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  1. Looks like I'm off by a day. My map is closer to the 19th (tomorrow). It's definitely colder here today, tho.
  2. Just gray and drizzly here last couple days. Serious BLAH wx here. But mid winter conditions will be showing up next week.
  3. From "Holiday forecast" thread Nov 17th "Dec is looking to be a mixed bag like we have seen so far this Fall. Dec is still technically Fall until the Solstice so why not continue the Fallness of 2020 Anyway, I think Dec ends up near avg to above avg for the region. Come Jan tho, I think we start seeing the cold being more prevalent than the warmer weather(which will show up), and the end of Jan into early Feb shows signs of being brutally cold. In fact, Feb as whole looks really cold." Looks like Dec call was good, but Jan not so much as it has been on the warmer side more than I anticipated. Heating bill looking good, so no complaints. Still think the late Jan into Feb forecast will be good so we will see. Also looking for more winter stms for areas south of me as I noted in the Jan Discuss thread Looking into March, cold early with big stms mid month. Becoming milder, if not a bit summery (especially southern areas) by the end into Easter(Apr 4). Stmy wx on tap that weekend. So this is a cursory look in to the end of winter into early Spring. Plenty of action coming up.
  4. Looks like it may pan out that way.
  5. Looks like a few days of waiting then real cold and light snow possibilities on tap here. LES will really get cranking. Storm activity will return in a couple weeks with more real cold weather afterward again. Then stms, then cold n clippy then stms, etc. I'm not expecting quite as much my way because it looks like the stmy wx will be mostly south of me, with mainly clippers up here thru Feb. I might see one or two bigger snows, but you all south of me should have most of the fun.
  6. My forecast in the holiday 2021 thread.
  7. Real nice start to the year. Mild weather, with a mix of cloudy and sunny days. Sunny weather is real bright with the snow. Need sunglasses just see when outside. Heating bill is lower, too. Winter Part II coming soon to a town near you. Will it be yours???
  8. Ok guys, Holiday forecasts 2021 is up now. Let's post there for the new year.
  9. Now Valentine's Day, (and the day prior, 13th) I am expecting stormy weather. Something to watch for weather lovers.
  10. For Groundhog's Day, I see a similar set up as MLK Day. I am looking for stormy weather in the days prior, so watch for that.
  11. MLK Day Jan 18, 2021 looks pretty fair and colder with maybe some frontal activity in the most eastern part of our area.
  12. A new Holiday forecast thread for the upcoming year, 2021. Post your own thoughts and forecasts and lets see how they do.
  13. Well, I was close on the map. I saw low pressure affecting the eastern/southern Lakes. The evolution to this day was off in my comments tho.
  14. What do you call the this next one on New Years day.... Chipolte Express?
  15. Ended up with 6-8" here, with 4-6" south and west of me. Powder snow. Have a good snow cover to help against the cold.