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  1. Yeah, I missed out on the showers this week too. Lawn is starting to look crispy. Putting the mower away until further notice.
  2. Lost a minute of daylight in the morning, fall is on the doorstep! 78F/DP 68
  3. Yep, just had a quick 10 minute shower, dropped my temp down to 75F. Perfect timing as my turf guy applied a treatment this morning.
  4. Here comes round #2, you should cash in on this one.
  5. Actually, I am a little west of Lansdale proper, more like Towamencin. Anyway, picked up a quick .20" and a ten degree drop in temp, 69F. The lawn enjoyed that!
  6. Looks like a downpour is on my doorstep. Hearing thunder. 79F/DP 67
  7. Getting a nice downpour right now. It's been a bit dry lately, so the rain is welcome. 66F
  8. After nearly two weeks, I finally got cable and internet back yesterday. I didn't miss TV at all, but it's difficult to work from home w/o internet. Another gorgeous day out there! Got down to 58F overnight and currently sitting at 70F.
  9. A week+ with still no cable or internet -- sign me up for lame...lol! 74F/72DP
  10. Ha! Maybe several cold ones. And the Wine & Spirit Shops are reopened, too!!
  11. Glad your power is back, Paul. Got mine back around 6:30 last evening. But Comcast says cable and internet won’t be restored until Monday pm. Seriously, I’m not one to exaggerate. I can honestly say I’ve never personally seen such damage from a storm in my life. Not Sandy, not any of our ice storms or any other severe weather events. But again, it was very localized to just a certain area of my neighborhood. Two, three streets over, just your typical storm damage, if any. It’s almost like an F0 tornado came through, but I’m certain it was straight-line winds. Anyway... 86F/69DP. Not the most comfortable today to play with the chainsaw, but at least the AC is running!
  12. Good luck! Hopefully more comfortable weather after today.
  13. Still in the dark. Asplundh trucks are on the street behind me, they have their work cut out for them. Picked up .8" overnight.
  14. No word from PECO when power will be restored, but I’m thinking several days. Two large trees are down on my property and the wires are under one of them. Fortunately no damage to the house. Amazing how localized events like this are—the other end of my neighborhood looks completely untouched.
  15. Massive trees down in the yard. About as bad I’ve ever seen it here. Power out.