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  1. Love the look on the long range GFS. All caveats apply for an operational 10 days out but looks like an active southern stream with some cold air startimg to build. Whem suppression looks like an issue from 10 + days that's ussually a good sign for us lol
  2. Your right. last night's Euro was 24 hours quicker which made a difference.
  3. Yep. Nice storm track on the Canadian for next Friday/Saturday Temps just a few degrees to warm. Although that storm track is too close to the coast for your BY liking.
  4. Jets with the top pick then NFC East 2 - 5 hahaha
  5. 6 wins will win the NFC least
  6. WFT 3 and 7. Half game out of first. WTF lol
  7. All those blues up top in all the wrong places. Our normal Winter Default lol.
  8. I have a triple black 2002 vette and it shows every imperfection, every scratch, every flake of dirt no matter how small. But looks sweet when it's washed and polished up.I use ace it polish. Really shines and hides scratches temporarily.
  9. 2 hour wait in Smithsburg to vote. Crazy. Never seen it like this.
  10. Flurries on the way to work over the catoctins this morning.
  11. BWI: 13.8 DCA: 8.7 IAD: 14.3 RIC: 6.3 SBY: 7.1 MBY: 18.7
  12. Weren't they calling for a big winter last year?
  13. Damn See you for the 2021/2022 season.