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  1. I love how the article says "snow is considered rare this time of year". "Rare" but not "unheard of"...lol! Maybe I'll retire to Iceland. How difficult could it be to pick up the language?? 67F/DP 53F...beautiful sleeping weather last night.
  2. Yes, it certainly seems "back to school" gets earlier each year. But then again, it seems schools return earlier then when we were kids -- it was always after Labor Day, first week of Sept or so. Seems more and more schools return in late August now, prior to Labor Day. (Which is kind of stupid since they usually end up cancelling classes due to the Aug heat in un-air conditioned schools.) So glad I'm not a kid today, with summer reading lists and other schoolwork assignments that need to be completed. For us, summer was a time to let the brain deteriorate!!
  3. Last week of adding daylight, too! Although it's hard to notice until early August. August 1 is Lammas Day, the summer's cross-quarter day. Also, August 5th is about when our temps max out and we start heading downhill again (extremely slowly).
  4. I saw a documentary a few years ago about the population boom in the SW. Someone mentioned that hundreds of years from now (assuming we're still here), archeologists will scratch their heads wondering why we thought it was a good idea to build cities in the desert along with houses that include swimming pools.
  5. Kamu left out the part about the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror and we were listening to Dark Side on his car’s 8-track
  6. That was YOU who gave me the ride??
  7. A friend of mine up in Sellersville has one borrowing in her yard to lay eggs. Anyone want a pet snapper?
  8. Heard my first crickets last night. They may have been out there for awhile, but it's the first night I've slept with open windows this week. Probably have another month to go before the katydids show up.
  9. In other words, if this were January, they got more than 6 feet of snow while I got flurries. But seriously, I don't wish 6+ inches of rain on anyone in that brief amount of time. I'll be paying off the damage from Isaias for a few more years. 72F/DP 71F
  10. Thunder all around me, but nothing more than a sprinkle here. Temp down to 79F!
  11. 87F under cloudy skies. Don't want to think about what the temp would be with full sun. Looks like slow movers. Wonder if we'll see any flash flood advisories/warnings today?
  12. Been sitting at 85F with a DP of 77F. Looks like storms are starting to pop over Chester County.
  13. Let's hope for those storms, already approaching 80F at 8:30 am...79F/DP 75F. Looks like I only got down to 74F overnight.
  14. ^ Haha... yeah, glad I'm an old man now. Fifteen-year-old me would have been shooting bottle rockets at them. We know how that would have ended.
  15. Clouds have moved in, knocking me down from 92F to 89F