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  1. Jel.... viewing the northern lights are definitely on my bucket list!
  2. ...he nervously asked as beads of sweat formed on his brow...
  3. … so let me get this straight. Wanting a white Xmas and an early end to winter is nonsensical while a fascination for March and April snows is perfectly logical. I hate to tell you this, but you’re the one on the side of crazy.
  4. snow after mid march is about as exciting as having sex with a leather condom
  5. Ah yes, the very common CMH-PIT-DCA special.
  6. Currently in Salt Lake City, left yesterday for a conference….I see you guys got a little surprise snow last night. Starting to see a trend that when I leave town it snows. Hope it keeps up and eventually you guys start paying me to go on vacation in the winter
  7. This would make up for 10 years of ratter winters
  8. Yea the potential for some crazy rates are what would have me pumped too. Like to see some pics during the worst of it. I have a son in law in med school at MSU. He and my daughter live nw of Detroit, I'm sure I'll be getting some pics text to me today.
  9. Battle of the vet mets JB v LC Haven't seen such opposing thoughts in the long range. LC thinks the incoming cold late next week is out by mid month and we go back to modified pacific air. JB says brutal cold well into April. (shocking I know). I'll be bump'n this one in a couple weeks.
  10. Seriously would be less embarrassing getting busted surfing midget porn verses having to explain 10,000 weather board posts.
  11. It's not gonna be just the usual kick in the nutz....it's gonna be a kick in the nutz with steel toe boots thanks to all these teaser 70+ degree days we've been getting.
  12. It's gonna be hell for @michsnowfreak as they transition to CMH climo OTOH I'm looking forward to Nashville climo setting in here . Btw, I admit I'm jel over whomever gets the 6 hr thumping the models seem to be throwing out there, strictly because I like extreme snowfall rates. But I'm only jel of that window of time. Other than that you can keep the 40s and slop fest following the thump.
  13. We’re having an early summers evening thunderstorm
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