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  1. Lol. Thats better than it looked most of the winter.
  2. It wont be that close. Move everything 3 or 4 hundred miles further north and that will be more accurate. Its happened most of the time this winter. Looks chilly though.
  3. Chris78

    COVID-19 Talk

    TP is the worst section in the store. The problem is we are only getting in 10% of our order for TP. Within 1 to 2 hours after the truck is stocked its gone and then we are waiting for 2 days till our next delivery. For center store we are only getting in about 25% of our order. Fresh departments are a little better but still only about 50% of whats being ordered. Its going take months for grocery stores to recover from this.
  4. Food Lion Pretty much everyone across the industry is implementing these protocols.
  5. I manage a Grocery store up your way and we have put many things in place over the last 2 weeks trying to keep our customers and store associates safe. **** plexi glass installed at each register. **** face shields available for associates. **** practicing 6 foot social distancing in the store and especially at the registers **** cleaning the register belts between each order ***** dedicated cleaning and sanitizing associates from open to close cleaning high touch items/areas every hour. ( freezer door handles, cart handles, pin pads, etc) **** removing hand baskets and small shopping carts from the sales floor. Only using large shopping carts help maintain 6 ft distancing. **** removing perimeter displays to help maintain 6 ft distancing. Coming into contact with hundreds or thousands of strangers everyday can be a little scary but people gotta eat lol.
  6. China basically shut there country down for a month.
  7. Damn shame we didnt have this set up a month ago. No guarantee it would of worked then either but we would of had a shot.
  8. Has anyone heard yet if the stimulus checks are an advance on next years tax returns ( will be paid back) or considered taxable income? Havent been able to find anything on it yet.
  9. Nice set up with the fire pit! I assume the wooded area is yours also. How big is your property?
  10. That's my plan today. Hopefully get it started . Check the oil, put air in the tires. Take my snowblower out of my garage (never used it this winter) and put it back in my storage room under my garage.
  11. Thanks for posting. Can you post the 6 hr time stamp prior to that. Thanks so much.
  12. Passed through the back door front on the way home from work. 54 in Hanover PA. 67 when I got to Smithsburg.
  13. Happy hour delivers. Pretty big front end thump.
  14. My store was crazy today. Not sure when its going to slow down. WTF is everyone doing with all the TP that is being bought. Insane