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  1. This storm did a remarkable job of changing the seasons officially
  2. The biggest downside of today is that since I left Aurora consistently the entire time there has been cloud cover less than 100 ft from ground level. Closing ground on that one massive cell in Central Missouri. Figured I made it this far might as well send it
  3. Please excuse any spelling mistakes I'm using voice to text. I'm only about half an hour away from the line which is why I'm worried about getting stuck behind it by accident. The two shows north of i-72 look fairly decent but there's some pretty big cells farther down the line as well so I could just engage those instead
  4. In your opinion where should I head to right now exactly? Headed to Hannibal right now but I need to turn north at some point I think
  5. I'm on i-72 right now, clouds are indeed starting to break in front of this approaching line on the border
  6. I'm gonna wait to see how things look for W IL tomorrow. the three hour drive to Springfield is much more appealing than the six hour drive to Jefferson City.
  7. Do you think it would be worth a six-hour trip? Six hours one way of course
  8. Drive to Bloomington and we can go together
  9. Down to NE MO and back would be one hell of a trip for a day, I'd have to leave nice and early
  10. Not even gonna lie, Stebo is fairly tactful in my book so long as he doesn't think you're a total COC. Imo he handled this situation pretty well; definitely better than others have recently. Maybe we should make a thread specifically for low-quality posts. Maybe it could be the long-buried banter thread
  11. Happy to finally have a non-shit picture to contribute.
  12. I managed to make my way there by accident but the rain is a real mess so we'll see if anything comes of it
  13. Big shelf clouds abound now, not sure what my next move should be
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