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  1. This is Halloween weather. A slap in the face for early Oct. And I have another round indicated around the 10th as per my forecast in the Holiday thread.
  2. Sept ended a little above average here in town thanks to the cooler weather we've had since the equinox. Temp avg was 58.5 (57.8), and precip was average at 3.83" (3.53").
  3. That's pretty cold for down that way. What's the average low suppose to be there?
  4. High of 56 yesterday with 39 this morning in town. Heater kicking in now and then. Airport had 55, and 34 this morning. In the Spring, this feels really nice, but now it's really chilly. lol
  5. 3:30 am it 42 in town with 34 at airport. Time for bed
  6. 65 yesterday with 39 this am in town. 36 at the airport. Fall is here. Colors are just starting. A little behind in NE MN because of the warmer weather, but with colder am's in store, things will change quickly.
  7. Low 80's and a little humid. Feels like is mid 80's. Very nice. Last gasp of summer.
  8. Going to be a full day slow on this one. Ridge will be firmly planted on the day of the equinox.
  9. Fall coming in right on cue. Temps will be in the upper 50's to low 60's starting mid week with chilly mornings at the equinox. That's seasonable weather here. Basically average to a little below average. This forecast for town is near shore, so we are generally a little warmer than away from the lake. Forecast shows cooler conditions away from the lake.
  10. Last 3 days netted 1.11" of rain here in town. Only 0.83' at the airport NW of town. Sept has over 3" of rain for the month so far, so that is pretty good. Making up for some of the deficit from the summer. Max temps this month have mostly been near avg to above. The lows, tho, have been mostly warm for this time of year. A little extra summer is always good. The cool/cold season is long.
  11. Thanksgiving day is looking pretty mellow. Chilly am tho.
  12. Looking into Nov, My forecast foe Veteran's Day has a system moving through with some wet weather, and mix across the north.
  13. Been a nice Sept so far with some cooler weather in the mix, but now plenty of rain on tap the next few days. Flood watch out for NE MN.
  14. A week out, and looks like a good call at this point, but we'll see as we get a couple more days closer.
  15. I was looking at the Summer chart for our region, and I added 1 std dev to it, and sure enough, we tend to have more average to above average summers than average to below average ones when using the 20th century as a baseline. Just an interesting tid bit. And you can also see the number of years outside that range.
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