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  1. Was wondering that myself. Perhaps the info on spaceweather They say this solar minimum has effects on the weather. Certainly the magnetic fields are weak with no sunspots. http://www.spaceweather.com/
  2. Would you let me know how to edit when someone has quoted me and used the full name... I did edit my original post Thanks for your help!
  3. The end of Sept is calling for intense planetary weather thus my prediction for intense earth weather to follow. Galaxy and solar weather have affects and when the sun is weak the magnetics of earth are changed and let in more solar radiation there are many other factors as well.
  4. My entry ... Name: Kalasea, ___ Seasonal 2017 (18/13/6) __ APR 1/0/0 _ MAY 1/0/0 _ JUN x/x/x _ JUL 4/2/1 _ AUG 2/2/1 _ SEP 3/2/1 _ OCT 4/4/3 _ NOV-DEC 3/3/0 (named storms / hurricanes / major hurricanes)
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