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  1. Was wondering if the rains overnight yesterday would have any effect in holding back temps around here, but it doesn't look like it. Checking a couple of the nearby sites, they are running very close to the Chicago sites which got very little rain, and the Chicago sites had a warmer start this morning.
  2. HRRR dews at 21z. I'd have to check but I wonder how this compares to what happened in Oct 2007. Then again, that was a couple weeks later in the calendar year.
  3. Record mins are probably going to be threatened in the next several days as well. A wildcard would be in areas with very dry ground and whether that allows bigger overnight cooldowns than progged.
  4. No, but you might see it start dancing on the satellite imagery.
  5. 4th to 8th was 82, 84, 87, 87, 87
  6. LOT forecast has 88-90 for ORD for the next 4 days. The record streak of 90 degree days from 9/20 onward is 3 days, from 9/30/1971 through 10/2/1971. Even if a 3 or 4 day streak of 90s fails to materialize, the current forecast (getting the 4th consecutive day of at least upper 80s) would basically be an unprecedented occurrence in Chicago weather records. The max temps are noteworthy, but it's really the duration of this high end warm stretch that is more unusual.
  7. Only to possibly get fried again in the coming week. But we'll see what kind of rain happens tomorrow (around your area in particular). Average weekly rain this time of year is around .7"
  8. Looks like this actually inched up from the last heat index map I posted
  9. Ended up with a little over an inch. Got absorbed fast as I could hardly tell that it rained even a few hours ago.
  10. Yeah, steady. Haven't really gotten into any heavier cells yet.
  11. Already .75" at ARR.
  12. I guess I probably will outdo your total.
  13. Here's a list of all of Chicago's 90 degree days from September 20 on, according to day. As you can see, 17 of the 34 occurrences happened between Sep 20-22. 9/20: 7 9/21: 5 9/22: 5 9/23: 1 9/24: 3 9/25: 1 9/26: 1 9/27: 1 9/28: 2 9/29: 1 9/30: 1 10/1: 1 10/2: 1 10/3: 2 10/4: 1 10/6: 1
  14. 23z run. El oh El