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  1. Nice lake effect streamer moving through Montco. Winds starting to pick up, too. Let the blowing & drifting commence! 55F/DP 54F
  2. Good luck! A friend just texted to say her 100lbs German Sheppard is in her lap
  3. Wow! Definitely one of the better thunderstorms in some time! I can't verify, but it sure sounded like a few pingers were mixed in.
  4. Seeing lightning off to my south. I see Mount Holly is letting the current warning expire.
  5. Nothing like reading through pages of Met bullpen discussion to find out how much for Philly
  6. That, and it's been pretty dry since Ida.
  7. Finally felt confident enough to wrap up the AC for the season...about a month later than I used to. It was odd being out last evening after 8pm in shorts and a t-shirt. Sure didn't feel like 10/21. I know it never works out this way, but my inner weenie is hoping we're using up the warm pattern now before winter sets in. (But yeah, not seeing any positive signs/outlooks so far.) 64F/DP 51F
  8. Let's hope! I'm taking the fall excursion ride on the New Hope RR this Saturday. Sure would be nice to get some more color in the canopy by then.
  9. Just had a mini gust front blow through, guessing 35-40mph range. Could feel an immediate change in the air mass outside.
  10. 78F. Thought cloud cover might keep us from reaching 80F today. Maybe not.
  11. 81F/DP 70F Could be the last 80F day until Christmas
  12. It's a perspective of space you never see if you spend your entire life being beamed up. 57/F/DP 57F
  13. Despite nearly a week of clouds, no moisture fell from the sky. I ran the sprinkler this morning hoping to keep the new grass blades from browning up. Maybe some rain with the weekend front?? 71F/DP 65F
  14. Seriously! If I wanted forever summer, I’d move to Florida.
  15. Dandelions popping up too. Spring has sprung! 62F/DP 60F
  16. Ya know, I thought I saw one the other night too but figured it was just my imagination.
  17. Almost feels like fall…64F/DP 58F.
  18. N'ah, they're dead on. Our winter pattern usually settles in around March 20th to Memorial Day. 68F/DP 63F
  19. As Kamu noted, looking at yesterday's NAM and HRRR, it didn't look like anything more than a quick overnight shot of rain. I never bothered to look at the qpf forecast. Live & learn!
  20. Sorry to hear about your seed. I thought they came out too early to aerate and seed my yard, but in hindsight it worked out. Sprouts started popping up before the rains returned. Hopefully you can take advantage of the warm Oct and get more seed down.
  21. The bulk of last night's storms missed me. Some thunder & lightning, but just .10" in the bucket. Surprised at some of the rain totals around the region, were we expecting that?? 60F/DP60F
  22. Thanks for remembering this. I used to read JB back in the days he was still with AccuWx. His thoughts at the time were that the warming would reverse in the twenty teens (after all, it was nothing more than natural, decadal oscillations that cause warming). I haven’t read JB in years. I imagine his predicted cooling era is simply a case of delayed but not denied.
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