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  1. Second band finishing up. Couple inches. Snow covered roads are very slick. It has stuck to the trees. Beautiful landscape.
  2. Some light snow this morning, nothing much. Lucky if there's 1/2" so far. Typical clipper stuff. Another band may move through here later.
  3. 1-3" of snow will be moving through here starting 0dark30 until the aftrn tomorrow. Still some snow left from yesterday on the ground.
  4. A couple inches of snow fell early this morning. A bit more than was supposed to fall, but it's white out again for at least a couple days as aftrn temps will go above freezing again in the coming days here in town.
  5. You seem to forget that I had the low further north in my forecast with high pressure in place by Friday. Was a little behind as it started moving through on Wed, and I had it on starting on Thurs. And I did mention that even with the GFS maps in my posts. I did post a bad example there. I'll have to be more careful in doing that.
  6. Southern energy stays put with the clipper moving through bringing light precip. Close call.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Cold weather today in the Northland. High's will be around the mid teens to lower 20's. This will be a top 10 day (dense ranked) for a few stations. Last time we had a rather cold T-day was 2014, with highs running in the single digits to low teens near the lake. It was also a bitter a.m. with lows below zero. Near record to record lows that day, with top 5 low max temps. 2013, and 2005 were at the same levels of high/low temps as today.
  8. President's Day looks cold again with an exiting system affecting our southern regions. Could be a good one. Weak weather affecting the north.
  9. Valentine's Day looking cold, and bitter.
  10. The new year is fast approaching. Is it me or when you get older time sails on a brisk wind? It has been a horrible year for me this past year with the loss of my mother, and youngest son. Hopefully this coming year will be a little better. I have the New Years Day forecast coupled with New Years eve in the 2021 post, so the next one is MLK day on Jan 17th. Looks cold (bitter for some) on that day with higher pressure being the dominate feature.
  11. In the above extremes I noticed 1896 had records of both extremes just like in 1911 on Vets Day. A wild day very similar to that 1911 event. Up to a 50 dF temp change as that system went through. Svr weather with possible tornadoes very likely that Thanksgiving day.
  12. Here are Thanksgiving Day extremes. A fun look at some wild temps and when they occurred, along with snowfall.
  13. Looks like a decent call for the wet weather, but like last time, my maps are running a little behind by almost a day, especially Wed into Thurs.
  14. Winds have died down quite a bit, still a little breezy with temps around 20 here at midday. Temps returning to the low 40's starting tomorrow for a couple days as low pressure makes its way into the area. Then back to cold blustery conditions for T-Day. My house is 100+ years old, and even with fiberglass insulation, when the wind blows, my house "breathes" quite well. "Shiver me timbers"
  15. Very windy today, and still is with gusts up to 40-45. Wind chills near 0 right now. Heater getting a workout today.
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