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  1. Signs of Spring 2018

    Received an email from my lawn guy at the end of Feb basically saying since winter was over, he'd be out in the next week or so to apply the first treatment. Nearly two months later, he was finally out yesterday for the first treatment. Hoping for some decent showers today to wash it all in -- looking at the first mow of the season this weekend.
  2. Signs of Spring 2018

    ^ I was wondering if any summer predictions were out yet. Yeah, hope he's wrong...lol! Chuck's going with a hot summer until he isn't. I'm still not sure what his winter outlook was--I got whiplash reading his posts.
  3. Cashing in on that band swinging through central Montco right now -- approaching the 10" mark.
  4. It's gonna pivot over Redsky's house...after all the sleep he lost this week!
  5. Just went out to clean off the car, looks like a solid 7"-8" as Matt said. With the sun starting to lower, hopefully we really start piling on now.
  6. Yup, pleasantly surprised by the consistency of the snow so far, saw it blowing off a neighbor's roof a few moments ago. Hopefully it's closer to 10:1 ratios and we get better accumulations as a result.
  7. Heard some rain drops overnight, temp got up to 36F. Now it's dumping snow with a temp of 30F. As some others have speculated, hopefully it will be a little colder and the snow won't be as heavy and wet causing power outages. Regardless, looks like a fun day ahead. It's 3/21, enjoy the snow!!
  8. Turning into a nice little snow shower that's quickly coating the flower beds.
  9. Getting rogue flurries this morning.
  10. That's how I recall that particular event -- a coating would start to accumulate on the grass, then intensity would drop and snow would melt. A few hours later it would start all over again. Yeah, my expectations are in check, too. To me, anything after March 1 is bonus snow.
  11. Heather...lol! (I'm really bad with names.) Thanks!!
  12. EE rule = ETA (now the NAM)/Euro. If you get agreement among those two models, you're in good shape, at least once upon a time that was true. Achambault Event = Named after Amy Achembault. She's the met that identified large systems breaking down or setting up pattern regime changes, such as the NAO flipping from negative to positive. (Help me out here gang if any of this is off the mark.)
  13. I like Bernie, he's a good met. Doesn't get enough mention on these boards ... that's probably a good thing. Getting back to next week's storm -- I recall a system, maybe March 91? It snowed for something like 3 days straight, but didn't amount to anything because rates were never heavy enough to overcome the March sun. I wonder if this ends up being a similar long duration, strung out system?
  14. March 12-13 possible coastal event

    Same here -- all non-paved surfaces covered in white. Temp never got below freezing, 33F for a low.