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  1. Hoping Naperville gets absolutely buried
  2. Wasn’t McHenry only supposed to get like 1-2”? Eek
  3. How much does ORD need to hit 50" for the season?
  4. Not sure if it was posted but the ARW/NMM/NSSL-WRF all had some areas in Cook co with 16-18" at the ARW had a 24" max
  5. 18z nest is coming in snowier for a larger portion of Cook co.
  6. Because I moved to Colorado to work at KDEN haha kidding still some good eggs in that office
  7. 18z RAP continues to show the goods. 15"+ at both ORD and MDW. You guys suck
  8. Barb next one who should be fired good lord that's bad
  9. Haven’t seen this guy in a hot minute
  10. This upper level jet configuration should help get precip pretty far NW of the low
  11. It's the end of the NAM but it did come in more amplified with the ejecting wave Monday afternoon and evening
  12. Should just add like 5" onto the seasonal total come April given their inability to correctly measure snow now.
  13. ARP2 on the plumes has 20" for ORD. So you got that going for you, which is nice.
  14. Some guidance has a weenie swath from about BRL into Chicago metro while other guidance, including some of the CAM's are drier or have that higher axis south of 80.
  15. Yeah 6z NAM looked money for Chi metro. What a stretch.
  16. Still decent enough but nothing like the HRRR
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