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  1. Didn't see the game but was keeping an eye on the score from my phone. Whoever comes out of the east, it will be well earned. All 4 teams play a tough ,heavy , physical game. I agree I'd rather play the Isles. They have a tough time scoring, but they do play great D. My guess would be the pens win that series fairly easily. Caps will have there hands full against Boston
  2. Yep. Oshie is the heart and soul of the team.
  3. Just read Ovi was a full participant at practice. The only player not to be on the ice today at practice was Oshie. My guess is they may hold some players out tomorrow night since there seeding is already set. Sounds like the only player that may be in question for the start of playoffs is TJ along with whatever is going on with Kuzy and Samsonov
  4. Gotcha lol. On June 10th we will be finishing up schlacking the pens and moving on to the Eastern conference finals.
  5. Let's hope there still playing on June 10th
  6. Which one did you get? I get my second Pfizer dose next week.
  7. Now TJ Oshie is injured and won't return.
  8. Ovechkin, Carlson,Backstrom all out with lower body injuries. Wilson just got injured. Didn't look good. Kuzy and Samsonov still on covid list. Not looking good heading into the playoffs Edit. - Wilson back in for the second period
  9. Caps seem sluggish tonight
  10. Yea. I actually thought the punch to the back of the head was worse than the Panerin take down. If he was going to get suspended I thought it would be from that. Panerin jumped on Wilson's back lol. Panerin wasn't defenseless. He just wasn't smart picking a fight with Wilson.
  11. Should be interesting. They could call up someone from there AHL team to go after Wilson. I can't remember the tough guys name but I was reading an article about the Rangers doing exactly that.
  12. Wait to you hit 40.
  13. Let's go Devils,sabres, and Flyers lol
  14. Wilson only received a 5k fine lol. That's like a normal person paying a 50$ parking ticket