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  1. Really glad you finally scored a good snow. Also congrats to all who did well. I am happy with my paltry 2 inches south of Bristol. I am glad I checked hype and curbed expectations versus very consistent modeling of a snow hole over portions of Sullivan and Washington Counties. Modeling did exceptionally well. Pretty sweet that the NWS busted low for Knoxville as you folks were due a good thumping. Lastly, the event isn't over. In my mind I had interaction with bitter cold tonight as part of it. Really it's unusual enough to get such cold so near to Spring, and worth the continued discussion.
  2. Two days of modeling and many noticeable precipitation holes over KTRI not to go ahead and expect that. Hopefully even if that occurs, there's enough mustard in this system to squeeze out 2-3 inches.
  3. We're now within 100 hrs of modeling of a regional/forum wide Winter weather event. Probably a good time to go ahead and fire up a dedicated thread. For those wanting snow accumulations, good luck. This system does look decent on the majority of ops and ensembles right now in its positioning and timing for cold air to be in place. Totals on the other hand are still up in the air. We shall see how the week unfolds. Latest GFS operational...
  4. Inject that straight into my veins. I'll gladly shut it down if that pans out.
  5. RE: Mesoscale, HRRR is really cranking a band over the eastern Valley and Appalachians. That could easily produce 1-3" accumulation with high rates of just a few hours. We're getting into crunch time.
  6. Oh ye of little faith...
  7. There were some notable upstream changes in modeling today that are starting to play out with some westward shift. We likely do not have enough downstream blocking to lock in a significant inland shift, but even a further slight shift and readjustment over the coast on the 0z & 6z suites would significantly increase accumulation potential for the eastern Valley. Obviously Western-Central VA/NC and the Blue Ridge would end up the big winners. Just hoping we at least get some kind of accumulation along the I-75 and I-81 corridors beyond a dusting. There are apparently going to be some Gulf Stream flight datasets for a later time that could further change modeling suites tomorrow. Edit: Thursday. We shall see...
  8. Interesting take by Webb....
  9. I was hopeful if at least a dusting this morning but the precip is sorta falling apart. Might see some flakes but meh..
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