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  1. Can't imagine the upcoming winter being as bad as last winter but you never know. We do live in the mid Atlantic lol.
  2. Funyuns are the best lol
  3. Very sorry to hear this. Very scary that someone can go from healthy to hospice in 3 days. If I may ask what age is your best friends mother?
  4. Pretty good Thunderstorm here in Smithsburg. Some decent wind and small hail.
  5. I heard from a finacial standpoint the NHL needs to have its post season. The NBA maybe not.
  6. How does the round robin games work between the top 4 teams in each conf.? Didn't quite understand that other than it will determine seeds 1 - 4.
  7. I was listening to the Bettman presser. When he explained the draft it sounded confusimg as hell lol
  8. Lol. Yea I mean La Niña. When I think of a Niña Ussualy it means were ain't getting much snow but after last winter almost anything would be an upgrade lol.
  9. If we are heading for a la nada I'm expecting another crappy winter no matter what.
  10. My guess is looking pretty good ATM. Lol!
  11. DCA : 0.00 BWI : 0.00 SBY: 0.00 HGR : 0.00 TB: 31 practicing for winter
  12. Maybe DCA BwI and HGR?
  13. Icon looks like a beat down again. What an ugly week setting up after Sunday.
  14. What a beautiful day. 10 out of 10. I hope the 18z gfs is wrong for next week. Has the pesky cut off low hanging out till Friday. With several inches of rain.
  15. The way they were playing the last 3 months It makes me wonder if they were having chemistry issues in the locker room. I think part of having A championship caliber team is clubhouse chemistry. Still need top shelf talent but I firmly beleive team chemistry is huge in sports.