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  1. Same...and it's still in fantasy land. But even in fantasy land, the consistency is annoying.
  2. looks like Euro caves toward GFS. America wins again. (for now)
  3. Actually para is decent if you count digital snow verbatim. 6". Riiiiiiight
  4. Yes, Rain and a little snow now is destroyed I guess?
  5. Here we go. 0z Model roulette. Good luck folks
  6. Looks like we'll all have to travel to see snow this year
  7. Yeah, its amazing how different the Euro and GFS are. And the way things have been going lately, we know which model is going to cave.
  8. This forum disproves the notion that beggars can't be choosers.
  9. It’s never going to snow again. Hahah you’re a Vikings fan and.... nevermind. I had to remind myself that Daniel Synder is the owner of my team. And my team sucks. And it has no name. And we made the playoffs because we were the least suck ass team in our division. And....
  10. GFS says we’re going to lose. Again. Another totally different h5 look.
  11. If somebody mentions the storm behind it at 240 is the one, I'm going to slap puppies.