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  1. Are we still heading for a June warming up?
  2. Can we get that look in January/February please.
  3. To me though the biggest issue for the series and season was the goal tending. They wanted to trade for a veteran at the deadline but was not able to pull it off. Apparently Flurry would of been unwilling to play for the caps. Sometimes your defense is going to get beat and your Goalie has to come up big. Both our goalies let in way too many soft ones through out the season. Not sure who is out there but they definitely need to adress it in the off season.
  4. Just prolonging the heart break another 20 minutes or so.
  5. Not good enough goal tending for the caps. We knew this though
  6. Watching the caps game stress free tonight. Fully expecting them to be eliminated. Probably after blowing a lead lol.
  7. Elimination night in DC
  8. We all know where this is heading. Minus 2018 the caps suck in the playoffs
  9. I hope your wrong but I agree. Florida tightened things up defensely Seemed to fiquire that out. Definitely a game of adjustments in a 7 game series.
  10. If that empty net shot by Hathaway is 1 inch to the right the caps are heading to Florida up 3 - 1
  11. Too many penalties being taken by the caps. Gonna bite them in the rear end.
  12. That was by far the best caps game I've ever attended! I went to Game 5 of Pens series the year they won the cup. They scored 2 goals in the 3rd period to come back and win that game. It was louder yesterday. My wife had beer spilled down her back from the row behind us after a Caps goal. I told her that was the sacrifice she needed to make for the Caps scoring goals.
  13. Happy Mother's day to all the Moms.
  14. @nj2va Let's hope we hear the goal horn a lot today!
  15. Radar estimates for Northern MD is a solid 2 -3" with lolies of 4" in the catoctins and a few other spots. Been a deluge up here most of the day. Has been a lull for the last few hours. Will be interesting to see what we add on tonight and Tomorrow.
  16. Radar estimates looks like 1 to 2 inches so far across Northern MD. Alot more rain to go
  17. Really getting pounded up here in Northern MD with Heavy Rain.
  18. Yep. I think before the series started any caps fan would be happy coming home with the series tied. Now how much money would it take to keep you away from capital one on Saturday?
  19. Yep. Brett Leasson in on the 4th line
  20. Looks like the euro in regards to precip distribution
  21. 12z Euro with 5" lollies in Northern MD A sold 2 to 4" across the region Extends showers into the day on Sunday
  22. While @EastCoast NPZ has his desert.
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