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  1. That's actually really sad. RIP
  2. Oh! Cool then! Never mind, crisis solved. The extra 1k from Covid can go fuck themselves I guess! That's totally awesome that we can just stop caring about Covid now. Really appreciate it, Jonger! Hey, while we're at it, how about we do away with those pesky speed limits? You could probably get up an extra five minutes later before work if you could only drive there faster, right?
  3. I did a double-take for a second when I saw a pro-Biden comment quoted from dta and then I realized it was mine actually lol It's just annoying that one of the guys "majorly lolled" at that statement without actually explaining why. It's not even a pro-Biden thing, literally any president with half an ass would figure things out if they were in office after covid.
  4. That part about 300 million firearms is the single most neck-bearded thing I have ever read.
  5. This is talking about 26,000 people in 25 countries. In the US, it feels like the number of Covid denialists is far far higher.
  6. Just gonna leave this here. Those of you who believe Trump's actions do not directly impede efforts to curb Covid are a bunch of colossally ignorant morons.
  7. Whatever happens with Covid, it's already too late to walk away saying that as a country, we did as well as we should have. I know that Biden won't be able to pull a miracle out of his ass and solve the crisis, but I firmly believe that he will ensure that should a situation like this ever arise again, we will be much better prepared for it.
  8. Okay but here's the thing with that argument, right: we've already established that it's common sense that a facemask will help prevent the spread of water droplets from your airways. You can prove this by simply trying to blow out a candle while wearing one. We're not talking about faking the moon landings here, you put the damn thing on and can see for yourself that the logic is there. I seriously would like to know who you think is at fault for politicizing this pandemic. I am firmly of the belief that those not wearing the masks are the ones doing the politicizing. I'm not talking about shutdowns or stimulus checks, I'm just referring to the jerk-offs that regard PPE as useless because "they infringe upon my rights and only like 1% of people die from the China Virus anyway".
  9. This is either gonna be a completely valid point, or someone's gonna try and hit it out of the park. But last time I checked, the population density of virtually any European country is far greater than that of the States. Just saying.
  10. If it's impossible then why has it been done in other countries? Don't tell me it's because they're smaller, because you'd be the first to say that they're also poorer.
  11. That's an interesting site with cool information. As a complete newcomer to actually sifting through data like this, I'm looking forward to checking out the previous years. Thanks
  12. For the life of me I can't wrap my head around how the hell Boeing takes priority over every single small business in the country. I know this point has been brought up countless times, but the shameless pandering to rich companies in this nation makes me sick. Forgive my radicalism, but it's really about time that Americans kick all of these damn politicians to the curb and take back our country. They've shown time and time again that we are not their priority.
  13. What would it take to get us there?
  14. That storm ~150 hours out... If only it could pull its shit together just a little bit