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  1. Late October with 30's and moderate rain in the afternoon.
  2. I'm ready to move on to the Caps.
  3. Today felt pretty good. Took the kids to the Baltimore Zoo on Sunday and it was hot walking around in the afternoon.
  4. Always go with the driest and warmest. Especially in the winter.
  5. Defense is so bad. Give up 30 pts to Atlanta? Crazy. Biggest disappointment so far in the League. Was suppose to be the teams strength Heineke is a baller though.
  6. This team sucks. I've accepted that fact after last week. Defense is awful and not fixable this year.
  7. Chris78

    Winter 2021-22

    Doesn't Bastardi always go cold snowy. Lol
  8. WFT defense is so overrated. No pressure from the vaunted front 4.
  9. I agree. As a WFT fan I really liked Kirk Cousins and wished he would of stayed. Too bad Bruce Allen thought his name was Curt.
  10. I want to apologize to the Northern crew in advance. I just bought a snow blower so I've screwed us for this year and probably next year too. Except for @psuhoffman. He has the climate of MT Washington.
  11. I change the channel everytime Hopkins trots out for a FG attempt lol. There has to be better options out there. Apparently they like his ability to kick it through the end zone on kickoffs but I'm not sure that's the best strategy anymore. You see alot of teams kick it just short of the goal line and pin them inside the 20.
  12. Unfortunately I've already yelled WTF 3 times. Still in the first quarter
  13. Let's Go go WFT! I don't want to be yelling WTF tonight.
  14. 2" in the rain gauge from this evening.
  15. Yes. I'm so tired of mowing lol
  16. Been absolutely pouring for the past couple hours up here in Northern MD. Interested to see what's in the rain gauge.
  17. We are probably looking at another 3 to 4 weeks of this pattern. The good news is as we head towards October above average means low 80s not 90+ anymore..
  18. If there's any truth to that that's crazy.
  19. It doesn't matter who's playing QB If the O line is going to play like today. They were beat up front on both sides of the ball today.
  20. I grew up in Thurmont. Great Area. Very scenic.
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