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  1. I wonder if they were ever concerned that the models had a classic northeast bomb in spite of a positive nao, ao, no 50/50 low and no blocking. Sometimes I think even mets can get sucked into model soulutions that bury their own backyards.
  2. Agree. I feel for the NE crew. Just plain cruel to have general model consensus showing a historic blizzard 3 and 4 days out only to morph into an advisory level event...if that. We've all been there as snow lovers and it sucks big time, it would be better never being in the game.
  3. Fully expected to see that. Once this trough exists stage right, we're gonna go from being fringed east to being on the warm side of cutters. The new pattern is probably going to favor western sub unless we can get back to back storms with the second riding the displaced baroclinic zone. Probably more of an icy setup too if that happens.
  4. If correct, the only thing that's gonna be rock'n in Feb is Wilfred Brimley on his front porch sipp'n some countrytime.
  5. Epic blizzard for Pitt. 959mb, considering the Jan'78 blizz was 951mb over CLE.... pretty impressive...and unlikely
  6. Looks like 3-5 was the right forecast for Columbus area. Can't really call it a disappointment since I don't think there were too many calls for more than that other then some of the goofy model outputs.
  7. Probably closer to 3 then 4 here... now that I've been outside.
  8. Looks like close to 4" here. Not bad for a hungry weenie. This one was a fun one to track.
  9. freezing drizzle and sleet has turned to mod snow....radar looks great
  10. I'm pretty sure we had some drizzle. Means things maybe a bit further nw. Good thing. Also I think some models showed mixing in the beginning.
  11. Light pixie flurries in Westerville. And so it begins....
  12. fire up the radar time....yes, Im still feeling optimistic for Columbus area
  13. That's right Steve is from Newark. Well at least apple valley is more east then Columbus.
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