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  1. I'm expecting a couple days of rain (1-2") to move in starting tomorrow. Cool, easterly fetch and wet. Very typical April weather.
  2. Just curious, but this SO2 plume could have an effect on the coming summer. Something to watch. It is being lifted to about 16km. Any more big puffs like this and it probably will have a decent impact. Watch for real cool sunsets in the coming weeks or at least pics of them from different places around the world.
  3. With March temp data in here's how we look on long term record. Definitely one of the warmer March's on record.
  4. Much needed rain on its way with some thunder mixed in. Might get a little squirrely down towards the Twin Cities with the hot early April weather. Record highs possible!
  5. So my forecast was something in between. The forecast for Good Friday was off. That sharp front came through in the days prior. Yes, there is another front moving in, but not what I was expecting. Saturday and Easter are close calls. The weather looks good overall. Enjoy your Easter holiday everyone
  6. Just under an inch of rain here since yesterday. Pretty steady light rain with the occasional mod/hvy band working in. Winds running 15-30 mph, so nothing unusual. It has been snowing some today, inland across the Arrowhead region, but no reports as of yet. Haven't seen any flakes in town, but radar showing heavier snow out over the lake now as the colder air moves in.
  7. Go here to watch Iceland eruption on this forum.
  8. Typical Spring wx scenario. Cold, wet, and windy conditions today and tomorrow.
  9. Gov model has the pattern I believe to be happening on the start of Easter weekend. 2 weeks to go, so we shall see.
  10. Looks like this was close call. System a starting a little south than my map, and definitely a stm maker.
  11. First week of May has this look with my modelling method. If that is what your looking for in a pattern for chasing. Trending more north as the month progresses.
  12. Mother's Day forecast looks like mostly fair and cool weather for most of the region. Wet weather will be moving through in the couple days prior to this day.
  13. 5 days to go, and gov models have had something here off and on for a few days. Will I do better than last time? Hope so.
  14. Here's the winter data for our region. Ended pretty avg in the record.
  15. Results of last night's snow. Typical March style weather for our region, snow north with svr stms south, albeit a little early for tornadic stuff in MN.