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  1. Yes, we do. Elliott's 7 day forecast is uninspiring for rain - scattered storms on Monday otherwise mostly dry outside of a pop up shower tomorrow.
  2. From MU: Here is a full look at this week’s updated Drought Monitor. As the drought worsens, both short-term (agricultural) and long-term (hydrological and ecological) impacts are being and will be felt across PA and MD. We’ll get some rain on Monday, but it won’t be nearly enough..
  3. MU mentioned in his disco last night that the smoke is/will contribute to a lessening of rain chances than what the models see - essentially, the vastly dimmed sunshine due to smoke will also limit instability, and thus a lesser opportunity for showers to fire over the next couple of days, and what does fire will be more scattered and weaker than if the air was clear.
  4. It is noticeably worse this morning than at any point yesterday here.
  5. El Nino smokestorm - blocking is turning this into a coastal crawler.
  6. Still NOT as bad here as last night. No smell and higher visibility.
  7. Skies here are clearer now than they have been since Sunday. Blue above with a tint on the horizon.
  8. The Pine Barrens in NJ go up in flames in a hot minute.
  9. Already decided that our after work exercise will be the gym in lieu of a walk. Expecting to need the lights to drive home this evening at 7pm-ish.
  10. NWS Binghamton tweeted at 9:45am that their temp was "stuck on 50" and despite a lack of clouds, the sun was completely covered by the thickness of the smoke. MU's twitter feed has the exact tweet plus a picture of the sky up there. Seriously, it's crazy to see. Edit: They also mentioned that there parking lot lights had come back on...it was that dark.
  11. Ain't that the truth! I said yesterday how the sky looks like it does during Albert Clippers of the past, but what is a better analogy is August skies from the 1970s when the heat and humidity were sky high. The amount of haze back then is very reminiscent of what the skies have looked like the past couple of days.
  12. I commented last night about how we filled nearly an entire page with evening smoke obs - only to log in just now and discover 2 full pages of new posts overnight/this morning! This is quickly moving into HECS territory. On a serious note...be careful everyone. I was working late at the office last night and was moving between building a lot. The smoke late last evening was something else and I could definitely smell and feel it. Waves of it blowing through when the breeze picked up. I'm working today at the Visitor's Center in Columbia which sits right by the river and I can barely make out the hills in York County currently. That's about 1 mile visibility.
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