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  1. So close to 90 today on the Davis. .
  2. Kind of hard when even if you own your home with no mortgage you have fixed utilities and taxes that will never go away. I think property taxes are one of the taxes that need to go away. Once you own it — it’s yours forever or until you sell it. .
  3. So what do we do so we aren’t left with two classes. Very poor peasants and a few rich elite? .
  4. Yeah they don’t like cold feet and struggle in June most years. So I’m hoping the heating cable alleviates that. Soil temp over 70 with it already has me feeling pretty good. Here is the same bed on the day I took it down last October 7th. .
  5. Thanks. Put a 1000 watt gutter heating cable in the ground this summer. That way I won’t get so mad when we get low 60s and overcast several days into June. .
  6. Should get 5-6 feet tall I think. I’m growing tall Orinoco and Thai black. The Thai black grow the fastest but are not hardy here. I dig up and put them in the greenhouse for winter. They are the tall ones in the middle. Love their blackish stems. Never had luck overwintering basjoo in the ground in Wisconsin so I stopped trying to grow them. .
  7. Tropical bed all planted. Soil temp 71.1F. Ready for summer. .
  8. Full sun and near 70 here today. Happy the clouds stayed south of me. .
  9. Wasn’t May 2006 worse? Regardless trees are barely leafing out here. .
  10. Full sun and 65 today. Finally beautiful. .
  11. I think a key to staying safe from this thing is vitamin D, zinc, quercetin and NAC. .
  12. Wow. Just north of there so that’s insane. .
  13. Milwaukee wins the cold award. Like usual. .
  14. What's up with the March weather in May?
  15. Summer cancel. 50s rain/fog for the forseeable future. Any models showing 70s, will be beaten back like a Trump supporter.