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  1. It's been an honor and a pleasure tracking with you all. We are by far the best sub forum on this here board. Our gallows humor can't be touched. We lose so much, we've perfected it. Gonna head back into my summer hibernation in a little bit. Let us save our energy and fight another day (next winter). Now, if we are looking for warmth on a 10 day model, that shit is LOCKED and guaranteed. We do that like no other around here. Next week looks goooood end of week
  2. Looking that way from what I can see. GFS had 2 thirst traps runs and now this shit.
  3. Pretty much where I am. @Solution Man , post the gif
  4. Even if the storm comes next week, Winter is done for me. Work trip to Raleigh next week. I still hope yall get pummeled and I'm following. If it continues on the model, I'll be around for shitty pbp
  5. What a fucked up winter. Thankfully it's over and we can put it behind us
  6. Yeah, totally different H5 look on the 12z vs 6z GFS. Seems like the low we want to get out of the way is further south...and so is our wave
  7. Shit, I'm looking at the wrong wave, nvm
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