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  1. Imagine the growing season if we can link a March 2012 with the warmest April ever. By May it’s really too warm to screw with climatology enough to make widespread freezes. .
  2. Honestly I might continue to wear masks during peak virus seasons. I haven’t had a cold yet this year which is really nice. Nothing sucks worse than blowing snot out for weeks on end in winter. .
  3. I’ve been double masking for awhile. .
  4. Would sail through most winters in Chicago that don’t have long stretches of sub freezing highs. https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/2255/#b .
  5. Yup windmill palm would need minimal protection in heart of downtown. They must be close to zone 7 already. .
  6. Yes but if we keep ice cover down on the lakes, keep minimal snow cover and keep the ground from freezing deep, warmups can be off to the races much easier in spring without worrying about massive back door fronts and wasting warm air masses to snowmelt and unthaw endeavors. .
  7. Lock it in for a Flame-uary and Morch this year. .
  8. Chicago is well suited for palm trees. Will be zone 7 in five years or less! .
  9. I cancelled winter. Palm tree time. .
  10. I cancelled winter. Palm tree time. .
  11. IHME has bombed the downside of the curb since its inception. I remember Wisconsin topping out at 750 dead and then no more after July. I bet we get close to a 750,000 to a million dead before this is over. .
  12. Wait until the B117 strain takes hold mixed with what’s going on in Manaus. .