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  1. Was in CA for many years, and am overjoyed that they are getting decent rain at least for now. There's nothing like a California Spring after a good wet season. Been dry too long out there.
  2. I was across the Atlantic that one winter, and boy was I jealous to hear about all that good stuff happening. Snow, of course, but even the cold made me jealous. Of course, at 84, I'll take the snow now, but with less cold, thanks. Thanks, Uncle.
  3. This was the first "real" snow event I encountered after moving back East after 31 years in CA. I landed in EWR a day after the December 2003 storm.
  4. A healthy peal of thunder a few minutes ago. Radar shows lots of convection moving N through Central NJ.
  5. When my old eyes first read this, I saw a "your" for the "you". Happy new Year all.
  6. Thanks, Uncle, for the memories. Nice video! BTW, I was in N Jersey and traveled into Jersey City on Christmas eve, so I never knew that there was rain. In any event, I hope that our snows are ash-free.
  7. Thanks, Uncle, for those always amazing data. 1966 may be my own favorite, even though it was largely sleet. A lot more snow farther west, if I remember the NESIS map. It also had Thunder snow, or Thunder sleet. That;s always a plus. 1961 has good memories too. A more gentle and fluffy storm. Here's to another White Christmas, at long last. We're due for one now. I'll settle for a 1961 style one.
  8. A great way to look at the December data. What a gap between 1969 and 1990. Never saw it that way, Uncle.
  9. ... and the Dec 1969 storm was a slop fest horror in the NYC area. One of those letdowns for the Weenie in our souls.
  10. Too bad we can't travel back in time. We could pack our wallets with our inflated currency, and buy up the real estate market. But then we'd be stuck there without A/C, etc. I do remember Babe Ruth's message live, I think. I was at a baseball game in Jersey City's Roosevelt Stadium. His message was carried over the loudspeaker system, but he had to whisper. "Pardon my whisper" he said, I think - the rest I do not recall. His throat was shot by then, and he was saying goodbye. I was with my older brothers, and it was perhaps during the previous summer, 1948. - but, per Wikipedia, it may have been the summer of 1947. Thanks much for those memories.
  11. I do regret your loss. That is very difficult, for life. Keep up the good work, your love is still with you in a real way, I do believe. As far as being a hero, thanks, but it's nothing of course. What I do like to brag about is the winter of 47-48. Lost power in an ice storm around New Years. Thank Goodness for the old gravity forced coal furnaces. A week after the Big Snow. I wonder if all the rain froze into the week old snowpack, and made it more resistant to melting. January was really cold and snowy. I was sorry when the thaw set in in mid February. Of course I also missed the great winters of 60-61, 76 thru 78, and 95-96. Even 93-94 sounds interesting. Was in Europe in 1960, and on the West Coast for the others. So, I lose bragging rights big time. Now, I cannot regret having moved back East. I feel bad for those still on the West Coast with all that has happened.
  12. Those would be interesting, for sure. A dollar went a long way. Happy posting.
  13. Thanks for this post. I do remember the 1948 snowstorm, since I lived in next-door Jersey City at the time. Would have been in the seventh grade. I also remember waiting for that big storm that fizzled, around Christmas. Forecasting was not as great back than. No computer models, of course. Etc.. BTW, it's tough to clean house when there is old printed material to spend hours reading. I even remember some of the headlines you've shown. "Lippy Succeeds Ott". HaHa. I didn't remember that Durocher was the Giants' manager from that early. Why were the Dodgers called "the Flock", i wonder. Durocher managed the Giants to two pennants and a World Series win, I remember. Now, quit reading those old papers, and get back to cleaning house. - Just kidding.
  14. Wow. Of course, getting 75 bucks a week for a salary wasn't considered bad, at that time, I suspect. Still, it makes my mouth water. Chuck for 45 cents a pound. Lol. Wondering what the rents were like back then as well.
  15. My little rain gauge, carefully placed, measured over 2" when I emptied it today. That was a nice little storm (Thursday, around 9PM). Sorry this is late in posting.