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  1. Lake effect overnight and this morning “saved” this event for me. Ended with 5.3”. Bring on Spring!
  2. 2.3 inches so far. Woo. It’s getting to the point where I don’t believe the atmosphere is capable of producing a snow of more than 3 inches.
  3. Heavy, wet snow. Dusting on the grass and cars. Radar looks good for my area.
  4. The year of Winter Weather Advisories continues.
  5. It's not lost on me that the loss most are experiencing from this storm is my gain...and for that I'm sorry. Please accept my condolences.
  6. Should add bust potential still high. I could see marginal temps leading to minor accumulations Tuesday night followed by getting dry slotted. In fact, that’s what I’m assuming will happen to keep expectations at bay.
  7. My P&C from IWX going with 1-2 Tuesday night and 2-4 on Wednesday. A pretty good AFD. If trends with the 12z suite continue they may bump up totals.
  8. Hope nobody gets their hearts broken with this storm. We’re all prepared for something to go sideways with this 24 hours before the event happens. Not saying it will...but this winter has taught us to be prepared.
  9. This will go down as a near miss for me I’m afraid. Oh well. Is it spring yet?