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  1. Fozz


    I'd be interested. I wasn't able to make it last year so I hope I can do it this year.
  2. Fozz

    July Discobs Thread

    Got up to around 97 here. I just hope we don't hit triple digits either here or at BWI. 2010 to 2012 gave us more than enough of that.
  3. Fozz

    May Discobs Thread

    That's pretty incredible after being so snowy and wintry last month.
  4. The Catonsville station now broke 10".
  5. Looks like they could beat that total today. Who would've thought they'd get a 1 in 1000 year flood twice in less than two years?
  6. How much did Ellicott City get in 2016?
  7. I’m surprised at how cool it’s gotten outside. 53 degrees
  8. Fozz

    May Banter

    Awwww congrats psuhoffman! She’s so adorable.
  9. My closest station has about 3.3” for the month, with almost all of it in the past week.
  10. How much for @EastCoast NPZ? My o/u is 2.5" in his area. In all seriousness though, yesterday was very good up my way so I don't have any complaints. Anything else that comes will be a bonus.
  11. Fozz

    May Discobs Thread

    I should’ve specified he general vicinity of Frederick, which you aren’t that far from. But based on radar estimates, all the 3-4” totals seem to be right near Frederick, which is really bad news after yesterday.
  12. Fozz

    May Discobs Thread

    Looks like Frederick is the only area in the region that's gotten a lot of rain today. They also happen to be the last ones who need any more rain at this point.
  13. The sky looks exactly like that down here. Storm is about to hit any minute.
  14. That's pretty incredible.