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  1. For my local I would have to give it an A. Ended up just shy of 40". Above average winter along the M/D line. Had snow cover for almost a month. It's a shame this year was such a forum devider.
  2. 4 on 4 really opened the ice up. Entertaining game.
  3. Heck of a game. Playoff intensity
  4. I'll take snow any time of the year under any circumstances.
  5. Been on this board for many years. Lurked for years before actually posting. Pretty cool to learn everyone's personalities and you learn when to get excited when certain conservative posters start woofing. You also learn which posters crap on everything if it's not a February 2010 set up lol
  6. Was just thinking about how different the caps will be 5 years or so down the road. The Ovechkin Era has been around for 15 years now and eventually it will end. Saw a framed pic of Ovi and Backstrom sitting on the bench side by side and it made me start thinking about the caps after OVI. Very veteran team currently. Thinking they might be pretty bad for a few years eventually. I've probably taken there consistency for granted. ( You know your teams been really good when your disappointed they don't make a deep playoff push). Being a WFT fan also it jubilation just to make the damn playoffs. I believe OVI is a free agent after this year. Im assuming and hoping they resign him.. I can't imagine him wearing another uniform. Hopefully him and Nick can when another cup and retire as life long caps.
  7. Nice win for the caps. 4 pt weekend.
  8. 35 with white rain Snowing good but non accumulating.
  9. It's definitely cold upstairs to start. Most models have us switching over to rain shortly after midnight.
  10. Where are you at in WV? Did you buy a winter getaway home?