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  1. I think Channel 4 Doug K. Is saying December 20th...... 2023
  2. OP at range should always be taken with a grain of salt. Not useful past 5 days
  3. I know it's kind of silly analyzing 9 days out but I recall someone saying on here that alot of times things adjust south in the Med/short range during these robust blocking events. I think it's in the weenie handbook somewhere.
  4. It will change in 6 hours but we could get on the board with a slop fest if the High hangs on long enough.
  5. The Kraken were relentless in the 3rd. Caps looked gassed.
  6. With the - Nao forecasted to be so strong should we want a nutreual to slightly negative pna ? Feels like alot of action south of us with a strong Greenland block and a ridge out west.
  7. Love seeing the + precip anomalies in the Tennessee valley
  8. Love the look as we head towards mid month. Nice Greenland Block. Not a dry look either. Love the + precip anomalies in the Tennessee valley.
  9. Great early season skiing getting going at Wisp
  10. He is and he was pretty funny when he was just on at 6. I just found his Winter forecast rather extreme.
  11. I thought his snowfall forecast was pretty extreme. Could it happen... sure. Will it likely happen? Who knows. His winter forecast was for 4" to 10" all the way west past Hagerstown. That would be one of the lowest snowfall winters all time for Hagerstown.
  12. Doug Kammerer just said he expects alot of rain between Christmas and New Years. Going all in on his 2" of snow call for DC this winter.
  13. Got to love the 384 hour maps from the op.
  14. Yep. It was awful. Nice to see his family is happy but thought there would be a statue. Looks like it's made of metal clothes hangers you get from the dry cleaners.
  15. Moderate rain in Smithsburg Upper 40s right now. Just a nasty day out.
  16. Cautiously excited about the pattern we are heading into. Cold coast to coast and not a dry pattern either. Really like seeing the + precip anomalies in the Tennessee Valley. And if it gets can kicked by a few days or a week that's better for our area anyway. If we can get this look past 12/15 it's game on.
  17. Looks ok after the first 5 days or so in December. Hopefully the EPS comes around. Seems to want to hold the colder anomalies further west.
  18. Not a bad look. Split flow. Plenty of NAO blocking.
  19. Looking good. This look makes me think there's some juice in the southern stream.
  20. Team looks different with him in the line up. Now we need Wilson, and Orlov back. Hopefully Backstrom at some point.
  21. Lol. For me way to many times ignoring everyone at a holiday get together refreshing my phone as the 18z gfs comes in.
  22. Caps are lacking the talent to compete offensively. Watching them against Colorado, it painfully clear the talent gap between the 2 teams. It's been many years since the caps have been this outmatched on a nightly basis.
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