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  1. Yeah, although I'm glad we didn't get any freezing rain since it was just barely above freezing right before it switched to snow.
  2. Huge jump in accumulated snow totals via 10:1 ratio for here on the 0z HRRR. 0z HRRR says we get a foot but that is very unlikely.
  3. First one to call in predicted total. Going to go with 5 inches here although there's a chance it'll bust low based on the HRRR runs but 5 inches total is realistic here.
  4. 12k NAM caved to the HRRR when it comes to extent of snow in Iowa. NAM3k similarly although it shows a couple hours of sleet in east central Iowa. Also of note that both of the NAMS really diminish the freezing rain threat in Iowa to almost zero. Not so in Illinois and Indiana.
  5. Glacier still holding strong or has the warmth took a toll on it?
  6. At least we don't live in DC where it's known for it's infamous snow hole. Are there any places in the midwest/lakes region that's a snow hole?
  7. You know, with long range showing prolonged arctic cold, this could very well give 1912 a run for it's money (12 days of highs at 9F or below). Not saying that it's going to happen but it might.
  8. Would be a good idea to have the faucet trickling so to prevent the pipes from freezing.
  9. It appears that the ice has melted off of the power lines but not from the trees as the trees are snow covered.
  10. Our power was flickering from between 4:45 PM and 5:10 PM and CR only got a tenth of an inch of ice.
  11. Yeah, dry slot about to enter CR and thus ending the snow. Final call on snow totals here is 2 to 2.5 inches.
  12. Did any of the ice on the trees from December 29, 2020 and New Years Day melt before today?
  13. Can confirm. About 45 minutes behind schedule.