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  1. Bastardi is an idiot, straight up. There is no "wealth of knowledge" over there, I can assure you of that.
  2. Tomorrow is kinda interesting. Rapidly progressive triple point could support some highly sheared, relatively low topped supercells with a hail and brief tornado threat. I have an exam at 6:30 so I will not be chasing. Would expect supercells to be very long and quite skinny based on relatively weak directional shear but exceptional speed shear. Interested to see how that ages.
  3. Sit on the surface low tomorrow and profit off some high octane tornadic rain showers.
  4. I see this thread is off to an excellent start
  5. 150kts FL. No SFMR data so im interested to see what the sonde shows. 0.85 reduction is 130kts.
  6. I’d not be surprised to see the true intensity here north of 140kts barring any marked changes prior to the 00z fix
  7. The eye is also too small for an annular storm currently. Annular storms tend to have a relatively low ratio of eye:storm.
  8. This latest euro run is probably going to be a landfall, if not it will be very close.
  9. Yea could be a threat to the antilles and bermuda, but idk, a landfall seems unlikely with the way that the east coast trough/ cut off ULL is modeled. Need a more progressive pattern and that system to lift out and let a ridge build in over top in order to get a bonafide landfall imo
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