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  1. Stuck with the last little crack of dry air over head
  2. Flakes just started flying here
  3. Right! The morning after is what made it truly memorable for me. The snow was blowing so hard that even in daylight you could hardly see a hundred feet ahead of you.
  4. I'll bet you my left nut that snowstorms kill far more people than tornadoes do so it's actually totally the same.
  5. I took the risk because I presumed that nothing stupid like that would happen to me and because I knew I'd almost certainly be okay no matter what since I'm in the suburbs. However, the warning specifically highlighted things that the average Joe will definitely not figure out for themselves unless you hammer them home, primarily that the windchill and blowing snow means You're fucked if you get caught in the middle of nowhere. Hence why I say that if that would've happened to me like a couple counties south in the middle of nowhere, it would've have been a very dicey situation. The entire point of the NWS is to make everyone's lives easier by offering reliable forecasts. I don't see why we would want to strip their ability to do their job away from them. Not all winter threats are built the same, why is that so controversial? It can snow an inch overnight and not even warrant an advisory, or it could snow an inch in the middle of rush hour with cold road temperatures and fuck everything. Most people I know don't even start checking the weather until they catch wind of some sort of bigger story brewing, so methinks that a large number of advisory events would slip through the cracks until they show up out of nowhere and make you 45 minutes late for work. And guess who gets blamed if that happens?
  6. I can speak from firsthand experience that winter headlines make all the difference not just to individuals but to businesses that rely on them. Just because your mom doesn't know or care about the difference between 1" and 4" in the forecast doesn't mean that the difference doesn't have a major impact on society as a whole. An argument that all of this nuance doesn't matter is seriously riddled with naivete. Anyone who thinks this year's Christmas storm didn't deserve a warning definitely did not drive around in it. I lost a fuel injector about half way through the 20 minute drive to my SO's apartment, and I barely managed to limp the car there the rest of the way. Thank fuck it's a short drive in a fairly populated area, idk what I would've done out in the middle of bumfuck.
  7. I'll do any weather except hurricanes. Idk how mfers post up a kilometer from the ocean knowing it's basically a matter of time till their house gets swept away. Summer derechos do the trick for me. Edit: One day I'd love to chase a hurricane tho
  8. If we get that clipper behind it to wring out an inch or something this would be basically the only snowy stretch of the winter no? As in multiple snowfalls in semi close order?
  9. I literally had the fucking thread creating window open and was about to look at naming conventions when this popped up Bit of a jog south across the board this morning, I'm hoping that we get another one or two of those. Even if it ends up being a marginal kind of deal looks like a decent front end thump type of thing. Right?
  10. We gonna make a thread for the 9th-10th or...
  11. I'm actually so excited for popcorn t-storm season. And Afternoon/evening squall season. Really hope we get a couple nader opportunities too.
  12. It's okay we'll bag the next one. Lol.
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