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  1. I got off work at 4 yesterday tired as hell and knowing I couldn’t make it to the thumb in time, so I took a nap and then I raced to meet the embedded supercell that dropped a tornado near White Lake. I stopped near Sylvan Lake just after the updraft occluded, but I still saw a grungy looking shelf with some cool striations. It was a decent chase but not as nice as the one I had on 6/26. This picture is of the tornado that hit Armada, from a friend of my girlfriend. Her house was ok but other houses on her street sustained damage.
  2. looks like a moderate tornado just passed to the north of mason city, illinois starting about 15 minutes ago. noticeable cc drop
  3. CC drop directly southwest of Moundville, AL
  4. 00z nam nest has much less vbv in the hodos tomorrow than the latest rap runs, i wonder if its underdoing it. definitely looking like a potential failure mode in addition to convection clogging the warm sector.
  5. this past saturday in the texas panhandle, march 13th
  6. storm near claude texas is starting to strengthen
  7. the second cell south of happy looks primed, inflow is much less obstructed than the main supercell.
  8. really solid event in east lansing, easily the biggest snowstorm ive seen since ghd 2. about 14.5 inches of snow on the ground, id say around 9 of that is from last night. went on a walk and saw snow drifts up to at least 2.5 feet.
  9. small flake size here as the main band pushes north. good rates tho, already accumulating on the roads
  10. kind of crazy for grr to have no WSWs out by now, especially with the model consensus going into this event. curious to see if they adjust
  11. in like a day this shifted from looking like a 3-5" event here to potential for the strongest snowstorm of the winter. the nw trend really works wonders on my weenie. as much as i wanna lock in the weenie maps, 7 inches sounds good for my final call. if ur reading this i hope u get some snow dawg
  12. main band pushing into ingham county now, light snow starting in east lansing
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