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  1. Don't worry Blizz - you won't get less snow because their temp sensor is faulty.
  2. Mentioning that date always gets my attention. I will never forget that day. (being 19, and not having the resources that we do now, I wasn't sure if I was going to survive that night or not.) Turns out there wasn't anything noteworthy that came through the areas SE of Harrisburg. But it was an anxious evening listening to my NOAA weather radio.
  3. So one thing I can share that is significant - came home from work at noon and it was 64...now it's 49.
  4. I literally said the same thing to my wife this morning. Perfect day! 64 here.
  5. Trees have literally just started to change here in the past few days. On Friday I saw little evidence on our walk along the river. Yesterday, the trees were really starting to pop. (some at least)
  6. To add, I have brilliant sun here now. Cloud bank off to my east, but right now it's a gorgeous morning.
  7. You got me again! I'm glad you posted because my total is much higher than everyone around other than you. I finished with 1.26".
  8. In Mount Joy right now and there's water running everywhere. Nature's car wash.
  9. You're exactly right. This morning my point and click was a 1/4 - 1/2 inch tonight followed by a tenth of an inch tomorrow. Those amounts just went up significantly again.
  10. What happened to our rainfall totals? Last night CTP had me getting 1.5-3" from this. Now my point and click is for less than 1"
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