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  1. Trains were completely shuttered during the morning rush hour here in Tokyo due to this storm. Very rare for this country. Anyway, Hagibis is intriguing. Hopefully it can keep it together enough that I can get a few hours off work again. Haven't formally checked water temps, but it's probably a bathtub all the way to Honshu given how warm this August and September have been.
  2. They're both in the same valley, but Bozeman-MSU is tucked at the southeastern corner of the valley against the Gallatin and Bridger mountains, whereas Gallatin Field is located in the middle of the valley about 400 feet lower than MSU, and is actually in an entirely different town with a way drier microclimate. So, it's legit. I used to live in Bozeman, they have super sharp microclimates around that valley.
  3. DCA: +0.8 NYC: +0.4 BOS: +0.6 ORD: +2.4 ATL: +1.1 IAH: +1.5 DEN: +2.0 PHX: +2.4 SEA: +2.5
  4. Fwiw I still think this is one of the better subforums here. I stop by periodically to read the LR threads, although as a Westerner, I love me a nasty SE ridge, so I won't be actively posting in them :).
  5. looks fun DCA -0.5 NYC -0.9 BOS -1.5 ORD -2.4 ATL -2.0 IAH -1.2 DEN +2.5 PHX +3.2 SEA +1.7
  6. ka ching We've done a great job of making lemonade from lemons this winter. Snowpack is a little lacking in northern MT east of the divide, but otherwise we're in good shape and AFAIK most terminals will finish the month with BN temps.
  7. Some areas around GNP including Essex picked up 40". Got 18" here. About two feet of snowpack now.
  8. Man the 12z gfs op looks like total crapola. Worst model run of my life. Lol.
  9. Certain other subforums would have multiple tracking threads with thousands of posts to track 1" of snow. Not us, nuh uh. We're the Rockies, we're a snow region
  10. Day 6 is the new Day 15. Such terrible model consistency in the LR lately.
  11. We broke the scale lol... good ol' 384hr gfs
  12. 00z op GFS is pretty cold at hour 384 lol.