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  1. About .45 inches today in Western Albemarle to start the week. Rain/mist/fog most of the day on lee side of mountains.
  2. Suddenly lots of blue sky in western Albemarle. Full sun at the moment.
  3. Wintergreen ended up with about 5”. Made for some fun skiing after work with the kids.
  4. That’s a nice depiction for Western Albemarle!
  5. Last night’s event lived up to the hype somewhat around Crozet VA. Number of roads still closed around the area and power restoration estimated sometime this weekend.
  6. From Nelson County - Via WPOA and Wintergreen Fire & Rescue : “We are currently experiencing hazardous conditions at and around Wintergreen. Winds are gusting over 50 mph, rain is heavy at times, and fog is thick. The wind has stripped nearly all foliage and created slippery roads. Trees have blocked roads and there have been traffic accidents. For the remainder of the afternoon, if you're able, please avoid driving and outdoor activities at Wintergreen.”
  7. There were some peaks of sun in Western Albemarle right after the line of showers but quickly clouded over again.
  8. Post-storm lightning shot as it moved through Nelson County this evening.
  9. Out in Crozet... nothing came to pass with the tornado warning. Just a light shower.
  10. Flipped to white rain in Western Albemarle
  11. Interesting. Didn’t hear/see it in Crozet.
  12. In Western Albemarle, the temperature jumped from 35 to 48 between 7am to 8am. Wind has started to pick up from the north with a couple gusts. Snow cover held on to a couple of the hills overnight, so hoping they can make it through the next few hours to keep things scenic into next week.
  13. It was a frustrating day down here. Albemarle did well back in December so I guess it evens out.
  14. Same out in crozet. Roads suddenly caved around 10:30
  15. Getting some skiing in up at wintergreen. Light snow that dusted late afternoon but not much since then.