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  1. 88F at noon. Nice thing about the breeze is it blows the humidity around and helps it stick to you even better.
  2. I know it’s worthless and a near 0% chance of happening BUT…my phone is forecasting a low of 59F next Saturday and Sunday. Still, it’s nice to look at, just like digital snow out in fantasy land. 83F/DP 74F
  3. 76F for an overnight low…unacceptable! 80F/DP 74F
  4. And I FINALLY, FINALLY saw my first cicada killer this week. Just one. If we could get your bees together with my cicadas... 79F/DP 73F
  5. Eeked out .20" last evening. Rain made it to CB Park just in time. 72F/DP 71F
  6. Getting a pretty good downpour here, some rumbles of thunder. Temp down to 85F.
  7. It hasn't been completely horrible here. Temp's been diddy-boppin' between 93F-94F this afternoon...certainly nothing close to the 106F the GFS was spitting out last week...lol! DP is atrocious at 75F.
  8. Happy 8/2--a "cross quarter day", mid point of astronomical summer. Also on Friday 8/5, most of us max out our average daily high temps for the summer before we begin the slow descent and bottom out in early Feb. Just trying to find something/anything positive as we approach our next heatwave. 78F/DP 72F
  9. People hoard gold and MRE’s for the apocalypse. What the pandemic taught me is to hoard alcohol, toilet paper and now Reese’s. 75F/DP 65F
  10. Halloween stuff showing up on store shelves, back-to-school commercials on the radio…stick a fork in it, summer is done! (Feel free to bump this post on Thursday.)
  11. Yep, rain just started here. Let's see what she does...
  12. Some serious overnight dumpage...looks like I picked up a quick .80". I imagine a lot of it was run off, but still, any liquid is appreciated right now. 72F/DP 71F
  13. Giving the AC a break today. Currently cloudy, 74F/DP 58F.
  14. Worst severe thunderstorm watch ever. 87F/DP 72F
  15. Actually getting some sprinkles that are dampening up the sidewalk.
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