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  1. It was the perfect temperature here for walking on the river trail this afternoon.
  2. Some sunshine would do the soul some good about now.
  3. My temperature dropped after my 2:40pm update. I'm down to 52 with dense overcast and mist. 54 is my high so far...
  4. Lots of thunder out this way for the past 3 hours.
  5. Rain has started here again - already nearing 1" for the day. If that large cluster in SWPA makes it here we're going to be near 2" before all is said and done.
  6. I can tell that story and my wife wishes we were grandparents.
  7. I've got so much rain right now it's coming in my windows.
  8. Same here...and it's dumping. I've had more rain in the past 90 minutes than I had all week collectively.
  9. We don't often have a temperature near 20 at noontime during January snowstorms... Wait - we often don't have January snowstorms.
  10. The airmass in '82 was probably a once in a 100 years arctic invasion. Maybe 500 years. That was my point in a previous conversation we had earlier in the winter - when is it 21 degrees at high noon on April 6th around these parts?
  11. Currently at .55 for the day, now up to .89 for the week. Had a real nice downpour move through about 30 minutes ago.
  12. 3rd consecutive underperforming rain event... Last week the European model depicted between 3-4" of rain this week. I've made it past the .5" threshold now.