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  1. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    There always seems to be a rush to get the outlooks out there... I'm speaking in general. I really don't think it's possible to forecast the upcoming winter with any skill in September/October, especially if an overwhelmingly strong ENSO signal is lacking. It's a bit more useful to wait until November but even then, there's a lot that can go wrong.
  2. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    Yeah, even the moderate Ninos tend to be drier than average. Doesn't necessarily mean below average snow as you mentioned. I'm torn on the temp anomalies. I do think there's a good chance that the dividing line between warmer/colder runs somewhere in our region, but whether it's in the northern Lakes, I-80-ish or the OV is tough to say.
  3. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    Released today Having trouble finding last months maps in the archives but I think it had EC for precip everywhere in our region, so this would represent a hedge toward drier if that's the case
  4. Hoosier

    October 2018 General Discussion

    It will probably rebound right away if the last 6 months are any indication lol
  5. Hoosier

    October 2018 General Discussion

    Daddy likes NAO is progged to plunge negative in the final week too, which is something that has had a hard time happening in seemingly forever.
  6. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    Yeah, IND beating ORD by over 20" is crazy. Indianapolis has beat Chicago in some winters, but not very often. The only other time Indianapolis beat Chicago by over 20" was not long before that in 1995-96, when they finished almost 28" ahead.
  7. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    ORD had 28.6", I had thirty something, IND had 50" (one of their snowier winters) and DTW had 60.9"
  8. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    That was an irritating winter around here. Could've been worse but it was excellent about 150 miles southeast.
  9. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    2002 has been mentioned as an analog in various places. Interestingly, September 2018 had a similar temperature look to 2002. October 2018 is on the way to having a gradient like 2002, though we may not get the below average temps as far south.
  10. Hoosier

    October 2018 General Discussion

    Did you get anything on 10/12/2006?
  11. Hoosier

    October 2018 General Discussion

    I think I might tune out until the last few days of the month lol. That looks like the next significant synoptic system. Could be us or east coast.
  12. Hoosier

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    The ENSO behavior is looking like it could be similar to years like 1968-69 and 1986-87. May get a similar peak but the other aspect is the late fade... both of those Ninos didn't do the typical weaken after early winter thing. 2014-15 may be another one but that one never faded and in fact grew to the infamous super Nino status for the next winter.
  13. Hoosier

    Fall foliage thread - 2018

    Where did you move from again?
  14. Hoosier

    Major Hurricane Michael

    My take on that is that if you're in the eyewall of a cat 4/5 hurricane, it's going to be pretty damn intense no matter what part of the eyewall you're in. Especially in this case since Michael was strengthening through landfall.
  15. Hoosier

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    I wonder if buckeye still reads JB. Who am I kidding?