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  1. Mostly had white rain here today. Just a DAB here. Saw some reports of 2 to 2.5 inches in northeast Indiana though.
  2. This must be what it’s like following snowstorms in the south. Excited for 60 on Friday.
  3. 12z NAM keeping the dream alive. 3km NAM Kucehra total below. Snow would be just winding down in my neck of the woods at the end of the run.
  4. NAM has me amped. Let’s set some records.
  5. Late season lock it in for South Bend, please. Last year we had about 3” on 4/17/20 and I thought that was really amazing. A beautiful, wintry scene around 11 am. Then it looked like spring again by 4 pm.
  6. It's doing something out there. Looks like sleet and snow. At this point in the year unless it's a tornado I'm not getting up to look.
  7. I believe it's been touched on but we could really use some rain locally. A moderate drought has developed just to my south and southwest. In South Bend, we've only seen 0.01" of precipitation this month. Fulton County, IN, two counties south of me, has declared a burn ban due to drought conditions.
  8. Pretty wild to go back to the beginning of this thread which turns a year old tomorrow. I know I'm speaking to the choir but I can not wait for this to be over.
  9. Going to guess we got about 8 inches here. Total snow depth is 14”. Most I’ve seen on the ground at once in years. Northern Indiana finally delivered some childhood memories.
  10. Hard to measure considering I don’t have a real snow board, the wind and the previous snowpack but I’d say we’ve gotten around 4.5” of fresh powder today. Snowpack around 10”.
  11. Best rates and flake size yet. Gotta be two inches per hour.
  12. I was in Northern IN for GHDI. We only got about 8 inches before getting dryslotted. This has the feel of that storm but it doesn't look like we'll get the dryslot this time. It's just puking snow.
  13. This is my video from outside my TV station. This isn't even under the best radar returns. Absolutely fantastic.
  14. Just a quick update for everyone: It's snowing.