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  1. Lol. I was all worried and this is what I arrived to. Nate...lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. @Windspeed Posting from 32k feet over GA and landing in CUN 45 mins early! Thanks for all the info dude.
  3. [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It's not my honeymoon..don't wish that on me!!! Just going down with some friends. We tried to go tonight...DC to IAH was fine..plenty of seats...IAH to CUN was full So stuck at the mercy of United and Nate. From everything I'm seeing, the winds, etc don't get to CUN until like 8pm...but we'll see.
  5. Ha..yeah, I get in tomorrow at 11am on my current flight. I'm wondering if I should just take the chance and leave tonight just to get there an hour and a half earlier.
  6. At any rate, United just issued the advisory. No change fees, etc. Problem is, there are no more non stops going out tonight. Even if I left tonight at 10, got a layover in Housto n from midnight to 7am...and I wouldn't get into CUN until 9:40am. I mean that's an hour and a half earlier than my current flight and hell...every hour counts. Not sure what I should do.
  7. Ugh... I don't know, man. Southern quadrant may still be close and possibility intense convective banding over Cancun even if the small vortex is north of the coast. You're really playing it close here. Ah well, hope for the best. Perhaps at worst you just get delayed a bit. I'm talking tomorrow, not Saturday. Are you talking about tomorrow?
  8. No no..im flying into CUN..I'd get there at 11am. Then driving down to Tulum, you're correct. Last time I did that, I was on the beach in Tulum by 1pm
  9. IF my flight got in, I'd be in Tulum well before then.
  10. Hmm, I thought the HWRF was fine. Didn't even get rain/wind in until after 2? Im prob reading it wrong.
  11. lol @ the GGEM. I want it to be right...but GGEM
  12. Good luck man...I think you'll be ok...Nate should be north of the area then? But listen to wxmx...I'm definitely not a Tropical dude Thanks man. You pretty much confirmed what another guy who is in the airline industry said. He thinks I should be ok.
  13. Crossing my fingers. Nate looks like dog poo rn. But I guess it was to be expected. Hopefully Nicaragua and Honduras do a number on him. At least enough where he can't get his act together until after passing the Yucatan. Yeah, I'm totally being a homer right now.
  14. Anyone from the airline industry here? Looking at the NHC maps, says TS winds don't arrive until tomorrow at 8pm in CUN. My flght gets there at 11am tomm. What's the odds United gets skittish and cancel the flight?
  15. Never have I wanted to the GFS to more right. Sorry guys, I want this thing weak and crappy around the Yucatan. Or at the least, not get TS winds until after noon tomm.