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  1. October 23rd and I'm still taking my after dinner walks in a t-shirt and shorts -- currently 68F.
  2. I don't like the fact that it's warm AND dry. At least if it was warm and wet, that would suggest there's a clash of air masses. But the fact that it's been dry tells me the ridge is comfortably in place and not being challenged. It's only Oct and a lot can and probably will change, so I'll remain optimistic for a "normal" winter for now. Any accumulating snow before Thanksgiving and I'm throwing in the towel!
  3. 73F after a low of 46F. Already down to 58F.
  4. 40F IMBY too this morning. No frost on the windshield, just plain old liquid condensation.
  5. 38F with some frost on the windshield this morning.
  6. More humidity on the pumpkin overnight. Looks like a 2 day taste of fall then right back to above average temps. Gotta love the ++AMO!
  7. I haven't heard/seen anything either, but I think they usually do them around Thanksgiving.
  8. How sad is it when a DP of 64F on 10/10 feels refreshing??
  9. 75F at midnight, 66F for a low ... no frost on the pumpkin last night.
  10. Above avg temp wouldn't concern me so much, but it's the consistent MUCH above avg temps. Usually this time of year you'd like to see some cold front passages with crisp/cool autumn weather working it's way into the pattern. But this persistent SE ridge/-PNA is typical of Nina. And I'm not seeing anything that suggests we cool down to seasonal norms for any prolonged stretch. Winter is a ways off and much can change, but seeing analogs such as 2007-08 and 2011-12 being thrown around isn't encouraging.
  11. Second night in a row with a low of 72F. Looks like a wall of water incoming...finally!
  12. 72F for an overnight low...that's just wrong! Maybe we should reopen the summer obs thread.
  13. Got down to 46F overnight. I wrapped up my AC in early Sept and had to uncover it last weekend because of the heat. Just recovered it again -- hoping that's it for the season!
  14. I think Erika Martin left. I'm sure she was nice, but she never blinked and it creeped me out! I saw the new guy a few nights ago and yeah, I thought he did a good job.