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  1. First pic was last weekend, screenshot is from yesterday near a loud tree.
  2. I recorded up to 86 the other day.
  3. I love the cicadas. They are fun little creatures and it's been way too long.
  4. Fozz

    RIP James

    Very sad to hear about this tragic news. RIP.
  5. I had a great time at Stowe yesterday.
  6. I was in that last band, it was a fun time for sure and I didn’t want the lifts to close at 4pm.
  7. I was there today. Had a great time and stayed all the way until the last lift closed. I was really shocked by the vast difference that just a few hundred ft of elevation made. I was told it is more common late in the season, but today I saw it for myself. The towns of Stowe and Waterbury had almost no accumulation and it was bare green grass, while it was a full fledged snowstorm on the mountain.
  8. Looks like I picked the perfect weekend to end my stay up here in VT. Hope this happens!
  9. For people who are vaccinated, COVID is not even as bad as the flu.
  10. This is absurd and uncalled for, and it makes me thankful to be in a country where such extreme lockdowns are resisted. Shutting down any outdoor recreation is completely asinine, especially in this late stage. I guess it isn’t enough to require masks in the indoor lodges. Seems like some of these countries are prioritizing controlling others rather than making the vaccine more accessible.
  11. Euro seems to be alone in its far west solution.
  12. I measured anywhere from 1” to 3” since the winds made it difficult. I’m going with 2” here.
  13. Because I like cold, snow, and skiing, and I didn’t have much to do in RI during the pandemic. I’ll be going back soon.