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  1. Hmm nice.
  2. If being a western wx weenie has taught me anything, it's that I want the east to blowtorch. Lol.
  3. 18z gfs op and ens are looking putrid for the next 2+ weeks lol
  4. Wow great find! Monday was a rare sunny day in Glacier Park.
  5. Whitefish is a disgustingly adorable town in the freshly fallen snow...
  6. Feels and looks like deep winter up here. Thinking that someone will drop below zero tonight, with somewhat more widespread sub zero temps Sunday night. Wind chills down below -10 predicted tonight and this weekend in Browning, Cut Bank, etc.
  7. This winter is starting to get a lot of hype up here. We'll see how it goes. Mountains east of me are expecting 1-2 feet tomorrow through Tuesday, with up to 1 foot in the prairies.
  8. Got our first coating of snow overnight, as well as a T of sleet yesterday afternoon.
  9. I'm a software engineer, not a meteorologist, but I echo the above comment -- try to learn Python instead if possible. Super useful language in the real world. Matlab is a rare breed rarely encountered outside of academia to say the least, at least in software development. Can't speak whether or not meteorologists write Matlab code in the wild, but I kind of doubt it. But, to answer your question about pre-reqs, I struggled mightily with my Matlab oriented classes in college because I lacked CS fundamentals. Highly recommend you take a semester or two of Intro to CS (some schools crunch this into 1 semester, others take 2). It will probably be lower level and more straight forward than your JS class. You'll learn the basics of loops, conditionals, variables, functions, etc., and this will help with Matlab considerably. You'll also do some object oriented stuff and learn some basic data structures and algorithms, which is great practical knowledge for the real world, aside from Matlab. Also, looping back to what I mentioned about my prior struggles with Matlab, Matlab oriented courses are often tough not only because of the programming involved, but the applied math as well. Programming courses offered by non CS departments are usually poorly taught and just suck in general, IMO. I say that as a math major-turned-software engineer who cut his programming teeth writing numerical programming software for applied math courses. If I could do it all over again, I would have focused more on taking courses in data structures, algorithms, and Java/Python as far as languages go. Those courses are generally easier and are more valued by employers at the same time, so they're a win/win. That said, I'm a software engineer and not a meteorologist, so take this advice with that in mind.... That said, if you have to take this Matlab course to get your degree, then I guess you just have to suck it up.
  10. As you might be able to discern from that map, we got completely screwed IMBY lol. We direly need some rain/snow to help with the fires in Glacier Park. The Sprague fire is super close to the Going to the Sun Road and various popular landmarks/trails/campgrounds. The forecast for this week does look promising, but the Sprague fire is about 1000 feet away from massive devastation along the GttS road. The local AFD keeps mentioning the possibility of snow showers and graupel even at the lowest elevations this week, which would go a long way.
  11. Hoping to see first flakes tomorrow night mixing with rain, we'll see how it goes. Air is still smoky despite chilly temps.
  12. Snow levels to 6,000 ft here this Thurs/Fri. Looking forward to putting the kibosh on this dreadful fire season.
  13. Had a M5.8 earthquake last night near Lincoln. Easily felt it up here; nice big rolling sensation in the house.
  14. Wow great pics.
  15. SW Montana and Eastern ID look to get snow down to the valley floors later this week. Including Butte, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello. lol.