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  1. Came through the Princeton area around 4AM. Some CG lightning, with bomb like thunder. Around .5 rain.
  2. So, detergent will do the job as well as soap? Thx. BTW, great info. Apologies if ? is old hat.
  3. I remember reading about a coronavirus vaccine, but it sounded more generic than a vaccine for COVID-19. If that makes sense. Never read more about it until this post. Is it possible that they were thinking about a more comprehensive type of vaccine, of which COVID-19 would be a subset? Before this virus, there were other recent coronaviruses. Am I making sense? Thx.
  4. Thx I'm over it already. And I didn't even vote for Trump. Lol.
  5. Thanks, buddy. The poster is a mentally ill moron.
  6. Old, but still a favorite. Check the lyrics also, if you can.
  7. At 79, Dr /Fauci is looking well. I wanted to post a pic, but maybe this can't be done.
  8. As an 83 year old, I want to quote a remark by Ken Wilbur: "I'm not afraid of death, but dying sucks" That's my take on this subject. Wishing you all wellness.
  9. I don't post much, and even my lurking is somewhat desultory. Just want to commend the posters on this thread. A lot of it has been truly beneficial at least for me. Thank you all for a mature and informative thread, even if much of it may be speculative. Good health to all. - Jim
  10. I was in South Orange when this storm hit. I remember the peculiar crunching sound the snow made underfoot during the low temperatures that followed. The February storm was a nice one to remember. I think less of the royal slop fest that came in late March of that year. Apparently things were better further inland.
  11. Thanks Uncle! I shudda remembered that. PS much appreciated, Don!
  12. Thanks for the Philly info here, Don. Your posts are always great. Forgive me everyone if I do not know this, since my lack of interest is due to this awful winter: Has Central Park recorded a temp below 20 degrees F. so far this winter? Thanks.