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  1. Nothing more than a light shower imby.
  2. 83F for a high today, looks like a storm is going to pass by just to my SE.
  3. Getting some light rain, temp down to 72F.
  4. No rain yet, plenty of thunder and gusty winds though. Temp went from a high of 87F (probably would have hit 90F with full sun today) to 77F currently.
  5. The sky is dark off to my SE, hearing some distant rumbles of thunder.
  6. 75F for a high yesterday, 58F for an overnight low. Yes, very September like! ^
  7. Some overnight drizzle, ground damp in spots. Seriously, it feels amazing out there for late July -- 66F, widows open with a refreshing breeze.
  8. The clouds have really thickened up in the last 1/2 hour or so.
  9. Agreed, it'll be fun watching this evolve. The -NAO is suppressing things, but this isn't January where we're fighting single digit dews. I'm thinking the gradient is overdone. (But what do I know??)
  10. Yep, I'll never understand ch10's new fascination with area temps. This isn't 1975. If I want to know the temp somewhere, I'll ask my phone -- no need to wait for the evening news. As I said before, I doubt this is Glenn's idea, it's probably the brainchild of a producer. Glenn is too talented a met to spend his time reviewing temps.
  11. You guys jinxed it by starting a thread too soon!
  12. 63F this morning, AC is off!
  13. Starting to wrap up here, basically just a big rain maker. Some rumbles of thunder, not much wind at all.
  14. Heavy rain coming straight down, not much wind. Radar says worst is still just off to my west.
  15. It's on my doorstep!