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  1. highs in the 30s with a mix in may. hard pass.
  2. mentor at 9 inches.......i'd be excited in January......but now the warm lake
  3. This Mornings GFS is crazy over us lol
  4. no lake breeze today, currently 84 half mile from lake erie shore
  5. no lake breeze today, all the way to 84 half mile from the lake water
  6. go figure that during the artic outbreak in February we were one of the warmest spots in the midwest, and now we struggle to warm. temps trending down even for the weekend especially along the lake
  7. supposed to be mid 60's next friday, now mid 30s
  8. 57 degrees here today in Northern Ohio and outside the failed storm that actually hit toldeo and indiana and only dropped like 5 inches here in CLE earlier in Feb, I feel this. it was in the 20's and teens here for 10 days barley any snow, bare ground, and before that period, the last snow we had was 9 inches in two days that melted immediately after Christmas. and since i'm right on the lake we got 9 inches on December 1st but it never got below 35 while it fell and was gone in 2 days. one of our local mets posted that we've never not had snow in march (we average like 12 inches) and so far the models are warm and zzz though 10 days.....
  9. nice thump of snow and trending colder for monday morning
  10. Radar shows heavy snow but isn't verified by looking out the window lol
  11. Was looking forward to the backend but nope switches to sleet/tiny flakes/zr rofl
  12. Yeah i was looking at 10-15 last night on the models and i'll be lucky to see 6 not in drifts.
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