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  1. Years ago I remember speaking to @usedtobe about PDI... he has all kinds of memories of it, and if I'm remembering correctly it was some of the heaviest snowfall rates he's ever seen in his life.
  2. If we can get 70 degree weather in January (incl 80 in DC) then I’m not going to shed a tear if people get mad about spring snow. Yeah, I know I’m being spiteful. But unseasonable weather can go both ways
  3. March 2014 was much bigger south of us, but March 2018 was a big one here.. 8.5” and it was after the equinox
  4. Even the closer N/W suburbs (think IAD, MoCo/HoCo, etc) can still score in mid-March. Sometimes even late March but that’s pushing it. I’m not giving up. In 2018 the greatest moment came right after the solstice and I’m still yet to see a storm that big ever since IMBY.
  5. Yes we’ve done ok considering how ridiculously warm it’s been. A large part of the reason was that cold spell in January. But the problem is that this kind of warmth has become so normalized.
  6. The snow depth map from 18z 3k NAM yesterday gave me 2” exactly. My actual total was 80% higher. It’s a bad tool most of the time.
  7. Thats why the mid-January cold spell with those two snow events felt so special and even extraordinary. It brought back memories of the past, as if the atmosphere decided to give us a rare taste of the bygone 20th century winter cold we used to enjoy years ago.
  8. I find it incredible that many places just a few miles from that band didn’t just get 4-5”, a lot of them got less than 2” while they were just miles away from 6-12”. That has to be infuriating.
  9. I’d love to see something to look forward to before the second half of March, but I think people are really sick of the rug pulls.
  10. It sure does. And after Jan 2016, which was like the ultimate W for this hobby (along with Feb 2010), I am not quite as emotionally attached to IMBY snow as I was before. It's still nice to see, but there are also so many mountains where I want to experience big storms and powder days. These -PNA patterns we've been getting are all great opportunities to ski out west while this area gets skunked, and I encourage those who are able to take advantage of it.
  11. That storm next Friday on the Euro looks like another yawner... perfect track, 40 degree rain
  12. If this psuhoffman storm ends up anything like the 2011 psuhoffman storm then I’ll be happy to call it a winter. As I recall that one also initially looked rainy but then had great dynamics.
  13. Yeah many of the runs a few days ago had my area in between the bands, and with maybe 1-2” while places north and south would’ve gotten quite a bit more.
  14. We’d better not be finished for the season. Still keeping an eye on Friday
  15. Yeah seems like the best of the fgen band stayed south of LI
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