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  1. Not as much rain as Monday, but much stronger winds ... got some branches down in the yard.
  2. Storms later today? NAM and HRRR show a little something moving through. But yeah, nice start to summer so far, what heat we've had hasn't locked in. But our big heat usually settles in after the 4th of July.
  3. Some heavy downpours rolling through, so much for today's mowing.
  4. Dipped down to 63 overnight, can't ask for better sleeping wx this time of year.
  5. Only made it down to 74F overnight. Glad the front is coming through or we'd be off to the races today. Some nice looking storms in S NJ ... any reports??
  6. 91.7F for my high today.
  7. 90.1F yesterday for a high. Only made it to 70.4F for an overnight low. Expecting today to be the warmest day of the three.
  8. Didn't get there today, 89.4F was my high.
  9. Almost noon on 6/7 and I'm sitting at 57F! No complaints, I'm not looking forward to the return of summer later this week, but it was/is bound to happen eventually. Hopefully it's a summer of in-and-out heat, nothing that locks in for long stretches at a time!
  10. No convection, but it poured for close to an hour. I'll check the gauge when I get home, but I'm sure it was close to an inch of rain with that line.
  11. 88F yesterday, 73F at midnight, sitting at 59F now...nearly a 30 degree temp drop from yesterday, not too shabby!
  12. 86.5F at noon.
  13. Overnight low of 71, forecasted high today is 88. Can it go higher? 6z NAM and HRRR show some scattered storms later on...I suspect they're over doing it.
  14. 88F yesterday and 90F today. Dropped down to 69F last night, so I expect to stay in the 70's tonight. AC is on, hopefully I'll be turning it of tomorrow evening.
  15. Some nasty looking radar returns in Jersey but I don't see any warnings up for them. Getting a shower here right now.