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  1. Your PMs are full or something, so with that being the case, I will post what I was going to say here. I learned early on that people are going to criticize the mods. It comes with the territory. I don't appreciate it happening so publicly from another staff member. I view it as sort of an unwritten rule that you take those things to PM or the staff forum. My problem was not the criticism itself, it's who it was coming from.
  2. Totally didn't see your reply coming. Not.
  3. You should probably keep your thoughts to yourself.
  4. That is actually the warmest temperature this year at ORD.
  5. Phin, I'd like to.think you are too smart to fall for that talking point. Many others will probably use it to show how "the vaccines are failing" though. It comes down to share of people vaccinated vs unvaccinated in the more vulnerable age groups. The image below explains the general concept fairly well.
  6. The vaccines are ostensibly harmless for the vast, vast majority (I say that since long term data will have to be collected) but we shouldn't pretend like a tiny sliver of people don't have really serious side effects. I'm not a fan of having vaccine mandates, certainly not at the govt level and even those that are employer/school based, but I understand there is a lot of precedent especially for the latter. I'd probably get more onboard with vaccine mandates if the legal protections against these entities were removed. I say this as someone who is fully vaxxed against covid.
  7. I'm not sure how this is all going to work as long as there isn't an official recommendation in the US to get a booster yet. What if somebody walks in to a vaccination site and is like "I want a booster now." How is that gonna be handled? And if it does get recommended only for certain groups, say immunocompromised or anybody over 65, there's going to be people who don't qualify who are going to be upset.
  8. Your side effects and progression sound similar to mine. Had 2nd Pfizer on June 14 and started getting aches and some chills and just an overall ill feeling when I was getting ready for bed that night. Tossed and turned a lot. The 15th was not pleasant. Was able to function but just did not feel well. I was about 80-90% back to normal when I woke up on the 16th. Soreness in arm took 4 days to completely go away.
  9. I do watch the numbers regularly. Believe it or not, it is possible to post about rising numbers without freaking out. I'm simply making observations. I am not in here advocating for a return of restrictions/mask mandates.
  10. Kinda hard to believe that national average cases per day were not that far above 10k as recently as late June. Not necessarily shocking to see rising numbers, but if you expected it to increase this much this fast, good for you but you're probably lying. Fwiw, the highest daily case number in the 2020 summer surge was near 80k. May beat that at some point at the rate things are going. Yeah, things are more open now, but the southern US in particular wasn't exactly locked down nor having severe restrictions in the summer of 2020. I'm not sure how much more "open" they are now compared to last year at this time.
  11. I think we need more evidence to sort it all out. Whether it's more deadly overall or just more deadly to the unvaccinated than previous covid variants are two different questions. It seems like it's a pretty clear no on the first question, but more unclear on the second one.
  12. Well, we were told there were no issues with KLAF.
  13. Would be interesting to see an age breakdown of deaths in FL. Obviously a very large senior population but you'd assume at least 3/4 of them have been vaccinated.
  14. 13k+ new cases and 148 deaths in Florida. They started surging in earnest just a couple weeks ago so at least expect the avg daily deaths to get worse before they get better.
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