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  1. A lot of GC's will say paid when paid... which means you get paid when they get paid (supposedly). This means if there are outstanding issues as it relates to any portion (plumbing, hvac, painting, etc.) of the entire project, you could potentially wait quite a while to get paid. Referrals obviously are best being somewhat "vetted" by previous customers.
  2. The upfront money is meant to take care of initial expenses for larger projects like wiring an entire house. Certainly not asking for anything upfront as it relates to "service calls". Basically just want to cover the cost of permits and materials. A roof is different, in a lot of instances it is a one day job... in and out. Not really hiring people on Craiglist for an electrical project which requires not only a licensed contractor but a workforce that has the education and are certified to do the work of a real electrician (journeyman, etc.). So I am not sure that is a fair comparison?
  3. 30% up front. 30% upon completion of rough-in and inspection. 30% upon completion of trim out. The remainder (10%) upon final inspection. I am not a finance company. I do not want to be in the hole if the customer/homeowner is a deadbeat. I can justify a loss in my profit, but surely don't want to go in the hole if the customers decides not to pay. This is subject to change if not dealing directly with the homeowner and is instead sub contracted through a general contractor. In the commercial realm this is avoided by creating a schedule of values and billing is based off of those values.
  4. Couple of gusts in the last few minutes. Though I have no doubt it will increase. We do well with wind.... except in the summer when it's hot and humid. Then there is not a breeze to be found. I have really enjoyed the last three days of what seems to be non-stop rain (sarcasm). Cold rain is something we excel at as well. Hard to imagine three days of snow that isn't pixie dust. The entire winter has been a disaster here in Pasadena. All I've had is a slop mess and piles of puddles this year. I've never heard my sump pump run so frequently in the 15 years I have been in this particular house. Like 5 minute intervals.
  5. As I said before... I picture them as their username. Here is PSU...
  6. I'm calling this The "Shoot me in the Head" storm.
  7. I made the mistake of going into the Mid-Atlantic Winter 2020-21 Snow Totals thread... Total buzzkill.
  8. Clearly Japan is still secretly pissed off about hiroshima and consequently stealing our snow. And of course the bullseye is DC.
  9. https://www.internations.org/go/moving-to-japan
  10. Maybe this could be a naming convention of sorts for storms. The "Nothing Burger" Storm The "Crab Claw" Storm etc.
  11. Sierra Nevada Torpedo
  12. The claw is real...