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  1. Lock it in. Southern Wisconsin snowmageddon. We get more snow in April/May than we do December. Gotta love climate change. .
  2. They make pills. 4000-6000 iu a day and never have a sniffle. .
  3. The trend is our friend. Lock it in. Milwaukee special coming ala May 10, 1990. .
  4. Sorry for your loss. Curious though as to what her vitamin D levels were... along with was she doing any vitamin C, zinc, quercetin or melatonin supplementation?
  5. Anyone know a GFS sample output site similar to wxweb.meteostar.com/sample ? Looks like they shut down and I like the tabulated data it had.
  6. Been using this site for years (over a decade?) and I see its being decommissioned. Any other comparable sites that tabulate all the GFS data out to 15 days? As now displayed on wxweb.meteostar.com/sample Attention: On 19 April 2021, this web site ( wxweb ) will be decommissioned. If you wish to continue using similar features for a fee, contact [email protected] We have appreciated your use of wxweb and your feedback over the years. As of 4 May 2021 data on this site may become old or unavailable.
  7. Imagine the growing season if we can link a March 2012 with the warmest April ever. By May it’s really too warm to screw with climatology enough to make widespread freezes. .
  8. Honestly I might continue to wear masks during peak virus seasons. I haven’t had a cold yet this year which is really nice. Nothing sucks worse than blowing snot out for weeks on end in winter. .
  9. I’ve been double masking for awhile. .
  10. Would sail through most winters in Chicago that don’t have long stretches of sub freezing highs. https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/2255/#b .
  11. Yup windmill palm would need minimal protection in heart of downtown. They must be close to zone 7 already. .