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  1. Nelson

    August 2018 General Discussion

    ^^^^This is the one I have.
  2. Nelson

    August 2018 General Discussion

    Recorded 10.47" of rain on Monday at my location - just south of the unofficial bullseye. Obviously, never witnessed rain like that. I had to go out toward the end of it (still downpouring) and empty my CoCoRAHS gauge as I didn't think it would make through the night without completely overflowing. I feel bad for those that have to track down official measurements for the record - much like in a blizzard, it was difficult to get a normal accurate measurement in those conditions.
  3. Nelson

    Weatherbo, check in you dork.

    RE: Daddlylonglegs - I had been wondering why it had been quiet as far as WI people goes and I think the lack of posts from Daddy is one of the reasons. Didn't realize he ran into suspension issues. Glad to see all is well Bo. My in-laws are in Ishpeming (wife grew up there) so always like to see your posts... As far as internet goes, I would definitely check into DSL (I think someone else mentioned this too), assuming you have phone service. It's not fast but should suffice for casual internet browsing needs.
  4. Nelson

    2017 Spring/Summer Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    Initially, I was bemoaning that very idea - however, I think I've come around to wanting this seemingly persistent NW flow to just die altogether. Seems like we've been in this pattern for the last few years...
  5. Nelson

    2017 Spring/Summer Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    This look is going to need to die if we want some warmer temps anytime soon...
  6. Was just thinking this earlier today - I don't want 50s. As interesting as severe prospects would be, this is going to hurt after a really nice start to the season.
  7. Nelson

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    Unofficially about 2-2.5" down here. Pixie dust falling. Returns building a bit to the west - hoping they hold together. At this point, I think we will underachieve unless the band tomorrows produces.
  8. Nelson

    Post blizzard pictures of Calumet.

    Great pics and thanks for sharing! Miss my time up there (went to MTU in the mid-late 90s)...
  9. Nelson

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    GFS has been pretty consistent over the past several runs.
  10. Nelson

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    Yep, GEM amounts haven't changed much but the heaviest amounts have shifted over time.
  11. Nelson

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    Last 6 runs of GFS centered on 18z Saturday
  12. Nelson

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    Someone asked the question about consistency of model runs. Here are the GEM and GFS over the past few runs. GFS has been more consistent with SLP placement. It is also a decent amount east of where the GEM settles in at. Last 4 runs of the GEM, centered on 18z Saturday.
  13. Enjoy your posts csnavywx - wish this forum software had a 'like' button.
  14. Nelson

    December 10-12 Potential Snow Event

    2.5" down here - little lull in the action. Looks like returns are still to fire up out to the west though. going with 7-8" imby before all said and done.
  15. Nelson

    December 10-12 Potential Snow Event

    Sorry for the OT, but decided to check out the Off Topic forum to see what all the fuss was about. <rant> Holy f%%k - what a sh*t show. Some comments made in there, by people from our region, that changed my opinion of them. Not the fact based political statements but just the personal attacks on others. Seriously - it's a freaking weather forum. Why the hell would you come here to spew/read that crap. </rant> Again, sorry to bring that in here but had to vent a little bit. So frustrating to see that... Anyway, here's to hoping for a nice thump this weekend into early next week. I find it interesting how the globals are handling the piece of energy coming in from the pacific - will be fun to track over the next few days.