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  1. Doesn’t really snow and no cold in the foreseeable future!! We really only have 4 good weeks can have the March snows which usually melts in two days..
  2. Worst winter I can remember!!! Just get on to our wet and cold spring so we can get to summer!! So tired of our winters here..
  3. Let’s see.... rain Friday and Saturday then cold and dry.... this pattern could drive one crazy!!
  4. May have to change the title of this thread!!! Maybe change it to “Let’s just talk”
  5. Well...pretty boring around these parts for awhile...
  6. 2004 was an epic ice storm here in Newark...will never forget that storm for sure...what was more memorable then the ice was the fact we kept our power the whole time!
  7. Well here we go again...what does this winter have in store? Or
  8. That was some intense snow... heaviest I have seen it snow in quite sometime...
  9. So now even the local forecast is calling for 3 to 5 inches late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning...
  10. Ready for spring... Match snows are useless!!