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  1. MRCC maps using 1dF anom scale. Yeah, very quick turn around for our sub. Now lets see how the rest of the month plays.
  2. 0.79" of rain yesterday. That's 1.63" for a 2 day total here in town. 3.16" for the month so far. Forecast for the next few days looks pretty mellow, with temps in the 50's-60's with some shower chances. Seasonal to cooler conditions.
  3. Radar is lit again. Big storms and heavy rain. Wow. Flooding for sure going to happen.
  4. That batch of rain last night netted 0.86" in town, with 0.98" at the airport. Another round coming in for the afternoon. Flood watch out for the entire N MN region with warnings just outside Brainerd, and up along the CA border from Ely over to I-Falls. Up north, the lakes are just opening up from the thick ice cover these past few days, and there was still snow in the woods, so the Rainy River Basin is full with the rain, and the last of the snow melt.
  5. Radar is lit! Svr stuff staying in WI, tho. Heavy rain, and plenty of thunder on the door step.
  6. Upper 70's - low 80's yesterday afternoon away from the lake in the higher terrain. Tied 3rd warmest at KDLH at 79. Hibbing, and I-Falls only in the low 70's, but still very warm for this time of year.
  7. Last couple days, ended with a bout 1/2" of rain. So far, looking good this year. About 1" above normal. More showers/stms, and a stiff lake wind coming up tomorrow night into Thurs, with Fri being another day like today. Then Canadian air moves in on the weekend. Fishing opener going to be a little chilly on Sunday with a breezy W/NW wind. Go figure, that's nothing new. Natural jigging weather.
  8. 68 on a light west wind. No lake breeze, yet. Best day of spring so far. Was out on the deck this morning getting some sun. Man, did that feel good. Windows are open getting some needed fresh air in the house. Should hit the low 70's in a couple hours if the lake breeze doesn't kick in. West wind may not be strong enough to keep that from happening. As warm air rises, cool lake air rushes in. Just like the shores of the ocean. LOL, just as I mention lake breeze, it starts. Looks like upper 60's is the most today. But still an awesome day for early May.
  9. Warned cell moving towards Spooner, WI. 1.5" hail and 60 mph winds. Thunder in the air here with a cell moving in from the south. Looks like temps this week are going to be slightly warmer than thought from just a couple days ago. 65-70 until the weekend. Of course its opening fishing weekend, and it looks to cool off into the 50's. Will see if that holds.
  10. You guys can have that garbage, that's too damn hot for my liking.
  11. Light rain has been moving thru today with the more mod-hvy stuff staying west and south. High's of 60-65 with off and on shwrs/stms this week. Spring has finally sprung, and it feels good. Will sit out on the deck, and get a little Sun when I can.
  12. Nice weather here with temps in the 50's with a day lake breeze. The lake really keeps temps subdued near the shore during spring, and early summer. Looks like some showers with possible thunder tomorrow into Monday. Temps will rise in to the 60's with a west wind early next week. That'll feel nice. Grass is greening up fast, but trees are slow to bud leaves. 60's will have them popping quick tho. Bring it!!
  13. Here's my July 4 forecast which is a Monday this year. I have the map for that day, but the weekend looks like a storm front moving through on Sat, with high pressure over the lakes Sun. I have a boundary along the southern sub, with another approaching front in the north on the 4th. Not a total wash out, but shwrs/stms will be around. Sunday into Monday could be rather cool for some.
  14. Looks like my Mother's Day forecast was spot on.
  15. Prelim data in for April, and it was definitely on the cooler side with the western areas of the sub really below norm. April's these past years have tended rather cool, overall.
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