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  1. After today and yesterday, I’m looking forward to some much more pleasant weather.
  2. Weren't March 1958 and March 1960 very snowy?
  3. Feels very much like a New England spring day.
  4. I'm honestly shocked at the reports I'm seeing, and a little jealous
  5. I'm going to the Poconos next weekend. I'm a big fan of some of these recent runs.
  6. The 00s were an aberration IMO. That decade had a lot of early December storms, especially Dec 5th. I almost got used to it for some time.
  7. Ended up with exactly 1”. I don’t think any of the models had us getting that much here, so this was a real surprise. So between today and yesterday, total is 3”.
  8. This was better than yesterday's event. It looked like a real snowstorm this morning.
  9. It was really coming down a little earlier, now it’s just to my north but looks to sag south? Bring it!
  10. If you're located in Truth or Consequences, then isn't your average high already in the 60s by now? That should be warm enough for outdoor work.
  11. Awful. To be so bitterly cold and never see snow Even putting aside all their politics, I'd rather live in the tropics than in Beijing. The Siberian high makes their winters so boring and miserable.
  12. It's getting heavier around here. Best rates all morning.
  13. And it's a relatively recent thing too. Before the mid 2010s, they never used to do this. They would just give their forecast, tell the public how to prepare for whatever is coming, and that was it. Normies back then had no idea what the GFS or NAM or ECMWF were, and honestly it is better that way.
  14. Wasn't this just a cartopper the other day? Feels like it suddenly snuck up on us In any case, lock it up please! Looks just about perfect.
  15. Honestly I'm rooting for that pattern to dominate March.
  16. The GFS is showing snow in Texas during the weekend that I'll be there. I hope it happens.
  17. If other guidance were looking that good for Garrett/Tucker county, I'd seriously consider a trip. But it has to be significant to be worth it to me.
  18. Felt very nice today and I’ll gladly take this over being fringed with cartoppers.
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