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  1. north mentor is awful if you want lake effect
  2. the NAM drags this out forever in CLE it seems
  3. can you post it for the CLE area?
  4. Lock that 7 inches in for lake county Ohio
  5. The Euro with a nice 35 degree rain for Cleveland how special
  6. seems another good storm to our North and all we get is rain. never fails around here.
  7. Lmao tonight's EURO has low 60s for me in Cleveland on the 12th of January
  8. lookin like another nice rain storm next week as we warm right up again into the 40s here in NEO what a winter
  9. it got down to 9 here right by the lake.....figures it's gonna be 40 later here and melt the little snow cover just in time for the coldest high since 1994 on Wednesday.
  10. In one run of the Euro the -15 for Thursday morning for lake county ohio is now 10 -_-
  11. woah 1st post but an interesting first post haha the 12z Euro had my area near Cleveland at 20 degrees monday Morning now its at -5!