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  1. I was getting ready to say that the radar looks better then it has all day..
  2. So we have sleet here in Newark…I have to laugh at this!
  3. Is it me or is there a big dry slot to our south…
  4. After all this tracking and anticipation… I would not be surprised if we get whiffed once again!!
  5. Euro vs GFS…. Two completely different set ups…one we get some good snow… the other one nada…
  6. Well here we go again!! Almost didn’t do it this year…rough year! Let’s here some thoughts on this winter..
  7. I will gladly take 1-2 inches... would be more then yesterday’s sleet fest...
  8. Gotta laugh that were now looking for a NW move with the Thursday’s storm and won’t get it!!
  9. After this on I could care less about Thursdays Storm!!
  10. Sleet then a dry slot... a snow lovers dream....
  11. Of all things.... sleet.... it really gets old!!
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