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  1. Who knows about timing/details but in general, next week should have decent severe potential in the sub.
  2. Per request, the heat wave posts have been split into its own thread
  3. Daily positive % crept up to 10% in Indiana. Had been a long run of mid to upper single digit % on the dailies... like a couple months.
  4. The thing is it took a while for the increases to really take off in the states that reopened early. It seems like there is some kind of tipping point of too much reopening, too many people getting careless with their behavior, or some combination. It's part art and part science as to how much reopening you can get away with, and some states may be able to push it a little more than others.
  5. Just remembered Central Park is their official site, right? If so then I'll definitely say Chicago.
  6. Obviously a lot of attention has been on Florida, Arizona, Texas and California, but Georgia is sneaking up as well... and now there is a bit of a battle between the GA gov and Atlanta mayor.
  7. Could be headed for about 65k today. Not sure how high the daily number can go as we are going to max out test processing capability at some point. There have already been reports of test results taking longer to come back now compared to a month or so ago. You could certainly make an argument that we actually have over 100k new cases per day right now since significant numbers of asymptomatic people wouldn't have a reason to get tested.
  8. 80 degree streak could end up getting quite large as long as it makes it through Sunday...
  9. Wonder who will have the higher gust... Chicago with Cristobal or NYC with Fay. ORD gusted to 60 mph back then
  10. It probably won't come as a surprise that this will be the warmest opening 10 days of July in Chicago since 2012.
  11. Covid hospitalizations have been increasing in Indiana, though not at a dramatic rate and there is still plenty of bed availability. Current hospitalizations are the highest they have been since the 3rd week of June. It would largely be too early to see any impact from the 4th of July on the hospitalization numbers because of the typical time lag with this illness so hopefully there isn't a sharper rise on the way.
  12. Can see the flattening and upward move starting in the 7 day avg on worldometers. Probably a similar look on the other tracking sites (or will be soon)
  13. 3 days in a row of 900+. Wish we could say it's all because of the weekend lag but I don't think so. It looks like we have reached the point where the increases in several states are outweighing the declines in other states.
  14. I see that Buffalo got to 98. Very impressive for that area.