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  1. Very nice, warm day on tap with upper 70's - low 80's. 70's tomorrow , too, as we end astro summer (astro fall starts just after midnight on Sat the 23rd this year 02:50 EDT, 01:50 CDT I believe). Looking forward to more rain potential this weekend. Strong east winds may retard some of that during the day here close to the lake with cooler, dry air, and slightly higher pressures.
  2. Nice wx with very heavy geese movement. Looking at our local paper, and Two Harbors is getting the Ok for a twice yearly goose hunt at our local airport. They get pretty thick there, and interfere with the operations. Golf course is another place, but can't hunt that. Nothing like playing through goose sh*t. LOL Back in my Army days stationed in NJ, our parade field was a big stop for CA geese. The field would be full of crap, and SGT's love to have us do PT in that. A**holes. Grr!
  3. 0.35" in the bucket yesterday. 3.12" (3.53" Sept avg) for the month so far. 65-70 temps, too, so was a nice day.
  4. Being a little on the drier side this summer has probably helped for a little push to an earlier color. The northern areas have done a little better with precip, so not as bad as the south end of the region here. Drier conditions tend to to dull the colors a bit, but could be fine up that way.
  5. Will 2nd that. Happening here today. After a little bit of chilly wx here, today feels nice, and rain moving in later.
  6. Another chilly top ten a.m., but not quite as cold as yesterday for some spots. Here in town 42 (tied 7th) with 34 at the arpt. Duluth was 40 (tied 9th), Hibbing 29 (tied 4th), I-Falls 37 (tied 10th). Warming up fast with S winds. Could break 70 here in town, but upper 60's is more likely with a chance of rain tonight. Very nice Fall day. As a side note, I don't use the standard method of ranking that is commonly used (year/temp). Instead I use the dense rank method that ranks by temps. IMHO, it's a better way of ranking for comparison of past temps to now. MRCC gives std, dense, and ordinal methods when you look for rank. Very nice.
  7. Top ten lows this morning. Made it to 42 (tied 10th) here in town with 36 at the arpt. Duluth was 35 (tied 6th). Hibbing was 27 (2nd). Brainerd was 37 (tied 7th). I-Falls was 31 (tied 5th). Chilly morning across the Northland.
  8. 1.10" of rain yesterday. Was a cloudy, cool, wet day. 2.67" (3.53" Sept avg) for the month so far, so looking good Now it'll slowly clear off today for our first frost potential away from the lake tomorrow morning.
  9. Geese were moving heavy today. Unlike last year at this time. Although last year, they were moving every few days throughout Aug into Sept. This year had some movement in Aug, and now they are really on the move. Movement seems more typical this year than last. Flocks of migrating tweeties (various small birds) have been moving hard, too. Strong cold fronts get them moving good. Looking forward to more shwrs/stms tomorrow. Need a few more inches in the bucket.
  10. Yeah, and it's still lingers in from CA from time to time even now. Hopefully enough acreage has burned in recent years, that the next few years will be mellow.
  11. As for our summer this year, looks like near avg on the + side. June being the warmer month this summer. 5 & 10 yr trend charts shown respectively.
  12. Prelim data in for Aug, and as expected pretty avg with the warmer W sub, and cooler E sub. 5 & 10 yr trend charts shown respectively.
  13. Had a general 1-2+" of rain up here the other day, so that will help some across NE MN/N WI. New precip data didn't make the latest release as it came in on the 5th-6th.
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