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  1. We only need to copy/paste it a couple hundred miles south and suddenly this thread will explode
  2. Let it be known that today is the first time this season that a snowstorm potentially relevant to this sub-forum has been modeled by the GFS. (I am by no means implying that this storm is anything more than a 318-hour modeling of no real significance. I'm just saying that it's the first snowstorm shown at any distance by the GFS shown in our region this season, and to me, that's kind of cool. You know you're just as hyped for winter as I am, so lighten up)
  3. This is the day I have been dreaming of for about two months now.
  4. Sirens just went off in Eola. Looking pretty dark.
  5. Please remove this comment if its type isn't allowed, but I have to admit that I'm absolutely dying for weenie season to start. This is such an amazing community and I can't wait to learn more from you all and to keep sharing our passion for the wonder that is winter weather.
  6. I've never seen these kinds of colors on a TT map before... holy cow
  7. This. It's hard not to be disappointed as we almost every big event (or even the medium ones) slide past us, but then I remember that in the mere ten years I've lived here, I've experienced two of Chicago's top 5 snowstorms and one of her snowiest winters ever, and that helps put everything into perspective.
  8. Wrong. That blizzard currently being depicted for next weekend is OURS, my friend... only no one knows it yet. /s
  9. Honestly, I don't care what happens as long as the snowstorm doesn't just disappear from one run to the next. Just give us a high-end forecastable event to play around with for a few days
  10. Backside??? No no no... I am now activating the Chicago snow magnet. This is the big one of the season
  11. Anyone even see the 06z run of the FV3 in the Sunday Morning time frame? (yes... I know it has a 0% chance of ever even showing up again, let alone actually happening but it's still some nice eye candy)
  12. God. "The storm missed the city". I'm sorry but that is a hot, steaming load of bullsh*t. Anyone who's ever seen a forecast model run knows that any model run can miss something at much less than five days out. that caption literally preys on the ignorance of non-weather enthusiasts. The FV3 might not be the greatest model , but it's definitely not that much worse than the other models either.