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  1. Wow for us to get a dry line, let alone in December is nuts.
  2. Looks beautiful. Warm weather and hurricane winds. All we need is some palm trees to take some awesome video.
  3. Board is losing members since message boards are going the way of the fax machine. Can't afford to ban people who want to discuss the weather.
  4. Sounds like absolute heaven. Everyone has a weather preference.
  5. Nothing is better than endless torch in winter. I'll take 50s and 60s all winter and 80s and 90s all summer.
  6. Leaving from just north of Milwaukee around 3:45 PM, where would you go? I'm itching to get out.
  7. First one worked flawlessly for 10 years until the dewpoint sensor went wacky.
  8. Retired my old Davis Vantage Vue after 10 years of hard service in this climate. Just put its replacement up.
  9. Probably COVID nose. It messes up your sense of smell.
  10. Cut off low this weekend is going to really screw places east of Wisconsin.
  11. Wisconsin is a tornado wasteland since about 2005. I remember when Dodge and Fond du Lac counties would always light up with warnings.
  12. You click in the middle of the lake?
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