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  1. They said it could not be done... They were wrong.
  2. I think that cruise ships are a different story though, because the period of exposure between people is much longer. Theoretically, if you have covid but tested negative because you JUST got it, then you can attend a football game safely. But if you go on a cruise ship waving a negative test in your hand and then develop symptoms 36 hours later, that's an issue.
  3. I think I'm conveying my point very poorly here. I agree that being a healthy weight will definitely help you out. But when people say that eating healthy and exercising are the equivalent of medical healthcare -as in, you can simply rely on eating and exercising to stave off diseases- that's just stupid.
  4. It is linked, she's the only person to have died from the vaccine (that I know of) It's in the article I listed above.
  5. It's true though. Infectious diseases literally evolve to infect you -to use your body as a host- and you think eating your veggies will stop a severe disease from rocking your world? Look, my statement was a bit hyperbolized. Of course, being healthy is a must. Obviously, fat people will die at far greater rates from most diseases. But there comes a certain point on the healthiness scale, where no matter how much good food you eat, it won't help you any more. Your immune system is either impaired, or it isn't. And sure, exercise will lead to greater amounts of immune factors and all that, but all the same, it irks me when people say that eating right and being healthy will save you. It won't.
  6. 6 people so far out of six million have had this response. Six. One of them has died. All of the public officials who are halting vaccine rollout over this are stooges because there is literally no issue. What I don't understand about your logic, I really don't, is that you're saying you're fine with going on about with your life because what... Covid has a 99.7% survivability rate? Okay, well the J&J vaccine has a survivability rate that is far higher than even that, at 99.99998%. And that's just the J&J vaccine, others are even safer than that.
  7. Here is a really interesting article about what might be the cause of the clotting cases. As we collectively figured, it seems likely that all those people have some sort of very small immune condition that might allow the vaccines made from adenovirus (J&J, Aztra) to interact with PF4.
  8. I can guarantee you that even the health foods you eat contain more "weird" things than the Covid vaccine. The vaccine is honestly an incredibly simple thing, and it is essentially impossible for it to kill you or harm you in any way.
  9. Diet and exercise do very little against infectious diseases. Fine, I'll buy in that your immune system is excellent, and that's great! But even the best immune system in the world will get shat upon by a virus like Ebola or smallpox. The reason you've remained healthy for so long is because as a species, we've invented technology and practices that limit disease spread.
  10. Okay Captain America... I don't want to read between the lines too hard, but I'm not sure how any of these people would be able to confirm that your immune system is so god-like unless you had specific tests done to show so. Having a strong cardiovascular system is great, but I'm really not sure how much it helps against Covid. I'm not acting like I know what everyone's risk level is, but I'd wager that few people are more fit than my friends and I with our sub 9:30 3200 times, and if they were very ill with the disease, then I think everyone else should be concerned too- or at least be willing to drop the whole linear healthy = less severe case argument. You're still wrong for worrying more about the vaccine than Covid, even if you are a superhuman because literally not a single person on Earth has died of the vaccine. If your heart is that superbly strong, then I highly doubt you have to worry about any kind of clotting. It's too early to tell, but I can guarantee you that all of these vaccine reaction cases have some sort of secondary factor in common that we don't know about yet (like pregnancy, mentioned above). I know I bake other people for trash talking scientists, but if your doctors actually told you that you don't need to worry about Covid because you're so healthy, verbatim, then they are morons. Being healthy helps, but it does not guarantee that you won't be severely ill. There were a lot of other factors involved with determining the severity of your case, so don't pat yourself on the back too hard.
  11. That's fair, but I just can't grasp how you wouldn't be at least somewhat concerned about contracting the disease. If anything, I would expect that a job like that would make you more concerned about the risk associated with Covid. I know my father, who almost died several times in Iraq, takes Covid more seriously than practically anyone I know.
  12. I said it before months ago, and I'll say it again now: I am a semi-elite runner. I know of at least two running buddies (both of whom are way, way, fitter than you think you are), both my age, who had Covid. The first is an idiot who got it at a party and was sick as hell for a week, and had lingering weakness for over a month. The other was also extremely sick for about two weeks and ended up with fears about heart problems, going back and forth to the hospital for various tests. He is just now, five months later, back to about the same fitness level he was at before. I don't care who the hell you think you are, or what you think your statistical chances are of getting sick; if you're not afraid of contracting this disease, you're a certified, grade-A dumbass. If you're scared of the vaccine but not the disease itself, then you're even dumber.
  13. Yeah, clearly personal hygiene isn't your forte.
  14. Fixed. Really, people need to learn their place.
  15. P.S. a quick quote from Fauci himself in response to the jack-offs that say his opinions "change" too much. "If you change with the data," he said, "you’re not flip flopping." What a bunch of goobers the anti-Fauci crew is. Seriously. Maybe not every Harvard grad is a great person, but you don't become the chief medical advisor of the last six presidents by accident.