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  1. An ok forecast. Good in the north with the front, but energy in the south staying there. Wasn't sure if it would make it more north or not, and it won't. High pressure keeping it at bay. GHD icing for areas south of us.
  2. -25 to -30 across the Arrowhead region this morning. Looking at my anomaly chart for Jan, 1880 is the record year at 7.35 (1901-2000 base), so we are going to be rivaling that, I do believe, for our region. Can't wait to see what it ends up being. Datasets are updated throughout the month so it may take that long to get the final result. Prelim data is usually pretty close tho.
  3. April Fool's Day looking wet. Storm watch.
  4. St Patrick's Day looking very similar to March 3rd forecast with high pressure moving in with potential energy riding along the southern areas along the boundary. March will be an interesting month this year.
  5. Next up on the calendar is Employee Appreciation Day on March 3rd. If you have a boss, drop a hint. Looks like high pressure moving through.
  6. -30's being reported across the Arrowhead region this morning. I-Falls at -34, and Ely at -33. A bitter day on tap as will be the next few before relenting at the end of the week. The cold wx should soften the strong + anoms a little. Been such a nice Jan.
  7. Probably for most of us, or least today will end up that way. Been nice.
  8. Sunny, windy, blowing snow. CAA snow showers around, too. Bye-bye nice weather for a while. BTW, ended up with 3" of snow last night. Powder blows easy.
  9. Couple inches of powder here today. Another couple Thurs nite before the blast of arctic air moves in.
  10. Polar bear wx on tap starting this weekend. Glad we haven't seen lots of this so far this season, but good stretches of bitter wx also serve a purpose in nature, just not in my nature now that I'm older LOL.
  11. Snowing here with 1" so far this morning from a separate little clipper moving SE. Winds off the lake enhancing the snow a little. The energy is washing out over WI as it moves into the bigger system you guys are getting now.
  12. 2" for this round. Much better than rain. Looks like winter again.
  13. Now the entire north shore is getting enhanced snow. Radar blossomed. BRING IT!
  14. Snow moved in this morning. Radar showing enhanced snow downtown Duluth/Superior, and Ashland with the NE winds. I should pick 2-3" today with a bit more for the enhanced zones.
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