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  1. If you had to make a guess, where would be the best to chase?
  2. Is this looking like a chase-worthy threat or nah? As in, will there be a decent chance of at least a few isolated supercells before everything goes linear?
  3. If you don't mind me asking Alek, what's your favorite beach? I moved here from Germany over a decade ago and I've been to lake Michigan exactly twice, with one of those times being just this last Monday. Went to Montrose beach and I have to admit I was surprised by how nice everything was. The water was so clear, the sand was so... sandy... But what's your favorite?
  4. On another weather-related note, when will it snow?
  5. Is there any point in chasing today, either in S Wisconsin or far NW IL/IA?
  6. Haven't really paid much attention till I read this comment, I know it's not a crazy severe prospect day but I'll take any type of exciting weather honestly.
  7. I'm thinking about going down again, but I feel like the real supercell thread is too far west and I'm not driving 150 miles away for a heavy rain cluster.
  8. This is the snowstorm equivalent of a severe outbreak in that there's actually medium-range model watching and hype involved. I'm very glad that something like this has finally happened.
  9. In all seriousness, obviously the inner machinations of the forum are enigmatic to me, but surely someone at the top is involved in developing updates, especially ones that change the UI this drastically. Wouldn't there be a heads-up to at least moderators as a courtesy?
  10. It's not like it's that hard guys, I just hacked into the mainframe and disabled all of your algorithms
  11. Everyone in the D3 should just grab some buckets, hop into their cars, and get some H2O from Lake Michigan. Think, people, think.
  12. Trying to get on the limestone storm
  13. Today's the day, boys. Really feel like I nailed the positioning today
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