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  1. Wow... thanks so much for the very detailed response. So it seems that snowfall is near normal (I'm assuming this is for Waterbury), while temps have been warm (as with the entire eastern US) and snowpack is slightly below normal. That tells me that the ski season hasn't been so bad around Stowe, especially after that storm around 2/7/2020 (with the full moon shining over the fresh deep snow, the following weekend really was the perfect time to be up there).
  2. How has this winter been generally in northern VT? Since this is my first winter in New England (not a good first, lol), I don't have much point of reference.
  3. Fozz

    Feb 13 threat

    I’m on the fence between Okemo and Mt Snow for the weekend. Looks like Mt Snow will likely get more from this storm, but how much worse are the crowds, especially for Presidents Day weekend?
  4. Just some perspective of what the worst winters are like.
  5. A bad February can be really, really bad. Memories of February 2002 and 2004 still haunt me to this day.
  6. Your current backyard (I know you didn’t live there back then) probably ended up with just over 10” in 2011-12. I think my total that year was 6.5”, but your area did very well in that October storm.
  7. It was my first time skiing at Stowe, and I couldn't be happier with the timing of that trip. It was like I hit the jackpot. Saturday was spectacular, as you probably saw in the pics, and Monday was excellent as well. The whole area had a classic, old fashioned deep winter feel the whole time I was there, exactly how I imagined Vermont to be. As far as Stowe, I was wondering about that changeover, but then I saw that with the elevation differences between town (700' or so) and the base of the mountain (1500'), it all made sense. Does the 150" variance include the summit of Mansfield? I imagine it's greater than 300" up there.
  8. I was there yesterday, and the difference was very striking. While it drizzled in town, it was all snow on the mountain and a great powder day. It literally changed to snow right as I arrived from town to the base lodge and gondola. Then it was a full fledged snowstorm up the lifts. Really fun day, and not many people since it was a Monday.
  9. Incredible pics and incredible trip @psuhoffman. I was at Stowe this past weekend through Monday, with the best conditions all season, but as great as Stowe is, it's no Jackson Hole.
  10. This is actually pretty sad. Being a snow weenie is definitely a first world hobby.
  11. I had another great day at Stowe today (well, maybe technically yesterday since it's midnight). It snowed all day and there was some good fresh powder on many trails. This hasn’t been a very good season, but these past 3 days at Stowe were amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better time to go up there. Smugglers from Spruce peak was my last run of the day.   This was from up top the Four Runner quad.
  12. Happy anniversary! 20" on top of 25" from 2/6. I will always be proud of this footage that I caught at the height of the storm. I was still 19 at the time.
  13. Yeah it’s a really nice little town, exactly how I imagined Vermont to be. Great trip so far.
  14. Great day at Stowe today, in fact maybe the best all season.  
  15. Very close. Just off Main Street. I feel that I’m almost in your backyard since Barre is right near by.