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  1. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    There was a band of 8-11". Of course there are different considerations this time with it being in an entirely different season with frozen ground so half the rain may be just about as bad. Overall could end up being one of the better winter flood events in LOT since January 2008.
  2. February 2018 Discussion

    Being in the 50s for about 12 hours has obviously done a number on the snowpack, but still have some patches and piles outside my window. RIP snow.
  3. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    I think the amounts are overdone in general. We will be coming off of mild temps so there should be at least a little lag time before icing sets in. Also, there are indications of enough cold air in the low levels to possibly result in a change to sleet, which would further cut down on the freezing rain. I'd watch the hi-res models to see if they start extending the window.
  4. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    Window for wintry precip doesn't look too long in any given area, but definitely could happen. Besides that, there is going to be water on the ground that may try to freeze.
  5. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    Getting some decent rains now.
  6. February 2018 Discussion

    My yard retains water easily. Can't imagine what it may look like in the next couple days.
  7. February 2018 Discussion

    Still have a solid snowpack (few inches) around here that is slow to budge, and now it must be very dense with adding rain into it.
  8. February 2018 Discussion

    Great point. I have learned the hard way over the years (expecting a warm front to get north of here only to see it halt progress somewhere around US 30) that these fronts tend to not want to get as far north as progged unless there's a good reason to... as you mentioned, we don't have that strong of a surface low.
  9. I think I remember it. The low was pretty deep iirc.
  10. Funny, my perception has been that there's been plenty of sunny days this winter (although you do mention cloud free which is kind of a high standard). I know Michigan has a lot of cloudy days in winter due to Lake Michigan. I would imagine there is some of that influence even where you are, as compared to areas west of the lake.
  11. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    Does look like some pretty good precip amounts. In many areas, should be enough to wipe out the drier than average DJF precip anomalies and then some.
  12. February 2018 Discussion

    Snow is clinging to everything with the wetness and lack of wind. Very picturesque.
  13. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Beavis, nobody is stopping you from discussing this winter or winters of old. Go right ahead. Maybe you will get some replies and even bring out some lurkers. Collectively, I don't think that we've ever been quite as winter focused as the other subforums. We seemingly don't have a lot of die hard 3-4 month winter posters (you are one of the exceptions). I know they do exist out there. I'd like to think this place is welcoming to people with all kinds of preferences.
  14. February 2018 Discussion

    Impressive. Evaporative cooling ftw.