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  1. Windspeed

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    South of Bristol near S. Holston River. Just passed 4" of rainfall since last Saturday. Ground is definitely saturated. Any significant rainfall this afternoon through tomorrow probably results in flooding. Creek flow adjacent to property is at max capacity. Training cells have shifted just barely to my west right now after getting around an inch last hour. Edit: Here is a good website for extracting rain gauge data around the Tennessee Valley.
  2. Windspeed

    Hurricane Maria

    It's important to note here that though the official numbers attributed to direct deaths reported by Puerto Rico governmental and civil agencies may have also been incorrect (this is still under investigation), these new estimates by the Harvard Medical peer-reviewed study are attributed to indirect deaths (i.e. deaths due to health-related complications over inaccessible electricity, medicine, basic survival necessities, etc.). An ongoing study and investigation is also being done by George Washington University as well, which was supposed to be out in May, but has been delayed. It can be debated whether indirect deaths should be attributed to the meteorological-related phenomenon by the hurricane. Personally, I feel like it should be included alongside direct deaths, but kept seperate. Even within a range of acceptable error, these tolls can never be more accurate than estimates due to the logistics of obtaining the data. However, if persons die due to having no access to electricity, medical or basic survival necessities, these are no less signficiant and still due to the impact of the hurricane. Include those estimates in reported numbers, but distinguish direct and indirect, as certainly a combination of factors (i.e. chronic illnesses, poor infrastructure, aid and assistance response time) are also contributing to the deaths beyond meteorological hazards. Again, the loss of life is no less significant and still should be included and attributed to the hurricane due to overwhelming evidence of an increased mortality rate. It will be interesting to see GWU's results as well. Edit: Grammatical.
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2018/05/23/new-satellites-primary-weather-monitoring-tool-is-not-working-properly-noaa-says/
  4. Windspeed

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Kind of surprised MRX didn't go ahead and warn this cell over portions of Abingdon, Va. 45-50k tops with nickel-quarter sized hail and intense lightning. Edit: Looks like they did issue an special advisory earlier at 3:14 EDT for the training cells over that area which was just renewed through 5:15PM for frequent lightning, dime-sized hail and 40mph winds.
  5. Windspeed

    Tn Valley Severe Weather 2018

    The setup for early-to-mid May could be a volatile one for strong storms for the Mississippi and Tennessee Valley. Potent shortwaves enhanced by southwesterly jet out of Mexico, cooler than normal upper levels in May, advancing dry lines out of Texas, strong bulk shear, etc.; it only takes one of those surface lows to come in line to make for a memorable event. Yes, obviously not wanting to overhype so far in advance. Yes, it's Spring and there shall be storms with increasing juicy Gulf moisture as per the norm, but the atmosphere may very well be conducive for at least one strong Southern outbreak.
  6. Windspeed

    Hurricane Maria

    The NHC has released its Tropical Cyclone Report for Maria: • Third costliest hurricane in US history. • Sixth fastest period of rapid intensification recorded in the Atlantic Basin. • Category 5, 145 kts sustained landfall over Dominica. • Set minimum pressure record east of 70°W (908 mb) that had only been set a couple weeks prior by Irma (914 mb). • Category 4, 135 kts sustained landfall over southeast Puerto Rico near Yabucoa. This makes Maria the most intense cyclone landfall in wind speed on US soil since Charley (130 kts) in 2004 and Andrew (145 kts) in 1992, and the strongest for PR proper since the Segundo San Felipe Hurricane of 1928. They mention some of the higher terrain probably did experience category 5 wind. • 31 deaths in Dominica with 34 missing. 65 deaths in PR, though they mention this number may rise based on an ongoing federal investigation. Full PDF of report.
  7. Windspeed

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Hit 80° here briefly in places around KTRI this afternoon. Quite sunny and felt very Spring-like. Steady SSW surface flow ahead of the front. Could be some pretty good winds overnight as the front passes through and an isolated thunderstorm or two. Branches and general yard debris should make for fun landscaping this weekend.
  8. Windspeed

    Tn Valley Severe Weather 2018

    Summary on the Jacksonville, AL tornado that was rated an EF3. Considering the area it passed through, it's amazing there were no deaths and greater numbers of injured. https://www.weather.gov/bmx/event_03192018_jacksonville
  9. Haha nice work, Josh! I headbanged a little. Good luck on your chases this year. May they be as successful as 2017, though hopefully less witnessing to devestation of densely populated areas. Edit: *2017
  10. Marcus is traversing cooler waters and weakening as expected. Without respite, however, another cyclone is intensifying rapidly out of the Torres Strait and moving into the Gulf of Carpentaria. Cyclone Nora already has a clearing eye surrounded by -80°C tops and is on the way to becoming severe. The system is moving through an increasingly favorable environment for significant intensification and could interact with land as an intense cyclone. A more unfavorable environment late on the forecast period and slow movement may allow weakening prior to landfall of the cyclone's core. But that same slow movement may exacerbate flooding.
  11. Marcus will definitely be among the most powerful tropical cyclones of 2018:
  12. Severe Cyclone Marcus is a Category 5 on the Australian scale. It would probably be a Cat 5 on the US and Japan scales at some point as well. The cyclone looks to have completed an ERC and the eye that was partially covered in cloud debris appears to be clearing again. Dvorak is closing on AdjT#7 and 135 kts. The CDO is symmetrical with a thick ring of -80°C tops and MW representive of an intense eyewall. Here's the current Aus Met advisory:
  13. Windspeed

    Winter Banter 2017/18

    Yeah after a few days to settle, I'm really proud what they managed to accomplish this year. Here's to hoping they make a deeper run into the Big Dance next year. I think the team will improve.
  14. Windspeed

    Tn Valley Severe Weather 2018

    That was likely a violent long-tracker unfortunately.