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  1. I feel like every minute I spend watching precip struggle to fill in is a year off of my lifespan
  2. The LOT AFD mentions .5-0.6in QPF for tomorrow night so combined with tonight's totals, this seems not entirely impossible.
  3. Guys I'm a bit out of the loop... exactly how far west will the rain/snow line reach overnight/tomorrow?
  4. It's snowing hard as hell in Aurora right now. Even roads are starting to whiten
  5. The DAB calling shitposts are getting to the point where they are more useless than my own uninformed comments
  6. I was just saying, perhaps with false optimism, that all it would take to make this much more interesting is a bit more liquid. I'm not saying that a lack thereof is the chief issue with the system
  7. Just the extremely unique nature of this system attracts me. All it takes is a bit of an upward tick in qpf and all systems are a go
  8. I don't even want a wsw criteria event. Just let it look and feel like winter!
  9. Idk man. TWC really going no holds barred with that 5"-8" for Friday night forecast
  10. I'll throw in the towel when the CMC caves tonight at 00z
  11. Pretty lackluster totals though. I know I know, take what you can, but from an evolutionary standpoint thought I'd mention it