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  1. Same look in my area. Wet at the lake, and winter in the hills.
  2. Monthly snowfall records achieved. More snow coming this weekend. Very impressive stuff. Twin Cites, MN - 8.9" (8.2" 1991) Eau Claire, WI - 7.2" (5.9" 1925) St. Cloud, MN - 7.2" (6.4" 2002) Brainerd, MN - 10.1" (7.0" 1951) Duluth, MN is at #2 with 11.9" (record 14.0" 1933)
  3. 78 ORD would be a tie at 3rd warmest for today. Impressive. I'm looking at threadex numbers and I think ORD is used from now on in the updates. Midway was part of the record up until Jan 1980, so I don't know if they use their numbers still. If they did, then 79 would be 3rd. Either way very mild for this time of year.
  4. If temps like that pan out, most definitely going to rival daily records, and some all time, especially in the low max category.
  5. Yes it does feel like Nov. Yesterday's snow didn't really add up to much as they thought. 1-3" away from the shore. Just a little white on the ground today with some very light snow at the moment. Looks like C MN ended up with 6-7" out of this latest wave, tho.
  6. Steady light snow right now, but nothing sticking. Should start seeing white in about an hour as the sun gets low.
  7. You can have it. I'd like fall to keep going a little longer. Nov in Oct is a bit rough. Makes winter just that much longer. Here, I'll try to force it your way. lol
  8. Still waiting on the precip. It's still trying to overcome the dry air. The head of the Lake sees this happen quite a bit. Mets here call it the "donut hole". Ne winds pool dry air here.
  9. Looks like a narrow band of heavy snow tomorrow with a storm warning on it. Lets see if they get this one right.
  10. Might as well put my winter thinking here. I really think everyone should be satisfied with the winter that is coming, unless your not much into it. I'm a little older now, and brutal cold is tough to deal with so I prefer not seeing much of that. Unfortunately, there will be plenty of that, especially later on in Jan and into Feb when the worst of it will make it's presence known (will it rival the cold snap of 2019?). Plenty of healthy snow chances for everyone. Some mild weather will be mixed in as well. That's normal. Oct is turning out to be as wild as I thought it would, will this winter get as cold as I think it could?
  11. 1-3" near the lakeshore with 6-7" in the ridges along the North Shore. Mainly a rain/snow mix event tomorrow for me with gusty winds off the Lake, but the higher terrain could see a another 6".
  12. And lastly, New Years day. Looks like a clipper front New years eve with high pressure building in on New Years. My map for this day.
  13. Come Christmas Day, I'm expecting colder weather to arrive as a front from Christmas passes through. It looks like a re-enforcing front or a weak clipper/trough may follow behind, so looks mainly cloudy with snow shwers possible and LES. Here's my map for this holiday.
  14. Going to start with Thanksgiving Day. Looks like high pressure over the Lakes, with low pressure system(s) over in the plains/mtns. Our western areas may see some affects that day, but expecting some messy weather for the weekend. Not sure if it will be major or not, but inclement weather over the weekend looks likely. Something to watch. The map may look something like this.
  15. Grass is getting covered now. Just a steady light snow here. Roads will be next as the sun lowers.