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  1. Pretty much a dry snow here, been that way for the past couple hours. Last time I saw fat flakes was around 5 PM.
  2. Been snowing since 2 PM here. Had a brief burst of moderate snow. Temps are now below freezing based on several personal weather stations in Cedar Rapids. Personally I didn't expect temps to go below freezing this soon but that's what evaporative cooling does.
  3. 12z GFS only gives me 2.1 inches of snow. Since temps will be once again close to freezing when the snow starts, caking of the trees is inevitable once again. At least the winds will be light.
  4. 00z NAM 3k says blizzard for southeast Wisconsin and extreme northern Illinois. Going to be tons of power outages in areas where trees are caked with cement snow.
  5. Doesn't dump quite as much snow in eastern Iowa as the 18z run did. Temps go below freezing even earlier according to the 00z NAM 3k.
  6. On my way to work this morning, I saw some trees that had branches drooping down. All of the snow that fell last night has since melted. Any snow that falls tomorrow afternoon here will undoubtedly be wet, although the snow should be light. That changes tomorrow evening when the main show begins as temps drop below freezing, thus not causing as much problems for the leaf laden trees unless we get a few inches of concrete before the the evening.
  7. Yeah that's going to cause widespread power outages. Likely won't be a problem here since temps will be going below freezing shortly after the snow starts, although some caking of the trees is inevitable.
  8. 00z GFS not budging one bit. Still shows the strong system scenario.
  9. 00z NAM 3k is just like the Euro and ICON, although slightly slower. Have to wait and see what the 00z GFS shows.
  10. 18z GFS still holding on to the strong storm scenario while all the other models trended weaker. The 18z ICON only produces a couple inches in eastern Iowa.
  11. Yeah, since the snow in your area is most likely going to be of the wet type (early in the event). As for here, it'll be of the drier type, extremely rare for October. Multiple models has us below freezing for much of Thursday. The thing I was worried about concerning this upcoming winter storm is power outages, which doesn't seem likely since the winds won't be too strong and the temps will be below freezing. The vast majority of the trees around here still have leaves on them. Also, 12z ICON is faster with the system while the 00z Euro is slower.
  12. 00z NAM 3k 10:1 snow accumulations has a more realistic scenario with widespread 1 to 2.5 inches of snow. EDIT: Hour 84 of the 00z NAM 12k is just like the 12z CMC. I highly doubt that will verify.
  13. 00z HRRR 10:1 snow totals for tomorrow's snow looks nowhere near as impressive. Only a few areas reach 2 inches, with the exception of the Michigan pennesola.
  14. Models don't have Cedar Rapids getting above freezing on Thursday, which is a good thing because when temps are at 32F or above, the snow will cake on trees (especially with trees that still have their leaves) and cause tree damage, leading to power outages. Anyways, significant snow looks quite likely for Cedar Rapids on Thursday, first time since October 26, 1997, at least it won't be a very wet snow. Can't say the same for the onset of tomorrow's snow, though.