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  1. One of my all time favorites. A great winter for the entire East coast.
  2. Big storm passing just to my north. Missed me by 3 miles.
  3. That was your article? That’s awesome, congrats!!!
  4. I feel the same, especially since this is by far the coldest April of my life, but now I’m learning that in New England you have to fight tooth and nail for spring. And here in SNE it isn’t even winter... it’s that crappy March-like middle ground that’s too chilly and dreary to enjoy but too warm for snow.
  5. Fozz

    COVID-19 Talk

    If all of our leading politicians got on board with those goals 5M per day to 20M per day, I’d feel so much better about our ability to overcome the pandemic and return to something close to normal life.
  6. Fozz

    Land Purchase

    I’m pretty sure I passed through Randolph during many of my own NH ski trips. Since I had the Epic local pass, Wildcat was my mountain of choice. Stayed at a nice Airbnb nearby in Gorham, and had a few nice powder days.
  7. Fozz

    COVID-19 Talk

    We’ve had more deaths yesterday than any other day and yet you want the lockdowns to end already? A severe pandemic cannot be left up to individual choices. Government has to force people to do the right thing, just like it had to force young men to fight during WWII even though it violated individual freedom.
  8. Fozz

    COVID-19 Talk

    I figured someone like you would celebrate this pandemic. Much lower emissions this year and a possible multi year depression that may follow.
  9. Fozz

    COVID-19 Talk

    I am *hoping* (and this hope is based on our leaders being sufficiently pressured to do the right thing since I distrust so many of them) that we will have a decent testing and tracing system in place by this fall, so that any surge in cases can be kept under control, and we wouldn’t have to once again shut down our country. When testing is woefully inadequate and we severely lack data, then these draconian lockdowns are the only way to reliably protect us from the virus. But hopefully if we have a system to identify infected people and isolated them, then the rest of us can be left alone.
  10. You ended up with a bit more snow, which makes sense since your elevation is an advantage. Also I just realized today that I now live in a climo where a legit snowstorm is possible on my birthday. April 28.
  11. Dammit lol my hair isn't exactly the best right now.
  12. On the way! Once I get back inside, the pics are coming up.