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  1. Well here we go again...what does this winter have in store? Or
  2. That was some intense snow... heaviest I have seen it snow in quite sometime...
  3. So now even the local forecast is calling for 3 to 5 inches late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning...
  4. Ready for spring... Match snows are useless!!
  5. But its always next week
  6. Well we have over an inch here in Newark and it's still snowing!!
  7. Bring on severe season... but with that being said...I am afraid flooding may be part of that this spring!!
  8. Yeah we got 6 to 7 here in Newark
  9. I agree... clippers usually over perform and the big anticipated storms don't even happen!
  10. So all it takes is a clipper...a good 5-6 here in Newark... to bad it will be a memory by Sunday..
  11. It has been at least 4 yrs I believe... I could be wrong..
  12. Well here in Newark we have had a 3 inch snow and a 4 inch snow... the 4 inches was supposed to be a foot...we have had a few 1/2 inch to an inch snows. kind of a disappointment so far!