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  1. The eye is really filling in on the infrared. Too bad it's too late to stop that 20 ft surge from slamming into coastal villages.
  2. I think many high-end Cat 4s would likely be Category 5 statuses in today's world. Hurricane Georges, Hurricane Floyd, Hurricane Lenny. I think we just have such in-depth constant data and it comes so fast that we get more upgrades.
  3. Wow! The first Cat 5 since.....last year.
  4. That outflow into the upper low in the Central Atlantic is remarkable.
  5. I know this sounds crazy...but I wouldn't be shocked if there were still MORE storms after this. Maybe a few more name wasters out at sea, and another Western Caribbean hurricane.
  6. Looks like even 2020 is gonna add a historic "I" storm after the fact.
  7. Quite a hurricane season, and I'd still watch the Western Caribbean the rest of this month for sure. Thus far, we've had 28 named storms, 12 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes. However, there is a high likelihood that Gamma was a hurricane at it's Yucatan landfall, and I wonder if Sally or Zeta reached Category 3 status. If all of that takes place posthumously, we could have 28/13/7. I think (similar to 2005 actually) we had a surprisingly lack of long-tracked Cape Verde activity. Laura began from a wave, but it developed later. Teddy was the only true long-tracked Cape Verde hurricane, although Paulette technically counts. I guess I just grew up in the 90s during the days of true long-trackers like Hurricane Georges. It looks like if nothing else hits the United States, we had six hurricane landfalls. Hanna, Isaias, Laura, Sally, Delta, Zeta. Remember though, at one point, Cristobal, Marco, and Beta were all expected to be hurricanes at landfall....so we could've had NINE hurricanes. I think the fact that five of the six were technically Category 1 or 2 does play a role, especially after 2017 had two Category 4 landfalls, and 2018 had a Category 5. Nevertheless, all five storms packed a punch and one was a rare near-Cat 5 Gulf Coast landfall. (Another thing I remember growing up was how much storms usually weakened on approach to the Gulf Coast in the 1990s/2000s).
  8. Why have three recons turned around in 24 hrs? What in the world??
  9. I'm always amused how this disastrous 150-160 mph November monster hurricane is nearing Central America and some people are wondering why it's ONLY a monster borderline Cat 4/5.