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  1. Looks to be kinda boring the first week of 2021.... Can’t really complain...we have had three snows and about 13 inches of snow... hopefully we can over perform into January and February!
  2. Approaching 4.5 to 5 inches of snow.... and still snowing moderately..
  3. We have around 2 inches here in Newark.... Snowing moderately to heavy right now.... looking at radar I believe we could get a couple more inches.... Christmas eve snow is awesome!!
  4. Looking at the radar and trying to figure out where our snow is going to come from....
  5. Really didn’t want to bring it up yet.... but next Thursday through Christmas Day definitely has my attention!! Cold front passage plus a storm riding it... would be nice..
  6. Couple inches here in Newark....snowing moderately right now with heavier burst!!
  7. Calling for 1-3 here.... could get a bit more if lucky....I am 30 miles East of Columbus..
  8. Calling for 1-3 here...close to 3-5....but we know how the transfer I will take my flurries now plz!!
  9. Very zzzzz for the next 10 days!!
  10. Radar looks like crap.. still lightly raining!!!
  11. We’ll hopefully this upcoming winter it snows heavily on everyone!! For some of us that would be a couple of
  12. Per usual here in Newark....flurries... nothing sticking!!! Ready for>>>
  13. Was fun while it raining in Newark!!