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  1. Rant done? Good. My fcking turn. If that's ALL you're going through right now....you are one of the lucky ones. The truth is there are 22 million people laid off for starters and a vast majority already live pay check to pay check. They're white, they're black, they're professionals, they're blue collar, factory workers and small business owners. They have children, mortgages, health issues....who knows...but certainly not you...you have no idea what these people are going through. The fact that you and others here feel the need to interject race and throw the race card at people who you've never met or seen before while you assign motives to their actions is disgusting. It reveals more about you then any fantasy shade you choose to project on them. Just as we have been so easily cowed into quivering inside of our closed homes and shutting down the businesses we have spent our lives building....now we're perfectly fine with nuking the first ammendment. It really is amazing. Some of you people need a swift kick in the a** and a reminder of who you are and the country you are citizens of. You berate a blue collar guy at a protest who just lost his job and livihood because according to you, it's the fault of his stupid life choices. Yet there's no problem collapsing the economy and thereby killing off far more people... all in the name of heroic covid patients, the majority who've spent the last 30 years of their lives stuffing their faces with twinkies and smoking their way into pre-existing medical conditions. Before you gasp with faux shock....all I'm doing is illustrating the other side of the cavalier argument YOU presented. Today they protest as you shame them, tomorrow they put a fcking gun to their temple. We also need to stop this faux narrative that defending the economy is disregarding lives...it's just an attempt to use shame as a weapon against anyone who dares question the state's orders. There are many studies dating back to the 1970's that show anywhere between 1000 and 35000 deaths for every 1% increase in unemployment. That's not taking into consideration an unprecedented collapse like we are now experiencing. Much of the economic damage has already become systemic and continues to metastize. It will last well beyond these ridiculous draconian shut-down measures. People have been conditioned by fear and shamed into compliance. They are still going to be afraid to fly, sit in a crowded restaurant, or go to a crowded mall for quite a long time which will extend the economic misery. The amount of death as a result of the economic collapse will dwarf covid deaths. This is just the beginning. Many small businesses will never re-open, the housing market will most likely collapse, the credit market will follow, and then the banks. Believing the government can print its way out of this is going to show a lot people, very quickly, the 'joys' of socialism. Right now this may seem like nothing more than watching a netflix documentary while having to take a couple of weeks off without pay. That's how a lot of the posters in this thread seem to act. But in the end, it doesn't matter who you are, who you work for, or where you live, the economic collapse is your biggest threat not the virus. Yet many here would rather worship the government and obediently follow policy based on virus models whose verification scores make a 1997 dgex 10 day snowfall forecast look solid. We will obey like good sheeple. Good luck if you're counting on the government and their, "we're all in this together", mantra . As far as those stupid white trash people blocking the roads in Michigan...they're light years ahead in reality and clarity. Is all lost? Maybe, maybe not, but if not it's because we're only midway thru April. How's that for a rant Go ahead and throw the weenies and flame away....I'd expect nothing less and quite frankly don't give a sh*t
  2. https://www.westernjournal.com/cdc-tells-hospitals-list-covid-cause-death-even-just-assuming-contributed/
  3. Weather seems so damn irrelevant right now If this shutdown/isolation culture goes to July, American small business will be decimated. 70% of our economy's engine is small businesses. Two weeks ago I told my guys we were heading into an incredible year looking at all the signals. I was interviewing people and ready to purchase additional vehicles. Fast forward 2 weeks ..... this morning I had the 'lay off' talk with my guys, it was the hardest thing Ive had to do. They're scared to death and I don't blame them. Is the govt going to bail out millions of small businesses and tens of millions of workers without a paycheck? What about the big businesses like the airlines? Apparently the U.S. treasury is populated by rainbow -shtting unicorns running the printing presses. I hope the powers that be know what the hell they're doing because they've put a stack of chips they can't afford on these distancing policies. Has anyone asked what the death rate increases to and what the quality of life degrades to when an economy the size of ours collapses? Degraded health services, suicides, violence etc. I'm guessing a death toll far greater then even the H1N1. Or maybe they can look to Venezuela for reference. I suspect after a few weeks some of these politicians and 'doctors' are going to be forced to re-evaluate how they are leveraging risk.
  4. I don't know what's more surreal, no toilet paper in any stores in Columbus, or that it's actually snowing. Seriously, if you want to get depressed, go to a grocery store. People walking around in a fog, no ground beef, no chicken breasts, no tp, and sections of empty shelves. WTF
  5. thanks I'll check it out
  6. Amen, I've often said I would be less embarrassed being caught surfing porn then caught refreshing 500mb maps. With porn I can at least use the excuse, "everyone does it".
  7. Another magical photo. You're the Detroit chamber of commerce's worst nightmare.
  8. Not so good this year. I believe they had my region as being....let's see if I can recall the scientific term again....hmmmm...oh yea... "Bone chilling cold" That being said, I give them more credit than JB. At least the Farmers Almanac can use the excuse that their methodology, (furriness of squirrels and stripes on a caterpillar), can be flawed at times. JB actually uses meterological science and still ends up with a forecast opposite of reality. I just did my usual end of season subscription cancellation. I really wish I could find a model site as nice and thorough as wxbell's....and as cheap. I hate giving my money to them but their model site is awesome. I sent an email and asked if I could get a subscription discount if I just had access to the model pages and not the meterologists blogs and videos....no response
  9. YES. Nice mild dry October and November then the hammer comes down about the 3rd week in December and we get winter, (with a few warm ups here and there to keep things interesting and the atmosphere primed), until mid Feb. Yup, 6-8 weeks of memorable winter. It's all I'm asking.... Where do I submit my order?
  10. Also they can shelve the Indian Ocean Dipole that was the new hot term back in Fall and was a factor in the bullish winter forecasts for the OV. I agree with you on analogs....they are a joke, I'm not sure why so many mets use them. Chaos factor alone pretty much guarantees that seasonal analog forecasts will fail. This year the AO and the EPO ruled. A relentless positive AO and EPO are the kiss of death...period. EPO probably having more weight than the AO. It seemed everytime the EPO went negative we went cold.
  11. Shout out to JB and the gang at WxBell! Nice work!
  12. One of the most frustrating things about this winter, (and granted there have been many), is the fact that we've had several perfect snowstorm tracks for Ohio but there was just no cold air available to keep it snow. Instead of HP to our north, Canada continually gets flooded with low pressure and pacific air....it has been the story all winter. I say this as I look at the models next week....both the gfs and the euro essentially showing 1 or 2 app runners with rain.
  13. I know you've experienced less snow....I believe the year that CMH only got 9" was like '15-'16, (I think). Also lest we forget 11-12. But I do agree that this is by far the most boring winter, weatherwise that I can recall...possibly even back in the early to mid 70's living outside Philly. At least in 11-12 we had the Morch, plus I was in Hawaii most of January that winter so I didn't really care what was happening here. But this winter, with it's endless stretches of upper 30's to lower 50's by day, very little sun, virtually nothing to track, (not even fantasy storms), has been the perfect backdrop for the profoundly depressed. If there's such thing as karma in the weather world.... Jan/Feb 1978 redux should be in the cards very soon. A weenie can dream.
  14. cool, did the manager give you the day off?
  15. those were the days sonny....rekon that globular warning nonsense is to blame