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  1. Noticing 10:1 is coming in with lower amounts than kuchera. Not sure which is the best bet.
  2. ILN calling for "moderate accumulation" for everyone NW of I-71, but not ruling out a slower system with significantly higher amounts.
  3. Euro progressive and west. Not good for me at all.
  4. There’s always been some that look like that. I wouldn’t be liking these looks if I were in IN or western OH.
  5. Euro is much more progressive and doesn't occlude.
  6. Note on the AFD from Wilmington above. They are admittedly conservative on snowfall events. It's pretty significant to see them mentioning the potential for substantial this far out.
  7. Yeah I think that's the model trying to factor in the Scioto valley which tends to be warmer. It's a lot more SE of what the model shows. Canadian does the same thing.
  8. Euro coming in west. Doesn't equate to a huger difference.
  9. Would you say the same thing for central ohio too?
  10. Thermals seem all out of wack on the GFS. Then again I really can't recall following a system like this before in my lifetime.
  11. Columbus snow hole is back. This winter is really starting to feel normal.
  12. They do their best and then hide. R.I.P Chris Bradley.