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  1. 68 with a dew of 18. RH is 15%. This is ridiculous. Drought is going to run us over fast.
  2. No Mow May is disgusting. Weed infestations and bugs galore.
  3. Time to pour the water on the bentgrass lawn. It's like a living outdoor carpet.
  4. Indian Rocks Beach is where it's at.
  5. Smoke is horrendous in Milwaukee today. It’s down to the surface and thick. Everything smells like smoke.
  6. legit looks like we live on Mars now.
  7. you live in a concrete jungle. you don't get frost in january.
  8. Low of 34.9 this morning and not a frost advisory to be seen. Frost was very apparent outside. I bet people in more rural areas have damaged gardens. The smoke is also making the sky look like mars.
  9. It's about to get hot toward end of month.
  10. It's permanently gone from there now unless you want to pay $99 month. Anyone know of another site?
  11. Anyone have a source for this? It's permanently gone unless you wanna pay $99 a month.
  12. Today's the first day it legit felt nice enough to ride the motorcycle into work. So it's official, motorcycle season has begun. 100 mpg commutes are back.
  13. you just described eastern WI weather.
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