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  1. Yes, I meant southern VA and the Carolinas. 18Z GFS showing little more than a coastal scrapper down there too. DT is probably going ape $%@&
  2. Made it to 49F. Don't look now but the NAM just took away the SE snowstorm this weekend. Who knows if it's on to something. But if it is, it's another reminder not to get too invested in anything beyond 36-48hrs this winter.
  3. NAM looks a wee bit better at 18Z, but that's like saying at least the Flyers got to the shoot out before losing. I'm going with a T with lollies of C imby.
  4. What's frustrating is, it's not that it's not snowing. It's just not snowing here...lol! Oh well, maybe March will rock.
  5. Euro 2022 = Steve Carlton 1986 It's a shame seeing such one-time dominance being a shadow of its former self.
  6. Maybe that's when we'll cash in on a warning-level event, when the pattern starts to break down in early Feb.
  7. How about that storm at 240hrs -- more snow for the Carolina's, misses us OTS, then bends back to crush Boston
  8. It's windier today w/o the wind advisory, 36F.
  9. Mostly sunny skies, but getting a stray flurry or two drifting by, 35F.
  10. Getting a random flurry here and there, 35F. It’s been breezy but no strong gusts. Wondering if they’ll scale back the wind advisory at 4?
  11. Should we be paying a little attention to Thursday am? Yeah, yeah...NAM at range and all the usually caveats.
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