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  1. Can but major severe outbreaks here is about as rare as a winter storm lol
  2. 65 Wednesday. From the looks of it, this winter is in the books. So barring severe outbreak, I guess we shall talk to you all in a few short months lol.
  3. Agree. Too much credit given to the Christmas snow. If not for that this winter would be a D+ for me. Instead it's a C. Lol. I mean we only had 2 decent snows all winter. Is that our standard now just because the snow stuck around? Only 3 systems to track in a 3 month period and 2 of them panning out and the other a historical bust... C winter and that's only cause of Christmas and longevity of snow lasting. Further did cmh even reach its average for snowfall on the winter?
  4. Well not much on the radar aside the little passage tomorrow. Then we have to go 8-9 days out, with GFS showing a 975mb low. Something to at least track as its shown up on 3 straight runs.
  5. He blocked me years ago for doubting him for giving storm and snow calls like 10 days out.
  6. NAM looks like it'd be a good snow, but for some reason doesn't translate to accumulations
  7. 18z runs where better. NAM gave a significant area of Ohio 4-5" if we could legitimately get that much, idk, but maybe it overperforms
  8. One moves NW and becomes a sleet fest, the next one goes SE and becomes a snoozefest. Central Ohio may very well be the worst location that receives snow, to actually get decent snow. Sure, we FINALLY had a storm near Christmas, and we had the one 2 weeks ago, but other than that this winter has sucked. Not as bad as last 2 years, but still isn't anything grand. Snow pack is useless imo if you aren't adding to it. My grade as of now is a C and if not for the Christmas Eve storm, it'd be a D.
  9. Agree. Despite the look it only drops a couple inches of snow. But last storm took a nw jig, maybe this does the same. It's funny though, as models had shown this second one being the stronger of the two, yet its significantly weaker.
  10. Well finally turned to snow here at about midnight. Looks like I have about an hr or so.
  11. As for Wed Night/Thursday, it's garbage on models currently too. Need another NW shift.
  12. Yep. Layer of warmth in upper atmosphere. ILN reported a layer of 37° at 6000ft.
  13. Seen someone say sleet goes onto the snow totals, so I'd guess it will.
  14. Even west haven't done well unless far west