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  1. Columbus has been pretty lucky with avoiding ice storms recently. Not sure our luck will keep going this week.
  2. Was just talking to some people about this very thing. Maybe we squeeze one more storm in during this upcoming cold and dry pattern, plus a clipper or two, but overall things look to heading towards winter wrapping up. I’m sure we’ll see some nuisance snows in spring but I’ve been killing for a decent stretch of severe weather.
  3. All the heavy returns are sleet. Looks like the lighter bands are actually producing the accumulating snow
  4. Looks like another dry slot after this bout of sleet. That could further warm us up. Ugh
  5. Back to snow for now. Looks like pockets of sleet around for a bit longer Edit: back to sleet. I need to distract myself for the next hour lol
  6. This sleet is rather frustrating. Just keeps building back in
  7. I'm not concerned about this bout of sleet. We changed over to snow way earlier than I expected, and i think most of Columbus is back to snow by 7:30-8:00. Also radar returns to our SW look awesome and we should be ripping now once we change back.
  8. Wow this is a very intense snowband and we could stay under it for several hours too. Not to mention lots of moisture coming up in SW Indiana too.
  9. Most of Columbus is about to get crushed. Very heavy snow to the NW
  10. r/s line is screaming east. Gonna need it to keep up momentum. 850 temp advection is still really strong and there will likely be a warm push from the south to with the last surge in moisture. Really hoping we change over to dynamically cool the column before all this happens.
  11. Would love to see the line pick up the pace and change us over in Columbus near sunset. I think we would still get a major snow out of this if we do.
  12. R/s has been moving SE. I think it’ll hit a wall around US/42 for a while though but dynamic cooling should help out
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