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  1. This is fascinating. Sometimes it almost seems like it has a mind of its own https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/09/23/houston-coronavirus-mutations/?arc404=true
  2. Getting some sun. Time to put together a half assed rally.
  3. This shouldn't be that difficult. Typing 1 divided by 10 into a calculator results in 0.1 We all know that 1 out of 10 is 10 percent. To convert 0.1 to 10 percent, you move the decimal point 2 places to the right.
  4. Last year you could see the pattern setting up to favor an usually far south early snow, which actually ended up happening at the end of October. This would take it to the next level though.
  5. Quite the curveball. Looked like slam dunk low-mid 80s.
  6. ORD finally stopped the 79 madness today.
  7. So obviously there has been a lot of attention on older people and those with comorbidities being at greater risk of serious illness, but what about an individual's risk profile changing throughout the year? I haven't heard much about that. In particular, for people living in northern climates, is your risk of a more significant case elevated in the colder months when you are more likely to have lower vitamin D levels? After all, D is one thing that is thought to play a key role in immune health.
  8. Pretty big number out of IL today, though it can partially be attributed to testing numbers creeping up. Will have to keep an eye on hospitalizations... there was a pretty big jump in those yesterday but need to see upcoming days to ascertain any trend.
  9. Not a tree expert by any means, but there is a point where too much dryness starts to stress the trees. We are still in D0/D1 in this area, which isn't a major concern, but it could become a factor if it keeps up. Don't have the type of color change here yet that you are describing, but I don't think that is out of the ordinary as I believe your area runs just a hair ahead of mine.
  10. If ever there's a year for the color change to not run behind schedule (running behind has seemingly become more common lately), this is it. The only possible mitigating factor that I can imagine here locally would be if the dryness continues, which could dull it and make it go toward more of the brown look, but it would have to continue to be dry in the coming weeks.
  11. Faint smell of smoke outside. The milky white sky is prominent but not sure if it's coming from that.
  12. That is the 4th time that Chicago has had 3 consecutive highs of 79. The other occurrences were in 1878, 1942 and 2007. It has never happened 4 days in a row. Tomorrow would have to underachieve a bit to do it.
  13. Some positive pieces of info too, like certain populations potentially having longer lasting antibodies (and hopefully immunity). Of course I'm not sure how you figure out who is going to have longer immunity.
  14. Good read on covid-19 reinfections and vaccines https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-covid-19-reinfection-means-for-vaccines/