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  1. Ok that is just incredible. Even better than what I saw in the Whites this past weekend. I don't know if I'll be able to go north again this coming weekend, but I'm going to try if it's still looking like this.
  2. Just purchased the Epic Local. Looking forward to Stowe and Okemo this year, as well as Wildcat again.
  3. I enjoyed some great views at Crawford Notch and Pinkham Notch.
  4. Also Mt Snow and Hunter.
  5. I didn't buy any pass yet. I looked up the benefits and discounts and did not see that 50% discount for Stowe or Okemo. Maybe it's only for people who already bought a pass before the merger closed. I'm leaning towards Epic local.
  6. Not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I have now settled into an apartment, finally. Cumberland Hill is now my home, and with 310' elevation I'm feeling pretty good about the climo here. 45/34
  7. At this point I'm considering two options for skiing: Drifter pass + MRG seasonal pass ($650 total) Epic local pass ($719) Either choice would include all the Peak resorts, but if I get the Epic local, then instead of MRG, I'd be able to ski Okemo, Sunapee, and usually Stowe (except for blackout days). Stowe is also somehow a bit less of a drive than MRG. Okemo seems like the perfect mountain for me as an intermediate skier. If I wanted to be cheaper, I could get the Drifter pass alone, but then I'd only have a few decent options in New England, with none in northern VT, and to me that isn't enough. What are your thoughts?
  8. I'm going north this weekend. I've never seen northern New England fall foliage before, so it seems this weekend will easily be the best opportunity for that.
  9. 98 in October is beyond nasty. At least it's about to come to an end, hopefully for the year.
  10. Yup, it's a record high for the month at BWI. Previous record was 97 in 1941. 90s in October in Maryland were something that happened occasionally, especially early in the month, but weren't really all that common. But this is something else. Makes me so glad I was spared from that insane heat.
  11. Good God, that is obscene for October. Might be a monthly record at BWI.
  12. PDI has snowfall rates of up to 5” an hour or more in MD.... Wes Junker and others have told me stories about it. It has some of the heaviest rates of any mid-Atlantic storm.
  13. It has to be PDI since there is snow on the ground all the way to GA, and the storm looks very suppressed, which it was.
  14. I'd love to explore Whitefish some day, especially in this weather.
  15. The one other time I "moved" was when I went to grad school in southern PA, which was 2013-14, and that ended up being an amazing winter in the area. Hope my luck continues.