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  1. ? He's not panicking. He's feeling great about where he sits right now. He offered a very early, educated guess. (Which is too early to be honest) The one that's concerned is Hoffman.
  2. I fear suppression. I can't shake it. Last thing I'm worrying about right now is taint, and I'm the forum's self-designated taint worry king. It worries me even more knowing that PSUhoffman is worried about suppression and he's further south than me by a fair amount. EJ thinks that the area between Rt. 30 and 66 is in line for a warning event snowfall. I'll take my WWA and like it.
  3. That's a possible outcome, but to give particulars 5 days out is ballsy. Better to say "there's a chance of a significant winter storm" and start adding precip types in the next few days and potential amounts starting 24-48 hours out.
  4. I just hoped when I opened the pack that the gum would bend and not snap in pieces.
  5. You are correct - I downplayed it a bit not to cause undo excitement amongst us weenies. It's going to be an interesting several days upcoming for sure.
  6. Eastern PA bullseye of over 1' in some areas. Heads up, @Voyager! Every time I see that picture in your Avatar I smile. I had a dog growing up that was a carbon copy of yours.
  7. Admittedly, I was going off what others were saying. I can't read Ukie maps at my age. Poster in the Philly thread that no one in this area got anything. Apologize if I passed errant information!
  8. #2 model for verification, the Ukie, says NO to Monday.
  9. Yeah...hard to get too greedy given our recent history. I honestly thought the Canadians were going to deliver the big bag of goodies. On to the Euro...
  10. I almost fell over when you linked the Flaggstaff cam yesterday. I had no idea that someone else here watched Virtual Railfan like I do! Some of my favorites are from Ashland VA and of course there are 2 for Strasburg RR. (one at the station and the other at Paradise) Steve - I am a train junkie!