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  1. Ha. Nah not yet. He’s just the useful heel of the forum. You’ll appreciate my slaps when he does his annual trolling routine when they get snow and we don’t.
  2. Do I address you as LurkerBoy or Lurkerman? Your profile leaves me confused.
  3. Terrible. Why would you even show me this!?! I’m banning you.
  4. Who do I have to ban around here to get an EPS update?! I got a symphony to write.
  5. Almost a total miss on the GFS. Folks, we’re back!
  6. It is. Now it's more in alignment with other guidance.
  7. Dr No likes the event, but looks less snowy for us. So, as we thought...flakes. But what I like now is that I think since it's on the Euro, it's a legit event to track?
  8. CMC brings the goods again. Not as great as 0z, but still around
  9. Those usually work out real well for us.
  10. Lighter snow..but hey, it's still there