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  1. Nice! Just under 3 inches now over here eastern Augusta
  2. 28 degrees here now , Augusta county / Waynesboro border....
  3. About a tenth of ice down here suprisingly this morning in eastern Augusta..... Thankfully a far far cry from what happened here a yr ago ..
  4. 1.8 down here near Afton edge of Waynesboro.... Very wet week...Much needed...hate seeing creeks and small rivers coming out the mts basically dry..
  5. Up to 1.20 now down here.... lovely morning..
  6. .79 already on the west side of Afton Mt.. along the border of Waynesboro... overachieving down here...
  7. Alot cooler so far than yesterday in eastern Augusta County at least so far in my backyard....89 and overcast...
  8. 1.52 inches of rain just over Afton mt from Crozet at the edge of Waynesboro, very little thunder despite being near the tornado warning.... some brief winds...
  9. All snow here now at least at the moment..... heavy enough even after 1.5 inches of rain and 37 degrees , its starting to accumulate like slushy ice cream on the cars and on the back deck....
  10. Just hit 1.5 in of rain down here in my back yard near Waynesboro, at the foot of Afton... temp drop from 40 to 37 with huge snowflakes mixing in with the rain....
  11. Moderate/heavy snow just started in around Waynesboro , dusting now on the ground... this mornings dusting had long since melted ..
  12. Closing in on another inch of rain down here near Waynesboro..... Getting very close now to 90 inchs of moisture in my backyard since this wet pattern began in early March last year....
  13. Good luck out that way ! Just light rain here in eastern Augusta..