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  1. Seems to be holding together fairly well...
  2. That makes sense. I once routed this into some wood.
  3. Asking for a friend... "Being a snow lover I am not even sure how this tropical stuff works. Are we supposed to measure the sand?"
  4. This is part of the reason why you see some of those rainfall accumulations on models... in the regions closer to the bay.
  5. Desperately need a summer reaper for those not taking their meds. I know WxWatcher007 doesn't want to do tropical reapings. I will do it if necessary. MSG if you need to be reaped.
  6. True and this is the same type of thing I see in the winter here. Someone posts (typo?) and people freak out. I don't know? Maybe I crazy? (rhetorical question)
  7. Apparently, this is the summer version of the winter version here. Current conditions...