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  1. Don't wanna get into a climate change discussion, but does it seem more like the dates of our seasons have changed? Meaning, winter seems more like from late January to end of March the past few years. Spring seems to go to mid June, summer to October etc.
  2. Well aside a couple stragglers, looks like we can close the book to another craptastic winter. I'll give it an F+ because of the Christmas system. Aside that this wouldn't even register as an F. Barring a monster severe outbreak, talk to you guys in about 8 months lol.
  3. Officially going on record to say CMH records 50"+ Next winter. We are due for a big winter. Feel free to drag me one year from today lol.
  4. SHE'S OUTTA HERE! Lol. We've reached Wisconsin. Minnesota and or possibly North Dakota as the final stop?
  5. I'd say any hope for this one can be put to bed early. Probably gonna end up in Wisconsin.
  6. It's been doing that run to run. Shifting south, then north. The issue I see is no other model has the phasing that happens except the GFS. It's been consistently showing it, I'll give it that.
  7. The joe bastardi has me dying lol. Do you still subscribe to his blog? Lol
  8. Lol just came to see if anyone commented on that. It's been on there few days now.
  9. Official. Stick a fork in er, it's done. May be the worst winter I can ever remember. Who's ready for the torch? I know I am. Let's get to the 60s and 70s and stay there.
  10. I said a week ago, winter is dead. Outside of maybe a couple inches here and there. Where are we at on the season? Will cmh sniff average?
  11. I'd say a 80% chance we can stick a fork in this winter. It's done. Barring a late February/Early March system. That said if it isn't a monster at that point.... Bring on the torch.
  12. And now looks like nothing through mid February. Looks like another craptastic Ohio winter.
  13. I'm still here. Heavy snow here currently. In the line of the heaviest stuff for at least 2 or 3hrs. See where we end up.
  14. Also, what the hell happened to Alberta clippers? We used to get those yearly. Now, that's even a rarity.
  15. We may as well just quit making these threads. Do we even get snow anymore? Like snow that's worth even really discussing? This is what 3 or 4 years now? It's getting ridiculous.
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