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  1. Gita appears to be impacting those islands right about now.
  2. Haikui was lame.Did nothing of any note.Now a naked swirl.
  3. Major Hurricane Irma

    Eyewall replacement clearly showing up on IR now.
  4. Major Hurricane Irma

    Looks like they're probably gravity waves to me (assuming we're looking at the same thing).
  5. Major Hurricane Irma

    As it stands right now, the 1.25 days with an intensity of 155 kt+ ties the NAtl record first set by Allen '80, although Allen did it in three separate stints while Irma has done it in one. Globally going back to 1970, only Angela '95, Meranti '16, Chaba '04, and Haiyan '13 have maintained for longer, with the former two netting 1.75 days and the latter two 1.5. Irma is in some rare company.
  6. Harvey - Main Thread

    According to HGX, it looks like the Brazos and Colorado Rivers overwhelmed the San Bernard River and joined together via that drainage. This is the first time this has happened since December 1913 I believe.
  7. Harvey - Main Thread

    I wonder what the longest tracking TC tornado is. I'm pretty sure the strongest is a (possibly liberally rated) F4 from Hurricane Carla on Galveston Island.
  8. Harvey - Main Thread

    Deep CC drop is exactly co-located with a reflectivity max, meaning debris ball.
  9. Harvey - Main Thread

    Wow, that doesn't look like your typical weaker tropical cyclone induced tornado.
  10. Harvey - Main Thread

    Looks like a MCV has developed over Jefferson County, focusing rains there. It shows up really clearly on KDP. Not good at all.
  11. Harvey - Main Thread

    Clear Creek at I-45 has crossed 40".
  12. Harvey - Main Thread

    Yeah, RAP also appears to be handling the current situation alright. Hopefully it ends up verifying better. HRRR was doing great earlier in the event, but it's struggling now.
  13. Harvey - Main Thread

    3 km NAM for those who want to see it: http://imgur.com/9Lo2a9B
  14. Harvey - Main Thread

    I think you probably mean HGX, since I know they're over 100. I don't think CRP has been issuing as many. I also can't help but wonder how many actual touchdowns will go unconfirmed/unsurveyed just because of the flooding.
  15. Harvey - Main Thread

    It looks to me like the gauge at Grant Rd hit the top of its operating range yesterday. I've been watching this gauge closely since it's just upstream of my family.