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  1. Floydbuster

    Hurricane Barry

    New UKMET has a Cat 2/3 hurricane striking directly into Galveston Bay, TX.
  2. Floydbuster

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Please stay west! I have a Myrtle Beach vacation this upcoming weekend
  3. Floydbuster

    June 2019 General Discussion

    So since I'm more a tropical guy than anything else, is there a legit reason why this weather has been ball-sucking cold? It's 55 and rainy in the middle of freaking June. I'm pissed as is every other freaking person I know. If memory serves, we also had a cooler early Summer in 2017 and 2018. The only fascinating thing is if their is a correlation between cold summers in Ohio and more hurricane landfalls in the U.S? I recall August 2004 being very cold here, right before the epic reign of Charley/Frances/Ivan and Jeanne.
  4. Floydbuster

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    My mother was on the freeway 5 min ago near Fairlawn and Ghent RD in Summit County, OH and said there was nasty hail and some signs of damage with branches, ect. Headed to me now.
  5. Floydbuster

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    Radar getting active, especially tornadic cells in Western PA. I'm a little surprised the SPC keeps giving only "slight" risks to storms that clearly have much higher potential to turn violent fast.
  6. Floydbuster

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    If I recall, the weather the day of the Xenia '74 twister was unstable, but never did they expect the extent of tornadoes that struck the area.
  7. Floydbuster

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    Yeah I'm listening. This reminds of "Night of the Twisters". (For those old enough to remember the 1996 TV movie)
  8. Floydbuster

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Watching large tornado that just formed near Follett TX
  9. Floydbuster

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Press conference now
  10. Floydbuster

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    Ironically, I see on the Jefferson Missouri Fire Department FB page that just yesterday, they dedicated their new fire station.
  11. Floydbuster

    Mid to Late May 2019 Severe Threats

    I hope sirens are going
  12. Floydbuster

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    I'm listening to the Police/Fire/EMS dispatch and some of the addresses of severe/catastrophic damage are right in downtown, literally within 1000-2000 feet of the Lewis & Clark Monument, Missouri State Capitol building dome, and the Missouri State Penitentiary.
  13. Floydbuster

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    Per Twitter, some residents saying that the twister that went through downtown Jefferson City is a "Joplin-style" event. Sounds dire.
  14. Well, according to the re-analysis project, there are several Category 4 storms close to Category 5 strength at landfall: Pre-records: 1846 Hurricane may have been at Cat 5 intensity near Florida Keys. August 1856 - "Last Island" - 150 mph/934 mb August 1886 - "Indianola" - 150 mph/925 mb
  15. I have to agree. The lack of cold fronts and troughs also contributed to Hurricane Florence's unlikely westward progression from Africa northwest into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, to an eventual landfall in North Carolina.