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  1. A few more weak tornadoes have been confirmed from the 18th.
  2. 216 hours, big flip flops aren't that unusual.
  3. Never would've guessed there's been over 1300 tornadoes. It seems like it's been quieter for reasons you mentioned. 3 of those EF3 and 1 EF4 happened in the 2/28-3/1 outbreak.
  4. Made it to 52 at ORD, which ties for the highest temp so far this month. If that seems abnormally cool for the highest November temp, it is. Chicago has only had 12 Novembers in which the highest temp failed to reach 60, and almost all of them except one (1997) happened 50+ years ago. Friday should surpass 52, but prospects for a 60 degree day this month are a bit uncertain.
  5. Breaking news: it's 50 at South Bend.
  6. The Friday setup looks synoptically similar, but with warmer thermal profiles, so temps should have no trouble exceeding today.
  7. 57 at MLI
  8. That storm looks like the next shot at anything remotely interesting (outside of the lake belts I guess).
  9. Tomorrow seems like a candidate to overperform. Pretty good southwest flow and mainly sunny skies around here. Also most of the leaves are down so it's almost like one of those late winter/early spring days that gets warmer than expected with the lack of vegetation. Most raw 2m guidance has highs in the 40s (MOS a bit warmer) but I'm thinking we can get to 50+.
  10. C'mon, that is some elite cold. You will rarely see temps like that in the middle of the day.
  11. I wish I had an 18z map from 1/20/1985. I'm not sure if another day can match that one for daytime temps. Maybe 1/1/1864 but most places in the Midwest don't have weather records back that far.
  12. The tornado in Indiana has not been added to this map for some reason, but all in all, it seems like the southern end of this (like TN/AL) overperformed the most.
  13. You know what will happen now. Big outbreak in Michigan in 2018.