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  1. The storm as depicted above (which will likely move around, obviously) is much more representative of how storms played out in the 70s and 80s. Every mile you went west and north of Lancaster, the better. The past 20-25 years has really been an anomaly versus climate history where the coastal plain has outperformed the interior. It's time that that places like UNV and IPT get hammered. They've been fringed so many times when I've been buried. Going to be a great week of tracking guys!
  2. Yep...could make the difference between a grey rainy day and a wet paste bomb.
  3. Appreciate this very much - easy to understand. Should be an interesting week ahead!
  4. Man, if we only had a supply of fresh arctic air in place... The dude is relentless. I'm convinced he's going to will it to snow in July some year.
  5. There's a lot that I don't like about this situation at all...BUT we got snow a couple of weeks ago from a wretched setup, so who am I to discount this? There is a path to victory here. There's just a lot of detours in the road. (Especially east and south of the mountains)
  6. Well look at you being all neighborly...:) See some flakes flying. Wish I had a little more white on the ground to get the full wintry vibe going.
  7. I measured exactly 1" as well, though I'm 15 miles SE of MDT. 36 here now.
  8. Light rain and 35. Agree with @CarlislePaWx that we make a run at 40, perhaps a bit higher down this way before settling back down towards sunrise.
  9. Cloudy and 33.2 here. Temp is up 6 degrees since 4:45pm.
  10. Just some little freezing rain/drizzle now. Temp on the rise, now 31.2
  11. I'm at about 1" total now. Moderate to heavy sleet currently.
  12. It would be technically correct, however in honest disclosure my original call was for 2-4" of SNOW before the changeover. If you give me credit for the win, I'll take it!
  13. I've flipped to almost all freezing rain here. Edit: It's about 50/50 mix right now.
  14. Sorry Steve... One thing I think will happen is that once precip shuts off this evening, we'll have a several hour period where temps spike above freezing in advance of the cold front. I think the worst driving is right now and things should improve greatly as the evening wears on.
  15. And a deadly squall line that produced violent tornadoes early on the 13th. Edit: Freezing rain is mixing in with the sleet now. Ugh.