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  1. Love the cracked window visible at 0:25. Scary stuff, but definitely one of the highest quality tornado videos I've ever watched. Something about this one kind of just makes the scale and concept of tornadoes that much more tangible to me. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Kind of out of touch with the specifics, when do we expect any potential cells to pass through northern Illinois?
  3. Was following it back when it was a lil baby
  4. How is the storm around Wilmington doing?
  5. I'm trying to upload pictures of the 1st cell but I can't
  6. Sounds good. I appreciate the information!
  7. Guys someone please answer, I woke up quite late to plan this super well. If you were going to set up ahead of these storms, would you drive north or south of Aurora?
  8. Might have to take a drive for the first time if something promising occurs in the near vicinity.
  9. Went out for a run today today from Wheaton towards Chicago; on the way out we passed a flooded parking lot with a single car in it, whose owner was frantically trying to figure out what to do, given that his car was standing in about a yard of water. on the way back, only the car remained, but by then only the top eight inches or so of it were visible. it was a smaller sedan but still, I've never seen anything like it. Must suck for the owner.
  10. Apologies if it's been said somewhere already and I missed it, but how are temperatures looking for the latter half of the month?
  11. I wonder exactly what percentage of the people who have lost family members to this illness hold the opinion that 0.02% isn't a high enough death toll to warrant our current preventative measures.
  12. Right. That fatality rate would be a lot higher if we can't care for everyone that we need to.
  13. Damn. That's actually the opposite of my assumption. Thanks for the info, kind negates my point lol