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  1. Topped out at 51F today. Hope Kamu has the tarp on the snow pile!
  2. I think Parsley would do a fine job--just don't know how much there is to do. We all get along pretty well for the most part. And it's not that busy of a subforum that there's lots of clutter. But a little house cleaning from time to time wouldn't hurt and having a mod to go to if there's an issue isn't a bad thing. Just my 2 cents.
  3. January 16th-17th Observations

    Very fine snow still falling, 29F. Looks to be about 1".
  4. January 16th-17th Observations

    Made it to 40F today, now down to 38F.
  5. January 16-18 Threat

    Expectations set at 1" for Lansdale. Working in Horsham today -- the sun is peeking out here.
  6. January 16th-17th Observations

    Really surprised to see light snow falling this morning with a dusting already. Ch 10 said I wouldn't see snow until after 4 pm, ch 6 said not until after 11 pm.
  7. January 12-13 Heavy Rain to Freezing Rain Obs

    Flurries, temp now down to 30F.
  8. January 12-13 Heavy Rain to Freezing Rain Obs

    61F at midnight, now down to 32F.
  9. 49F at midnight, up to 61F now. Snow pack gone!
  10. Be curious if there's any thunder Friday/Sat ... doesn't the Wiggum Rule have a sub-section regarding snow within 10 days of thunder in the winter?
  11. January 8th Light Wintry Mix Event OBS

    If any snow mixed, I didn't notice. Looked to be IP/ZR the entire time -- there's a fine glaze on everything. Temp up to 29F.
  12. January 8th Light Wintry Mix Event OBS

    IP mixing in now, hearing it bounce off the windows and siding.
  13. January 8th Light Wintry Mix Event OBS

    Light ZR began about 10 min ago, sounds like there may be a pinger or two mixed in. 28F/12DP
  14. January 8th Light Wintry Mix Event OBS

    27F/10DP. The sun was peaking out for a little bit but radar looks pretty solid to the west. Was hoping to hear some reports of IP but sounds like only ZR.
  15. I was thinking about the Feb 2006 storm that dropped 12"+ w/thunder snow and it all pretty much all melted a few days later.