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  1. Yep. Been a great summer. So chuck was right?
  2. I agree. The offense is still in the bottom 3rd of the American League. Their outfield is ready to compete but the only 2 spots in the infield that are league average or better is at Catcher and 1st base. Gunner Henderson will be up next year. Still need to fiquire out second and 3rd. I love what Mateo brings on defense and on the base path but can he hit above .190? Odor is a stop gap. And 3rd is a big question mark. This team is much better than the last 3 versions but still a long way to go to compete in the AL east.. If they end up with 75 wins this season that's a huge win in my book. If you follow the Astos blueprint were still another year or so away from competing. I'd say the future seems bright.
  3. My guess is Elias still sells at the trade deadline. He's fully invested in his long term plan. Probably still 2 years away from really contending. Man this team is exciting though.
  4. Are we still heading for a June warming up?
  5. Can we get that look in January/February please.
  6. To me though the biggest issue for the series and season was the goal tending. They wanted to trade for a veteran at the deadline but was not able to pull it off. Apparently Flurry would of been unwilling to play for the caps. Sometimes your defense is going to get beat and your Goalie has to come up big. Both our goalies let in way too many soft ones through out the season. Not sure who is out there but they definitely need to adress it in the off season.
  7. Just prolonging the heart break another 20 minutes or so.
  8. Not good enough goal tending for the caps. We knew this though
  9. Watching the caps game stress free tonight. Fully expecting them to be eliminated. Probably after blowing a lead lol.
  10. Elimination night in DC
  11. We all know where this is heading. Minus 2018 the caps suck in the playoffs
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