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  1. To paraphrase Tommy Lasorda when discussing Darryl Strawberry… Ben Simmons isn’t a mutt. Dogs show loyalty!
  2. Actually, it's not all doom and gloom for us. After a torchy December, he has an overall average winter for us -- average temps, precip, snow. But who really knows anymore?? 52F/ DP 50!!
  3. Looks like just over 2" here. While y'all were enjoying today's storm, Paul Pastelok at Accuwx released his preliminary winter outlook. Hint: MJO loving those 5, 6, 7 phases again this winter
  4. Rain has begun, hearing some thunder already. Made it up to 76F, now down to 74F.
  5. Overnight low of 73F. Hoping that's the last one of those until next summer! 73F/DP 70F
  6. Can we get a rain event around here anymore that DOESN'T trigger flood watches/warnings/advisories??? lol!! Yes, I was walking around my yard yesterday and parts that I haven't watered were rock solid. Other than 9.5" on 9/1, not much rain here of late. 72F/DP 71F
  7. Off-and-on light mist/drizzle here. I still ran the sprinklers this morning to give the grass seed a good drink. It seems to be working, already seeing a few sprouts pop up. (Yes, this is how exciting my life is, I watch grass grow.) 72F/DP 70F
  8. 0.01" overnight. Looks like my grass seed rain shield is doing its job. 75F/DP 66F
  9. No pool here, but my bday is mid Sept and I always used to wrap up the AC around this time of year. Not anymore! I've pushed it back to mid Oct because of the last 5 or 6 autumns. 77F/DP 72F
  10. Down here in the Philly area, I was driving north on the NE Extension of the PA turnpike last night around 9pm and I could see all the lightning in the distance. Ver impressive all the way down here!
  11. Just give me two weeks for this stuff to germinate. (But I’d rather go the remainder of 2021 with no more tropical interactions.)
  12. Agreed! I’d rather run the sprinklers for a few weeks than have an Ida redux wash it all away.
  13. Figured it’s time to give this thread a bump since I’m having the lawn aerated and over seeded this morning. Can’t think of a better way to start a drought.
  14. I called last year during Isaias. The guy on the phone said they don't do that anymore, it's a liability issue. I said, "YOU'RE WHOLE F#%&IN' JOB IS A LIABILITY ISSUE!"
  15. Thanks! I was on the phone with the insurance co first thing this am...we'll see. I'm thinking chances are 15% partially, 85% SOL. Unbelievable pics and video throughout the region. Everyone I've spoken to today has a story to tell. Another "I" storm to be retired??
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