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  1. Good call on that one
  2. Ok, for real tho... It's over. And thank God. It's been fun folks.
  3. uh..what
  4. So we ignoring the 81-84 hour NAM, right?
  5. If there's a blizzard on April 3, I'll be in Sydney slitting my wrists.
  6. Just about....I'm outta here on the 30th (Australia, SE Asia and Japan), so it'll definitely be over for me.
  7. Not like it leads to anything, but the h5 map for the GFS post 150 hours vs 12/6z previous is hilariously different
  8. Surprised not to see more chatter about this..I just checked it..man, if we can get that SE ridge to stop flexing a bit.
  9. PhD in meteorology right here folks.
  10. You'd assume right.
  11. Yeah, that set up would be legit, love the 50/50 on the maps
  12. I'm mostly being serious though..I'm in for this one...the players shown on the field are interesting enough to believe that we have a shot.
  13. You know only like 3 people will get this, right? Couch available this weekend? I'm kinda joking...but I need to see real snow.
  14. I'm all in for next week...There's a nice 1040 high coming down...the GFS has our storm running right toward it and raining on us now...but it's 220 hours away...it's bound to change! Hang in there guys
  15. I'm not going without a fight..I've been reborn and I'm owning the Day 10 March 24/25 storm. It's coming. I can feel it. That will be the last great test.