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  1. Wow that’s amazing! Do you mind if I forward it to accuweather with no credit to you? Thanks in advance! Topically, I received 2.6” in Iowa City, with 4.1” measured in Hiawatha. I was hoping for a little more, but it’ll suffice for now.
  2. Wow! Is that tornado in your profile pic from Michigan!?!?!?!?!!??!
  3. Not a single flake in Iowa City so far, meanwhile CR has been in a nice band for several hours. I don't understand how I'm always on the wrong side of the cut off. If I'm in CR, it will dump in Iowa City, but if I'm in Iowa City it will dump in CR.
  4. Kinda neat to see LES off of a relatively small body of water.
  5. Looking like a solid 2-5” event out this way. Would expect to see advisories issued at some point.
  6. Pivotal weather has greatly diversified the amount of data available with the ECMWF. This is gonna be *really* nice. https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=ecmwf_full&p=sfcmslp&rh=2019110312&fh=loop&r=conus&dpdt=&mc=
  7. 2.3” measured just a few minutes ago. Snow is coming down at a moderate but sufficient clip. We will oberperform model forecasts if this keeps up. 3” looks like a lock and 4” might be attainable.
  8. DVN definitely feeling bullish for my area. I was hoping for maybe 2 or 3", however with the earlier onset and increased banding, probably gonna end closer to 3". However I think 5" is too high.
  9. Farther east for sure, but I'm wondering if even the effects of ground temps in IA/NW IL may end up being somewhat minimized since the past 4-5 days prior to Wednesday would have been in the 30s/40s. In other news, I also got 2.5" from this system, like many others in my area. Might be able to sneak a few more Wed/Thur, but looking like that system slides to our SE.
  10. While all other models continue to trend weaker and more progressive with the wave, the GFS doubles down, dropping over 15" in eastern Iowa. FV3 core continues to be disappointing.
  11. Yes it's still october, but I'm still gonna reiterate how much effort it has taken to get a phased, wound up system(snow or not) in the midwest lately. Seems weak, strung out, progressive waves are the preferred outcome in the majority of cases.
  12. I remember that early October 2013 system not by the snow, but by the higher end tornado event that ensued over northeast NE and NW IA. Would be nice to see one of those this fall. EDIT: here’s Simon Brewer and Juston Drake’s account of the event for those so inclined. https://stormgasmcom.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/october-4-2013-tornado-outbreak/
  13. It’s just their climatology. Dry and super cold is what they do best.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised to see a 5% introduced across central IA later. Plenty of 0-3km CAPE available, along with half decent turning in the low levels. Just hinges on discrete/semi discrete activity.
  15. Gonna have a hard time getting tornadoes with such a stable near surface environment. The only potential for surface based storms appears to be S of 74. Probably gonna be some decent hail reports regardless.