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  1. Snow shower, 30F. I haven’t been paying attention, was this in the forecast today?
  2. Happy March 5th! Twenty years ago today...nuff said
  3. How's our March triple phaser looking? Asking for a friend. 40F with brilliant sunshine. Going for an un-Jebwalk soon.
  4. March 1 and right on cue we have a wind advisory. 1.25” of rain over the weekend, mud season off to a ripping start!
  5. Feb rocked! No need to look at long range models, zero posts from Wentz is all I needed to see. Back to reality...39F and rain.
  6. I can reduce that chart to two seasons... Nov 1 to Memorial Day = November Memorial Day to Halloween = August
  7. For me it was 2/16. I was under an ice storm warning, but it was all rain. I also recall a 33 & rain event in Jan before we began our hot streak, but I'd have to check the date.
  8. 55F If it snows again, great. But if winter is over, I'm fine with that too after these last 3 weeks or so. I wouldn't mind an early start to spring, I'd like to get some stuff done in the yard before the growing season gets underway.
  9. Yes. And believe me, I'm not downplaying this storm at all. But it was just a notch below a few others.
  10. A few memories about this storm... Coming off the weekend storm, I remember Ralph saying he "wasn't feeling" this one. Guess Ralph was using reverse psychology way back when. That morning, someone in the Philly forum (it was probably still Eastern and I don't recall who) said their wife was pulled over by the police and told to go home, because she wouldn't be able to get home by the afternoon. Also that morning, someone in the MA forum posted in ours saying if what they were currently getting was headed our way, hang on! The storm itself may not have been on par with '96, PDII or some other all timers, but in my opinion, that was the greatest week of winter weather I've experienced.
  11. A mix of very light rain and flakes here, 38F/DP 31F.
  12. Puking, to coin a phrase. Easily 3" now. I wasn't planning on shoveling today. Glad I never put the shovel back in the garage..
  13. Everything is snow covered, probably .5" so far. 30F/DP 29F
  14. Getting ready for what could be the last Jebwalk of the season, 32F/DP 25F.
  15. Actually, I like a nice string of 90’s in April, more often than not it signals a cooler than normal summer is on the way. I’m under a WWA, the end of my street isn’t Setting my bar at 2.5”, mainly on the existing snow on snow on snow on snow.