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  1. A lot of hail reports...a lot of very intense cloud to ground lightning...all with temps in the 30s...
  2. @Bubbler86 - definitely looks like it could be a middle of the summer radar: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/?parms=LWX-N0B-1-24-100-usa-rad
  3. No, you're absolutely right. Elitist attitudes are off-putting at best and lead to a lot of pain and embarrassment as well. Weather is a science and it will humble the best of the best. No one has earned the right to permanently close doors in February and say definitively...well, anything beyond generalizations. Sort of like what @MAG5035 did above. Caution is prudent.
  4. Minneapolis might be the story of this winter...of all the locations that have suffered with little wintry weather, they are off the charts.
  5. I said last winter that I was going to stop posting his thoughts - I was encouraged by many to continue to do so. I think I really should stop because: If people want to read his thoughts, they can find it When I do post, it seems to stir emotions in a non-positive way That's a general comment and not pointed at you. I've seen plenty of people respond in ways that make me feel guilty for posting. It's out there for anyone to see as they please.
  6. That's a true statement, but I thought (I could be wrong) that it was a general statement and not for that storm...again, you might be right on that part as well.
  7. The 2023-24 Philadelphia Flyers are the 2022 Baltimore Orioles on skates. The comparison is uncanny in a lot of ways.
  8. I don't remember him mocking anyone. I do remember him saying that: The Blizz storm was going to be a nothingburger There would be 1 or 2 opportunities for snow between 2/15 and 3/5. We had 2 snowfalls but his first date was a little too tardy.
  9. Good. Every single outlet last year had Baltimore finishing last or next to last. They got zero respect for their 33 game improvement from 2021 to 2022. I don't think they'll win over 100 games this year but I love the disrespect all the same.
  10. Thank you. I should have known that when I typed it. Not very professional of me...
  11. I could care less if Boston wins 33-0 in Florida. Truly. Our record after that game will be 0-0. Doesn't matter until March 28th.
  12. I just came in and this was the first post that I see - I was just watching a video that Elliott put up online this afternoon. Holy crap is he on the spring train. It's like a foregone conclusion to him it seems. Might get very interesting if something goes awry... That said - and I've said this repeatedly. I want more snow. It's still February 22nd. It's not mid April. But, if it's not going to snow like legit snow...meh, let's move on. I've transitioned to spring clothing now (short sleeves and shorts) from my winter clothing (short sleeves and shorts) so it might as well warm up if there's no wintry precip to be had.
  13. 44 currently and anxiously awaiting my rain.
  14. I just got out of a super unproductive 32 minute meeting. It was one that was not run by me. Good news, it was a 32 minute unproductive meeting that used to last 90 minutes and was just as unproductive. So, we've slashed over 60% of unproductivity!
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