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  1. You're gonna get 6" out of this easy based on radar trends.
  2. Thunder. Lol. This is honestly one of the better surprise snow events I can remember. I've got an inch in the grass over the past 30 min or so.
  3. This is real high quality stuff right here. Similar(or slightly less impressive) rates in Iowa City.
  4. I dropped from 38 at 10am to 30 now on a handheld kestrel.
  5. The 6" report in Des Moines is at the Johnston NWS office. Cant really get a more reliable report than that.
  6. Yea it just started snowing a few minutes ago in IC and now its coming down pretty hard, perhaps even approaching 1"/hr. Seeing the returns and reports in central Iowa, should see advisory criteria snow here and an extension of the SQW east is probably necessary. Heavy rates should keep surfaces temps AOB 32.
  7. Something something quantity over quality that said, the derecho is 1000% a worthy opponent. Damage around here wasn’t quite cat 4 level like some media outlets would like to claim but more equivalent to a 90-100kt storm perhaps; in an area that does not have resilience for those kinds of winds
  8. Dont know where to put this so it goes here. Papin is now an NHC forecaster. Good for him
  9. I remember when people, including myself, thought this was gonna rip a hole in space-time in the W Carib. Fun times.
  10. Probably at peak intensity now or close to it. Favorable shear window is closing and shear begins to increase again by early morning and should induce weakening by mid day or early afternoon at the latest. A fairly large cat 3 peak offshore should be sufficient for another respectable (9-11ft+) surge along the SW LA coastline. Pretty incredible to think areas that saw 15+ ft of inundation last time around could see 10+ ft not a few weeks later. Think that would probably drive me out of SW LA or into the bottle personally.
  11. Delta honestly looks great right now, likely as of a result of the last minimization of shear(~15kts down to ~10kts) prior to landfall due to the turn more northward over the past several hours. Has through tomorrow morning to continue intensifying. In the near term, if current convective intensity persists and continues to expand like it has been this evening, a sneaky return to cat 4 would not surprise me before weakening starts to ensue tomorrow morning afternoon landfall.