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  1. My totals on lake county have continually risen on rap and hrrr!!
  2. HRRR and RAP just went higher on my totals lol
  3. Wonder how much more we'll lose out through today. Obviously I'm farther north and east.
  4. Watch every model be wrong and long range hrrr be right
  5. Don't know how to feel about the NAM totals has lake at over 15 inches but only WWA issued lol
  6. euro has me at 9 in ohio but the hrrrr gives me 0 from the entire storm......i hate these differences lol
  7. Don't know what to make of the long range HRRR probably not reliable at that range?
  8. Are these models worth looking at at the far end of their runs?
  9. yeah 6z gfs and granted its long range but rap and hrrr not good at all for ohio
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