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  1. It is pouring here. Where did this come from? Edit: rained about 5 minutes and picked up .10"
  2. My "official" high was 77.2 I'm guessing that perhaps MDT stayed a little cooler due to the river? Maybe? I'd think the water temp has probably come down some over the past couple of weeks.
  3. 76 now at MU, up to 77 at the homestead...
  4. I'll be mowing in t minus 2.5 hours... It's currently sunny and 75!
  5. NO!!!!! Nothing good comes from snow that early - at least that's what our history has been. We had snow in early October 1979...ended up with a TOTAL of 7.5" (MU) for the entire winter. I don't think the winter of 2011-12 was much better after it snowed in October. Keep that October snow far away please.
  6. MU is going for 74-78 today and 72-76 tomorrow.
  7. Thinking 75ish seems reasonable - amazing how warm it feels today after the weather we've had recently.
  8. Sunny and 69 - feeling like a mid 70s kind of day out there.
  9. Not sure how good of a coach he was, but he made for good theater.
  10. You have always, always been a very good sport about sports teams. Never once have you been obnoxious or tried to incite anyone. As you said, you even go out of your way to support the local teams even though their not your teams. I don't like either Dallas or Philly but regardless, Buddy Ryan probably wasn't the best human being. Aikman certainly "got his" later on.
  11. @Porsche- thanks for sharing the storm through pictures! @Bubbler86 - I agree with you. Sometimes when viewing "stormy beach pictures" from above, you don't really get a sense for just how rough it is. Boy, those 2 pictures you were referring to...those are some colossal waves!
  12. For the first time here since last Thursday...I see the sun!
  13. I typed about 6 different responses to this from Buddy Ryan's perspective but didn't think any of them were appropriate to post. LOL
  14. I like the Dean dude that's on Saturdays better. LOL
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