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  1. For entertainment purposes only -- looks like last night's Euro takes whatever form in the western Gulf to the VA capes next weekend, then straight up the Hudson valley. The GFS has nada.
  2. Yep, September feeling like September for a change...77F/DP 47. I don't think the Flyers have played their A game since the round robin. Tonight would be a good time to bring it!
  3. Our 4th summer month is officially under way. 74F/DP 71
  4. No shocker and it matches what everyone else seems to be saying, AccuWx's early winter outlook is calling for another blowtorch. F this, I'm moving to Deadhorse AK!
  5. Nothing says Stanley Cup Playoffs like dews in the mid 70's and tropical remnants sliding off the coast. Been cloudy all day with just an occasional shower. But now the Sun is starting to pop out, so I expect it to get even more uncomfortable. 77F/DP 74
  6. I know it's going to get hot & humid again, but I don't recall a nice stretch of weather like we're about to have the last couple of Augusts. Maybe it's a sign we'll have autumn this year before Halloween. 79F/DP 67
  7. It's actually not hot for a change, 65F/ DP 64. .40" of rain so far.
  8. You know things are bad when a 71 DP is an improvement 82F/70 DP here...refreshing!
  9. Picked up a quick 1.45" in an hour this morning. My neighbor's trash can washed up on my lawn. Really hoping that's it for rain today!
  10. Got a cell right overhead, raining pretty hard. 73F/DP 72.
  11. No rain here yet, not sure if I'll get any as the short range models keep everything to my SE. Still, it's rather dark with a rumble or two in the distance. Temp went from 90F earlier down to 82F.
  12. I don't understand why bears hibernate in the winter. This is the time of year to do it! 86F/DP 75!!!
  13. I never considered myself to be a hoarder, but after cleaning out the crawl space this weekend from Isaias, I think it maybe time to look into a 12-step program. 78F/DP 72
  14. Wow, some of those rain totals/rates are just crazy...and on top of Isaias! Fortunately only 0.55” here. Anymore rain and our area will be the new Atlantis.
  15. Gave my AC a small break this morning but it's going back on now. Getting a bit uncomfortable with the sun poking out, 78F/68DP. Picked up 0.08" this morning. Heard the same loud boomer as Birds.