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  1. I like the move the Icon made. Gets front running precip pretty far out in advance and also moved the entire system a good bit south and east. Not there yet for us but alot closer
  2. Theres some big hits from the eps. I counted atleast 15 members that give a portion of the sub forum 4 " or more. Some north and some south.
  3. Truth! I was just thinking the same thing this morning. If the models were reversed the GFS would be trending towards the euro no doubt lol. Edit- There is some really nice hits in the EPS. This appears to be our best shot so far for atleast a nice front end thump before a changeover.
  4. Id sign on the dotted line for that. Need to stop the bleeding. Trending towards the gfs.
  5. Mixing with snow in smithsburg. ( close to Hagerstown)
  6. Looking through the Eps members theres a nice mix off direct hits, misses to the north and misses to the south for next Tuesday. I like seeing those big hits to the south of DC.
  7. Models have cut back on snow for us steadily each model run since last nights 00z runs. Hopefully there to aggressive pushing all the qpf to the east.
  8. There's a point and range tab up top. He's on the range .
  9. @nj2va Caps look awful tonight. Could be 4 -0 if it wasn't for Holtby. Lucky its only 1-0. Better get it together between periods.
  10. What positive is is comes in at night which should help some.
  11. Whats the snow mean for next weekend? The LP plots and the qpf signature look nice. Im assuming alot of 36 and rain?
  12. Lol. Yea I made sure my kids werent around before I opened it. Haha
  13. I thought about that. Its a fine line. If the wave gets too amped it congrats Pittsburgh. Hoping for a west trend turns into hoping for a East trend real quick. Lol.