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  1. All fine teams except for the pens lol. Yuck...... j/k
  2. If this was winter we'd all be pissed as the dry slot is punching through rather quickly lol.
  3. Lol. At one point I had 4' to 5 ' of snow cover after the second February storm. I remember telling my wife we we will never see this much snow otg again in our life time. Atleast at our house in Central MD lol
  4. I have tickets to the Os game Saturday night. Hoping the rain holds off long enough. Not looking to good now.
  5. Hoping it holds off till 10 pm or so in Baltimore. Going to the Os game Saturday night
  6. Wow. Didn't expect that. Not that I think PL is a great coach but they were decimated with injuries this year.
  7. I'm fine with a +10 Dec if I get another 40" storm in January
  8. Have yourself a night Ryan Mountcastle. 9 rbis. A 3 run Homer and a grand slam
  9. No mow here yet just south of you but it's close. Probably next week. Gotta leave the grass tall enough for the Easter Bunny to do his thing.
  10. Let's have 65 to 70 for the next 4 weeks
  11. Next winter we will have a super nino and be a + 10 for temps in Dec - Feb.
  12. But the models were all wrong. No below normal temps.....
  13. Unfortunately a couple months ago a man was killed driving over the Catoctins on rt 77 close to Cunningham falls state part. A tree fell directly on his car.
  14. And hopefully another 1 seed at 940 tonight
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