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  1. iCyclone Josh is chasing this one along with Mark Suddoth. Several other chasers are chasing this as well.
  2. Here's hoping that the next recon plan won't have issues like the one plane earlier. I'll be asleep during that time so I won't know until I wake up. Should also mention that if Ida takes a direct hit on the NWS of New Orleans, there's a small possibility that Ida might destroy the WSR-88D if Ida strengthens to cat 4 or stronger.
  3. Hopefully the next recon mission several hours from now doesn't have the same issues.
  4. That reminds me, after Gustav in 2008 crossed Cuba it never got it's act together. Hoping the same for Ida although it's very unlikely.
  5. Well I'm certainly happy today wasn't a repeat of one year ago for Iowa. SE Wisconsin and northern Illinois not as fortunate. Milwaukee has over 100k customers without power.
  6. Talk about bad luck. Being out of state on vacation while your home webcam catches a tornado.
  7. So unless the 0z HRRR pulls a fast one (with a southward moving MCS), I'm not too worried about tomorrow. Who would have thought that we would get possible severe storms on the one year anniversary of the derecho?
  8. Unrelated to the heat but the Independence, IA ASOS sensor went kaput on July 23. Wildly fluctuating temperature readings.
  9. Wildfire smoke likely reason why temp was below forecast.
  10. Yeah, although I'm glad we didn't get any freezing rain since it was just barely above freezing right before it switched to snow.
  11. Huge jump in accumulated snow totals via 10:1 ratio for here on the 0z HRRR. 0z HRRR says we get a foot but that is very unlikely.
  12. First one to call in predicted total. Going to go with 5 inches here although there's a chance it'll bust low based on the HRRR runs but 5 inches total is realistic here.
  13. 12k NAM caved to the HRRR when it comes to extent of snow in Iowa. NAM3k similarly although it shows a couple hours of sleet in east central Iowa. Also of note that both of the NAMS really diminish the freezing rain threat in Iowa to almost zero. Not so in Illinois and Indiana.
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