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  1. nice thump of snow and trending colder for monday morning
  2. Radar shows heavy snow but isn't verified by looking out the window lol
  3. Was looking forward to the backend but nope switches to sleet/tiny flakes/zr rofl
  4. Yeah i was looking at 10-15 last night on the models and i'll be lucky to see 6 not in drifts.
  5. Right on the edge of the mix and its all snow and huge flakes
  6. Its stayed all snow for me so far right on the lake in mentor
  7. Lots of sleeting in Columbus and Cincinnati hope we stay all snow
  8. is the NAM useful in this close range?
  9. HRRR gets mixing all the way up here now rofl
  10. How reliable is the RAP model? Keeps laying down 14 or so along the lakeshore haha