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  1. New England is gonna get crushed next week per the models. Looks pretty interesting for them. I posted this because we're all in on the who gives a fuck part of Spring.
  2. I'm trying to figure out a realistic timeframe for rebuilding it with full force of federal and state behind it. Can't be under 2 years I would think?
  3. Looks like a pretty potent rainstorm this weekend. Might as well hope its a soaker since we can't snow anymore.
  4. Models that can't get 180 hours right in February will 100% be accurate at 306 and definitely snow on March 26. LFG
  5. Love ya much, but if you get pulled in by a 384 GFS plot in early March, it really is your fault.
  6. I feel sorry for you. You're gonna be up an hour later on Sunday checking models
  7. Bring it on. Ji and WW are chasing a mirage. I admire the tenacity but simple logic say that pattern changes take a while. It’s gonna put us into late March. Battling that dreaded sun angle. We’re done, but i ain’t mad at them.
  8. Nah, he's right. The signal was getting better and better as we were closing in and then the bottom just fell out. So yeah, he's right...second verse, same as the first.
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