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  1. I'm expecting a package being shipped from N NJ. I got a UPS update that it's been delayed due to severe wx. Any idea what's going on between here and N NJ? Tornados? Flash flooding? A landfalling hurricane?? BECS???
  2. ^ lol...look just like last Dec. Pattern repetition ftw.
  3. Getting some flurries/very light snow with that band rotating through. Temp's 35F, so nothing is accumulating.
  4. Radar starting to light up NW of Philly.
  5. Amazing how empty the office is today. Guess the clouds kept everyone off the roads.
  6. Nothing going on here at the office in Horsham, skies are brightening.
  7. Surprised I had to scrape a coating of snow off the windshield when I left the house around 6:45 this morning, temps hovering around 33F. Latest HRRR doesn't look too encouraging for those of us south of Bucks. Still, I think it's gonna be on of those look-out-the-window kind of day.
  8. Been sitting at 32F much of the morning, starting to see some minor ice accretion on the cars and lamp post. Maybe a pinger or two mixed in for good measure.
  9. Great seeing Konecny and Lindblom continue to grow -- good thing too as the vets have been a little less than impressive (great game by G last night, though!). Still, I think this team is was it is for now -- win 2 or 3 in a row, lose 2 or 3 in a row. Still haven't made up my mind on Fletcher. Just glad he didn't do the typical "Flyers thing" and trade all our youth for past-their-prime stars.
  10. +NAO SE ridge Lack of Miller A's Any frozen will have to come from a "thread the needle" system Seems as safe a winter outlook as any.
  11. 74F at midnight, been sitting at 58F since this morning. If this were March, I'd consider it dreary. But after yesterday, I loving it!!
  12. Got down to 69F overnight--I'll take the moral victory of not having a min of 70F+ in October. Welp, if it's gonna be warm today, may as well go for some records
  13. The Euro just said, "Hold my beer."
  14. 64F/60DP. Forecasted to get to 78F today, but unless we see some peeks of sun, I don't think that will happen...and I'm not complaining if it doesn't.
  15. Ha! I get sick on the merry-go-round. I guess I should be happy 2019 is what it is.