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  1. I think the only way we score over the next few weeks is to time something after an amped system goes by and drags the boundary south of us.
  2. Not much falling from the sky right now but back roads are sleet/ice covered. Real slick out there. We had a decent amount of sleet prior to the zr so it really cemented the sleet.
  3. Lol. Caps score 5 in the 3rd to win it.
  4. Rough day for the caps. Holtby doesnt look good.
  5. Picked up .25 of snow/sleet so far. Heavy returns to my west. Maybe I can get some heavy sleet in the next few hours
  6. Pretty good sleet again here. Had switched to zr but back to sleet with better returns
  7. Still sleeting zr yet
  8. Sorry posted the wrong time frame above but still no.
  9. Moderate sleet currently in Smithsburg
  10. Snow didnt last long. Sleet now.
  11. @WVclimo Leading edge moving in for the next round. Snow for you? Mix?
  12. Thanks. The issue only happens with actual pictures taken with my phone. Posting model images,etc is no problem.
  13. Anybody know a trick on how to post pics. Anytime ive tried it says file to large to post. Im only doing 1 pic at a time so not sure what the problen is
  14. Leading edge of the next batch getting to Cumberland now. Should be here in the next hour. Lets see how long I can hold into snow before seeing pingers. Im thinking Ill see an extended period of sleet up here.