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  1. I prefer my cold rain a little cooler. 32 and cold rain is my fav.
  2. Do you have an attic fan? Perhaps that would help. Here is a link explaining some of what I was talking about and this example actually shows the air handler in the attic. https://georgebrazilhvac.com/blog/what-temperature-should-my-central-air-conditioner-be-putting-out Keep in mind the 20 degree Delta T is just rule of thumb. That said, it seems you have a problem. 68 degree supply air is not going to cool the house sufficiently (upstairs). At least that is my experience.
  3. Yeah... like that upstairs unit is doing next to nothing. I would want to see a minimum delta of 15F between return and supply. Is your air filter clean? That can make a huge difference. A dirty air filter can also cause the indoor coil to freeze, at which point it is doing virtually nothing.
  4. I am literally in that envelop of no precip. I watched this occur as I can see the storm over the bay from my house.
  5. The delta between return air wet bulb and supply air is going to be around 20F. That is about the best you can do. So if the air coming out is 68F then I would suspect that your indoor ambient air temp is about 88F.
  6. Depends on your location. I have watched many storms disintegrate as they approach my area. In my location, it has been desert-like conditions. I am watering 17 year old shrubberies (obviously established) in order to prevent them from dying. Fortunately we received some rain overnight (finally). I have a half acre of property that I maintain. I will put it this way... I won't wash my vehicles prior to cutting my lawn due to the dust storm it creates. YMMV.
  7. Cold pouring rain... and wind. Fun stuff /sarcasm.
  8. Just another day of pouring cold rain in the dena... which pretty much describes our entire "winter" as it relates to precipitation.
  9. Thinking about it... I actually just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
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