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  1. Just west of Charlottesville, sun started breaking out around 7:45 this morning. Mostly thin cirrus left overhead and mostly blue sky to the south.
  2. Maybe about an inch in Crozet, VA. Light snow this morning hasn't amounted in much more accumulation since daybreak.
  3. Flurries just started in Western Albemarle County, looks snowier up on the Blue Ridge.
  4. Flurries in Crozet VA this morning around 7:15am
  5. In Crozet (between Charlottesville and Staunton) we got .7 inches last evening and .8 inches so far this morning with steady showers continuing.
  6. Only .08 recorded in Crozet, Virginia overnight. Not so lucky!
  7. Per family, light snow just started in Nelson County, VA.
  8. Thunder in baltimore inner harbor just now
  9. Video from around 10am this morning at Wintergreen. Seemed like around 4 inches in sheltered areas.
  10. Taken from my front door on Pratt Street in Upper Fells just a bit earlier.