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  1. Halloween will be cold. Why? Cause I'm the one who has to stand at the door and hand out candy. The only question regarding Christmas is: does Mt Holly go with Heat Advisories or Excessive Heat Warnings? 74F/DP 61F
  2. Yesterday was Lammas Day 2021, the mid point of astronomical summer. Let's see... -Eagles 1st round pick already out with an injury -Phils choking down the stretch -Flyers sign crap back up goalie Yep, we're right on schedule. Picked up .40" yesterday. Currently 69F/DP 59F.
  3. Yes, glad everyone is okay! Fortunately I haven't heard of any serious injuries, amazing seeing the damage around the area. Picked up about .70" yesterday from the portion of the storm that looked to move on and form the tornado in the lower Bucks area. 73F/DP 68F
  4. Steve Sosna losing his $&%# on Ch10. Not sure where Iceman is in relation to the tornado, stay safe! Pouring here now.
  5. As Ji would say, I can see the back edge already. Had some sprinkles move through, we’ll see if anything pops as the afternoon wares on. 78F/DP 73F
  6. So I guess we can expect "First Destruction Alerts" from Ch10 and "Accu-Destructo Alerts" from Ch6. Up to 92F so far, only made it to 89F yesterday. Looks like today will be our last 90's for awhile (thanks for posting the weather porn, Newman!).
  7. Saw my first cicada killer buzzing around the lawn this morning. 78F/DP 74F
  8. It was all of 11 drops here. Looks like you’re in a better spot.
  9. Shhh…don’t tell Redsky but I got drops falling here. 84F/DP 73F
  10. N’ah, April is our big snow month these days. Heard my first katydid last night. 68F/DP 61F
  11. Plenty of rain come December, January and Feb…book it!
  12. That's insane! Yes, I know is wasn't a tornado but it sure looks like one with how those trees are sheared off. I probably lost a half dozen trees from last June's derecho but all of them were still attached to their root ball. Incredible damage for such a localized area. Doors and windows are open, got down to 62F overnight. 68F/DP 59F.
  13. The warning I'm reading says 80mph! Is that headed for Agnes?
  14. Yeah, it's really dark here but just a garden-variety t-storm. Looks like the bulk is passing to my south. Temp down to 78F.
  15. Just heard my first low rumble in the distance, 83F.
  16. I don't recall a March '91 bust. But if you were battling the rain/snow line in the Lehigh Valley, then maybe it was always forecasted as a rainer down this way, so I didn't pay any attention to it. What I do remember is those winters from 1987-88 to 1991-92 were pretty much snowless around here, except for an occasional nickel & dimer.
  17. My forecasted high was for 90F today, but I've only made it to 84F so far. No complaints here.
  18. Could be. I was also listening for the tree frogs you and Stemwinder were discussing. I heard the usual frogs in my creek while mowing on Saturday.
  19. Yeah, I was a little surprised too. We're moving into late July, what are the waiting for?? 80F/DP 65F
  20. Got down to 68F overnight. I turned off the AC yesterday, so last night was the first night sleeping with open windows for some time. Still haven't heard any katydids yet. 74F/DP 65F
  21. Gorgeous looking October sky out there today! 75F/DP 65F
  22. Yeah, you know it’s been ungodly humid when a DP of 67F feels good.
  23. Finished with 1.30” today, 71F. I kicked up a lot of dust mowing this morning. The lawn looked like it would brown up in a few more days w/o the rain.
  24. The radar looks great down your way, stay safe! Got a shower moving through now with some thunder.
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