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  1. Yes please. A quick 4" tomorrow morning would be glorious.
  2. You are a ski snob. I agree that Canaan/Timberline have much better skiing than Wisp with more challenging terrain and more snow, but is it really necessary to randomly belittle Wisp? I personally enjoy Timberline more, but not everyone is an intermediate or advanced skier, and for someone who’s still learning, Wisp is a great place. And as nj2va mentioned, 2x is an exaggeration. The difference is more like 1.5x, and really who cares? They all get a lot.
  3. Maybe brooklynwx is referring to the upper level looks, while the surface depiction is similar.
  4. Yeah that storm at the end of the month is fantasy land. Who knows how that will end up?
  5. They're fun to look at. Another epic run for the mountains.
  6. The next few weeks are looking truly extraordinary for Garrett county and the Canaan area. While I'm sad to be leaving today, there is so much more opportunity coming up.
  7. I'm about to depart Accident MD, but it is still snowing here.
  8. My trip to Garrett county began when I arrived yesterday afternoon during the WAA phase of the storm. The storm hit hard and heavy from the very beginning, and by the time I arrived in Accident, MD, it was already ripping. I knew from that moment that I was in for a very memorable trip. We eventually got a dry slot and a bit of a lull. But then by this morning, the upslope had begun, and as I headed to Wisp, and it was already coming down hard. At the top of the hill it was basically a blizzard. Later on I headed to Timberline, and on my way I was treated to lovely scenes such as the one below. Then once I arrived and hit the slopes, I couldn't believe how much fresh snow I found on the trails, and into the glades. This was a very common sight today on that mountain. And although it was only snowing lightly when I arrived, the squalls returned with a vengeance, and by late afternoon, the blizzard was back. But on my way down on my last run, I still had the chance to take in this scenery. Overall it was an incredible trip, and what I saw and experienced today easily beats my visit to Jay Peak 10 months ago. Maybe not the mountain itself, but certainly the storm and the conditions (both on the roads and on the slopes). I will never forget this.
  9. Oh yeah, the afternoon had brutal conditions, blowing snow, visibility of a few feet, and whiteout conditions especially in the open fields where blowing snow from massive drifts made it impossible to see ahead and was very disorienting. Even now the open fields are a bit treacherous, but not as bad as earlier.
  10. 219 is alright, much better than it was in the afternoon.
  11. I'm not surprised. It certainly felt like classic New England skiing nearby in Timberline. Those mountains could end up with close to 20" by the time it's done.
  12. I ended up going to both Wisp and Timberline today because I just couldn't help it. The snow actually calmed down early in the afternoon when I made my trip to Timberline, but then it got heavy again towards closing time, back to the way it was earlier in the day. But on my drive back the conditions weren't too bad. Incredible day all around. I've never enjoyed as much fresh snow on any slopes as I did today. And Timberline has some fantastic glades, something you don't see very often on a mid-Atlantic hill. I'd have to say this event is an all timer for me when it comes to snow chases/ski trips, right alongside my trip to SNE in Feb 2013 when they were hit by a HECS. Now I need to head out west. As for the town itself, it certainly has the look and feel of a near-HECS. Definitely a Garrett county classic.
  13. I think as long as you stick to the main roads and take reasonable precautions you should be fine. Looks amazing here and I can’t wait to head up on the lifts.
  14. I just parked. Eating a sandwich and then I’ll hit the slopes.
  15. I was on the fence between Wisp and Timberline for today. I’m so glad I chose Wisp. Driving an hour and a half in these wild conditions would be too much, and who knows whether Timberline would have a wind hold as well by the time I would’ve arrived. I’ll hit Timberline tomorrow. My ticket there is good for any day.
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