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  1. buckeye

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    I saw it posted in another forum. Looks like they have Ohio in the epicenter of greatest snowfall departure from normal, (150%). lol Pretty likely we have a typical winter. 1 hyped event that ends up severely disappointing and a heapful of pennies and nickles as we scratch our way to average snowfall. Safe bet.
  2. buckeye

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Even Ganahl had a scandal wrt prescription drug abuse and was arrested....this was back in the mid 90's and at the time it was big news. He weathered (no pun) that storm though somehow and is still around. The death of Chris Bradley last year... CMH meterologists, not a lucky group.
  3. buckeye

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    For the CMH crowd.... just WOW. Never in a million years would I have expected to see this. Mike Davis
  4. buckeye

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    My subscription timeframe is usually early Dec thru early March....so I have no idea yet. But I'd guess better than average odds he's going with something like a 77-78 analog.
  5. buckeye

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Damn! I got all excited when I saw Pondo was back....I was hoping to see a GFS 2160hr app runner being posted.
  6. buckeye

    August 2019 General Discussion

    Incoming winter of yore?
  7. buckeye

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Just came back from daughters graduation at IWU, couldn't believe all the flooded farm fields across northern IN. Lots of rain coming in for that area too....
  8. buckeye

    1974 Super Outbreak

    this is insane: "The 1974 outbreak featured 30 violent tornadoes in less than one day when the national average is only about 7 per year." imagine if this happened in recent times...AOC's green deal would probably have gotten some votes.
  9. buckeye

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    true, but at least they get snow.
  10. buckeye

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Around noon yesterday the temperatures started to sore towards the mid 70's... the sun was breaking out and a line of storms with tornadic cells was building through eastern IN and ready to cross into OH. There was almost no doubt in my mind that we were going to see one heck of a severe outbreak. Amazingly it found a way to fail even though it came through right at the most prime time of the day. Other than about a 15 minute incredibly heavy down pour and a few claps of thunder....that was about it. Clearly weather failures in CMH are not limited to winterstorms.
  11. buckeye

    March 2019 Discussion

    I'm reminded of this scene in Shallow Hal, you being "Mauricio" and winter is "Lindy"
  12. buckeye

    Winter 2018-19 Grade Thread

    For Columbus, I'd give a C-. We are going to end up right about average for snowfall so another boring winter. Nothing really memorable. No big snowstorms or winterstorms to speak of. Most memorable event was the mid January storm, and one of the reasons it was memorable was because of the hype and tracking leading up to it. But it never really lived up to the "what could have been" and therefore it will be forgotten by next year. The polar vortex visit didn't penetrate as far south as some of the early model runs had shown. As a result it was a run of the mill arctic outbreak for us. We never really hit double digit below zero temps. On the positive side, a few of the nickles and dimes did tend to over perform. We had a couple of 2-4 forecasted events that gave 5-6 imby. One interesting aspect of this season was the amount of 5-10 day threats that fell apart inside of 48 hrs. Notably the euro probably had the worst performance of any winter I can recall, (at least for our neck of the woods). The euro was extremely generous with snow for our area and often kept the snow right up until it didn't happen. At the pinnacle, (and I made a post about it at the time), it showed us getting 27 inches of snow in the 10 days leading up to the polar vortex outbreak. I don't think we got 2 inches of snow during that period and the temps were way too cold by at least 10 degrees. The only reason I couldn't go with a D letter grade was because in the end, we will hit our average snowfall if not slightly exceed it. But it's hard to go above a C on any winter that never delivered a major snowstorm or leaves a 'mark', (which to me is defined as an event that could be used as an analog in future winters).
  13. buckeye

    March 2019 Discussion

    Cool pics. I would enjoy experiencing that kind of snow at a week's stay at a BNB or vacation home. But quite honestly, to live in that kind of climate with that kind of consistent snow cover would drive me to the 'Here's Johnny' version of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Afterall, it's the hunger for snow, the tracking, and the heartbreak misses that ultimately makes me a weenie and feeds my love for snow.
  14. buckeye

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Euro never bought into it, and still isn't. Canadian originally bought into it but moved away towards the euro. If it was just the euro alone I would still give this hope but the Canadian moving into the euro camp puts a lot more credibility in this being a non event. I suspect the GFS will cave in the coming runs. On a separate note, that follow up cutter needs to be watched for our first possible severe threat of the season.
  15. buckeye

    3/3-3/5 IL/IN/OH Snow Potential

    Looks like my suppression call may have been the discovered nut for this blind squirrel. That PV in Canada always looked way too bully to allow this one to come north. I admit though, kind of weird that we have a positive AO, positive NAO, negative PNA, and yet this looks to go south.