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  1. I love that place. The Pygmy Forest is beautiful. I imagine the scenery is gorgeous as usual.
  2. NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER TROPICAL CYCLONE REPORT HURRICANE KATIA (AL132017) 5 – 9 September 2017 http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/data/tcr/AL132017_Katia.pdf
  3. Column must be moistening and cooling. Intensity has really picked up here. Moderate snow south of Bristol near the S. Holston River. Ground got white in a hurry. Probably 1/4-1/3" on the ground already.
  4. http://www.volcanocafe.org/gunung-agung-and-the-potential-future/
  5. Beautiful full moon this evening. Apologies for the image quality; phone cameras don't do a good job with such shots.
  6. Found the source from the image posted previously. Decided better to delete that and link the source to credit the photographer. It is gorgeous. The image was from sunset the night of Nov 30th and shared via the Associated Press. There was a light ash emission with pressure plume at the time of capture.
  7. Agung looks like a pressure cooker this morning. Really anxious for CVMPG to get a drone in the air while ash emissions are low/negligible to get a visual of the crater floor.
  8. Per my previous comments, looks like the ministry was referring to volume in the crater as actual effusive lava. The official release is now in English. I will post that as the site is slow to load. https://magma.vsi.esdm.go.id/press/view.php?id=117
  9. It is interesting that the eruption has transitioned to effusive in a matter of days. Agung has a pretty large 1 km wide crater that is already being reported as 1/3 full of new lava. If this trend continues, we may have a flow down the flanks of the volcano from the lower rim within a week or two. I presume that flow would be andesite. But that is speculation. It will have to be sampled. Edit: I am not entirely sure about that explanation on volume. I am uncertain if the ministry is reporting that the total erupted volume for the event cycle's entirety is 20 million cubic meters (one-third volume of crater) or that incandescent dome or lava flow within the crater is now 20M m3 (one-third volume of crater). Perhaps they will clarify that soon.
  10. The Ministry of ESDM Geological Agency of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation released a detailed report about Mount Agung today. The wonderful Dr. Krippner translated. Posting below for posterity:
  11. Wow...
  12. An Update on the Agung volcanic eruption in Indonesia contributed by Dr. Hutchison @ EGU Blogs: https://blogs.egu.eu/divisions/gmpv/ Of note:
  13. The past decade has been a disaster. Perhaps the Haslams will stop meddling in the affairs of the program. If they want to donate and support financially, fine. But clearly they are incapable of making competent decisions with respect to administrators and coaches. The current search has reached astronomical levels of incompetence. You know what? I'm not even going to bother anymore. I have lost all hope. [emoji17]
  14. Another strong harmonic tremor between 8 and 11 UTC, Nov. 29th, like on the 28th.