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  1. That's a pretty wound up storm on the 18z GFS for the far eastern sub on the last weekend of January.
  2. I have noticed that as well. And I'm not a huge fan of using the word "active" just because there may be multiple chances of small amounts of precip over a period of time. It can snow 3 times and add up to 4 inches (or even less) or it can snow 3 times and add up to 20 inches.
  3. ORD has officially fallen behind where things stood last winter. Through 1/17/2021, ORD had 6.8". Through 1/17/2022, ORD has 6.6".
  4. Just putting this out there now. I get all the February threads.
  5. Yeah I knew he was having issues. Really hope he is ok.
  6. Does anybody know Jackstraw off of the board, like on social media? He hasn't been on here since late June, which is concerning. Terrible start to winter in the area, but still.
  7. IND only has 0.8" of snow so far. Through 1/16, it's the 3rd lowest snowfall to date, only behind 1940-41 and 1970-71.
  8. Great storm. Hopefully we get another one or two of these in the sub this winter.
  9. Living near I-80 and getting beat by Tennessee halfway through January.
  10. Heading toward the time of year when fluff on the ground fights the sun angle. Good stuff.
  11. Precip wise, it appears that the less likely scenario (compared to that outlook) is going to happen north of the Ohio Valley. Been a dry first half of the month with no sign that it will appreciably turn around in the next couple weeks.
  12. They never got completely out of last year's drought, so yeah. Not necessarily an immediate problem but if the next few months are dry, then it sets up in a potentially bad way.
  13. Glad to see you getting snow there in southern Mississippi.
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