucks that considering I have pre existing conditions I was supposed to get the vaccine soon lol.
  2. Probably from work, I work in retail and roughly 40 to 50% of our customers a day refuse masks
  3. Got a positive COVID test back today, am sick as hell. Wear a ****ing mask people.
  4. Even the states that were doing better like Michigan and others are creeping back up again.
  5. IWX just extended the WWA for here, now expecting a couple inches of snow tonight
  6. IWX is being more conservative with amounts while GRR is being more bullish
  7. 18Z RGEM would be a super nasty ice storm for a lot of us
  8. Ice skating time! (Subtract around 0.1 from it to get the next event totals)
  9. RGEM is too, it's getting icier and icier for longer
  10. 0Z GEM is a fairly nasty ice event for Northern Indiana and Lower Michigan in the second wave
  11. Honestly at this point I'll take a dusting on Christmas Eve and lake effect showers on the day of
  12. The Christmas Eve thread in a nutshell: https://youtu.be/3KquFZYi6L0
  13. 12Z GFS is terrible, little snow for any of us and then bombs out once in New York