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  1. I will gladly take 1-2 inches... would be more then yesterday’s sleet fest...
  2. Gotta laugh that were now looking for a NW move with the Thursday’s storm and won’t get it!!
  3. After this on I could care less about Thursdays Storm!!
  4. Sleet then a dry slot... a snow lovers dream....
  5. Of all things.... sleet.... it really gets old!!
  6. Don’t forget the stationary front that is moving slightly north... and if you look closely the snow is edging north..
  7. Wake up!! Sunday and Mondays storm could impact Ohio...could be a nice dump of snow..
  8. This weekend could be interesting.... could we finally break this boring 4 week snow drought?
  9. Can’t wait for our 38 degree rain Monday !!
  10. Looks to be kinda boring the first week of 2021.... Can’t really complain...we have had three snows and about 13 inches of snow... hopefully we can over perform into January and February!
  11. Approaching 4.5 to 5 inches of snow.... and still snowing moderately..
  12. We have around 2 inches here in Newark.... Snowing moderately to heavy right now.... looking at radar I believe we could get a couple more inches.... Christmas eve snow is awesome!!