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  1. Well it appears for most of us, winter is over. Talk to most of you all 8 months barring a bad severe outbreak. Sad winter is was so incredibly horrible. Next winter is ours. 50" winter coming.
  2. Well, at least it looks wintery out with the snow and wind blowing.. The way this winter is, guess gotta take what we can.
  3. Forecast wrong for mt vernon. Wasnt supposed to snow till later tonight. Already snowing and ground is covered
  4. It's trying like hell to change to snow now here in knox county. Sign for tomorrow?
  5. Unless it's a March bomb of 12"+ I'm done with the winter that never was.
  6. Obviously it's not going to change over, but surprised to see snowflakes mixing in with the pouring rain here lol.
  7. It's probably not, but I'm 36, and this is the worst winter with regards to lack of cold and snow that I can ever remember. As a 3 year run, it's gotta be one of the worst runs ever.
  8. And now nothing on the horizon for at least 15 days. Sure that could change but as of now nothing. At least it was something to track for a couple days..
  9. Finally switched to light rain here after maybe 3" give or take. May be enough to survive any light rain we get until it goes to snow later
  10. Hey, we made it to over 10 pages at least lol
  11. Downpouring rain in coshocton now. Still hanging on at my place in mt vernon
  12. Snowing like hell in coshocton
  13. Snowing here in Howard near Mt Vernon. Temp has dropped from 36 to 32. Latest HRRR went a little further south again. I'm either in the sweet spot or the biggest disappointment spot lol
  14. Nothing here as of yet. Radar is lit up, but just virga
  15. Talk about threading the needle... HRRR