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  1. Had a feeling you might say something like that, but wasn't sure. There are definitely people who are in the camp of "if it's not going to snow it might as well torch"
  2. A. Snow band is tucked in pretty tight to the surface low on that depiction B. Can't believe I just commented on the 14 day GFS.
  3. Serious question for a die hard winter guy like yourself. Which would you rather have, the type of regime we've been in lately or something really torchy like a run of 10-15+ above average? Have to pick one.
  4. Magnitude of the cold shot next week seems to be backing off a bit. Lack of snow cover with southward extent once you get into most of IA, IL, etc won't help either.
  5. Hopefully that thing around the 13th-15th produces a nice snow somewhere, but even if it doesn't, I look at it as sort of just the beginning of the more favorable stretch. I mean, it can't get much worse than how the first 10+ days of December are going to play out for most of us, right?
  6. Details are anybody's guess but there has been a pretty good signal for a storm around the 13th-15th. 00z Euro looks ready to bomb the heck out of the thing at 216.
  7. I wish we could fast forward about a week and a half.
  8. Too much energy left in the southwest = more northern stream dominance = crappier system overall with snow displaced farther north. The GFS does not hang it back as much but has slowed enough since yesterday to still sort of screw things up.
  9. Hey, you can see the local sort of screw zone in my area.
  10. Well, 18z GFS still looks decent next week. Euro is hanging back a lot of energy in the southwest which is what leads to its tamer and farther north solution.
  11. I mean, it has been warmer than average recently, but this is kind of cheap for Indian summer . Departures like this are pretty useless at this time of year -- still cool
  12. I thought Angry was gonna be all in on the arctic outbreak.
  13. GFS still pretty chilly next week, though the last couple runs are dropping it in farther east.
  14. Okay look for an ensemble product. At least not suggestive of a perpetual warm disaster without opportunities to snow.