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  1. I mean seriously...I am NOT a complainer, but I don't understand being out of power for nearly 19 hours now when this was NOT a major event. As a PPL customer this is mind boggling to me.
  2. The saving grace the first few nights was my Turbo fan...last night it was nothing but the breeze... Which didn't exist. Still, it's been a fun time so far.
  3. 15 hours and counting without power. How people in York County put up with Met Ed is beyond me. 55 years of living in Lanco and never had an outage last this long. This isn't even a widespread event.
  4. No power here at the campsite, water running everywhere and lightning snapping all around us. Good times.
  5. 6" of rain and counting in parts of Philly metro. Kids telling me our yard went from lush green to brown in 2 days.
  6. It's summer with summertime weather. As much as I dislike the heat, I don't expect anything different. Just please give me some cold (not 30s and 40s, that is NOT cold) weather this winter. Please.
  7. Well...I'm well past pulling off that vibe. Once I get home from this trip I'm promptly ratcheting my AC to about 62. I made sure my system was fully charged to start the season.
  8. Horst has a video on Twitter that he took Tuesday in the Big Horn mountains - it was 34 degrees and snowing...(on June 30th) I need to switch vacation destinations next year.
  9. Given what our posters have reported in this thread, that map looks spot on to me. Nice little area of AN rainfall showing up in parts of York and extreme western Lanco, other than that, lots of oranges and reds to confirm other area's dryness.