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  1. Knocking out three airports in one shot. RIP ORD wx office
  2. R/S line collapsing nicely on CC now to the SE and S across Chi metro as heavier returns move in.
  3. 21z HRRR is really legit with the front end thump, especially from about ORD on westward. 0.60”+ QPF by 15z
  4. Hi, first time long time. What speeds do you think you'll reach on the road driving into LOT on snowy surfaces and will it be a repeat of the other afternoon with large parachutes falling from the sky under 35-40dbz but struggling to accumulate? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
  5. Bozochardt has only 3-5” now for areas like Dekalb tomorrow. Kid is going to learn the hard way.
  6. Borchardt coming into work tonight for LOT and just straight up disagreeing with previous shifts snowfall forecast. Loser
  7. 850mb and sfc low are occluding so you're losing your moisture advection into the CCB back that ways. Chicago area continues to look like a 4-8"ish event of cement off 1"+ of QPF.
  8. Actually, not until 3:30pm tomorrow up in hillbilly country.
  9. 6:1 ratios in the heart of winter with a deep SLP is rough
  10. Gotta jinx a rainer somehow. Have at it.
  11. That euro run be p hot. Probably should get a thread rolling
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