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  1. 0.38" of rain this morning with storms for the afternoon. Temps around 70 now. Feels really good. Forecast has off and on chances of rain the next few days. Much needed.
  2. A full day with no smoke. Breathable air for a change. Refreshing.
  3. NE MN was about 2 deg above normal (3.5 in I-Falls), and 2-3" below normal in precip for July. The best chance of rain coming up will be in the second week of Aug, but the month looks fairly dry overall. Temps look to avg out. Really need the rain.
  4. Band of heavy smoke moving S-SE across N MN. Looks like it should clear out for the evening on the strong N flow. Possible scattered showers coming in to NE MN from CA. Had some rain w/thunder very early this morning. Total rain for the month is 1.58". About 2.5" below normal. The dry streak continues around here. Gooseberry Falls, just up the road from here, is just a trickle right now.
  5. Skies have cleared here. This is the clearest they have been in weeks. No smoke, and lower humidity.
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. It has been tough beyond words. Today's skies are very heavily smoked out. You can smell it even. The 26th and 28th brought much needed rain, but still well behind overall.
  7. Haven't been around in a while. Lost my youngest son, Daniel(26) back on the 16th. Very trying time for me and my family. Starting to get back to a little bit of normalcy. That being said, looks like more storms moving through today. Already some svr weather west of me this morning.
  8. We had some pretty vigorous storms on the eve of the 26th. Hail up to 3" was reported and power was out for about 4 hours. Winds only hit in the 50 mph range, but it was the most dangerous weather of the summer so far in my area.
  9. While the storms have gotten ferocious south of me in Iowa, temps peaked in the upper 60's to around 70 here by mid-day then have been slowly dropping all aftrn into the low 60's on a stiff Lake breeze. Back to the heat this weekend with upper 80's - low 90's forecast. Stay safe folks!!
  10. Smoke now invading the whole region. Especially thick my way again this evening.
  11. Chalk up another rather warm June for our region.
  12. Upper 70's with a nice Lake breeze and still smoky today. Should clear out some tomorrow as front moves in.
  13. Low 80's with very smoky skies. Even last night, the smoke was thick up there. Edit: Added sat photo. You can see how much there is across MN.
  14. Hazy skies today with high level smoke from Canada, but weather is still real nice in the 70's. Heritage Days here in Two Harbors is going well. Parade this aftrn is the highlight of the day. Getting back to normal around here is good to see. Still some top 5 chill this morning around the region, but not like the last couple a.m.'s. Cooler than normal, but not frosty.
  15. More record/near record lows this morning. Hibbing, MN; 36 (42 1977,2014,2015) Ashland, WI; 37 (41 1997,2009) Cloquet, MN; 38 (39 1916,1997) Duluth, MN; 43 (tied 2nd) I-Falls, MN; 43 (tied 3rd) Leech Lake, MN; 43 (tied 3rd) Two Harbors, MN; 46 (tied 4th) Mora, MN; 48 (tied 4th)
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