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  1. Hoping Naperville gets absolutely buried
  2. Wasn’t McHenry only supposed to get like 1-2”? Eek
  3. How much does ORD need to hit 50" for the season?
  4. Not sure if it was posted but the ARW/NMM/NSSL-WRF all had some areas in Cook co with 16-18" at the ARW had a 24" max
  5. 18z nest is coming in snowier for a larger portion of Cook co.
  6. Because I moved to Colorado to work at KDEN haha kidding still some good eggs in that office
  7. 18z RAP continues to show the goods. 15"+ at both ORD and MDW. You guys suck
  8. Barb next one who should be fired good lord that's bad
  9. Haven’t seen this guy in a hot minute
  10. This upper level jet configuration should help get precip pretty far NW of the low
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