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  1. I will not allow this until the 16th. Sorry guys.
  2. Don't get banned before the season even starts. That may be a little later. Trying to get it in now. Now you're talking.
  3. Nothing can happen until December 16. I'll be in SC for Thanksgiving, so this isn't happening. Then Thailand for 3 weeks until the 16th. I'm sorry guys.
  4. Barely. My work(board of elections) is a bit busy today for some reason.
  5. GFS looks interesting around the same time.
  6. @mattie gFairfax just closed schools for Nicole.
  7. What up peeps. No Nicole rainfall thread. Yall slackin
  8. Indeed. Please read the announcement guys and act accordingly.
  9. This is from two separate systems, no? What’s the flood criteria around here.
  10. Might as well start a thread for any potential. 6z GFS has 1 to 3" across the area.
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