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  1. Thunderstorm in progress here now. Lots of lightning and thunder.
  2. Drove through 2 separate deluges on our way home from Philly. Temp ranged from 74 up to 98. High at home today was 94.
  3. Next Wednesday looks sneaky hot - type of day where many could easily make a run at the upper 90s.
  4. I do know that the 7 day QPF map I posted last Sunday was valid until 7am tomorrow had my area just inside the quarter inch line. I'm at .25". Obviously this time of year there will be winners and losers with convection. From what I remember the overall maps this week were quite accurate. They consistently portrayed more rain up north and that happened. The lowest amounts were focused on your area and south.
  5. Let me try my luck - it never rains in Maytown. My guess is it won't rain here until October 10th with 47 days before that over 105 degrees.
  6. That 1-2 hour period between 1 and 2:30-3:00 probably shaved 2-3 degrees off their final high.
  7. Highest legit temp here today is 100.7. So a 101 in the books. Nothing but full blazing sun start to finish. Last 6 days: 91, 93, 93, 93, 98, 101.
  8. Couple of little cells might be just enough to prevent MDT from making a run at 100.
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