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  1. A few weeks ago saw a dead lightning bug on an outside window ledge. Way too early to see one. But I can't imagine he (or she) was leftover from last season and just sat there the whole time without being blown away by a gust or someone coming along to snack on him (or her).
  2. I was reading some more over at AccuWx. It's an odd summer to forecast from an analog stand point -- third year La Nina, easterly QBO, -IDO -- not a lot of matching analogs. Having said all that, the only season I would feel comfortable forecasting below normal temps is spring. My hunch is we'll flip the switch soon enough and summer of azz will commence.
  3. Beautiful September day out there -- 73F/ DP 49F.
  4. .28" of rain yesterday. Got down to 53F overnight, already up tp 62F.
  5. Yeah, when my friend texted I looked at the radar and watched that hail core collapse just 12 yards from my house.
  6. Think the worst missed me just to the south, hearing plenty of thunder in that direction. But things are pretty much over here. M'eh (is my official storm report).
  7. A friend just to my west in Kulpsville reported hail, but it didn't reach my doorstep. After a gust to two, just mod rain with thunder. Definitely looks worse on radar than what I'm experiencing.
  8. Looks like some clearing after these showers roll through. Will it be enough or too little, too late?? 69F/DP 67F
  9. Congrats! Once I picked up a new car on a rainy day, the sales guy told me it was good luck...so there's that. Muggy! 69F/DP 67F.
  10. Just a quick update on the above forecast for summer 2022... Still looking like +2 to +3 above average temps for the I-95 corridor from Boston down to DC with above average precipitation. The western plains/Rockies foothills are looking like the big winners for scorching heat this summer.
  11. The birds are starting up before 4:30am...yay spring! 55F
  12. Agreed. Never-ending high heat & humidity will be here soon enough, no need to rush it. Bottomed out at 48F this morning, already up to 58F.
  13. The Vegas mob needs to find a new spot to dump the bodies. 46F in the blue bubble this morning.
  14. Just about 2" in the bucket so far, temp hanging at 48F. Ah, the Redsky hoochie-mama blizzard, delayed and denied thanks to the season
  15. Silly cashiers...what do they know about good weather?? 55F glorious degrees out there with .20" in the bucket so far.
  16. My new John Deere was delivered yesterday, looks like it will spend it's first weekend in the garage. Oh well, I didn't want to get it dirty anyway
  17. Just like winters of yore, when the GFS would advertise a snowstorm a week+ out, take it away in the 3-7 day range, then bring it back in the final 48 hours. Will we see sun today?? 59F
  18. Flyers question... Why do Chuck Fletcher, Mike Yeo and Dave Scott still have jobs this morning?? (Asking for a friend.)
  19. Loud boomers rolled through here around 4am, picked up a quick .75" from heavy downpours. 51F.
  20. Had to go back several pages to find this thread. Anyway... Paul Pastelok at Accuwx issued his summer outlook on 4/26. No real surprises, another summer of temps averaging +2 to +3 above normal. He also thinks it will be a wet summer for us with plenty of chances for severe -- we could maintain out new status as "tornado ally". The other thing that stood out is the west will continue experiencing high heat and drought conditions. Only 144 days until fall!
  21. ...and the Phils get shut out. We can't have nice things.
  22. Great day/night for Philly sports overall. If we knew anything, we knew Howie wouldn't stay pat with picks 15 & 18
  23. 54F...no complaints here! We'll be running the AC non-stop soon enough
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