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  1. There seems to be a lot that can go wrong next weekend, and a cutter is probably more likely than not. Having said that, a cold air mass with a well timed short wave attacking from the SW can certainly provide us with some front-end love. And, we have like 9-10 days to improve our possibilities. I'm not even going to consider anything to the contrary.
  2. @pasnownut Nice pictures...I'm sure it's not easy leaving nice snow cover and coming home to...well, nothing. One of the biggest gut punches for me was many years ago on one of my frequent trips to and from Florida...I was driving home and started hitting snow cover in South Carolina which only got deeper and deeper as I came up through the Tar Heel state and into southern VA. By that point it was well over 1'. Alas, by the time I hit DC metro it was down to a few inches and by the time I hit the Mason/Dixon...nada. That was a tough one to swallow.
  3. I'm looking forward to getting the upgraded coating which includes roads. I'm actually being sort of serious...I've always felt that snow seems...more legit when it accumulates on all surfaces.
  4. I see him posting in other subforums about severe weather and the Patriots. He lurks here...
  5. It's been raining here nonstop for at least 3 hours...wasn't expecting THIS much in the way of precip today. Had a few parachutes mixed in earlier but it's been 99% rain.
  6. Looks like our next chance at something wintry is at the end of next week. Right now odds favor a storm during that time period and with a significant amount of CAD we could see extended frozen on the front end. Obviously, all of that can and will change. Main takeaway is that we should have some opportunities to track through the month.
  7. Beautiful picture! Has anyone heard from our friend in Clearfield lately? @2001kx you still around?
  8. Haha! Talk about nickel and diming...3 "events" have produced 1", .6", and .5". They all count in the scorebook.