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  1. I hate this... another near miss.
  2. I would really hate to see this one go north for me. I wish there was a way we could all get in on a decent storm...
  3. Every time I go out of town we get blasted with snow
  4. I just feel like there's no scenario that gives Columbus snow. We either lack moisture because of energy transfer or the uppers are way too warm
  5. Please explain. I'm running out of hope based off of the latest runs. The only good sign I see for me is the Euro digging deeper
  6. For this system or the next few weeks in general?
  7. Probably all rain for most of OH other than the Northwest. Shucks...
  8. Exactly but a few runs ago were advertising a decent front end thump before it changed over. Those are long long behind us.
  9. Right now it seems that north of I-70 will see some snow. It would have to take a much further south track for Indy, Cbus, and Pittsburgh to see anything significant.
  10. Another classic Central Ohio bust. These storms are getting creative on screwing us over nowadays.
  11. This one might be fun! I kinda wish it was more of an I-70 special and a little more south, but still I'll take it.