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  1. Had 2.5" at 9am but probably tacked on some more after that. Going off that^ first total, 8.7" now on the season.
  2. Lol 18z Euro came in wetter with a wider swath too.
  3. Probably needs its own thread but too lazy to make one. 12z Euro came in with 3-5" along/north of 88 across northern Illinois late Sunday night through mid afternoon Monday.
  4. Z Germans must’ve upgraded z German. Consistent as it gets with this system. Lock steady. Ride it.
  5. some guidance keeps ORD around 30 tomorrow and I believe the record low max is 34. Record cold possible tomorrow and again next week.
  6. Pretty sure you’re trolling Joe and/or blazin’ it tonight
  7. 0z Nest looks like the 18z Euro swath placement wise a little less snow but damn. 5-9” axis from initial band alone
  8. GFS and the 18z NAM to extent only model guidance with the weird sfc pattern like wrapping west that in the model creates winds off the lake. GFS has shown it for several runs now.
  9. Euro is south with the initial front band but makes up for it Thursday with a nicer look at H5 that leads to a fairly long period of accumulating snow on Thursday.