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  1. I smoked 2 packs and drank a 5th between inning 9 and 12
  2. Was at the game last night. Kreamer was awful
  3. Os offense is just brutal right now. No one is hitting Except for Cowser
  4. Lol. That would be one way to end the season. During their 6 game losing streak and even last night they have been out shot badly. Just not generating enough offensive chances. Hard to win games with only 6 to 8 shots on goal per period.
  5. Caps are done. Limping to the finish line. 5 loses on a row. Blew a 2- 0 lead. Outshot tonight 44 to 16. Out of gas.....
  6. Caps crapping the bed down the stretch.
  7. Yes they are. If Bradish and Means come back healthy it could be a deep run in October.
  8. Anyone know if it's snowing at Mammoth?
  9. Caps playing some good hockey right now
  10. Caps playing some good hockey right now
  11. He should try Truth social.
  12. Gfs has been really bad this year imo. Had mby snowing in about 96 hours where no other model is even close
  13. My Son's baseball practice tonight Is going to be brutal. The kids better barrel it up. It's going to sting like crazy if they don't square it up.
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