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  1. I really have no Idea what happened. It was supposed to be this.
  2. Can we just lock this in Nov-Feb?
  3. Pain... but yeah you're probably right. I expect us to cash in on some of the more progressive/weaker systems, but the heavier ones will probably stay north like usual.
  4. 1.52" with maybe more coming overnight. Went from a terrible dry spell to a tornado warning and numerous thunderstorms. Still a few inches in the hole but I will take anything at this point. Still a bit worries about what's going on north of me. Looks like 5+ inches in some spots and tons of flooding.
  5. You are correct, we will never forget March 2008. I think I had about 22 inches from that bad boy. No school for 3 days!
  6. Looks to stay absolutely dry and hot here. UGH!
  7. It really is nuts how "short" this summer has been. Having freezing temps just 17 weeks ago and now seeing that 540 line pop up on the GFS is pretty surreal. I don't think we've ever had September snow around here, maybe some flakes. I've got to wait at least 10 weeks for any of that.
  8. I need to learn to accept that it just doesn't rain in my zip code during the summer. All the storms here either ride up the Bellefontaine ridge, or head into the Scioto Valley. Sigh...
  9. If this is a 2012 type summer, a 2012-2013 winter wouldn't be bad at all.
  10. There's nothing that can stop this dry spell now.
  11. I'm really rooting on the remnants to give us some drought relief. Unfortunately the models keep pushing it south.