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  1. The question is can we get this in January please??
  2. Ryan Mountcastle continues to impress. They have played him alot in left field but I think he would be a permanent fixture at 1st base next year and moving forward. Edit- unless they decide to continue to run CD out there.
  3. Kremer and Akin have both looked sharp so far. Akin actually reminds me a little of Wei yin chen. 92 -94 mph fastball and a good curveball. Definitely has good velocity for a left hander.
  4. I think the rays already are. 6.5 game lead with about 20 left.
  5. We have had issues when there are so many devices pulling on the Wi-Fi. Have you tryed turning off the Wi-Fi to anything not being used? That has seemed to help us.
  6. That's awful. Shouldn't be that hard to do school work. Last spring during the shut down our wifi was a mess.Hopefully there back in school quickly and safely. I have a 5th and 1st grader and we enrolled them in a program where they both attended nursery school at. They help them log in to their zoom classes and provide assistance if they need it. My daughter (the 5th grader ) is fairly self sufficient but My son ( 1st grader) pretty much needs someone helping him throughout the day. My wife works from home but it really wasn't feasable for her to do her job and also be a teacher to our kids so we hesitantly signed them up for the program.
  7. We're doing a rental. Going to be nice to disconnect for a few days.
  8. We are staying in Luray the first weekend In October. Hoping for some real chill in the air in the higher elevations by then.
  9. That was some of the heaviest rain I've had here in Smithsburg this summer with that thin line of storms. Only lasted about 15 minutes or so but was quite the tropical downpour.
  10. Here's a good question- which players on the current O's roster will be on the next "good" Orioles team?
  11. Not exactly sure when Elias expects them to be a playoff caliber team but with them trading away players with atleast 2 years of team control left I'm assuming it's not going to be anytime soon. Im guessing 2024 or 2025
  12. O's are just playing losing baseball right now. Twice today they had a runner at second and no outs and both times didnt score. I guess no one believes is bunting the runner over to 3rd anymore. They don't even try to hit behind the runner to move them over.I thought Hyde was big on fundamentals.
  13. The timing for his press conference is a bit odd considering schools starts in 3 days. He was definitely pissed at the 8 counties that did not present any plans for in school learning. I don't really understand what exactly he was looking for at this point. With school so close to starting with distance learning.
  14. Mountcastle adding a little more punch in the line up compared to Davis. I think it's time for the O's to cut there losses. To me weither he is on the team or not he is not helping them win. Time to move on.