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  1. NWS Wilmington is starting to crank up the totals.
  2. Looks like another I-70 / I-71 battleground here in Ohio until it becomes all snow.
  3. I think things are trending in the right direction for my area!
  4. GFS is in full windshield wiper mode now.
  5. I figured. My hope is that this thing can get its act together and lay some nice snow down for Central OH.
  6. Not really sure what the NAM just put out... looks like nothing for pretty much most of the Midwest except for lake effect areas.
  7. I'm hoping the cold air makes a stronger appearance. Even though its early in the season, It always breaks my heart to see Central OH go all rain every time.
  8. Wasn't the first half of November quite cold last year too? Then we had a pretty chilly first week of December followed by some terrible mild weather for what felt like forever. Hopefully we don't repeat that.
  9. Looks like the ECMWF is falling in line with the GFS for next Thursday.