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  1. 3.2", for a seasonal total of 13.4" to date. It's been a very nice start here.
  2. 3.2”, snow is just about over now. Nice little event here.
  3. As usual I see the classic Westminster death band on the radar.
  4. Awesome to see you all getting a little snow! Funny enough it's currently raining up north where I am, but that will change over as well.
  5. I can't believe I haven't shared my final total. Ended up with 10.2", with some pretty heavy rates Tuesday morning. Really happy with it overall. Looking forward to more on Wednesday.
  6. Light snow, much improved from last night. 3.6” from round 2, bringing the total to 8.4”
  7. Picked up 0.8" today, bringing the total to 5.6". Hoping the herpaderp is on to something, though it usually tends to be too bullish.
  8. It's all good. I've been skeptical of this storm all along, and yesterday was a lot of fun. Plus it's very early in the season and there will hopefully be plenty of more opportunity.
  9. Hideous dry slot for us. Part 2 has been very lame around here.
  10. Holliston isn't far from me... now I feel ripped off
  11. Well, this is my first snowstorm since moving to New England, and now that I'm here, met winter is off to an amazing start, regardless of whether this storm has a part 2 around here. It was coming down very hard around 8pm. 3.8" and counting.
  12. Man that’s an unbelievable chart... I’d be more than thrilled with just half of that.
  13. Yikes. Probably early Jan 2003. My old backyard in Maryland has had 6 events with at least that much, since then.