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  1. I bet they're not worried about flake size or an 850mb warm nose, particularly considering where their air aloft comes from.
  2. Sapporo is weak sauce for Hokkaido standards too. Portions of the island exceed 500"/yr.
  3. The mid/longer range looks better for the western parts of the sub than the east that's for sure.
  4. Fairly compact clipper/vort max Monday has my attention. These seem to almost always overperform for somebody.
  5. The frequency of exceptionally adverse reactions such as that 104 fever is even more rare than that. Reading through the actual data, there are occurrences, but they didn’t even happen in a high enough proportion to have a documented frequency. The 95/5 doesn’t refer to the side effects, rather how likely somebody is to catch symptomatic covid after the vaccine. The risks are overwhelmingly worth the rewards.
  6. Yea you better antivax. It’s unsafe! I should also say using anecdotes of an exceptionally rare outcome to justify your decision is unwise. I had a poor reaction and still think people need to get it.
  7. Aches, pains and a high grade fever(104). that said, a fever that high is rare and was reported to VAERS.
  8. the 2nd dose blows. That's all im gonna say.
  9. It’s pretty boring here. Y’all aren’t missing much. The lightest pixie dust I’ve ever seen. Like 0.1”/hr stuff.
  10. It was continuously cold too. There were periods where we had a 24” depth which is basically impossible with this climo.
  11. Some backyard winter scenes. Hopefully the 12z euro is right and we can add to it.
  12. Thinking the SSW will muddy predictions for MLK/Val/Presidents' day, but effects should wane by early march. My in-development BS rule has had a good handle on this winter thus far and the waning effects of the SSW should allow a return to the expected progression by the time March rolls in. This is pretty iffy so far, but I drew a rough surface map of what we could expect for the St. Patrick's day period if my model is correct.
  13. The BSR and LRC are meteorology’s equivalent to voodoo dolls and dark magic