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  1. This is my first chance to respond to this as I was busy over the weekend, but I'd like to share a few thoughts... Personally, your analysis and knowledge would be a nice asset to this sub forum. My biggest takeaway from reading your thoughts for many years is that you excel in detailing how things could go right AND wrong with any potential winter event. I for one want to hear the "realistic" thoughts as time often proves that it's best to temper expectations and shed the rose-colored glasses. Fact is, how many dozens of feet of snow did models depict this winter for what ended up being about 3' - 4' of ground truth? Additionally, your climate fits in much better with our sub than it does for the vast majority of the mid-Atlantic, even if by definition of established boundaries you belong posting there. I have a lot of mixed emotions about your home sub. Because a lot of our potential winter weather enters our area from the south and southwest most of us read your sub regularly to get information that will be helpful to us. Yet trying to get the vast majority of people down there to understand that is impossible. I've never seen a group of people that are so obsessive about keeping others out. Yes, there have been a couple of knuckleheads like snowstorm5921 or whatever his name is/was go down there and muck things up...fact is, he was never one of "us" as to my knowledge he NEVER posted in his own sub. Anyway, it's kind of sad to see the number of really, really good posters down there who seldom post anymore. Matt, (Deck Pic) Ian, Mitch, Wes, and I guess Bob have all grown tired of the endless nonsense and moved on. I counted on their insight to help me get a better idea on what WE could expect up here. Shame what has happened. At least you still have Ji. I wish both you and @showmethesnow would consider sharing thoughts with us a little more often. You both are very good posters and you both have climate that fits our sub better than where you normally post. Something I hope you both at least consider going into winter 2019-20. By the way, I completely, 100% resonate with some of your snow "criteria". Like you, a 2-4" snowfall in January is not the same to me as it is in March. Once we get past the first few days of March I'm switching my focus on big game hunting. 2" of snow that falls on 3/18 just doesn't do anything for me at all. It's not that i don't want it, but it doesn't have the same curb appeal as it does in the dead of winter. Really, anything less than 4" is most likely history within the first few hours of sun. My bar for snow by this point of the season is enough that a full day of March sun does not torch the entire pack. From reading your posts I think that generally, you feel the same way as I do. It's go big or go home time now. Thank you for your contributions...
  2. Agree that it is easy, was just saying there was no mention of it from local outlets. Feels like a refreshing fall morning out there now.
  3. Where did this come from?!?!? Easily the worst storm here in recent memory...hail bigger than pea size along with blinding wind and rain. Literally could not see more than 50'. This was NOT forecast that I saw. Lightning and thunder but nothing super close. Winds were probably 30-40mph so sub-severe but still a very impressive event. Edit: Picked up nearly .5" of rain in 12 minutes.
  4. I turned on our AC as well. On the bright side it's better than last year when I turned it on in February.
  5. I literally just drove through Columbia on my way home from work and I had 75 in town at one point. Currently sitting at 72.2 at home.
  6. Divide 281 in half and you have the amount of days until the FV3 spits our our first pink and purples of the 2019-20 season.
  7. You could not find anything to say that i would agree with more. Can't believe I'm saying this in mid-March but at least I can look forward to cooler temps and lower dews the next several days.
  8. 60 at 4:30am when I left for work. I seriously debated turning on the AC last night. Gross... How long until winter?
  9. Quite an impressive late day rally here...this is what I was expecting last Sunday. After only being around 50 at noon it's now up to 66 here.
  10. Holy cow...I saw this, texted my wife and she said at home "we're almost up to 60". Quite a disparity.
  11. It's Tombo's forum. He still posts occasionally in the mid-Atlantic sub, but he started Phillywx and has several good mets from the Philly area that contribute a lot over there. Not as much activity as these boards but it is a very good forum in that it has good posters posting good information with little to no outright weenie junk. I was posting there regularly during my hiatus from on here. There are 2 or 3 other posters from Lancaster that contribute as well.
  12. He doesn't post a lot but he has responded to a few of my posts.