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  1. Washington Jefferson storm January 1772 part 2 ?
  2. Nice looking flakes coming down here in Waynesboro near Afton... But the temp is 38
  3. Very heavy wind driven snow squall here in eastern Waynesboro.... .25 inch despite being 36 degrees
  4. Pretty good dusting here eastern edge of Waynesboro
  5. Yes it is.... Probably a inch of snow on top of the 1.5 of sleet....
  6. Just turned to huge snowflakes over in Waynesboro at the moment ...quickly accumulating on the ice
  7. Thank you for the kind words , much appreciated....it was unexpected & with the holidays its difficult to say the least..
  8. I would enjoy a nice peaceful snow and I am rooting for it to occur , prior years I would be stressed over every model run.... but after this past Sept its just not the same.... lost a child..
  9. 1.4 here western side of Afton.... 9.1 for the month..
  10. And now under another flood warning and still no rain in the gauge....
  11. Another day , another flood watch.. Set a personal record today with flood watches in a month - 31 years of record keeping...And another 0.00 in the gauge...
  12. Same here....probably the only place in Va that can say that... massive rain totals just minutes away in all directions ...1.72 inches