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  1. Some showers moving in from the SE, but yeah, the super soaker that was being advertised looks to be in jeopardy.
  2. Getting a couple of rain drops, the heaviest is passing to my south. Still, the radar seems a bit over done.
  3. Yup, what very little was on radar this morning quickly dried up as it approached the area. My lawn was treated this week, it would be nice to get a heavy shower or two to wash it in.
  4. 85 for a high so far, now down to 83 with the clouds. The wind is really cranking, too. I lost my computer and modem in the storm a few Thursdays ago. A neighbor said lightening struck the pole in his yard and the surge traveled through the cable line. Fortunately it didn't fry the TV. I have surge protectors and will unplug things before leaving the house if severe wx is forecasted, but I never though about unhooking the cable, too.
  5. So what was the mechanism that triggered last night's t-storms? In the summer, we can have 4 out of 5 parameters in our favor and still fail. It was 41F when those storms rolled through last night. That was some of the brightest lightning and loudest thunder I've seen and heard. I guess the thunder was louder since there are no leaves on the trees right now. Anyway, great storms last night, time to get everything off the basement floor before this afternoon's rains move in!
  6. Recorded a sneaky high of 47.2F just after midnight. Sump pumps also kicked in yesterday -- a little surprising. Despite all the melt, I thought we've been running dry.
  7. I'll give this winter a D+ ... only to leave myself some wiggle room to grade down the next time we get a 97-98, 01-02 or 11-12 style winter. It was a ratter this year, but we did get some cold and some frozen, not a complete shut out.
  8. Although there was nothing on radar, a snow shower moved through around 12:30 this morning. Temps were 34-35-ish, so it didn't amount to anything (obviously).
  9. Some drizzle a little earlier, temp up to 37.7F. This "event" is the perfect ending to winter 2016/17. On to next year ...
  10. A snow shower must have passed through overnight, there was a light dusting on the car and driveway this morning. I'd guesstimate 7" of snow and sleet before compaction set in. While the storm didn't live up to it's billing, it was the best one of the season imby.
  11. Yes, 2001 is in a league of it's own. We got the storm this time, just the rain/snow/mix line didn't behave as expected. I expected to go to IP at some point but still anticipated much of the storm to be mainly snow imby. And I didn't expect to sleet to get as far north and west as it did. You learn something new with each storm.
  12. More snizzle, temp up to 31.3F. Still haven't seen a plow, which is odd, my township is usually pretty good about getting to the roads.
  13. Yeah, I'm taking the under. The radar does show a little back building with a snow band in the Balt/DC area ... waiting to see if that swings through a little later (probably not).
  14. The NAM had some warm solutions but everyone dismissed it as the NAM being the NAM.
  15. Some sort of light sleet/snizzle mixture now. Sky's brightening, expect some peeks of sun soon.