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  1. There was accumulating snow across portions of the western burbs of Chicago in mid May of 2014. 5/16 or 5/17 I think.
  2. The early WSW's from DVN yesterday before noon should've never been issued. Could've waited another cycle or two.
  3. Solid 10" spread in accums from RFD to GYY on the Euro
  4. Euro isn’t out for another 30-45 mins and can we stop with the unrealistic 10:1 maps as ratios won’t be that high
  5. Plumes mean with another nice bump...ORD mean up to 7.5” but still a lot of spread from clunkers to 12-15”
  6. Defo/pivot feature end up further south but barely moves and ends up still good
  7. Euro going south and weaker. Brad Maynard on speed dial.
  8. Caplan sending out mega hype on the Fox 32 website
  9. Euro bumped back up again. 4-5" for Chi metro
  10. Advisories expanded north so LOT agrees.
  11. Can we get a motion to ban 10:1 maps? Rarely is the case where ratios are 10:1 an entire event and take northern Illinois for example....climo ratios hover around 12-13:1 anyways. Kuchera can be overdone at times but will do a much better job with changing ratios throughout an event based on the temperature profile.
  12. RGEM seems to be more bullish stacking snow due to it having colder sfc temps. By 3z tomorrow night it has 28-29 while most guidance is 31ish.
  13. 1-2" outta do it here. GFS/NAM on their own.
  14. Yeah, 18z NAM has nearly 24 hours of snow for the Chicago metro area when you get added support on Thursday.