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  1. Very similar to mine, except my triglycerides are like 65. But CHOL/HDL ratio is right around 5 for me.
  2. I have similar issues, probably not as bad as yours. My total cholesterol is normal, but my HDL and LDL are the problem. Triglycerides have previously been high but now they're looking good. Never taken any meds, and I'm going to see if my lifestyle changes make enough of a difference.
  3. 3 TOR warnings all in the same county. I don't think I've ever seen that before.
  4. I just saw! Coming from another cell, stay safe!
  5. Yeah I'm not worried. Too far west thankfully.
  6. I'm currently in MD, now right on the SW edge of a Tornado warning in Cockeysville. Areas to my northeast really need to watch out.
  7. That was an incredible moment and I never thought I'd see anything like it. I'm definitely hoping for the same in 2024 and I have family near Dallas.
  8. Compared to Seattle and Portland these past few days, it will be outright frigid in the area this weekend. Almost like summer 2014.
  9. First pic was last weekend, screenshot is from yesterday near a loud tree.
  10. I recorded up to 86 the other day.
  11. I love the cicadas. They are fun little creatures and it's been way too long.
  12. Fozz

    RIP James

    Very sad to hear about this tragic news. RIP.
  13. I had a great time at Stowe yesterday. https://imgur.com/32gQLIk
  14. I was in that last band, it was a fun time for sure and I didn’t want the lifts to close at 4pm.
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