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  1. Almost all sleet in Crozet across the mountain. Could swear there’s some rain drops mixed in as I’m shoveling.
  2. Snow and wind just turned up to 11 in Crozet. About 5 inches and temperature up to 24.
  3. Getting close to a half inch in western Albemarle. Surprised temperature is holding steady at 18 degrees still.
  4. Roads caved out in Crozet in the past 15 minutes.
  5. careful with the jokes. We have some raw weenies in here.
  6. Light snow starting at Wintergreen. Hoping for some decent rates before evening skiing closes.
  7. Looks close to 8 inches in Western Albemarle. Power has been out since 8am.
  8. Nasty storm with small hail and wind just now in Western Albemarle. Could tell it was going to be bad when watching it come down off mountains.
  9. I drove from work in Maryland back to Charlottesville through 81/Shenandoah that evening. Almost got stuck in a couple spots and had to take several detours because of downed trees.
  10. Light rain and 28 degrees. Elevated surfaces and brick are glazed. Sidewalks and road wet.
  11. Ended up with 5” in Western Albemarle.
  12. For Charlottesville people... some snow/white rain mixing in now here in Crozet.
  13. It's extremely light, but I am seeing sleet in Crozet as well. 35 degrees.
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