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  1. I've had 2.1" of rain (though I was raining by 7:30 last evening) No shoveling required here...it's gone.
  2. MDT reported 2.8" officially for this storm.
  3. Light rain and 40 here.
  4. Nice pic! You're paying too much for gas though...
  5. About that...I'm sorry to everyone for my rant this morning. I actually posted an apology in the other thread and it's not there anymore. I'm going to lay off. As Nut said if you really want to know what he has to say...you can always see for yourself. I had a bad morning and well, I'm really sorry guys.
  6. Enjoy every minute of it!
  7. Well it was purely a guess that went right. Honestly I thought our totals would end up closer but I couldn't even get to 1". On to better days ahead...
  8. I remember that! You ever hike up to flat rock during camp? By the way...how are you guys doing up there tonight?
  9. I believe our time is coming. This one was never really ours. Lots to look forward to though.
  10. Love the lodge building! So many fantastic memories, and my kids grew up going to Wilderness Camp. Glad to hear you're getting dumped on!
  11. Thanks Don! Just to add to that, LNS finished officially at .5"
  12. I know Newville quite well! Grew up going to church camp across the road from Colonel Denning State Park. Congrats on the snow. Yes I was very close (very lucky) but just like the Price Is Right...you exceeded my guess. I trust you to know you didn't slant stick.
  13. Finished with .7" here before the flip. Very happy for all of you N&W getting a lot more.
  14. Your posts were spot on and perfectly pleasant this AM.  Anyone who said otherwise should have been apologizing to you as you were just defending the beat down Horst has taken here this week.