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  1. Considering the massive uptick on college campuses, the fact that they're gonna play football this fall is baffling. But I guess people whined loudly enough.
  2. It just dropped a nice big tornado in Portugal https://twitter.com/MeteoTrasMontPT/status/1306914280252542976?s=20
  3. NHC also forecasting it to strengthen into a hurricane on the 11 pm advisory
  4. The people who would be getting their houses destroyed on the coast probably wouldn't agree
  5. Some of you people would find excuses to complain about 2005 if we were back then too "lol Katrina only made landfall as a Cat 3! BUST!"
  6. Almost like it's making landfall or something
  7. Strongest wording I've ever heard Key Messages: 1. Unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage from Sea Rim State Park, Texas, to Intracoastal City, Louisiana, including Calcasieu and Sabine Lakes. This surge could penetrate up to 40 miles inland from the immediate coastline, and flood waters will not fully recede for several days after the storm.
  8. 18Z Euro has a high end Cat 4 off the Houston Coast 54 hours out
  9. Recon now reporting an eyewall, open to the SW
  10. From how it sounds, Michigan's school's reopenings are gonna go on without any changes, concerning considering the average is still creeping up