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  1. Christmas Day is starting to look interesting!
  2. Lol. I don’t know why it posted upside down. Anyway. It was a record snowfall for the date for us at 3 inches. And tonight’s predicted low of 7 would be the earliest we’ve ever hit single digits!
  3. Supposed to drop to 7 here in Farmersville Ohio tonight. Previous record for this date is 15. That on top of record snowfall for the date of 3.5.
  4. What is euro showing for Dayton Ohio?
  5. Cincinnati (Hamilton,clermont counties)just added to the winter Storm Warning,they were just wwa. Calling for 3 to 5 there with some ice
  6. awful quiet in here. Any thoughts or predictions?
  7. Can someone post a snowfall map for ukie when it comes in. I haven’t been able to find one
  8. I’m kinda new to this. How reliable is that model?
  9. Especially since it has the freezing line at the Ohio river
  10. Nam looks to be coming in a good bit south
  11. Anyone think the 0z models shift south and put I 70 in bullseye?
  12. What did the 12 z ukie show? I work nights and missed it
  13. I think for us,anyone within 30 miles either way of I70 are safe form any ice. Fingers crossed
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