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  1. Windspeed

    April 13-14 Severe Weather Outbreak

    Blue skies past hour after several hours of showers. Temperatures have responded accordingly, up to 74° from 63° earlier, and it actually feels humid, which may aid in destabilization for strong cells by the time the boundary rolls through KTRI.
  2. Windspeed

    April 13-14 Severe Weather Outbreak

    Atlanta's population is much larger than that half-a-million figure but their census only includes the Atlanta "metro proper" for its total. However, Fulton Co., which includes a big chunk of Atlanta's residential suburbs has over 1.2 million people alone. Population totals can be confusing with respect to different cities and their zoning. For example, Houston is the exact opposite of Atlanta. Everything inside the Sam Houston Beltway is included in Houston's metro population. Atlanta would be much larger if it incorporated a larger portion of its urban region. Make no mistake though, several million live inside the I-285 loop and around 3-4 million in close proximity to it within the greater Atlanta urban region.
  3. Cyclone Idai: Death toll rises to 750 as Mozambique city of Beira begins long road to recovery.
  4. Veronica's core is slowing down and will eventually begin a SW to WSW motion in close proximity to the Australian coast before or just after landfall. Though cloudtops have cooled and ADT increased to 115 kts over night, the eye has become rather ragged in the last several hours. With a slow motion and bend in track in close proximity to coast, should a landfall occur, it may take a while. This region of Australian coast is sparsely populated. Roebourne is the only major township beyond several coastal getaways and they're roughly a few thousand people combined. This area no stranger to cyclones however. They should be prepared.
  5. Trevor's landfall is imminent. JTWC has the intensity around 105 kts. ADT still supports that. Looks like a solid Cat 3 landfall.
  6. Despite low shear, Veronica can't seem to intensify. JTWC actually downgraded. Unsure of dry air intrusion or core alignment. Microwave shows multiple concentric bands. Probably all downhill from here as far as intensity. Likewise, Trevor seems to be struggling with 700-600mb southwesterly shear, tilting the MLC northeast of the LLC. Despite -85°C intense convective cloudstops, it's running out of time. Doesn't look like either cyclone will come anywhere close to the 920s millibars in pressure despite days of unanimous modeling support to the contrary. Looks like JTWC's earlier intensity forecasts are also going to bust hard on both systems. But again, Cat 5s are extremely difficult to forecast even with days of good modeling consensus.
  7. Severe cyclone Veronica looks to have completed an ERC and is beginning to clear out the cloud canopy over its eye. A run at Cat 5, if it's going to happen, should be commencing in short order. Atmospheric conditions including strong divergence aloft and 30°C SSTs are supportive for such run before increasing shear becomes an issue near landfall. Hopefully that shear will weaken Veronica prior to landfall, though we're more hopeful it will come ashore away from any populated communities.
  8. Per ADT, Veronica is the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane now. JTWC forecast 140 kts. Aus Met is also forecasting a 5 on their scale. Should make landfall on late Saturday or Sunday.
  9. Windspeed

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Michael is retired.
  10. Windspeed

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Florence is retired.
  11. Veronica has undergone RI over night. Fairly impressive 24 hour intensification.
  12. Australia now has two intensifying cyclones. Positioned off the NW coast is Veronica, which is quickly consolidating a core and looks to become an intense cyclone in the near term. Likewise, Trevor, which is emerging over the Gulf of Carpentaria is quickly reorganizing after crossing the Cape York Peninsula. Both cyclones are unanimously modeled to become severe cyclones and there is even the possibility of an extremely rare occurrence of two Category 5s raging simultaneously near to the Australian coastline at once.
  13. RE: Idai https://media.ifrc.org/ifrc/press-release/mozambique-cyclone-90-per-cent-beira-surrounds-damaged-destroyed/ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-47609676]https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-47609676 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-18/mozambique-flood-death-toll-may-be-more-than-1-000-zitamar-says
  14. Pretty unanimous global modeling on a sub 930 mb tropical cyclone traversing the Gulf of Carpentaria late week. Looks like double landfalls for Cyclone Trevor in Australia. The initial being eastern Cape York Peninsula coast late on Tuesday. Then reintensification transitioning into rapid intensification as the severe cyclone turns poleward in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
  15. Windspeed

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Oh man this one hurt. I mean at least we have a good basketball team. Great even from a historical perspective of Tennessee Men's basketball. But ugh....damn.